Celebrating Mary Magdalyn, Apostle to the Apostles

Yeshua Magdalyn cropped

Today we celebrate the Feast of Mary Magdalyn, Saint Mary Magdalyn, the Apostle’s Apostle, who has finally been honored for her rightful place by Pope Francis: Mary Magdalene – ‘Apostle to the Apostles’ – gets upgraded feast day

The veils of christianity are finally being pulled back to reveal the truth of who she was, not only in her time but in ours as well, as a powerful woman, an educated woman, one equal in spiritual understanding and training to partner with Jesus. For Magdalyn continues to walk with us on our journey encouraging the Divine Feminine within each of us to step forward with open hearts to heal a world that needs our Love and Compassion.

Mary Magdalyn, who walked hand in hand with Yeshua as an equal partner, teacher and Christed being, was initiated in the temples of Egypt along with Yeshua. She walked the earth as a High Priestess of Isis, the Divine embodiment of Wisdom and practiced the alchemy of Love.

Magdalyn invites us to see with new eyes and hear with new ears. If you have never read the Gospel of Mary, I encourage you to do so. Here you will find the pure teachings of Magdalyn shared by Yeshua during their lifetime together as the Way of Love.  (Gospel of Mary of Magdala Text from the Papyrus Berolinensis)

I encourage you, whether you be male or female, to open your heart to the Magdalyn within you. She who is the living example of grace, beauty, and inner strength. She who has the courage to change the world with her compassion and forgiveness rather than fighting against those around her. She who continues her ministry of Love despite what other may think of her or how they treat her. She who carries enough Peace in her heart to soothe that which distresses us. She who blesses us with Divine Grace.

This has been a remarkable year for humanity as women are stepping into our rightful places, just as Magdalyn did in her time. We are all being invited to wear the Crown of Christ by Yeshua and Magdalyn who planted the seeds for all of humanity to remember the truth of Who We Are as Sovereign beings. Today as we celebrate Magdalyn, She steps forth to celebrate ALL of us as we feast together on Divine Love.  

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

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Gospel of Mary Magdelene with commentary by John-Yves Leloup

Gospel of Mary Magdalene text:

Stained glass window at Sts. Anne & Joachim Catholic Church Fargo, ND


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Humanity’s Gift to the Universe


This morning I awoke in a new time/space reality. I could feel it before I opened my eyes. For a while I lingered here, feeling into it, savoring it, least it disappear once I set my feet on the ground. Everything feels much clearer with a silky quality to it. The rubble of thoughts are held at bay, or have they disappeared altogether. Perhaps some of both. In their place is a sweet contentment.

When I open my eyes the old world feels dense in comparison, not as thick and heavy as the discrepancy between dreamtime and awake time as I used to feel. Simply more dense than where I am now. The tonal qualities I’m hearing are very different than I’m accustomed. It’s not unusual for me to hear tones. However, at the moment it sounds like a retuning, much like when I retune my harp strings, until each note settles into its new vibration.

When I look around the room my eyes, and consciousness, are acting much like a camera. They telephoto in on something, such as a bouquet of flowers and see all the layers and components of it as long as I’m focused on it. I see/feel the vibration/life of each flower, the color, scent, vibrancy, its song, potentials of its growth, how it unfolded (the past/present in the now). I feel the interaction and appreciation of one flower in the bouquet to another. When I withdraw my attention from it, I can tell I’ve changed what I was focused upon simply by my having given it my attention. In this case it was my appreciation and wonderment. As an experiment I changed my feelings to ho-hum and it diminished, still there but not as palpable.

Then I shifted my attention to the nature outside my window. I’m able to observe the tree’s reaction to the first rays of the golden sun. I’m experiencing how the elementals interact, how they find a new balance with each other moment by moment. No wonder I always find myself staring out into nature. Look at what I’ve been comprehending without even know it. I’ve always known nature has much to teach us, but I did not realize the teaching was this subtle. The longer I observe the more my heart is opening. I can feel the effect we (nature and I) have on each other. It is not just my observation that changes the energy, I am also being changed. This is done simply by my conscious observation of it. I can actually feel the vibration changing. This brings tears to my eyes. This feels like our Home vibration with an expanded consciousness/understanding we never had available to us until now.

