It Doesn’t Matter


It doesn’t matter. It just doesn’t matter to me anymore. So many things that used to irk me or call me to action, just don’t matter. More importantly since they don’t matter, they’re no longer present in my life.

When I reflect on this it feels like magic. No need to control my thinking. No affirmations. No mantras. No need to work at it. What no longer matters to me simply disappears.

Are we transcending the Law of Attraction?
With the law of attraction, we’ve been taught that what we place our attention on manifests. On a broader scale it’s said our vibration is what attracts our reality. Although I agree with both of these statements, I haven’t had all that much success working with them to manifest my desires. It seems so often the rightness or wrongness of something goes to battle with each other and negates the whole process, often referred to as creating resistance. And the mind surely has enough of that static to go round and round the gerbil wheel.

Is this the way of the New Energy?
The old linear 3d energy is based on polarity. Either it attracts or it repeals something. Therefore it’s important to line it all up properly to attract that which we want and repel that which we don’t want. First we have to process it to figure it out and understand it. Only then can we line things up properly. 
Whereas. . . quantum energy is neutral, without a positive or negative charge. It doesn’t care. If you give it a wave, it’s totally in service to you. It effortlessly flows to you and responds “in the moment” without any need to prepare or line things up.

Is this the freedom of the new Sovereign Human?
The linearity of 3d has us tied to the past and the future, always working out our future based on our accumulated past. The matrix has us chained to old systems: educational, financial, political, religious, etc. and in order to survive we’ve got to adhere. When we realize these systems are outdated and let go of our past to live in the present moment, we are free to let bygones be bygones. As a result, we break out of our old cocoons to become free Sovereign Humans open to infinite new potentials.

In this new reality it doesn’t matter why the old way is no longer working for me. That’s all just mental chatter anyway. When I realize most of what used to matter, doesn’t really matter. Voila!! Like magic, that which is not wanted disappears. And what remains? Infinite new potentials!!!

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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