Reflections of a Wise Old Crone

I have never been good at memorizing things. Consequently spelling, multiplication tables and foreign languages have slid by the wayside. Those areas of my life took maximum effort and offered minimal results.

Medical school was the epitomy of a super challenge for me!!! Memorizing the pulsing human body in Latin, a dead foreign language. Yet, whenever someone had a question about anything, I have always been the “go to” person. I could explain in common lingo what the professors were spouting off in their scientific language scribbling across the blackboard. I remember failing a significant final exam, which would determine whether I could complete my physical therapy degree or not. The head of the department called me into his office stupefied. He was amazed that I could fail such a test when I had all the answers in class. I simply told him I’m a poor test taker. So he gave me the exam verbally and I answered 100 percent of the questions correctly. How blessed I was by this gentle understanding man who allowed me to verbally retake the failed exam. Without his assistance I would have never graduated and facilitated the healing of thousands of people.

In my later years I realized that I learn by association. For instance I grew up on the East Coast, so I remembered that the ocean is East. Although this served me well, after I moved to the West Coast, I had to re-associate my self to East and West. Even though I’ve lived on the West Coast for longer than I have the East Coast, I occasionally pause when I refer to directions. But I’ve learned that every pause in life has it’s own gift.

Another example is music. I was first chair flutist all through high school, but I never learned to read music. I knew which fingering was associated with note on which line. That was it….and no one ever knew that I couldn’t read music. Today I play the harp and compose my own music. I still don’t read music, but I have perfect pitch and I can play the music that flows through my heart. I know that the red strings are C and the blue strings are F and I can count off all the rest in between for anyone who asks what chord I’m playing. Quite simple really!!!

This morning it occurred to me how well this way of living has served me. Oh my school teachers would never agree, but I don’t think anyone ever taught them how we, as humans learn. We are a varied lot of beings. We weren’t delivered to this planet in boxes. Some of our brains are wired to memorize and it serves them very well. Others of us learn in entirely different ways.

I’ve never been content to absorb what others tell me as fact. I learn by experience and the more I experience, the more life changes, so must we. So where are the facts? Even the facts of science have changed over the years.

Was I a rebellious child? No, I simply lived a more expanded life, hovering around the edges of those who were rooted in their own personal facts. I pushed the limits. I wanted to see beyond because I’ve always known there is a beyond. I’ve never believed in black and white, I’ve always lived in full color, with a multitude of options. My daughter used to say, “Mom, you give me too many options. It confuses me.” She’s become an excellent accountant. Her brain is wired perfectly for this and it’s her gift to the world. We all have our own gifts to contribute and it’s what makes our world whole and complete.

As I child, my way of learning felt natural. As an adult in the work world, it felt like an impediment. As a wise old crone, I see it as a gift from the Divine. I live in the moment. I cycle with nature. I’m less ingrained in beliefs with a more fluid understanding of life. I don’t have to defend myself while appreciating the gifts of others.

I can’t replicate anyone else’s music, but I know how to express my own.
That’s more than enough for me.

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard


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13 thoughts on “Reflections of a Wise Old Crone

  1. Your words are beautiful and wise. Thank you for sharing!


  2. Thank you for sharing your heart felt words Karen.
    Much Love to you!!!


  3. I simply could not let this go by without acknowledging a woman of my own kind. While I COULD read music, I learned my piano, flute and harp by “association” – I heard it and I could play it. 🙂 …. and as for testing, I failed tests miserably. And yet, I too am the “go to girl” for answers to questions. My mother used to sigh in deep exasperation at my lack of testing abilities. And I used to say “Mom, all testing does is prove that we can memorize answers. It is not built around showing a person’s wisdom or intelligence.” (such wise words for such a young woman – LOL)

    I found myself nodding at every statement here. Aren’t we wonderfully talented human beings??

    Love and Light, kiddo. Keep on keeping on. We crones will teach the world how to LEARN!


  4. Oh Janie….how I enjoyed reading your post…..with an abundance of smiles!!! Here’s from one “go to girl” to another. Together we are educating the world in a whole new way. Bravo to the men and women Crones!!!!


  5. Love you Sharon

    you do forever make my day better


  6. Peggy, Thank YOU for brightening MY day!!!
    Much Love, Sharon


  7. I love your unique, elegant, earthy way of expressing yourself! Another wonderful insight that i totally enjoyed!


    • Kate, I grateful that my unique way of expressing myself didn’t get totally buried as I was growing up. I only had to do a small bit of digging and trusting my self to find it again. WE are all becoming so “in-sight-FULL” aren’t we!!!
      A big grateful hug to you Dear One,


  8. so beautifully expressed. As a retired school teacher, I want to say that I loved the students who thought differently, whose brain and mind worked in unique ways. They were the gems – we are the gems!


    • Oh Joss, I take that as an extreme compliment coming from a retired teacher such as yourself. MY teachers were not as complimentary!!! I think some of their noses grew as they repeatedly looked down them at me. te~he~he It makes me wonder what they might think if they ever ran across one of my blogs. 🙂

      I always appreciate your comments. They are always bright shining gems.
      I Love you!!!


  9. I think I’ve always been a writer (I used to hide in the branches of our apple tree and write), but everything I wrote in school was picked at and torn apart, so I never shared my personal writings. Big gratitude to fb for cracking me out of that shell to give me the courage to begin posting and blogging. It has opened a whole new glorious world for me. It’s comments like yours (before I even knew you were a teacher) that open my heart more fully to share the Love and Joy that bubbles forth. Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!!


  10. Hi, after reading this amazing paragraph i am as well happy
    to share my familiarity here with colleagues.


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