Celebrating 666

triple-goddessToday is June 6, 2013. In numerology that equates to 6~6~6, a forbidden number for some, a celebrated number for others.

From ancient times, according to the Pagans, the number 666 represents the Triple Goddess, Maiden~Mother~Crone, and the Upper~Middle~Lower worlds. From the time humanity was first birthed on this planet, we’ve gone through all these phases of growth and evolution to experience the fullness of life. Now we’ve reached the end of this cycle and it’s time to integrate and embody them ALL as ONE.

Some say 666 represents the Apocalypse. Perhaps that’s so. But it’s not by the hand of Satan or the Anti-Christ. That’s simply an erroneous misinterpreted religious story pass down through the ages. The anti-christ is the state of living without the awareness that we are the embodiment of the Christed Energy. This much is true. For it has been our experience here on this planet. Until NOW, at the end of this era, when we are awakening to the Christ seed within each of us.

The Greek word ‘Apocalypse’ actually means to ‘uncover, reveal, or unveil’ the truth that has been ignored, forgotten, misinterpreted and misunderstood. And the phrase ‘apokalupsis eschaton’ literally means ‘revelation at the end of the aeon, or age.’ We are certainly experiencing THAT in our present day world as humanity is awakening to the truth and no longer willing to accept anything less.

So today I AM Celebrating the 666!!! This is a pivotal time for all of the Universe as we unveil the totality of who we are, acknowledge the God within, and call forth a New Golden Age of Divinely Christed Human BEings.

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~

2 thoughts on “Celebrating 666

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