Laying down the body with Grace

Robin Dreams

Humans have maligned death to the point that we fear the most beautiful transformation the human being will ever experience. We’ve incarnated on this planet to experience life in physicality. It is a sacred gift. But like any gift, once we’ve fully interacted with all of it’s aspects and are whole and complete, we have the choice to lay it down and expand into something more. Life is eternally expanding and so are we.

Most humans fear death because they fear the unknown. And yet, isn’t all of life unknown. Even when we manipulate life and attempt to control it, the outcome is still unknown. This fear of death baffles me because it is the one and only thing that I do know. I know that death is the alchemical transition that frees us from our physical constraints to recognize all of who we are. Death isn’t the final chapter of the story. It is the prologue to another volume of the Soul.

Ancient Egyptians believed that real life began after death, as do many other ancient traditions. They spent their whole lives preparing for the afterlife which they considered to be more real than this one. The Tibetans speak about dying consciously. Indigenous people often walked off into the forest and laid their bodies down when they felt complete with this physical life and were prompted to move into a another realm.

Modern day humanity calls this suicide. Not only have they labeled it, they have vilified. And religion has condemned this spiritual choice as an evil act. Again, this baffles me. For the God I know, only knows love and accepts us with open arms. Life in physicality is all about expanding our experience. Each experience is sacred, whether it be life or death. God does not judge. It is only the judgment of humanity that creates antipathy.

As a sovereign being, we have the choice to lay the body down with grace whenever we choose. Death does not require suffering and disease. That is an old human concept that we, as enlightened humans have outgrown. We recognize that this body is a gift that can be laid to rest at anytime we choose. Our soul’s journey is our own, not to be forsaken by the dictates of anyone else.

Once we realize that life and death are not separate, peace ensues for all of us, especially for those remaining in physicality. No one is left behind, as believed by so many who are prone to grieve and suffer. We are able to be equally present with our loved ones, albeit in a different form. For some, this frees them of the human foibles and allows a more open and loving relationship that may have felt impossible here on earth.

As Enlightened humans, we realize that we embody God and what has often been referred to as the afterlife can be celebrated here on earth. Knowing this, we can live in physicality as long as we choose, or as short as we choose. And the best part…we have the opportunity to create and celebrate Heaven right here, right now.

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~
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* This post was inspired by the passing of Robin Williams. BeLoved Brother, thank you for lightening our lives in so many ways. Yesterday before I heard of your passing I posted this comment, “Does anyone else feel like they’re breathing Faerie Glitter instead of the stale air of the old earth?” I know you are breathing that glitter and we look forward to celebrating and playing with you in your new role in the expanded realms.


18 thoughts on “Laying down the body with Grace

  1. TY Sharon for opening up Robyn’s experience as beautiful, and what he desired. Many do not understand the “Love of the Heart” in this way, often people fear and get angry at what they cannot comprehend. Whether or not understanding is there, one thing is for sure…..Robyn’s journey continues on………..<3


  2. Dear Sharon, this is such a beautiful article and echoes so much of what I know to. As you so correctly point out, the only sure thing, is death. And yes as a Sovereign Being it is totally one’s choice anyway. Some just make it more consciously than others. It has been very interesting to see the ripple from Robin’s passing expand out and brush up against the oh so many judgment, even from ‘lightworkers’. Most definitely the journey continues and whether it is a success or not the Soul uses totally different criteria, if any, than does the ego mind. So grateful for you and your insights. Blessings.


    • Dear Trilby,
      Thank YOU for adding your wisdom to this thread of awakening for so many of us. With the Soul in the driver’s seat, there is only success, it is the human mind that judges it otherwise.
      Blessings of Love, Sharon


  3. Thank you for your wise and loving insights which express what many of us are probably not brave enough to express, or we lack the words which flow so beautifully from you. What you say here does find resonance with my inner truth. For many, it will be a hard truth to hear. Death is still an unknown frontier to a lot of people. It is shadowed with fear and misgivings, and not looked forward to as a pathway to a new and broader wavelength of life. Blessings soul sister ❤


    • Thank you SO much for your loving response Jenny.

      Yes, death is still a shadowed reality to many. But Robin’s death has brought so much to the forefront to initiate new conversations that I believe the group consciousness is finally ready to examine. They may not be ready to embrace it, but it has planted new seeds that will unfold very quickly. And for that I honor Robin as a Master of Divine timing with his departure.


