Letting go of “Letting go”


Today is the Scorpio Full Moon and my facebook newsfeed is rampant with posts advising us to go into the mysterious darkness of Scorpio and “let go” of all those shadows that have been lurking in our subconscious.

This emphasis on “letting go” has been going on for some time as we’re letting go of the old and opening to the new. Any transition requires this of us, whether it be a transition from one home to another, one relationship to another, one job to another, or one state of consciousness to another. This is happening personally and collectively. Humanity is in the midst of one of the biggest transitions of all time as is demonstrated by the collapse of the old establishment. Thus there is a lot to let go of.

However I feel like we’re caught in a bit of a stutter here… let go… let go… let go… let go…. let go. . . . . .

What I’m feeling with this Full Moon is the need to let go of “letting go”, and finally, finally, finally move on.

WE are Master Creators. We are here to birth the new and we can’t do that when all of our focus is on the past, on letting go. It’s time to look forward and birth something new!!!

The Scorpio full moon is the moon of the Black Madonna the sacred womb of all creation filled with Love and Light illuminating our hidden desires. See what happens when you refocus your attention to the seeds of desire that are sprouting within you rather than continuing to dig into that which has now become compost.

Birthing is an inside job. And thus it is for all Master Creators. Our desires arise from within and are nurtured from within the mysterious darkness of the womb drawing everything it needs to manifest.

Master Creators, go within, allow your secret dreams and desires to become illuminated via the Light of the Black Madonna full moon. Surrender to her fertile womb of creation. Let go of the “letting go” knowing you have done your clearing work and trust the process to allow your boldest desires to fully manifest with ease and grace.
~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

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Facts are Facts, Unless They’re Not


What are facts?
And whose facts are they?
What we consider to be facts are simply someone else’s published opinion or assessment. In these days of the internet that’s become a squirrelly proposition because anyone can write words on a page and publish them. A snippet of the whole can be take it out of context and called a fact. And since the advent of photoshop, even photos aren’t confirmation of the truth anymore.

So where do we find the truth?
No matter how many facts you accumulate, there is no truth to be found in facts because there will always be one more fact to be considered. That’s the way of a universe that’s in constant expansion. Today’s facts will always be superseded by tomorrow’s revelations. It used to be a fact that the world was flat. Facts are facts, until there’re not. So in reality, there is only one truth. That is your own Inner Truth.

How do you know what’s true?
How can you trust your Inner Truth?

By reflecting on how you feel. Unless you’re at peace about something, it’s not in alignment with Who You Are. That’s your unfailing truth meter. If you’re riled up about something it’s because you’re barking up the wrong tree, usually someone else’s tree. And if you’re attacking someone else’s opinion, attempting to convince them you are right, it’s your own perception of rightness you are attempting to defend.

I’m all for open discussions. Discussions that are rooted in listening rather than defending. When we listen with an open heart, we are open to hearing. When we’re busy defending, armed with an arsenal of facts, all of our attention is on what we need to say next, rather than absorbing or considering what another has to say. Therefore, neither party is able to hear anything and it becomes in internal self centered dialogue in the gerbil wheel of the mind.

I have to ask, what are we so afraid of that we need to have everyone agree with us and think the way we do? Are we so disconnected and untrustworthy of ourselves that we’re searching for acknowledgement from others?

It doesn’t matter how many others acknowledge and agree with you. Until you acknowledge Who You Are, you will never be at peace, always looking for others to acknowledge you. When in reality, you are the only one that can acknowledge yourself.

Thus, being at peace with your Self provides you with the ability to listen with an open mind, engaging when it’s appropriate or walking away when it’s not. Your Inner Truth never needs defending because it’s in alignment with Who You Are and you’re able to honor the Inner Truth of others allowing you to connect heart to heart.

These are all questions I asked of myself when I was blindsided by several people this last week during the disruptive energies of these two eclipses. Each time I choose to walk away. Each time my mind tried to argue that I was being a coward. Each time my heart was at peace because I did not choose to argue. Why would I do anything to disrupt my internal peace?