It’s important to be conscious of where I place my attention or this could become overwhelming. This is taking a unique quality of concentration at the moment to hone this skill. I’m told the more I practice this and the more conscious I am with it, the more quickly this will become my norm. This is a marvelous manifestation refinement simply because we can see it in action and make adjustments in the moment.

I find this interesting because in 3d we originally slowed the vibration down so we could understand how things manifest. Now that we’ve done that, as everything speeds back up we’re able to realize what we’re experiencing with new awareness. When the vibration was slow our consciousness was so slow we were not able to realize it. It was our experience of it in conjunction with our expanded consciousness that has now given us that ability. An ability we could not have had if we had not lived in the density. I have a new appreciation for 3d/density. And I can see how easily we got stuck in it. I also see how the planet/humanity is being effected by the floods of photons we’re experiencing right now as our solar system is traveling through new areas of the universe, without which I don’t think we would have been capable of awakening. It is this Light and the amplification of Love by humans like you and I that has made this possible. How amazing as I sit here watching it AND changing it by my simple awareness of it. I have tears flowing in appreciation with intense waves of gratitude flowing simultaneously between me and the universe. This is Bliss.

I now understand that if I do nothing more that stare out into the forest with nothing more than appreciation for what is, no matter what that might be, I am changing the world, changing the universe. God created us in his/her image to know itself. Yes indeedy !!!

This is the Self realization we’ve all been seeking, that psychology nor science will never attain through the mind. It is the purity of nature and our ability to be fully human that holds all the cards in this game called Life. It is our willingness to go deep and expand simultaneously that expands consciousness.

We are the Master Creators of this Universe! And we’re doing it in all humbleness from our heart’s desire to become more, experience more and know more of ourselves in each present moment, just as God created us as him/her self. Manipulation and control has no place in the New Earth. They were 3d concepts we utilized as learning tools which we can now put to rest.

We have graduated to a new way of BEing with Life. We are creating anew. Our expanded consciousness is creating from the heart with the pulse of Love. We have far exceeded our expectations when we first set out on this journey eons ago. Look how far we’ve come! And look where we stand now as Master Creators embarking upon a New Age of infinite Well-Being, prepared to thrive in ways we never thought possible, ready to create beyond our wildest dreams.

No wonder humanity is being held in rapture by beings from all over the Universe!! Don’t take your humanity for granted it is the most Divine Gift ever created. YOU are that Gift!
~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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Crazy Love

relationship published

Humans have been struggling with this thing we call love for eons of time, with broken hearts littering the very ground we walk upon. Some people simply walk away without looking back continuing a heartless life. Others stop, pick them up and attempt yet again to heal it before jumping back into the love arena because it’s so addictive. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it. So what’s a girl supposed to do?

Well this girl set out on a mission to dissect this thing we call love to get to the crux of this merry-go-round that continues to run out of steam as the music slows to an agonizing stop. I tried on a multitude of different love hats. There’s the religious hat, parental hat, the sibling hat, the friend hat and the most addictive one of all, the romantic hat. What did I discover after all that exploration? 

I realized that each of those hats were designed by someone other than me and none of them fit me. They all came with scripts and programs written by our parents, religion, friends, neighbors and the media. Each time I donned one of those hats I reacted from the wounded place within me adding to the script until it became so convoluted it was too heavy laden to wear anymore. I experienced all forms of crazy love, the kind of love that requires you to love me before I can love you. After your heart’s been broken once, twice, three times. . . who wants to risk it all again.

I do!!! I do!!!! Crazy me!

Thus I took all those hats and tossed them out. Where did that leave me?

It left me with a bare naked head. There was nothing to hold all those crazy words rattling around in my head anymore. I was fully exposed without any protection. Ha!! That my friends held the answer I’d been looking for.