  4. Dear Sharon,
    I am struck by your Acceptance, LOVE, and CLARITY and I thank-you for sharing all of these things with us. This is an exceptional piece …and the picture does so PERFECTLY honor Robin in his passing!
    I want to share one point of view …that THIS is already an afterlife from another reality, and after this, there will be another …and another…
    Amongst this life’s blessings, is to have known you and I send my love.


    • Dear Tom,
      Your point is so accurate and one I overlooked. Indeed this IS an afterlife. Thank you for adding your wisdom to this thread of expanded awareness.
      And… you are a blessing in my life. It’s a JOY to Love and Bless one another with such gratitude.


  5. This is, as always Sharon such an eloquently written message for all of us. Many years ago I “understood” Robins extreme depth and efforts to “wake us up” through his movie Dead Poets Society and every other message and method he so beautifully delivered.
    I am in such gratitude for your ability to deliver such beauty to my heart and so many others.
    With gratitude,


    • Yes, Shawna, Robin gave us so many gifts. Even with his death he is “waking us up” to new discussions concerning depression, death and suicide. Subjects that have been swept under the carpet for far too long. May humanity finally come to peace with these subjects from a more “Enlightened” perspective.

      With much Love,


  6. thetawithshawna

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    As Always, Sharon Shepard so eloquently touches my heart & soul


  7. I do not fear death… I simply relish this present form of existence, with all of its amazing experiences, and merely hope that no one is prompted to leave “prematurely” due to fears of what life may hold for them…
    That is a question suicide leaves me to ponder –
    was it a conscious positive choice, or drawn from despair…
    My heart goes out to those who died in despair of that which life held for them… And I will always wonder if they could have been spared that particular journey …


    • Dear Roberta,
      I also relish all the amazing experiences this earth offers us. However, it is only one form of existence. Who are we to judge whether another form isn’t equally amazing.

      I trust that our Souls are guiding us on the most benevolent path. What may seem like despair to you or I may be prescribed by the Soul as the best medicine to expand in ways we do not yet understand. My experience of despair is an indication of not being aligned with the truth of who I AM. Look at the word “des~pair”….”without pairing up with our GodSelf.” In that regard, we have all experienced despair in one way or another. It has been part of the human experience. I say “has been” because I sense we are learning to better align with our True Nature and alleviate despair.

      For some, especially for those who are ultra sensitive, the burden of our society is too heavy to bear and rising to another form of existence is the next appropriate step for them. Is that premature? Or are they right on schedule? Who am I to say?

      Robin’s death has brought many taboo subjects out into the open. For that I bless him. Humanity many not come to an answer of consensus on these subjects, but I sincerely hope we can each expand our perspectives and find peace within ourselves.

      Peace be unto you Beloved One,


  8. Many of the thoughts expressed here, especially yours Sharon, touched my soul, very deeply. It is so refreshing to read thoughts in a highly controversial subject, such as suicide, and feel uplifted rather than conflicted.

    I do spiritual counseling in my small Spiritual Center, named after my son John Henry-John Henry ‘s Light House. John Henry was only 21 when in 1994 he made his transitional during a fatal car accident. Soon after, by the grace of God, he reached out to me, and to countless others to offer comfort and spiritual understanding. For the last twenty years (through various Mediums and in direct communication with me, and through me) he has spoken of God, the Universes(s) the soul, the other side, physical life and physical death, the different dimensions and levels of consciousness, reincarnation, spiritual growth, and many other related subjects in the field of Metaphysics. In the process, I was introduced to my guides and teachers and to an amazing Methatron Angel, as well as to Santa Teresa D’avila. Their team guidance and teachings have been nothing shorter than amazing, and transformational.
    Throughout their teachings, they often remind us of one of the most precious gift from God to us-“free will’.
    There is never any judgement, recrimination, discrimination, right or wrong, or the thought of punishment for our actions. All there is, is love and compassion. Spirit guides and offers insights to us, but They always leave the choices up to us.

    John Henry loved RW as a person, and especially his Morky character-whom he watched as a child. Robin Williams was a special soul whose gift as a performer brought us countless hours of joy and laughter. But, his soul’s journey was headed somewhere where it didn’t include us, at the moment. And, even knowing that we might not agree or understand his motives, he used his free will to pursue his journey . May God continue to bless his soul and his forward journey of love and laughter. Wherever he is, the souls around him are rejoicing, as we once did.


    • Dear Neire,
      Your comments touched my soul as deeply as mine did yours. You have expanded upon what I wrote with such love and beauty.

      What a gift your son has offered you…and your openness to receive it speaks volumes of your commitment to a more fully engaging spiritual path. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with all of us.

      Love and Blissings, Sharon


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