The Addictions No One is Talking About


We all have, or have had addictions. We tend to only think of those such as alcohol or drug addition, but there are other (emotional) addictions that are debilitating to our Spiritual Growth.

Society judges addictions as something that needs to be overcome. But what if addictions are a normal part of life, not to be overcome, but to enlighten us? What if they are signposts on our journey of Self-awareness and Self-empowerment?

I venture to say that most, if not all additions are unconscious. Take for example, the addiction to stay busy. Most people would say that is a favorable character trait. Indeed it can be. But it can also be an addiction to proving yourself worthy….. or a ruse to gain love, attention, or a promotion. When in reality staying busy is a diversion from what’s simmering under the surface, which is our soul’s desire to live the truth of who we really are.

I propose that addictions are a go~to when we’re in need of something, but we’re unaware of what that something is. For awhile our addictions may serve us by smoothing out some of the ruff spots in our lives. And there are certainly times when we need those moments of comfort that our addictions can provide. But that solace is temporary, which is why we continue reaching for more.

Here are a few of the common addictions that no one is talking about:
~ Staying busy…to prove yourself worthy
~ Titles, degrees, affiliations…shoring up your persona
~ Consumerism…bolstering our outward appearance
~ Excessive talking…fear of the silence
~ Food…a way to fill what feels empty
~ Chronic illness…to shun the responsibilities of life
~ Complaining…desiring to change things without taking responsibility
~ Judgment…making oneself feel superior
~ Drama (self created, or the media)…an artificial way to feel alive
~ Exercise…addiction to endorphins
~ Social media…distraction from being in the present moment
~ Religion or spirituality…turning your power over to someone else

~ And the biggest addiction of all….looking for love in all the wrong places, when in reality it is Divine Love we are in search of.

Addictions are a distraction from getting to know the real YOU rather than the one you’re presenting to the world. Once you realize this, there are no addictions to overcome. There is only one thing you need do: Awaken to WHO YOU ARE and when you do, the addictions will disappear along with the masks you were wearing.

Yes, some additions are more serious than others and they do require a period of physical and emotional rehabilitation. But, at the root of that rehabilitation is the need to step out of the darkness that has been eclipsing your True Self. Once you do, you will find that your Divine Self is unconditionally loving and you have nothing to prove to yourself or anyone else.

Rehabilitation is a step by step process. In that regard Alcoholics Anonymous is a great way to move through the process. But the process is one of Loving, rather than overcoming. And there is an additional step that’s missing from AA and other similar programs. That step is dropping the label “I am an alcoholic” and replacing it with the acknowledgement I AM THAT I AM.

Perhaps this too is an addiction, one that I’m addicted to….eternally knowing I AM THAT I AM. And it’s not one that needs to be overcome, it’s the eternal gift of Enlightenment.

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~

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Note: If I’ve stirred something in you and you’d like another perspective, I suggest the book “Addictions: How to Unplug and be Free” by John Flaherty. John is an experienced Teacher of Spiritual and Emotional Wellbeing. An expert in the field of addictions, he inspires people to be free of their addictive behaviors to find emotional freedom, increased confidence and personal peace to live a more fulfilled existence. Visit his website @

Shifting the World….from Micro to Macro


This post is totally out of character for me. I’m not prone to stick my nose into politics, but that’s exactly what I’m doing today. We are in the midst of a monumental evolutionary shift and that includes politics. It doesn’t appear to be very apparent at the White House, where politics are caught in a quagmire. But, we ARE seeing it on a local level.

I have always said it would be up to each of us individually to change the world, rather than depend on the government to do it for us. As each of our voices joins with another, WE THE PEOPLE WILL BE HEARD. While the politicians are playing their time worn games, we’re busy creating a new way of life in our local communities.

For the past few years, I have totally withdrawn my energy from the political arena and have not even bothered to vote because I did not want to engage in the kind of energy that was being tossed around. However….things have shifted and it’s time to engage my energy in the New Earth by supporting the people who have recently stepped forward to make changes in our local communities, where our voices ARE being heard.

Let me share with you how my change in perspective came about….

