Dissolution of Creation


After having already released so much in my life, I am often surprised at what continues to reveal itself in need of letting go. I have let go of homes, people, careers, things, habits, beliefs, old stories, and most importantly old emotional wounds.

Like so many of us, this became an unceasing project of inner work. After years I grew tired of working at it. I realized there must be a more simple way. As a result, I have ceased making my “self” a project and chosen to live life in the present moment as it presents itself. I am delighted to say my life has become much more simple, enjoyable, and free flowing because of the inner work I have done. But more so ,because of my change in perception. Bravo to me and to all of us who are beginning to experience life in a whole new way.

And yet, there are moments when I get one of those palm head slaps of recognition for something formerly unnoticed that creeps in and temporarily throws me off kilter. Often a few deep breaths and I’m back in the flow. Other times the gerbil wheel spins for a few days before I’m able to jump off into the awareness of infinite potentials once again.

I have recently been editing a book I wrote 10 years ago. It’s been sitting in the wings waiting to be published but the impetus to do so has not spurred me to do so. Partly because I wasn’t ready to go public with it, nor did I feel like the world was ready to receive it.

I have thoroughly enjoyed re-reading the words I wrote so many years ago. This book is the story of my journey of awakening via my relationship with the Black Madonna. Most people do not realize the Black Madonna is actually the Womb of Creation. She who reveals herself in so many different aspects such as Mother Mary, Magdalyn, Quan Yin, Isis, Hathor, Gaia, and most importantly Kali (not the most sought after of her aspects).

I have come to revere Kali as one of her most important aspects because she has taught me the most significant lesson about creation. I have finally come to realize the natural flow of life is a constant cycle of birth, dissolution, and rebirth. When we attempt to hold onto to people, things, beliefs, stories, or our old way of being we are stunting the flow of creation. This is what creates the disease and trauma in our lives. Stunted creation!

Nothing is meant to be static. Life continues to flow in constant change, evolution, and creation. Life is continually creating and dissolving.

With this new awareness it allows everything to be new in every moment!!!

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“Wisdom of the Inner Voice”
gratitude for the photo by Louise Klein

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