Grounding the 13th Sacred Ray

Lady of guadalupe
Today is the Feast of Our Lady of Guadeloupe.
How appropriate for it to fall on 12-12-12 for SHE has been holding the energy of Love and Compassion for humanity for eons, sprinkling miracles so that we would not forget this Sacred power that lives within each of us.

On 11-11, the Madonna blew into my consciousness with her instructions for me to ground the 13th Sacred Ray of Unity. This was a completion of the cycle that I initiated in November of 2001, when she instructed me to ground the 12 Sacred Rays. These were the original 12 rays that seeded planet Earth. As the density of the planet decreased (by Divine providence), these high vibrational rays were no longer able to inhabit the planet and only 4 Sacred rays remained. (the four primary races of red, yellow, black and white) At that time, She told me that the planet would not ascend until each of the 12 rays were once again represented on the planet. Per her instructions, I grounded the 12 Sacred rays at an ancient medicine wheel in Sedona and I thought my work was complete.

Chapel in the Rocks11 years later, I was called to return to Sedona to ground the 13th ray of Unity Consciousness, the amalgamated ray of the Black Madonna. On November 28, 2012, the day of the Lunar eclipse, I was guided to the Chapel in the Red Rocks. It was buzzing with activity up there, but the moment I walked into the chapel, everyone disappeared. Alone at the altar in front of the huge floor to ceiling windows looking over the red rocks I was instructed to light 13 red candles. My hand shook with excitement as I passed the flame from one candle to the next. With my task complete, I stood in the center of the windows with my feet firmly rooted, grounding the most AMAZING BLESSINGS I have ever experienced. Tears ran down my face for an eternity as my body was flooded with LOVE and COMPASSION for all of humanity. When I returned to the back of the chapel where my soul sister Sandi was waiting, I threw my arms around her and sobbed for a long time in the arms of the Mother, the Sister, the Child. On the patio in front of the chapel, we were instructed to plant a small garnet crystal, that I’ve been carrying with me since 2001, at the foot of a Madonna statue at an outside fountain. Our work was complete. The ceremony was simple and sweet without the need for long invocations, the usual plethora of accouterments, or a gathering of people. No words were necessary, only a silent open heart.

Sharon and Madonna Beloved resolution 100The only other instructions were to light a 5 day candle when I returned home to connect the energies grounded in Sedona with my 500 year old statue of the Black Madonna. And voila…when I returned home a beautiful cd of “Ave Maria” sung by Kiki Carter Webb was awaiting in my mail box. With her voice wafting through my sacred space, I lit a rose scented candle of Our Lady of Guadalupe to integrate all these amazing energies.

Five days have passed and today, on 12-12-12 I’ve chosen to light successive candle in honor of all that humanity has gone through to come to this point of Ascension. If you so desire, you may choose to listen to Kiki’s version of “Ave Maria” and light a candle with us (on whatever day you are reading this) to share in these blessings.

Blessed BE, my BeLoveds… Love and Compassion has been rooted on this planet ready to sprout into fruition for all of Humanity.

Sharon Lyn Shepard


To listen to “Ave Maria” by Kiki Carter Webb

For more information about my journey with the Black Madonna:

2 thoughts on “Grounding the 13th Sacred Ray

  1. I am honored to know what you have done for Humanity, and awed to have you as a friend. Namaste.


  2. My heart is so full


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