Ditching the Rules


We’ve grown so accustomed to living within the boundaries of rules we can’t imagine living without then. And yet… as children we were constantly pushing against the rules because we knew ourselves as free beings who create life in the moment, free of the human constructed boxes attempting to contain us. Remember those days? Digging in your feet as a two year old expressing your emphatic “NO”.

That, my friends, is where we are once again!
It’s time to say “NO”, I don’t fit into your man made boxes and rules, I never did, and now I’m jumping ship to fly freely.

For the past few years the vibration of the planet has been increasing. . . and human consciousness has been expanding along with it, moving us beyond the constructs of the old regime that no longer works for us. I have felt the hands of Love and Compassion reaching deep down into our unconsciousness lifting all that no longer serves us to the surface to awaken us to who we truly are. I admit, it has been a rough ride over hill and dale facing the dragons to free ourselves from the perceived constraints of humanity. But hear ye, as soon as we stop judging the dragons they are put to rest if we allow them to be so.

We have shifted into the quantum where the old rules no longer exist. Have you noticed how things are not working the way they used to? Have you noticed how unstable the energies are with emotions bouncing off the walls hitting you in the face unless you’ve learned to duck? As difficult as these changes may seem to our adult selves, our inner child is doing the happy dance, happy to ditch the rules it never adhered to.

The difficult part is stepping away from the old ways of doing things, to trust your Inner Knowing which has been abandoned for so very long. But once you step away from the old imprisonment you will realize the life of ease and grace that awaits you. For the Universe only knows benevolence and is showering it down upon you in every moment. Go ahead…. stretch your arms out to your sides, take a deep breath and feel all the goodness that’s raining down upon you, all the goodness that’s bubbling up from inside you. It’s not looking for a box to be swept into for future use. In fact, it can’t be contained because it’s as illusive as fairy dust until you acknowledge it and dance with it’s ever flowing song of joy.

It is with the innocence and playfulness of a child that we navigate the quantum fields, building our dreams in the moment and allowing them to fade once they no longer hold our attention. We are once again building sand castles and allowing the tides to wash them away with impermanence. And yet, there is never any loss because there is always something new to create, something new to experience. There is no need for maintenance, nor time spent trying to shore up the walls to keep out predators. There is only joy in the moment of creating, joy in the moment of playing, joy in the moment of allowing life to show you its innate glory.

So, I ask you? 
Do you really want to continue renovating and shoring ups the old life by adding more and more laws and rules, building more walls of protection? Or can you simply kick off your shoes and walk the beach wiggling your toes in the sand just like you did when you were 2 years old? Can you say “NO” to the world that’s snapping at your heels to draw you into it’s old dramas? Can you laugh with the winds of change and trust the Universe with the innocence of a child again? Are you willing to ditch the rules and allow life to present itself in its ever expanding magnificence?

Go ahead!!! Give it a try! Ditch the rules and take a chance on life as it has always meant to be, infinite and free!

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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One thought on “Ditching the Rules

  1. Reblogged this on elizabethsadhu and commented:
    Oh yes!! Perfect! Thank you, Sharon Lyn! So very well said!!


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