Once you have the courage to stand naked without any protection, it allows your heart to fully open and the walls come tumbling down. You see, it’s constantly scaling those walls that inflicts all the scraps and bruises upon your heart. And we’ve been scaling the walls of the heart for eons of time. We’ve been scaling our own walls from the inside out trying to escape the pain. . . and we’ve been attempting to scale other people’s walls to enter their heart space. No wonder we’re so beat up, afraid to go the full distance to dive into the depth of of love. Not so afraid that we will no longer dabble in love. We’re just too afraid to make a commitment to love.    

When I finally decided that I wanted to love and be loved more than anything else, I made a total commitment to love. I surrendered to love. Yup that’s what it took, an absolute surrender.     

What I finally discovered is Divine Love. I invite you to pause here, take a deep breath and breathe it in with me. . . pure Divine Love. That felt so good, let’s do it again, and again. That my beloveds is the very air we breath all the time. We’ve just forgotten to let it in.

So what is Divine Love?

Divine Love is what some might call unconditional. But even that word creates a stumbling block because we’ve only ever known conditional love. Divine Love is what your GodSelf feels for you. Much like the first time you lay eyes on your precious child. In that moment you are experiencing Divine Love. A Love that is pure and untainted.

Divine Love doesn’t have expectations, hold grudges, attempt to fix or control other people. Divine Love is judgment free because your GodSelf understands that EVERYTHING is happening in your life to open your heart more fully to more Love. And it’s an ongoing process, continually learning, experiencing and expressing more Love. How awesome is that!!! Who doesn’t want more Love!

So, how do you get there?

By loving your self, your scraped and wounded self, moment by moment, just like you would a precious child that’s calling out for your love. You see, it’s not the other person that’s hurting you. You are hurting yourself every time you judge yourself or another because your heart aches every time you do. It’s not in your place to change another person for each is on their own journey and that needs to be honored. It’s your job to love your self. And when you do, Divine Love will begin to trickle through the cracks in your heart to erode the walls from the inside out, until one day the dam will break and Love will flow freely. Once that happens there is no turning back because your soul will not allow it.

Now that you know what it is and you’re learning to fully breathe again, it’s time to practice Divine Love in your daily life. Love is ever flowing. You can ignore it for awhile but before long it will envelop you. It will flow through your veins like an elixir and you won’t want to ignore it anymore. Meanwhile some of the old programs and habits are floating around like debris in a murky pond. If you continue surrendering to Love, grace will effortlessly heal and dissolve them for you without having to dissect or process them.

Here’s where it gets tricky. Not everyone is living in the flow of Divine Love and there are still arrows flying around out there in the world. What to do? Dodge them as best you can without engaging. The only reason you recognize them is because they are triggering something inside of you that has not yet been fully loved by you. Something that’s based on old stories that aren’t even yours.  It’s what some call pushing our buttons. When a button is pushed, it’s our button, not anyone else’s. It can only be inactivated by taking responsibility for loving our selves, rather than reacting to the personal pain someone else is hurling at us. When we can see their pain for what it is, their lack of love, then our love and compassion can flow more freely than ever before.

Once we’ve experienced Divine Love, we’re no longer insecure about love because we’re not dependent upon anyone else for love. We realize we’ve got more than enough Love for all of us, effortlessly sharing it with everyone because it becomes who we are, not what we do.

So I’m back on the merry-go-round again. This time it’s the carousel of Divine Love where the music never stops. Each act of Love that I experience adds more harmony to the orchestration. The stallion I’m riding goes up and down, up and down. It never stops. I continue loving fully completely openly and freely. And that my friends is the end of crazy love. Instead I am crazy in Love, Divine Love.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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Whispers of the Soul


Before I open my eyes in the morn,
my Soul whispers. . .
breathe with me Beloved
savor this moment
where you and I
are intimate partners.

Do not allow your mind
to pull you away from me
with its illusive grip
of insignificant distractions.

Savor this moment
and the next
and the next
stringing them together
like a strand of elegant pearls.

