Humanity’s Awakening with the Corona Virus

Art by Annelie Solis

Last night during dreamtime I was shown the template of the corona virus and all its machinations. As a prior medical student, I was intrigued by what I saw. After observing its composition and how it operates, I’m not surprised it has the scientific community baffled and they are unable to create a vaccine. And if anyone claims they have, it will only be a temporary one because the virus continues to morph at an unprecedented rate. This virus has already morphed several times in response to humanity’s collective consciousness and how humans are responding to it. There have already been a series of upgrades to the human DNA. This is the intel of the recently downloaded codes some people have been consciously experiencing lately. The end result will be a whole new species of human beings.

In the bigger picture, this wave of Awakening was/is a human collective decision because we have reached a tipping point for our evolution. The virus is a result of the upgraded DNA and its job is to clear the toxins and old programing from within the physical body. It is likened to the Ascension flu that many lightworkers have experienced in the past during Awakening. It is not meant to kill. Those who are dying have decided to leave the planet because they do not choose to participate in the new earth that is evolving very quickly. Because it has become a pandemic, it is affecting everyone on the planet. Once it has done its job, it will disappear as quickly as it appeared.

Because everyone has had to withdraw from life as we’ve known it, there is a collective cocooning much like caterpillars (who are voracious consumers) morphing into butterflies (who fly freely with the true nature of life). Once we emerge and reengage, many of our prior foundational and social structures will have collapsed because they are no longer in service to the present day human. It will be necessary for new potentials and new inventive ideas to replace them. Perhaps you are one who is spending your time creating anew while in your cocoon of compulsory “physical distancing”.

This morning I am in awe. I don’t think any of us could have foreseen this coming because it has arisen so quickly. Many lightworkers thought a wave of light would engulf the planet and everyone would Awaken in bliss. But, that is not how our journey of Awakening has been, as those who have already Awakened will attest. Instead, it has been a series of “dark nights with the soul”, which is what the collective humanity is experiencing now with this pandemic, each in their own unique way.

Thankfully, there are a group of humans who have already gone through the process and are able to hold the consciousness of calm and compassion amidst the fear that is sweeping the planet. We are also blessed with the many who are in service in the medical field, those who are attending to those in need while everything is shutting down, and those who are transporting/stocking groceries and necessary supplies. There are also many who are sharing revelations of all the blessings that are occurring around the planet during this time to keep our moral high and our hearts open.

Bravo and loving gratitude to everyone who is in service, each in their own unique way, to maintain as much ease and grace during this time of turmoil. I honor you and I bow to your graciousness, for YOU are the ones wearing the true Crowns during this auspicious time of humanity’s transformation.
(note: corona translation is “crown”)

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
Gratitude for the artwork by Annelie Solis

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39 thoughts on “Humanity’s Awakening with the Corona Virus

  1. Reblogged this on elizabethsadhu and commented:
    I love how Lightworkers often get similar messages without aid of ever seeing or talking to each other.

    I’ve been getting similar messages about the shifting DNA.
    I was just telling my son yesterday that this is an Armageddonish type event to shift humanity. And that there may be many who will leave this dimension as their soul calls them.

    Beautiful message. I will be sharing. Thank you, Sharon Lyn!

    much love to us all,

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  2. I shared this with my closest lightworker friends and they loved it. Thanks Sharon Lyn!

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  3. Thanks **bright blessings and love***************

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  4. FMarion hubbaard

    Thank-you for that. We need too offer humanity’s children a transformative education. (

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    • Yes, Marion, I agree. That’s something that has occurred to me as well. I’m hoping with so many school closings during this quarantine, at least some transformative changes are being made and will continue once schools are back in session.


      • Teaching meditation, accompanied with crystal singing bowls, to preschool & elementary school kids has been a beautiful blessing for all of us involved this project. I PRAY for each student (and their teachers) to remember something they’ve experienced to help them with all they are managing right now. They shared some amazing visions. ❤

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  5. […] An article, “Humanity’s Awakening with the Corona Virus.” […]

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  6. This correlates a lot with what I’ve been sensing in meditations. Thank you for sharing. It does feel like the collective energy has completely transformed and we are on the brink of the new world.

    While others were getting very fearful about this, I’ve been incredibly calm and guided. In the UK the oppressive school system has closed, exams have been called off, the airports are quiet, the world is going inward. The stock market has crashed, I was shown how this may collapse parts of the parasitical banking system and money becoming nearly irrelevant. It just feels like a major energetic cleanse of the planet to make it more heart centred. Rather it feels like the first of a series of events in preparation for the ascending Earth timeline. So those that are coming have light enough bodies that are brought up to speed.

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    • Dear Alex,
      Thank you for sharing all your insights. I so agree with your perception that this is a major energetic cleansing of the planet as humanity becomes more heart centered. What a blessing it is to be able to remain calm amidst the chaos to observe this unprecedented shift in consciousness for all of humanity. And what Joy it is to foresee all the new potentials!!!

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  7. Dr. Adrian de Groot

    Of course, the coming of a better world of more light has been predicted by many spiritually gifted people for a while now, and we will all sincerely hope so and in faith know so, but the messages among mediums et. al. also differ, even while still presenting this theme of better world. No message received comes through perfectly, and messages/revelations are filtered by the medium’s background/personality/belief system/etc.. Some messages are fake news provided by malicious or prankster spirits. We cannot accept everything as 100% accurate.

    However, this change in the world tomorrow is due to a change of heart in people, and many more people will carry this change forward than only those whose DNA has supposedly been altered by having been sick. Does the regular flue virus, which also kills tens of thousands, also change our DNA? Other viruses? Why only this virus?

