The Game of Duality


It is said . . .
“There is no light without shadow.”
“There is no good without bad.”
“Suffering is a natural part of life.”
“You can not know light without darkness.”

Unless. . .
The sun is directly above you. . . where you cast no shadow.
You are experiencing all that life has to offer . . . without the need to judge.
You flow with the natural unfoldment of life. . . instead of trying to control it.
You are radiating light from within you. . . which dispels any darkness.

I have come to realize that duality is a game humans play.
A game we’ve been taught by those who have never realized they’ve been confined within duality. A game with rules perpetrated by religion and government to control the masses. A game most humans have never been courageous enough to break free, to explore beyond the “rules” of duality.

As children, we are born free of the beliefs and bonds of duality. For the first few years of my life I recall living in my own delightful world of magic. Until rule by rule, I was eventually imprisoned by the game of duality and the magic of life disappeared.

But times have changed. By remembering the truth of who I AM, my Inner-Knowing has surfaced once again. And it doesn’t coincide with what I’ve been taught by my parents, teachers, society, religion, or mass consciousness.

Those of us who are awakening from the hypnosis of duality that we’ve been living most of our lives have begun questioning everything. It begins with things that are no longer working for us: health issues from the stress of overwork, depression from living a heart impoverished life, relationship breakups, loss of jobs, homes, and the snuffed out spark of life.

As I look around I realize our newest generation isn’t buying into the old games of duality. They see no need to rebel against it. They are simply creating life from a sea of infinite potentials, free of the old indoctrination and the old bonds of society. Whereas our generation has had to summon the courage to break free, they were never imprisoned to begin with.

Even the new age moment is still caught up in the game of duality, as demonstrated by the quotes streaming through my facebook newsfeed. Quotes like the sentences at the top of this page. Quotes of separation and divisiveness from the Inner-Knowing of our GodSelf.

These are the beliefs that imprison us from living our full potential. Beliefs that hold the magic of life at bay. Beliefs that rob us from manifesting our dreams. Beliefs that are nothing more than the illusion of duality, a game we’ve been playing for far too long.

I hereby offer you the card to “Break out of Prison”, pass by GO, collect your infinite $$$ and dump the Monopoly game board into the trash along with all your long held dualistic beliefs.

High Ho! High Ho!
Magic is enlivened once again and your infinite reality awaits!!!

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“Wisdom of the Inner Voice”

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