From Multi-tasking to Multi-being

For eons we’ve been a “doing” society. And I, along with everyone else, became adept at multi-tasking. Then something sparked within me and my reality shifted from multi-taskings to multi-being. I became aware of myself as a multi-dimensional being.

My spiritual awakening has taken me deeply into my heart, into a state of “being”. I’ve discovered the essence of who I AM as the creator of my life, and all the aspects thereof. So here I am, the butterfly who has devoured every bite of knowledge in the forest. My wings are restless, but unless I give that final push I’ll never break through the chrysalis to spread my wings and fly.

In the past, most of my creations were by default, moving from one task to another, from my unconscious state of mind. Now I’ve chosen to become a co-creator with the Divine. From my state of “being”, at what point in the creative process do I take action? What is it that gives me the courage and trust to step onto the precipice of the twig and spread my wings?

Knowing myself as the Divine incarnate how can I do otherwise. It’s from my state of “being” that I have come to know my true authentic self. And now it’s time to “do” what I know is mine to do. It’s time to flutter my wings in the light to reflect all the glorious colors of the rainbow and soar to new horizons. It’s time to sip from the nectar of Life and play with all the elements of Nature in a dance of co-creation. . . and what a joyful expansive playground this is turning out to be!


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