Conscious Reality


I’m excited that humanity is awaking to a more expanded conscious reality. We are all experiencing more of who we are and the totality of life. At first, some of our new awareness and abilities don’t seem to make sense. Nor do we trust them. And yet, our soul continues to whisper in our ear and our heart yearns for more.

I’ve experienced so many shifts and changes in my life. It feels like my whole world has transformed into something unexplainable. Instead of life being a repetitive cycle of more of the same with just a little bit more. It has blossomed into infinite potentials and exciting newness.

I welcome these new experiences with open arms. No matter how unusual they may appear, I don’t attempt to explain them because that constricts me to my analytical mind which weighs everything against past experience. Much of what we’re awakening to is beyond our prior experience, beyond the mind.

That’s why living in the moment of NOW is the only way to surpass our old patterns of living. Some days I don’t know what time it is, what day it is, even what year it is. How perfect is that!!! It means I’m living in the moment of now where I’m aligned with Divine Intelligence and everything flows without restriction to our mind’s perceived time and space.

In order to expand my consciousness, I’ve given up the need to understand everything. I simply open more fully and flow with what’s presented no matter how strange it may appear…… and eventually it all makes sense in a more compatible way than my mind could ever understand, nor conjure. The more I relax into it, the more comfortable I become in this new ever-expanding reality. And the more conscious I become of who I AM.

I often find that when I expand into a new level of consciousness, others around me don’t “get” what I’m talking about. Sometimes I even become invisible to them. A common response when most people experience this is to step back into the old comfort zone, to remain “seen” and accepted by others. For some, that may be a temporary answer, but numbing down will only dampen your heart. 😦

In reality it is YOU that’s calling for your attention. All the parts of you that you’ve never “seen” before are coming online. Gifts beyond your imagination are bestowed upon you. You’ve been asking for abundance. THIS is your abundance!

It will probably not look the way you expect it to look, otherwise you would already be living it. At first it may seem like a faerie tale. Perhaps it is the faeries who are whispering in your ear? Perhaps it’s your soul? Perhaps you know not what it is or how it appeared. Does it really matter?

Conscious reality is ever-expanding. It’s in the palm of your hand.
Do you really want to turn your back on it?

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

♥ Sharing is always appreciated ♥

4 thoughts on “Conscious Reality

  1. Sharon, this so resonate with me. I am aware that I certainly don’t flow with the same ease and acceptance that you seem to. But I am moving and flowing and gathering speed. Thank you for sharing so beautifully.


  2. This is such a beautiful post. I feel it too, it’s how I am oriented and you have articulated it so perfectly for me. And expanded it. Thank you! I am surprised often lately by who I now know myself to be! It’s fun. Expressing it in relationships becomes a call to trust and authenticity. Amazing times we are creating! Love you and thank you for sharing.


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