The Newly-Evolved Race of Star BEings

There are many roles being played out on planet Earth as we transition into a newly-evolved conscious race of Star BEing as Divine Humans who are walking upon our Heavenly Earth. Perhaps you might recognize yourself in one of these.

The Ancient Ones have been here for eons experiencing every possible aspect of humanity in physical form over a multitude of lifetimes. Now that the pendulum has swung to extremes, they have maxed out in the game of duality. It’s time to gather their hallowed experiences and offer them as teaching tools at the off-planet Universities for the New Ones preparing to incarnate on planet Earth. For the Ancient Ones, this current lifetime has been about shedding the antiquated artificial constructs, beliefs and rules of mass consciousness that have imprisoned humanity for thousands of years. The old wounds needed to be healed with Love and Compassion to come into balance with their body, mind and spirit to remember themselves as Divine. It has been an amazing journey brought to fruition in record time!!! Now they’re available to take what they’ve learned and share those experiences in the renowned off-planet Universities. What an honor my BeLoveds, what an honor to be a Sovereign BEing with such renowned tenure. I do not say this from the ego, but with Gratitude from all the stadiums of Unseens who have been cheering us on. So Bravo, dear Ancient Ones!!! Job well done!!!

Now we come to the New Ones who are incarnating after graduating from our spectacular off-planet Universities. These precious beings have never been to planet Earth. Most of them are pure Souls without veils who have not forgotten who they are. Others are wired for the New Earth but have not awakened until they have been on Earth for a number of years. Can you imagine the shock of descending onto a planet that is in the turmoil of such a chaotic transition? Although there is an initial shock upon their entry into density, they are much better prepared because of the path the Ancient Ones have laid down for them. I hear from so many of them how grateful they are to us for sharing our experiences so generously and expanding the consciousness here on the planet. Because of that, they are better prepared to shine their guiding Light and share the infinite potentials they carry, potentials beyond anything we can possibly imagine for solutions to resolve the current mess on our planet. Oh BeLoved Brothers and Sisters, we welcome you with open arms and hearts that are overflowing with Love and Compassion. With your expertise, our future looks bright and sparkly.

There is yet another role that bridges these two and that’s what they are, the Bridgers. Many of them have been on the planet before during times of great turmoil, but their time spent here has been minimal, so they are not proficient in the daily living of 3d in present time. They are experts at moving energy in times of transitions without the baggage of mass consciousness that the Ancient Ones have accumulated over so many lifetimes. The Bridgers have intentionally preceded the New Ones to facilitate the Ancient Ones in dropping the old facades to create space for the New Ones to fulfill their purpose. Without the Bridgers, we would all be mucking through a lot of old stuck energy rather than moving through things with such ease and grace. So a special thank you for your self-less service to all of humanity.

The most difficult role is that of the Dark Ones, those who have chosen to hold the dark extremity of polarity. For they are erroneously judged by us as evil. Yet who better than the legions of Lucifer to hold these positions so that we can experience all aspects of duality. Did you know that Lucifer means “Light Bearer”? Yes, they too are bearers of Light, just as the legions of Michael, albeit, their role has been a most different one. It takes a powerful being to walk the earth in these villainous positions and bear our judgment. Isn’t it time we take responsibility for ourselves as Sovereign beings and give gratitude to these Dark Ones for mirroring the parts of ourselves that needed healing. For that has been their ultimate purpose. It’s how they have been in service to all of humanity for eons of time. They are ready to be released from these noxious positions to enjoy a New Earth along with all of us. Can you open your hearts to them for their exemplary service to humanity?

To those who have initiated and built upon the New Age Movement, we offer our eternal gratitude. You have planted and nurtured the seeds that have served us so well. But, we have grown beyond this movement and are now in service to it rather than it being in service to us. It’s time to let it go and step into something far Grander. Oh how dedicated and proficient we have been. The last renaissance took centuries and we have awakened in only a few decades. How amazing is that!!!

We have now reached the prophesied time for the Ancient Ones and the Dark Ones to retire from service to enjoy the fullness of life on this glorious planet. New foundations are already in place initiated by the New Ones. We’ve gone beyond trying to fix the antiquated systems. It’s simply a matter of allowing these old structures and thought forms to dissolve along with the veils that have kept us from our Divinity.

Of course the off-planet Universities will always welcome those of us who choose to continue teaching by sharing our Earthly experiences. And we are welcome to pick up the brushes that drip with new energy glitter paint to create the new scenarios that our passion has been yearning to live ever since we first arrived on this planet. The energy is bursting with Creativity and there are no barriers to what the Artists of Life can create. The multidimensional Playground is open and everyone is welcome!!!

Dreamtime is an extremely busy place for us now. Some of us are still shedding the old skin to reveal our Divinity. Some are teaching in the Universities. Some are the Artisans of a New World. And, some of us are doing all of it at the same time. It will not be long before we see the physical results of our labors.

Heaven on Earth is becoming a physical reality. Gaia is preparing to turn the care of the planet over to the Awakened Humans as our new Garden of Eden. Blessed BE my BeLoveds. As Divine Humans we are consciously walking this Earth as a newly evolved race of Star BEings!!!

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard

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3 thoughts on “The Newly-Evolved Race of Star BEings

  1. Thank you for your beautiful inspiring words, Sharon! As always, your words make so much sense and deeply touch my Soul. Bless your Precious Heart now and forever my dear friend… Love Always, Janet Coughlan


  2. I heard today ‘ you are a divine being sent from the stars ‘. I googled and found you


  3. I love reading through a post that can make men and women think.
    Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!


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