Take me into your day
allowing the dance between us
to continue and expand
with each and every breath.

Savor the moment
savor the conscious breath of life
savor the music of your heart
saver each and every step
as we dance our way
through the day
hand in hand
with the Divine flow of Life.
~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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Letting go of “Letting go”


Today is the Scorpio Full Moon and my facebook newsfeed is rampant with posts advising us to go into the mysterious darkness of Scorpio and “let go” of all those shadows that have been lurking in our subconscious.

This emphasis on “letting go” has been going on for some time as we’re letting go of the old and opening to the new. Any transition requires this of us, whether it be a transition from one home to another, one relationship to another, one job to another, or one state of consciousness to another. This is happening personally and collectively. Humanity is in the midst of one of the biggest transitions of all time as is demonstrated by the collapse of the old establishment. Thus there is a lot to let go of.

However I feel like we’re caught in a bit of a stutter here… let go… let go… let go… let go…. let go. . . . . .

What I’m feeling with this Full Moon is the need to let go of “letting go”, and finally, finally, finally move on.

WE are Master Creators. We are here to birth the new and we can’t do that when all of our focus is on the past, on letting go. It’s time to look forward and birth something new!!!

The Scorpio full moon is the moon of the Black Madonna the sacred womb of all creation filled with Love and Light illuminating our hidden desires. See what happens when you refocus your attention to the seeds of desire that are sprouting within you rather than continuing to dig into that which has now become compost.

Birthing is an inside job. And thus it is for all Master Creators. Our desires arise from within and are nurtured from within the mysterious darkness of the womb drawing everything it needs to manifest.

Master Creators, go within, allow your secret dreams and desires to become illuminated via the Light of the Black Madonna full moon. Surrender to her fertile womb of creation. Let go of the “letting go” knowing you have done your clearing work and trust the process to allow your boldest desires to fully manifest with ease and grace.
~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

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Facts are Facts, Unless They’re Not


What are facts?
And whose facts are they?
What we consider to be facts are simply someone else’s published opinion or assessment. In these days of the internet that’s become a squirrelly proposition because anyone can write words on a page and publish them. A snippet of the whole can be take it out of context and called a fact. And since the advent of photoshop, even photos aren’t confirmation of the truth anymore.

So where do we find the truth?
No matter how many facts you accumulate, there is no truth to be found in facts because there will always be one more fact to be considered. That’s the way of a universe that’s in constant expansion. Today’s facts will always be superseded by tomorrow’s revelations. It used to be a fact that the world was flat. Facts are facts, until there’re not. So in reality, there is only one truth. That is your own Inner Truth.

How do you know what’s true?
How can you trust your Inner Truth?

By reflecting on how you feel. Unless you’re at peace about something, it’s not in alignment with Who You Are. That’s your unfailing truth meter. If you’re riled up about something it’s because you’re barking up the wrong tree, usually someone else’s tree. And if you’re attacking someone else’s opinion, attempting to convince them you are right, it’s your own perception of rightness you are attempting to defend.

I’m all for open discussions. Discussions that are rooted in listening rather than defending. When we listen with an open heart, we are open to hearing. When we’re busy defending, armed with an arsenal of facts, all of our attention is on what we need to say next, rather than absorbing or considering what another has to say. Therefore, neither party is able to hear anything and it becomes in internal self centered dialogue in the gerbil wheel of the mind.

I have to ask, what are we so afraid of that we need to have everyone agree with us and think the way we do? Are we so disconnected and untrustworthy of ourselves that we’re searching for acknowledgement from others?

It doesn’t matter how many others acknowledge and agree with you. Until you acknowledge Who You Are, you will never be at peace, always looking for others to acknowledge you. When in reality, you are the only one that can acknowledge yourself.

Thus, being at peace with your Self provides you with the ability to listen with an open mind, engaging when it’s appropriate or walking away when it’s not. Your Inner Truth never needs defending because it’s in alignment with Who You Are and you’re able to honor the Inner Truth of others allowing you to connect heart to heart.