Peace is something everyone hungers for. We’re all tired of war and we desire peace. But peace is not an outside battle. It’s an inside battle of the mind. Therein lies the oxymoron. It’s time to lay down the (s)words of the mind and listen to and with the heart? Therein lies the peace that passeth understanding. It has taken many years of practice to find this peace within myself, knowing when to speak up and when to walk away.

So I thank those who blindsided me this past week. They facilitated these questions in my quest for truth, in my quest for peace. What I’ve come to realize is….. Facts are facts, unless they’re not.

The song “The Gambler” by Kenny Rodgers comes to mind. “You gotta know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away, know when to run.” As one who is willing to gamble with the fullness of life, the way I know how to respond is when my heart is at peace. That’s a fact!!!

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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Ditching the Rules


We’ve grown so accustomed to living within the boundaries of rules we can’t imagine living without out. And yet… as children we were constantly pushing against the rules because we knew ourselves as free beings who create life in the moment, free of the human constructed boxes attempting to contain us. Remember those days? Digging in your feet as a two year old expressing your emphatic “NO”.

That, my friends, is where we are once again!
It’s time to say “NO”, I don’t fit into your man made boxes and rules, I never did, and now I’m jumping ship to fly freely.

For the past few years the vibration of the planet has been increasing. . . and human consciousness has been expanding along with it, moving us beyond the constructs of the old regime that no longer works for us. I have felt the hands of Love and Compassion reaching deep down into our unconsciousness lifting all that no longer serves us to the surface to awaken us to who we truly are. I admit, it has been a rough ride over hill and dale facing the dragons to free ourselves from the perceived constraints of humanity. But hear ye, as soon as we stop judging the dragons they are put to rest if we allow them to be so.

We have shifted into the quantum where the old rules no longer exist. Have you noticed how things are not working the way they used to? Have you noticed how unstable the energies are with emotions bouncing off the walls hitting you in the face unless you’ve learned to duck? As difficult as these changes may seem to our adult selves, our inner child is doing the happy dance, happy to ditch the rules it never adhered to.

The difficult part is stepping away from the old ways of doing things, to trust your Inner Knowing which has been abandoned for so very long. But once you step away from the old imprisonment you will realize the life of ease and grace that awaits you. For the Universe only knows benevolence and is showering it down upon you in every moment. Go ahead…. stretch your arms out to your sides, take a deep breath and feel all the goodness that’s raining down upon you, all the goodness that’s bubbling up from inside you. It’s not looking for a box to be swept into for future use. In fact, it can’t be contained because it’s as illusive as fairy dust until you acknowledge it and dance with it’s ever flowing song of joy.

It is with the innocence and playfulness of a child that we navigate the quantum fields, building our dreams in the moment and allowing them to fade once they no longer hold our attention. We are once again building sand castles and allowing the tides to wash them away with impermanence. And yet, there is never any loss because there is always something new to create, something new to experience. There is no need for maintenance, nor time spent trying to shore up the walls to keep out predators. There is only joy in the moment of creating, joy in the moment of playing, joy in the moment of allowing life to show you its innate glory.

So, I ask you? 
Do you really want to continue renovating and shoring ups the old life by adding more and more laws and rules, building more walls of protection? Or can you simply kick off your shoes and walk the beach wiggling your toes in the sand just like you did when you were 2 years old? Can you say “NO” to the world that’s snapping at your heels to draw you into it’s old dramas? Can you laugh with the winds of change and trust the Universe with the innocence of a child again? Are you willing to ditch the rules and allow life to present itself in its ever expanding magnificence?

Go ahead!!! Give it a try! Ditch the rules and take a chance on life as it has always meant to be, infinite and free!

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

gratitude to the unknown artist

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Living HeavenEarth


There’s a lot of buzz in the spiritual community about the New Earth. We’re all anxiously awaiting living heaven on earth.

