Fountain of Well-BEing

When I sit in the stillness, it doesn’t feel still anymore. Instead, I sense a soft gentle bubbling from deep within. In my accustomed meditation, I initially sink into a quiet stillness, giving my body a chance to rest and regenerate. A few weeks ago, from within that stillness, my attention was spontaneously drawn to a bubbling pool of energy in the bowl of my pelvic bones. A smile spread across my face reaching all the way up to the corners of my eyes and all the cells in my body began to sing.

The first time I experienced this bubbling pool within me, I wanted to slip my chalice under this fountain of living water and collect it to drink. But as I reached for it I intuitively pulled back, realizing there was no need to collect it because it’s always here for me, bubbling quietly in the center of my BEing. I don’t need to collect it, store it or even drink from it. There’s no need to do a ceremony to call it forth. No need to bliss myself into it’s vibration. A simple breath of awareness is all it takes to receive the constant bubbling energy of Source.

There are no fluctuations in this simple continuous self-sustaining flow.
It’s the constant life-giving Source of the Universe, inexhaustible and always available as my Well-BEing. Why would I need to store it? Why not simply allow it to continuously flow through me, much like blood flows through my veins. It is, after all, the Living Energy of Source flowing through all of who I AM as Life itself.

Just like so many New Agers and Lightworkers, I was in a constant search, “feeding” on all the highs, reaching for more and more bliss. But as we know, this catapults us into the duality that drops us into the muck of the low lows. Stepping off the extremes of the teter totter to find balance takes practice. With each step we move closer to center….until we find our sacred place that gently rocks from side to side with the organic cycles of life where life hums along with ease and grace.

BEing in our Center isn’t static. Nor is it boring. There’s a constant bubbling of God energy flowing through us, as us. I don’t need an internal tsunami to get my attention anymore. I’m content to rest in the ease and grace of eternal Well-BEing. I’m happy to splash in the constant playful froth of energy at my fingertips. And I’m excited to create from the Divine waters of Source.

This bubbling fountain of Source is within each of us nourishing a lush garden of Eden. It’s a well that will never run dry, for it is eternal, for you, as you. All it takes is our simple awareness to fully partake of it.

Sharon Lyn Shepard~

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