New Human Genome


A chirp from the smoke alarm startled me awake to the flashing of my digital clock, a sure sign the power had gone out at 3:13 AM. The room was flooded with bright light although I knew it couldn’t possibly be daylight yet. When I turned over to gaze out the window, I was met by a snowy forest fairyland. I knew the temperatures outside were predicted to plummet, which meant my home would be doing so shortly. So I donned my insulated undies and cocooned back under my thick warm duvet.

Everything was unusually quiet, no heaters or appliances running. Serenity permitted not only the forest and my room, but my whole being. With a few deep breaths, I closed my eyes and settled into the sweet serenity.

From within that quietude, I head a voice from within me with the following message: “Your physical body is in the process of morphing into a new human genome. All that is required of you is a pure heart, a clear mind, and allowing the innate simplicity of the process.”

Instead of falling back asleep, my inner vision filled with waterfalls of plasmic light. I felt my heart open wide morphing into a silver offering bowl, and the center of my head morph into a silver chalice. I recall purchasing a silver offering bowl and chalice a few weeks before Thanksgiving at Madonna’s request and they have been sitting on her altar ever since. These accoutrements were used in sacred ceremony with her on the Winter Solstice and then returned to her altar. I’m now see the replication of them them within my body.

It immediately became clear that the offering being asked of me was the offering of my heart. And the chalice represented the pineal gland in the center of my brain. As soon as I cleared my mind and offered the purity of my heart, my pineal gland lit up and began to hum creating an elixir that began overflowing the chalice. (From medical school, I recall the primary functions of the pineal as the regulation of endocrine functions, converting nerve signals to endocrine signals, and influencing the immune system.) What I was observing was the transmutation of the antiquated human endocrine excretions of the pineal to a new divine elixir supportive of the new human genome!!

For hours, I lay in bed watching the crystalline snow falling from the sky outside while waterfalls of new plasmic energy bathed my inner being. I felt this sweet elixir flowing throughout my body, morphing and transforming cells with a dance of new DNA enlivening and regenerating my body.

Hours later, I once again heard the chirp of the smoke alarm. Ahh, the power was back on. My clock was flashing 7:17. It appears all systems are GO!

I could share my personal experience about how my body, mind, and heart are reacting to these changes. But I prefer to allow you to experience the purity of your own unique experience.

What I will say is this: We all have this opportunity for the physical body to morph into a new human genome to continue living on this planet with a healthy body and a long life of well being. There’s a reason all of us have been doing so much clearing of old karma, old memories, and old patterning. What is required of us is a pure heart, a clear mind, and allowing the innate simplicity of the process.
~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

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6 thoughts on “New Human Genome

  1. Thank you for sharing.💖

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  2. Pamela Falciani

    Lovely Sharon. Thank you for sharing xoxox


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  3. Resonating with your experience. Thank you, Sharon. ❤️

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