What if I told you the waiting is over….
What if heaven and earth are one in the same?
Since both have been created by the Divine Creator, are they not both Divine? What if it is simply our attitude, our belief, or our religious programming that holds them apart?

We have been indoctrinated from the time of our birth that humans are inferior to God, born in sin and that our bodies are deficient. No wonder we spend our whole lives attempting to live up to some projected standard of goodness that will earn us the ticket to walk through heaven’s gates after our body has deteriorated and let us down. Oh what a bill of goods we’ve been sold.

While I was in medical school, I realized how amazing our physical bodies are. Even with the crazy manipulations we thrust upon it, the heart still beats, the blood flows, the breath enlivens, adapting and thriving in ways we can not begin to imagine. I have no doubt that my physical body is God created and it is magnificently Divine in nature. I continue to revel at the abilities of the human body with the wonderment of a child. I cherish my body. I nurture my body. And I honor my body as the vessel in which my GodSelf experiences life.

And yet, my mind still doubts the divinity of my humanity. It’s so busy attempting to protect me, using all the accouterments the mind it has been taught, that it can’t see beyond them. It takes a courageous person to stand up to the mind and engage in a new conversation, a conversation that is open to trusting the Divine.

Since the vibration of the planet is increasing and my conciseness is expanding, I have days when I am floating through life with the realization and awareness that I AM the Divine, where everything flows with ease and grace. When I drop out of that consciousness, being human feels harsh and all I want to do is recapture that state of being. After experiencing numerous such spontaneous episodes, I finally realized that I can’t capture them. My mind thinks it can, so it attempts to log it as a program to which it can return. But my GodSelf is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. It can not be captured, it can only expand and flow.

When I spontaneously slip through heavens’s gates, it’s because my mind has drifted off and there’s nothing anchoring it in place. Understanding this, when I drop out of this heavenly state of consciousness, rather than attempting to capture it or return to this state, I allow my divinity to flow into my mundane life rather then attempting to escape my humanity. This expanded consciousness, when allowed to flow unencumbered, enlivens everything with ease and grace including the uncomfortable parts of life’s journey. As the buddhists teach, carry water, chop wood. What others consider to be the mundane world, that which many of us want to toss aside in favor of the new earth, this too is Divine. It’s all Divine, as is our physical body. It’s all Heavenly, we’ve just been taught otherwise.

Once we release the dualistic perception of Heaven or Earth, we realize there is something beyond this ideology. There is HeavenEarth, the realization that all of life is Divine, the spiritually acclaimed as well as the mundane. For how else could the Divine experience life, unless it has a body of Divinity which is our magnificent physicality.

With this awareness, my experiences of expanded conscious are lasting longer and the bouts in-between are becoming shorter. In other words I’m living HeavenEarth more and more often as my full embodiment. It’s not something that can be taught or forced, it’s a realization that can easily slip in while walking in nature, meditation or napping. With a shift in perception and a commitment to my embodied enlightenment, what used to be brief glimpses have become my reality which continue expanding along with my consciousness.

I invite you to remove the veil between Heaven and Earth. There are no pearly white gates of separation. That’s only a construct of the mind. Once removed, the mind is exceedingly happy to be living HeavenEarth.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

gratitude to the artist Josephine Wall

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Choosing the Energy for our Creations


Life is in constant motion, constantly creating itself. We are ALWAYS creating whether it be consciously or unconsciously. As I see it, we are creating in one of 3 ways:

~ Unconscious creation via our unconscious thoughts and beliefs
~ Consciously via the energy that surrounds us
~ Consciously via the energy within us

Before I became aware of myself as a creator, I fluctuated between unconscious creation and manipulating my physical environment and/or other people to create what I desired. That’s how most humans create.

And then I awakened to something more, something more expansive. At this point, I began attempting to manipulate and control energies consciously through my intentions and my attention to them, per my spiritual teachings. But even then, I was simply rearranging the world around me by recycling old energy.