Yesterday one of my fb friends posted something political which is really out of character for her and I scratched my head wondering why she was dipping her fingers into politics. Today, as I was writing a comment on someone else’s post about not getting caught in the political and media fray, a voter representative knocked on my door. NO ONE knocks on my door because I live in a carriage house and my entrance is hidden from the main house so no one knows I’m here, except on a need to know basis. After answering the door, this kind soul and I had a very enlightening conversation for both of us. I really appreciated her information about how our island is setting the tone for the rest of our geographical area. I was so moved by her heart centered enthusiasm that I even gave her a hug before she departed.

Afterward, I began to wonder if the tides have shifted and it’s time to be more proactive in supporting the people who are initiating the evolutionary changes for our world. Perhaps it’s time to look at my voting ballet more closely and add my energy to a new political system that’s being initiated at the micro level of small town politics.

A few hours later, my voting ballet arrived in the mail. Obviously this subject is really UP for me and determined to get my attention!!! As I’m looking over the ballet, I can see that this particular election is very local. And this is where we ARE able to make changes.

Seattle city council has been among the first to ban plastic bags, raise the minimum wage to $15/hr, ban bee killing neonicotinoids, legalize marijuana and celebrates “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” rather than Columbus Day. These are only a few of the progressive things that come to mind. Thank you Seattle!! Just as Seattle city council has recently made some amazing environmental changes, Washington state now has the opportunity to follow suit and be the way~shower for the rest of the country, and ultimately the world.

Even though we’re not seeing these changes at the White House, where politics is still embroiled the old system, things have really shifted on a local level. I have not even bothered to look at the ballet for the past few years. But I’m excited to say that I’ve already put my ballet in the mail….. adding MY energy to the evolution of politics.

If you told me last week I’d give politics a single thought, I would have laughed at you. I have NO desire to fight the old system. I know things have been breaking down, but I’d not seen any evidence of the new seeds that we’ve planted…until this sequence of events really got my attention today.

So here’s my political message:
WE THE PEOPLE have set the stage to shift the world without any need to fight the old system. All we need do is nurture the seeds we’ve already planted in our hearts and our local communities. From there, momentum will build and shift the world from the micro level to the macro. I have already seen things change in the blink of an eye!

Perhaps you’d consider adding YOUR voice and YOUR energy to the evolution of your local community by supporting the people who ARE making a difference in the world. We are weaving a new web and each voice adds strength. Your micro can become the macro.

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~
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Creating with the Grace of Expansion


This past year has presented a series of sputtering stops and starts in so many creative projects. A current of momentum picks me up like a magic carpet effortlessly guiding me with a new flow of enthusiasm. Then thud . . . everything goes still, no current, no magic carpet, no inspiration. All that remains is a deep restlessness, sitting on a grounded carpet that was flying through the infinite sky just moments ago.

I finally realized that when I’m really zooming forward with a project that comes to an abrupt halt, it’s usually because those boundless skies have facilitated an expanded awareness within me. It’s time to lay down the sword of creation I’m wielding to fully align within in order to move forward with the ease and grace of the magic carpet. There is nothing wrong, it’s simply my need to align with a more expanded ME.

It feels like it has taken me eons to become comfortable with allowing myself this pause in life. I was so indoctrinated to be “doing” something all the time for the mere acceptance by others. It still bites me in the butt sometimes. But I know better now. I know that when I’m procrastinating or restless, instead of “doing” something to force it to pass, I simply need to pause and realign. And my oh my, there’s a lot of that happening these days because our expansion is happening so quickly, realizing more… and more… and more… and more of who I AM.

A Master Creator uses this power of expansion. He knows how to parlay. He knows when to wield the sword and when to temporarily lay it aside. He knows when to pause and take the in~breath that will carry him through the next bout of creation. He is always aligned with the flow of Source before he steps into the field with the hilt comfortably in his hand. A Master Creator creates with the Grace of Expansion.

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~

~message from my inner wisdom~
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The Effortless Road of Co-Creation


A long time ago I read a book by M. Scott Peck called “The Road Less Traveled”.
At the time it made quite an impression upon me because most of us were bound and determined to join the path that everyone else was traveling because we thought that was the way to happiness.

I’m glad I took that road for awhile so I knew what all the hubbub was about. I learned a lot when I joined in. And I learned equally as much when I withdrew and took the detour on the “road less traveled”. But after a while that path didn’t quite suit me either. So I decided to forge my own path.

What I realized was that forging a path often takes a lot of work. Some of that work was gratifying. However, some of it really bogged me down. Not that I’m opposed to putting in the time and effort. I’m a powerful little sprite, but heavy lifting has never been my forte. I knew there had to be a better way.