    Actually, anyone can his/her DNA; you don’t need viruses or serious illness for that. Just read Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Belief to understand this more fully. It’s going to be the change of heart, based on the fact that this is a global event with a tremendous social, economic and mental impact that’s changing human hearts for the better. It is in this atmosphere of reflection, etc., that the good spirits of the spiritual world can come to our aid more easily and penetrate deeper into our hearts with their unconditional love, which will awaken our own to a higher level.

    What Sharon Lyn Shepard is saying can only possibly hold true (as a theory) if all the earth’s people get infected with this virus. But that’s not going to happen. Only a portion will. In China, at the moment, no new cases. It will peter out there. Then if you carry this belief through as proposed here, it would mean that you only have a certain small portion of the world’s population seemingly “chosen” and “singled out” to have their DNA changed by this virus. That’s would be faulty thinking as God/The Universe doesn’t make selections of so-called “chosen” people. We are all chosen. We are in need a worldwide change of heart, and this international crisis as such will do that, not the virus itself, but our heartistic reactions to the virus and the crisis. There will be many who react with great fear, others with reassured calmness, and some with total indifference to it all. The first two groups will change either way by the virus’ ending, but the third group will not change much, if at all.

    Interesting theory proposed here, but I feel have to differ.

    Of course, the desire for all mankind to have a change of heart about the way we run this globe I fully subscribe to and support with all my heart. We are one, all sisters and brothers.

    Dr. Adrian de Groot,
    Student of the spiritual world for more than 50 years.

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  8. Dear Dr. Groot,
    Thank you so much for sharing your perspective. We are each unique within our own experiences, therefore each of our perceptions will differ. No one is more valid than another. I certainly do not propose to have all the answers. I am only sharing my own perspective with the intent of opening hearts and minds beyond the fear that is so prevalent on the planet right now.

    No where in this discussion have I indicated that only those who get infected are “chosen” to have DNA changes. In fact, I have mentioned there is a group that has already experienced this awakening and are holding space for those who are only now beginning to awaken. I am proposing that humanity’s “response” to this pandemic is what is changing the world to become more and more heart centered, just as Dr. Bruce Lipton proposes.

    As for dividing us up into only 3 groups? Does that not feed into the old paradigm of separation?
    I see us as unique individuals with infinite potentials, each experiencing life according to our soul path, each one equally valid. It is the genius in each of us as components of the “whole” that create humanity. I shudder at the thought of being limited by being placed in one of these groups without the freedom of my own expanded consciousness.

    We do agree on one thing, Dr. Groot, and that is our passion for all mankind to have a change of heart about how we live together on and with this planet.

    Many Blessings,
    Sharon Lyn Shepard

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  9. Hi! I loved reading this, but I have a question. If I get the virus does that mean I want to leave the planet? Or that I am being called to change my
    DNA? I truly believe that this is a profound time of change for our world for the better. Thank you for sharing!

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    • Dear Tiffany,
      No, getting the virus does not mean you want to leave the planet. I was simply suggesting that those who are dying via the virus or any other means have decided to leave the planet because they find these accelerated planetary changes too stressful.
      Our DNA is naturally evolving and this virus is simply quickening that. There is nothing you need do. It is a natural process as a result of the expanded consciousness happening on earth right now.

      I hope that answers your questions. If not please don’t hesitate to ask for further clarity.
      Many Blessings, Sharon


  10. The virus *needs* to be stopped. It is feeding on both fear and death. If you want to help that’s the work that needs to be done.
    I don’t believe people are choosing to leave the planet, they are ‘being fed’ to the virus to keep it going.
    True change happens without such deaths. Mother Earth never feeds on fear or death.
    My perception of what you are saying concerns me.


    • Dear Anna,
      Life is not static, nothing is static, including Mother Earth. Her cycles include death as compost for the new growth to thrive and survive. Death is part of change whether it be death of old systems, old politics, old religion or human physical transition. Death is not the end, it is merely transition, without which we all die from the deterioration of being static, without new breath to breathe.

      As for the virus, it will run its course and then die of its own accord. Can we do things to safeguard infection. Yes! That is up to each one of us to choose how we respond to the virus and the changes happening on the planet.

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  11. Hi all,
    I totally agree that this is one of the signs of a changin world, probably and hopefully an assention. Now we shoul support the the People and than we should keep the change going , now that the change speeded on.
    Love and blessings to all the once in service

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  12. I have to admit that I am kind of relieved it is finally here. As an astrologer I have been predicting this collapse for several years and as an intuitive, I have felt it coming on the past 6 months or so. I find it soothing to rediscover the old ways of growing food, fermenting and canning etc. Humans must wake up and respect all life on this planet, not just human life. I am very optimistic that this will reach the 100th monkey and initiate a great shift.

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  13. Dear Helle, like you, I am feeling this great shift and I am Delighted!! ❤


  14. Yes it´s true, there are multible changes in the world, and I´ve been praying for those in need ❤️

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  15. […] Here is an article about how this crisis affects our spiritual awakening. It comes from a different perspective (looking at the molecular makeup of the virus). It’s definitely worth reading. […]

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  16. Reblogged this on Temple of the Self and commented:
    During these time, a friend helped to pull me back from going to deep into the rabbit hole. This help to put me back on track.


  17. Hi Sharon,

    My husband is affected by all of the EMF’s, due to his pacer/defibrillator/synchronization unit. He has become electro hypersensitive and I know others who are the same. Will the new DNA help us all?



  18. just wanna say how awesome this is. it resonated with me so much and ever since i read it back in march i have shared it with like ten individual people!!

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