When our planet shifted out of duality, new energies began streaming onto the planet. These are Christed energies, pure energies, photon packets of Light that are activating our dormant DNA, kicking our brains into overdrive with the ability to create anew with infinite potentials.

Knowing this, I would wake up in the morning, feel into the energies of the day and follow their lead. There are times we are being overwhelmed via sun flares. There are times when the planet is releasing old energies via violent storms. And that’s how my days progressed fluctuating between outpourings of Love and suffering through chaos in response to the energies that surround me.

After awhile I got tired of being buffeted around in the midst of this planetary transition. I knew I was missing something because I believe in a life of ease and grace. And this path of creation was not easy, nor was it graceful.

This is when I learned to align with Source, which is pure, smooth, easy and flowing with Grace. The way I do this is quite simple. I connect with the crystalline core of the planet through my Heart-space. I’m not referring to surface energy here, the surface chaos that’s in the midst of transmuting humanity’s fear and turmoil. I’m referring to Gaia’s crystalline core that’s constantly absorbing the Christed energies of Love that are flowing in from the Universe. I then connect with the galactic core via the sun through my Heart-space. This is my threefold Grounded Source energy: the I AM Presence of my Heart, Gaia, and the Galactic Core. THIS is the energy I use to expand and create.

First thing in the morning, before my feet hit the floor, I make this conscious connection from which to create my day. Whenever my life is no longer flowing with ease and grace, I take a deep breath and reground within my Heart-space. Interestingly, I will often find that the core of Gaia has shifted due to the inflow of Christed energy. No wonder things felt “off”. Gaia had up-shifted, but I had not.

Everything is accelerating and more frequent groundings are required as we acclimate to a new way of BEing by realizing our Self as Source, rather than a separate entity. Because we are in physicality it’s a gradual transformation from density to crystalline. However, with practice it is becoming my reality for longer periods of time. And I anticipate it won’t be long before I AM creating AS Source rather than with Source.

Thus, I no longer step onto the floor in the morning unconsciously allowing my day to create itself. Nor do I care what the energies of the day are. All I care about is aligning with the energy of Source in the creative womb of my Heart-space… where there are infinite potentials and all my soul’s desires are supported.

That’s the soup of the day with new and exciting ingredients that I’m cooking up with ease and grace!!! How about you? What flavors are you choosing and what’s the energetic base of your soup?

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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Removing the Shields from our Childish Innocence


This past week, someone on fb posted a correction to the words I had written. My first reaction was irritation. Uggg…I hate being wrong and I especially hate when other people correct me.

I’m not particular about grammar, but I do choose to be very clear with my words. I will often toss grammatical rules aside when they box-in the energetic essence I’m choosing to render. I want my words to be energetic. I want you to “feel” them. I want them to pierce your heart to excite and awaken more of who you are.

In this particular case I was clear with my energy, but as she pointed out, there was a better word. I replied to her, saying that I stand corrected. It was in that moment I realized that was a really big thing for me to do, to publicly own up to being wrong!

The need to be “right” has been a prominent theme in my life. I like to be the one in the know, the one who’s correct, the one in charge, in control.

Most of my life I have been one who knows. Not because I’m smarter or more intelligent than others, but because I’ve always been aware of an Inner Knowing. It’s only when I play mental or emotional games that I get sucked into the battlefields of right-wrong. In most cases, I simply walk away because I tire easily of doing battle. But if the arrow is aimed directly at me personally, shields go up and I revert to my mind rather than my Inner Knowing. When that happens, I feel vulnerable. I feel like I look stupid, more shields go up, and I draw upon my quiver full of mental arrows.

I now realize that is Society’s Training 101, taught to us as infants. However, I’ve been engaged in a new graduate program, Innate Inner Knowing. Although it’s always been there, it’s time to embody this as my natural way of being.

The more I practice, the more I realize how often I’ve held myself back from doing things that I could have otherwise enjoyed for fear that others would think I’m stupid or incompetent. Afraid to ask questions to learn something new because I think I should already know everything. Afraid to be vulnerable enough to communicate with a friend on a deeper level for fear they might discover how unworthy I am.