So I trundled up onto the top of the next big boulder that blocked my way. What I saw was so glorious it took my breath away. And the only thing obstructing my path to paradise was the boulder I was standing upon.

That boulder was my belief that “I” needed to forge my own way. Little did I know that once I had chosen a new path in alignment with my Soul’s intention, the path had already been forged for me. All I had to do was enjoy the benefits of it.

It’s never been my job to do the heavy lifting. My job is to choose the reality I desire for myself and allow God to clear the way. In this way forging the path becomes one of Co-Creation in which I AM One with all of Creation.

The well traveled road was littered with hidden agendas and the need to control. The new path is overlit, revealing itself in the moment, and always yielding to our heart’s desires with ease and grace. Each footstep unveils a new reality of Heaven on Earth with fields of beauty and playgrounds galore.

I offer my gratitude to Mr. Peck. “The Road Less Traveled” served me very well because it led me to “The Effortless Road of Co-Creation”.

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~

Artwork by Cathy Frisiello

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When is the Essence Enough ?


We have become a gluttonous society. It seems that no matter how much we have, it’s never enough. We want more money, more things, more friends, more food, more energy, more, more, more. And still we’re not satisfied.

From a spiritual perspective, the desire to have more is innate. Because we live in an infinite universe, there is an eternal desire to expand beyond our present state of being. But have we taken that one step too far? Or misinterpreted our yearnings?

Traveling for 7 years without a home base prompted me to reevaluate my material perspective. The question I always had to ask was, “Do I love this enough to carry it with me?” In most cases, the recurrent answer was usually, no.

If I was particularly drawn to something, I would often take it in my hands, hold it to my heart and and enjoy a few precious moments with it. What I learned was that those few moments were often more satisfying then buying it because I was totally conscious with the essence of it, rather than the material possession of it.

Occasionally that wasn’t enough and I felt like it had to come with me. In that case, something that was already in my bag had to be left behind because a little pixie like me could only carry so much.

That was an excellent practice that I’ve carried throughout the rest of my life. Now that I’ve settled into a home again, I’ve chosen to live in a small space. Therefore, if something comes in, something’s gotta go out. I don’t have room for material gluttony.

But gluttony comes in other forms too. The one that comes to mind most often is not material things, but gluttonous eating practices. Food has become an unconscious attempt to “fill ourselves up”, physically as well as spiritually. We eat to block out emotions. We eat to amp them up. We eat to……(fill in the blank). And most of the time, we don’t care what we eat, we just want to shove something into our bodies to move energy. Eating does move energy. It also fuels our bodies. The question is, how much food is enough?

I’m not here to talk about diets. If you’ve read my other blogs about food you’ll know that I’m a free spirit. I consciously fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to eating. What I mean by that is living in the present moment and responding to the consciousness of my body. You can see me standing in the market checking in with my body asking, “Hey baby what do you need?” The surprising things that jump into my grocery cart never cease to amaze me.

My body has gone through so many energetic changes in the past few years, just as many of yours have. It requires an internal consciousness to facilitate these changes with ease and grace.

What I’m finding in this moment (and that may change in the next moment) is that my body doesn’t require much food to sustain itself anymore. It is far more efficient than it used to be. A handful here and a few bites there, eaten throughout the day is more than enough. A full plate of American style food flips a switch that has me pushing away from the table without lifting a fork.

What my body needs now is the pure energetic essence rather than a plateful of filler that only bogs down my metabolism. Often it is the essence of the plant itself that fuels or rebalances me, not the fiber. The scent of lavender or rosemary feeds me. Rubbing my hand across the fuzzy skin of a peach. Sometimes a sniff of succulent chocolate is enough. I don’t even need to take a bite. Oh my chocolate friends are raising their eyebrows at that one. :-)

It’s just like when I was traveling. Do I consciously love this enough to sit down and eat it? Or is the essence enough to satiate me?

Healing modalities or supplements are much the same. Do I need a full dosage, or is a homeopathic smidgeon enough. Do I need to ice for days, or is once enough?

The answer changes from moment to moment. But one thing remains the same. Being conscious will always reward you with the most appropriate answers. Are you running on autopilot or are you asking the questions that need to be asked as we’re flying by the seat of our pants through these transformations.

