Where is your Energy Source?


Our solar system has entered a new space of photonic light in the universe. Even the scientists are discussing the changes in all the planets surrounding us. There’s a huge debate about global changes here on planet earth. Indeed, this is not only true for the planets, but also for us as humans.

Since experiencing all these intense energies over the past few months, I asked for inner guidance to maintain ease of life. In response, I had a lucid dream demonstrating how energy works.

Energy is neutral, always available to you. It does not fluctuate. Only your body’s reaction to it fluctuates based on the thoughts in your mind. Think of it like the flow of electricity to your home. It is always there on demand. It does not fluctuate with your usage. It’s always present and available in steady flow. It does not deplete based on how much you draw upon it for your lights or appliances. This is the same way Source energy flows. It is always there on demand. It does not fluctuate.

When you withdraw from ALL external energies and remain open to your own Source energy, there is no fluctuation, never more or less. Indeed your physical body will tire with energetic upgrades and need occasional rest. But the major discomfort you have been feeling is from the collective consciousness outside yourself, based on thoughts you have taken on as your own. Thoughts like: the body depletes with age, or incoming planetary energies create ascension symptoms, or you have to suffer through energetic upgrades.

It’s all in the mind, because the energy of the body itself does not feel pain. It’s only the mind that interprets it as such. Once you free yourself from external energies, including the mind’s interpretation, and you only draw upon your own energy Source, your body will find a new balance.

As a result, I have withdrawn into my own sovereign bubble of energy totally disconnected from the collective and all the incoming planetary energies. “Nothing exists without our consciousness”. My conscious focus is only on my internal energy Source. Whenever I feel any discomfort I immediately redirect my focus. This is taking practice, because our habit is to automatically reach out or attempt to manipulate energy. But, the more I practice, the more I am experiencing this new way of flowing with Source energy, as Source energy, as our new norm.


~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

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12 thoughts on “Where is your Energy Source?

  1. The energy that is flowing through my Vessel is absolutely divine. It keeps me energized around the clock. I must remind myself that the rest in the dark hours is more for giving my mind a chance to wrap around all that it has taken in more so than it is to take in more energy. I am so positively charged these days. Euphoria, bliss, fulfillment, contentment, oneness of the Grand Divine, connection to the Universal SPIRIT – it all is so real and so powerful to experience. Truly the LIGHT has come for US ALL to bask in/ Every micromoment is continual growing progression of how good it feels to find Perfection.

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    • I readily relate this with our most recent exchanges, K. Once again I detect only differences in wording describing the same experiences.

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      • I agree! I explained today to my husband that it is such a wonderful experience to be having. For my every thought is so positive that it absolutely alights the next thought in this fluid motion of blessed continuity that carries so much adorational appreciation for all that has come to be. It is positively overflowing in abundance it feels as though it is radiating from my being. I am so charged because I am just so excited to feel this good. The beauty of it all is that my happiness is grounded in a reality that I can wrap my mind around with a connection to an unreality I don’t have to define to feel connected to. Such a beautiful paradox to witness. The Joy which I feel is the Joy from Which I Came.

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  2. “Saturday – At all times simply rely on a joyful mind.” — Atiśa (980 – 1054, Seven Points for Training the Mind and Heart.)

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  3. Alura, your words make my heart sing. My JOY expands with every word you have written. I am feeling so much of what you have shared. And I agree “The Joy which I feel is the Joy from Which I Came.”

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    • The words within speak “Go alight their hearts and let them all know what they’ve been disconnected from for time beyond their understanding.” It’s coming to life to wake us all up! All at once for this joyous beginning of a New Golden Age where the essence and purity of Peace is understood by all. All of existence, all of understanding, awakening in a glorious moment of connection. I can feel it building! And it thrills me that others are feeling it too! It means I’m not imagining anything, my dreams are coming to life before my blessed eyes.

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  4. “My conscious focus is only on my internal energy Source. Whenever I feel any discomfort I immediately redirect my focus.”
    Thank you for your description of this, Sharon! It is just as you say. It’s difficult to describe but you’ve managed to express what had seemed ineffable! ❤️

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  5. Valuable information. Lucky me I found your site by accident, and I’m shocked why this accident didn’t happened earlier! I bookmarked it.

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