The more I practice, the more I relieve myself of the heavy societal shields which have been weighing me down, allowing my childlike innocence to burst forth. The wonderment of life, the joy of something new, the unlimited bouts of laughter when things don’t work out, rather than dismay because a child has no preconceived notions.

What a relief to no longer be the one who feels like they need to know everything for everyone else. What a relief to finally realize there is no right or wrong, knowing it’s all simply experience. What a relief to be innocent and childlike again to explore and enjoy life, to create anew…. to paint rainbows across the sky for no reason other then the pure enjoyment of it!!

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”
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gratitude to the artist Anne Wipt

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Mercury Retrograde ~ The Gift of Epiphany


Mercury is stationary today (Jan. 5, 2016) as he prepares to initiate his retrograde cycle tomorrow. I’ve been feeling this subtle energy for days before I realized what it was. Although a big smile spread across my face, I can see many of you rolling your eyes in dismay saying, here we go again.

This is a particularly potent retrograde because it’s so early in the new year. Just when we feel all geared up to tackle the world, Mercury says “Hup… wait a minute! Not so fast.” Although that may irritate us, especially those of us with short leashes of patience, it feels especially appropriate right now. 2015 kicked up a lot of violent chaotic energy as everything is in the process of surfacing at the peak of this epic global transition. Do you really want to launch yourself into that kind of energy before you’re ready? And if you are ready, I venture to say that Mercury is honored to be by your side lining things up with smooth precision.

The primary gift of Mercury retrograde is to slow down the mind allowing us to find peace and gentleness in a world gone wild. It encourages us to go within, offering a retreat from all the external noise. It also inspires us to take a look around, reassess what’s important in our lives, to clean things out, like closets, emails, computer files, etc, to create more space for the new when Mercury goes direct again (Jan. 23). That, in and of itself, is a timely gift as we begin a new year… clean and clear.

And what a better day to begin this retrograde than on January 6 the Celebration of Epiphany. According to Franco Santoro in his article “Epiphany: Emergence of our Multidimensional Self” 

“In English the term epiphany indicates the manifestation of a supernatural or divine reality, a sudden intuitive leap of understanding, especially through a visible ordinary yet striking occurrence. The term comes from the Greek epiphaneia, which means “manifestation” or “appearance”.

In the Anglican, Eastern, and Roman Catholic Churches the Epiphany is a traditional feast held on 6 January, celebrating the divine manifestation of Jesus Christ to the three Magician-Astrologer-Shaman Kings, who brought the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

The Epiphany exemplifies the alignment of the Three Magi, representing the height of human wisdom, spirituality and power, with our higher multidimensional nature, as represented by the Christ.

The Epiphany occurs 12 days after Christmas, following the Twelfth Night (the eve of Epiphany), exemplifying the complete retrieval of the 12 strategic pieces of the soul, the signs of the zodiac, and their alignment with multidimensional self.” ~
Franco Santoro, www.astroshamanism.org

Thus, we have just retrieved all the pieces of Who We Are, Awakening to our multidimensional Self. This is a precious time of epiphany, acknowledgement and settling into a new reality where all things are possible…. rather than continuing forward with the same old same old.

No matter how many complaints I hear about Merc retro, it’s always been a special time for me. I suspect most of the “glitches” that are blamed on Mercury retro are actually our own personal glitches because we have not allowed ourselves to slow down along with Mercury, therefore our energies are not aligned with the natural flow of things. Three weeks is all that’s being asked of us. Three weeks to reassess and realign to a more compatible flow of energy, allowing things to flow much more smoothly and effortlessly.

Therefore, I am grateful to my buddy Mercury and I’m already reveling in this retrograde. It’s time to take a deep breath and sync into the multidimensionality of my Inner Being, allowing Mercury to serves up his surprise gifts of Enlightenment.

I wish you many Blessings during this Mercury retrograde. 
May all our Epiphanies emerge and manifest with Ease and Grace.
~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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