Sometimes it feels like crazy making as our human templates are changing and rebalancing. The answers may seem inconsistent but always appropriate in the moment. I suspect as we come into harmony with nature we will reach a point when we realize that the “essence” is enough, because the essence is the alchemical tipping point that manifests the gold.

~message from my inner wisdom~
♥ Sharing is always appreciated ♥

Goodbye GMO…Hello GWL (Grown With Love)


Two of the primary concerns for humanity are food and shelter. That being the case, I would think we would be paying closer attention to our food sources.

I’ve watched the health trends scan from junk food, to organic, to vegetarian, to vegan, to raw, to juicing. Compared to twinkles, those are all excellent steps in the right direction. Bravo to us!

Now it’s time to take it to the next level. If you’re fortunate enough to have space to grow your own food, you’re already several steps ahead of the agricultural game. I call this a game because that’s what it feels like to me. A game called Food for Profit, rather than food for nurturance.

Let’s get to the root of what actually nurtures us. It doesn’t matter what form it takes. Is it organic? Is it a superfood? Is is raw? What I’ve realized is that my body really doesn’t care about any of that. My body only cares about one thing… was it Grown With Love (GWL).

Let me share a recent experience with you. I live in a small community with a local Saturday market. I hadn’t been there in a few weeks. When I arrived I went to my regular organic produce stand. But when I walked into their tent, I was not inclined to buy anything. Instead I wandered around the market noticing some of the other vendors. When I went back to my regular vendor, I missed the usual sales people. There were no welcoming smiles. And after I picked up a few veggies, I put them back on the table and left. Then I went back up the aisle to the gal who had beamed me a brilliant smile the first time I walked by. After a few words about some of her produce, I filled my bags and went on my way.

When I got home I had a message from my farmer friend Laurie Levey from Flying Blue Dog Farm in Willow Creek, California. This is what she had to say…..

“It’s all about how the plant is treated by humanity, the plant itself is not the issue! America is a culture that wants to whip plants and animals into submission, to alter them for a ‘Marketing Market’, destroying the best of their energy including their natural will to survive.

I once did energy work for a farmer friend when he was having issues with a bug that was destroying his cauliflower crops, eating all the roots and killing the plant. During the energy session I talked to the cauliflower and found out that it didn’t care that the bug was eating its roots and killing it before it could flower, because the cauliflower knew it was bred for food, not reproduction. Turns out the cauliflower was a highly hybridized seed that was bred for large heads, uniform florets, and a snow white color, all meant to make it very saleable based solely on how it looked. Right next to the cauliflower was a long row of beets who had roots much sweeter and meatier that the bug really should have been going after as well, yet none of them were affected. I talked to the beets and asked why the bug wasn’t bothering them. They told me they were there to grow strong and mighty and set seed and flourish and reproduce and no little bug was going to do a thing to stop that. It would NOT be allowed!! I swear, the energy of these beets were so mighty that I felt they would pop out of the ground and bonk a human on the head if they tried to pull them up before they could finish their full life cycle and set their seed! They repelled that bug with their energy alone. Turns out the seed for the beets was an heirloom open pollinated variety that had never been hybridized. The cauliflower had it’s own natural will to survive bred right out of it in favor of looks and just didn’t care who or what was eating it.

The thing of it is while they are breeding for certain desirable traits for market purposes they are breeding out the energetics that make the plant whole. It’s a truly disrespectful practice, one that is born from believing we are not at all connected to other species, that the plant or animal is something that is here to serve us and we are free to alter it to meet our desires without consequences.

The hybrids lack the energetics to feed our newly evolving physical bodies. Rita and I both noticed that our cells aren’t feeling fed by organic foods that are being grown from outside our area and trucked in. They leave us wanting. We also notice we feel starved by food that we’re gifted from friends who use chemicals in their agricultural practices. Neither of us feel fed by food that isn’t from open pollinated seed sources.

Humans do the same thing to livestock, breeding them for valued cuts of meat. I have a few rabbit meat and egg customers who have told me that they could feel the love coming off the meat and eggs in waves as they were preparing it for a meal. Another one told me that as her family ate the rabbit meat at the dinner table the energy and conversation changed to lighter and brighter topics until they were all laughing and joyous, and she attributed it to the love energy coming from the meat that they were ingesting. “

All of a sudden it made perfect sense to me. My usual market vendor has done really well in their business over the past few years. They are now supplying the local restaurants with their organic produce. I am so proud of their business accomplishments and the restaurants that care enough to serve local organics. I am also disappointed that their growth seems to have lost the primary element that originally drew me to them. The quality was still there, but the enthusiasm and love was missing. Perhaps it’s still present in the business, but I didn’t feel it in the tent or the veggies that day at the market.

