Are You Ready to Step out of Mediocrity?

All of my life I’ve done everything I could to fit in and quite frankly, it never worked. I only became more and more frustrated, deflated and disempowered.

Then one day, I realized I was never meant to fit into the boxes of mediocrity that had been created for me. My spirit is way too BIG too fit into any of those boxes. Oh I tried to break it into smaller pieces and put a little in this box and a little in that one. But that didn’t work either. It only separated me from the glorious being that was birthed into this magnificent physical body.

Time marched on . . until the sparks of passion began to burn so brightly from within me that I couldn’t ignore them any more. Finally, with no regrets, I said goodbye to the confining boxes, expectations, agendas, beliefs and mediocrity and HELLO to my creative magnificence. ~Sharon Lyn Shepard~


3 thoughts on “Are You Ready to Step out of Mediocrity?

  1. Thanks Sharon, Very timely….Its Good to Be Connected to like minds who Push & Pull Whenever Necessary for Each Other….Thank You Jude


    • Hi Jude,
      I’m new to the blogging world… Congrats! you’re my first comment and first “connection”. Thanks so much for stopping by. ❤


      • You,re Welcome sharon….I Too am pretty New to Blogging….Its Very Random when I feel like sitting down with Mouse in hand and Open to spirit…
        ( Blessings from Virginia Beach, Va


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