Renaissance of Black Madonna

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Meet the Black Madonna the primordial womb and genesis of Creation, veiled in mystic and intrigue for thousands of years. Until present day, when she has come forth to midwife humanity into our next phase of evolution as the embodiment of Divine Love. As the amalgamation of all aspects of the Divine Feminine, without any specific religious affiliation, she is the perfect docent for our inner journey to rediscover our Self as the Divine.

The Black Madonna and I began our intimate relationship in Seattle during meditation via her invitation to move to Spain. At her request, I tossed my known persona to the winds and ventured into the unknown. In this unfamiliar environment I was forced to become fully conscious in order to survive. Thus my twenty year journey with the Black Madonna into the depths of Love was initiated with pen in hand to record her words of guidance in her own personal diary.

I began writing the story of our journey together in 2006 once I settled into my own home after seven years of bohemian travel with a 500 year old Black Madonna statue in my backpack. Madonna’s words flowed with such ease and grace as our story grew into a series of books. The manuscripts morphed through a series of editing. And then Madonna went quiet and the flow stopped.

When I queried her about it, she always had the same answer, “The time isn’t right. The world isn’t ready to hear our words.” After several years I put it all aside and decided if Madonna wanted it published she would bring it to fruition.

The day after Notre Dame Cathedral caught on fire in Paris (April 2019), Madonna came to life with exuberance. “It’s time!” she announced. And with that, I began the process of self publishing. Within four weeks, I formatted the manuscripts, designed book covers, and waded through all the back matter that’s required in self publishing. All within Madonna’s bubble of ease and grace.

“Voila!” Madonna exclaimed when I pushed the final “publish” button for “Revelations of Love” on Mother’s Day, twenty years after her persona as a statue was placed in my arms. This has been a twenty year journey of miracles upon miracles. At first I thought miracles were the “Way of the Madonna” but I have come to realize miracles are the “Way of the World”, unless we abort them by getting in our own way.

Tears began to flow as soon as I held the physical copy of the book in my hands. I was unprepared for the dam of emotions that burst forth. Remembrances of twenty years of Madonna’s guidance to release all my fears, judgments, and struggles with her all encompassing love and compassion.

With the physical copy of the book in my hands it feels like it has all come to fruition. There is a sense of joy and relief that the publishing aspect is finally complete. I would have thought there would be a sense of accomplishment. But that has been replaced by a sense of humbleness for the gift of the journey and the ability to share it.

Madonna’s diaries are a living codex, infused with her transformative energy as a sacred gift of support for humanity’s expansion of consciousness through the upcoming years. Her words of wisdom comfort us in times of need, empower us in times of challenge, and take us into the juicy depths of our hearts.

“I am the Black Madonna, the ultimate Divine Mother,
she who wraps her arms  around you in times of transition
dissolving the old and birthing the new.”
~ Black Madonna ~

I now pour myself a glass of celebratory champagne and open the book that has taken 20 years to be published. Today, I begin reading our story, free of editing, formatting, or thoughts of book covers. Today, I relax into the gift of my life with Black Madonna as she initiates our present day renaissance of the remembrance of ourselves as the Divine.

The “Black Madonna Diaries” series is available in paperback and ebook HERE. 
Visit for more information about Black Madonna

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“Wisdom of the Inner Voice”

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3 thoughts on “Renaissance of Black Madonna

  1. Sofia Peacock

    Celebrating with you dearest Sharon!
    What a blessing you are in this world. It is such a joy to share in your marvellous, magical journey. I am so looking forward to that moment of holding a printed copy of your book in my hands.

    With so much love and appreciation,
    Sofia (Australia)


  2. Sharon, I’ll be ordering soon. Congratulations!

    Liked by 1 person

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