These are all questions I asked of myself when I was blindsided by several people this last week during the disruptive energies of these two eclipses. Each time I choose to walk away. Each time my mind tried to argue that I was being a coward. Each time my heart was at peace because I did not choose to argue. Why would I do anything to disrupt my internal peace?

Peace is something everyone hungers for. We’re all tired of war and we desire peace. But peace is not an outside battle. It’s an inside battle of the mind. Therein lies the oxymoron. It’s time to lay down the (s)words of the mind and listen to and with the heart? Therein lies the peace that passeth understanding. It has taken many years of practice to find this peace within myself, knowing when to speak up and when to walk away.

So I thank those who blindsided me this past week. They facilitated these questions in my quest for truth, in my quest for peace. What I’ve come to realize is….. Facts are facts, unless they’re not.

The song “The Gambler” by Kenny Rodgers comes to mind. “You gotta know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away, know when to run.” As one who is willing to gamble with the fullness of life, the way I know how to respond is when my heart is at peace. That’s a fact!!!

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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Ditching the Rules


We’ve grown so accustomed to living within the boundaries of rules we can’t imagine living without then. And yet… as children we were constantly pushing against the rules because we knew ourselves as free beings who create life in the moment, free of the human constructed boxes attempting to contain us. Remember those days? Digging in your feet as a two year old expressing your emphatic “NO”.

That, my friends, is where we are once again!
It’s time to say “NO”, I don’t fit into your man made boxes and rules, I never did, and now I’m jumping ship to fly freely.

For the past few years the vibration of the planet has been increasing. . . and human consciousness has been expanding along with it, moving us beyond the constructs of the old regime that no longer works for us. I have felt the hands of Love and Compassion reaching deep down into our unconsciousness lifting all that no longer serves us to the surface to awaken us to who we truly are. I admit, it has been a rough ride over hill and dale facing the dragons to free ourselves from the perceived constraints of humanity. But hear ye, as soon as we stop judging the dragons they are put to rest if we allow them to be so.

We have shifted into the quantum where the old rules no longer exist. Have you noticed how things are not working the way they used to? Have you noticed how unstable the energies are with emotions bouncing off the walls hitting you in the face unless you’ve learned to duck? As difficult as these changes may seem to our adult selves, our inner child is doing the happy dance, happy to ditch the rules it never adhered to.

The difficult part is stepping away from the old ways of doing things, to trust your Inner Knowing which has been abandoned for so very long. But once you step away from the old imprisonment you will realize the life of ease and grace that awaits you. For the Universe only knows benevolence and is showering it down upon you in every moment. Go ahead…. stretch your arms out to your sides, take a deep breath and feel all the goodness that’s raining down upon you, all the goodness that’s bubbling up from inside you. It’s not looking for a box to be swept into for future use. In fact, it can’t be contained because it’s as illusive as fairy dust until you acknowledge it and dance with it’s ever flowing song of joy.

It is with the innocence and playfulness of a child that we navigate the quantum fields, building our dreams in the moment and allowing them to fade once they no longer hold our attention. We are once again building sand castles and allowing the tides to wash them away with impermanence. And yet, there is never any loss because there is always something new to create, something new to experience. There is no need for maintenance, nor time spent trying to shore up the walls to keep out predators. There is only joy in the moment of creating, joy in the moment of playing, joy in the moment of allowing life to show you its innate glory.

So, I ask you? 
Do you really want to continue renovating and shoring ups the old life by adding more and more laws and rules, building more walls of protection? Or can you simply kick off your shoes and walk the beach wiggling your toes in the sand just like you did when you were 2 years old? Can you say “NO” to the world that’s snapping at your heels to draw you into it’s old dramas? Can you laugh with the winds of change and trust the Universe with the innocence of a child again? Are you willing to ditch the rules and allow life to present itself in its ever expanding magnificence?

Go ahead!!! Give it a try! Ditch the rules and take a chance on life as it has always meant to be, infinite and free!

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

gratitude to the unknown artist

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