Whereas the bubbly girl who sold me a bag full of produce was not only exuding joy in selling me her produce, her produce was juicy with love. And… my body felt the difference.

If we really care about our survival, in Laurie’s words, it comes down to this:

“If we trust that the natural foods grown in their natural states will sustain us (and that translates into trusting the earth and the realms that tend to plants and animals), then we’re free to simply love it all, appreciate it with passion and ingest whatever calls out to us.

The cells of our body can thrive on less food with higher vibrations. This I believe is the wave of the future with food. It won’t be the price, it won’t be the physical properties that science has attributed to it in terms of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fat etc, it’ll be it’s energetic value and how it makes us feel. It’ll be light, joyous and love.. or not.”

I have no doubt that my body is saying…
Goodbye GMO, Hello GWL (Grown With Love).

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~
♥ Sharing is always appreciated ♥

A special thank you Laurie Levey and Rita Jacinto from Flying Blue Dog Farms, Willow Creek, California for your expertise and loving care of our plants and animals as a natural thriving high vibrational food source.

Laying down the body with Grace

Robin Dreams

Humans have maligned death to the point that we fear the most beautiful transformation the human being will ever experience. We’ve incarnated on this planet to experience life in physicality. It is a sacred gift. But like any gift, once we’ve fully interacted with all of it’s aspects and are whole and complete, we have the choice to lay it down and expand into something more. Life is eternally expanding and so are we.

Most humans fear death because they fear the unknown. And yet, isn’t all of life unknown. Even when we manipulate life and attempt to control it, the outcome is still unknown. This fear of death baffles me because it is the one and only thing that I do know. I know that death is the alchemical transition that frees us from our physical constraints to recognize all of who we are. Death isn’t the final chapter of the story. It is the prologue to another volume of the Soul.

Ancient Egyptians believed that real life began after death, as do many other ancient traditions. They spent their whole lives preparing for the afterlife which they considered to be more real than this one. The Tibetans speak about dying consciously. Indigenous people often walked off into the forest and laid their bodies down when they felt complete with this physical life and were prompted to move into a another realm.

Modern day humanity calls this suicide. Not only have they labeled it, they have vilified. And religion has condemned this spiritual choice as an evil act. Again, this baffles me. For the God I know, only knows love and accepts us with open arms. Life in physicality is all about expanding our experience. Each experience is sacred, whether it be life or death. God does not judge. It is only the judgment of humanity that creates antipathy.

As a sovereign being, we have the choice to lay the body down with grace whenever we choose. Death does not require suffering and disease. That is an old human concept that we, as enlightened humans have outgrown. We recognize that this body is a gift that can be laid to rest at anytime we choose. Our soul’s journey is our own, not to be forsaken by the dictates of anyone else.

Once we realize that life and death are not separate, peace ensues for all of us, especially for those remaining in physicality. No one is left behind, as believed by so many who are prone to grieve and suffer. We are able to be equally present with our loved ones, albeit in a different form. For some, this frees them of the human foibles and allows a more open and loving relationship that may have felt impossible here on earth.

As Enlightened humans, we realize that we embody God and what has often been referred to as the afterlife can be celebrated here on earth. Knowing this, we can live in physicality as long as we choose, or as short as we choose. And the best part…we have the opportunity to create and celebrate Heaven right here, right now.

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~
♥ Sharing is always appreciated ♥

* This post was inspired by the passing of Robin Williams. BeLoved Brother, thank you for lightening our lives in so many ways. Yesterday before I heard of your passing I posted this comment, “Does anyone else feel like they’re breathing Faerie Glitter instead of the stale air of the old earth?” I know you are breathing that glitter and we look forward to celebrating and playing with you in your new role in the expanded realms.

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~

Sharon Lyn Shepard is a modern day mystic with a foot in both worlds. Her voice carries vibrations of the Divine as her fingers dance across the harp strings echoing the Angelic music of the spheres. Her mystic writings, books and songs transcend our minds, taking us to the deepest recesses of our hearts to dip into our overflowing cauldron of miracles and celebrate life.

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