The Trappings of Self Identity


Many years ago, I was guided to “leave my profession, sell everything I owned, leave my family and friends, to move to Spain”. At the time I was living in Seattle Washington in the USA, did not speak Spanish, and knew no one on Spain. The pull was so strong that I followed that guidance. Selling or giving away all my things was not nearly as difficult as it was to leave my profession. As a physical therapist, I had spent YEARS in university to get a degree and maintain a license that needed to be renewed yearly from the residence in which I worked.

As I was sitting with one of my soul sisters contemplating all the ramifications of this choice, the thing that surfaced was: Who am I, if not a physical therapist? What do I write in that line on my passport, or tax returns if I am no longer a physical therapist? What identity do I have?

Bingo!!! I realized we, as humans, are fearful of not having an identity. That fear is the root cause holding most of us back from our Embodied Enlightenment.

We move through the spiritual process of enlightenment letting go of habits, things, jobs, and people that no longer resonate with us. Many of us change our names to shift from our old perception of self to a more spiritual self. But unless we are able to release ALL the trappings of of our identity, willing to be nameless, we are still encapsulated in our identity.

Possessing an I-dentity, whether it be a name, profession, or description of self, will always create a “dent” in our ability to transcend our human perspective of self. As opposed to experiencing the totality of our Godself who is All-That-Is with no need for an Identity.

It does create a bit of a conundrum when one needs to describe one’s self in words for things such as a website, published book, facebook, etc. I recall how difficult that was for me. That question of: Who am I? that needed a descriptive. But, I have discovered the trick with that is to “know” who you truly are as the I AM and release any attachments to the “face” of identity you are presenting to the world.

So, beloved ones, if Embodied Enlightenment is your goal, it will require the total surrendering of all of who you think you are, including your identity. Therein, you will find everything you have been searching for: the contentment of love, peace, grace, and joy. For these are organically inherent as your GodSelf as All-That-Is.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“Wisdom of the Inner Voice”

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5 thoughts on “The Trappings of Self Identity

  1. That is cool! I stopped being a regular Sikh back in 1988 and then a little after that when I was trying to figure out what to call myself, I would say I guess I am a reform Sikh, blah blah blah……BUT then I realized that all I wanted and knew was I AM.

    All that was needed.

    Thanks sister for this.



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  2. Yes, all of these words are true. I gave up wanting or needing that kind of identity quite a long time ago. Interestingly enough, the identity of “mom” is one that I have not been able to release yet. Maybe it will just happen. The heart connections are strong so sometimes I wonder.

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    • Joanne, I believe that may be the hardest one to give up. For myself, once I was able to see my daughter as a sovereign being, I no longer felt an attachment to that identity. That didn’t mean I was no longer a mom. It just meant I no longer had any attachment to my “mom” persona. That liberated both of us to kindle our relationship in a whole new way. And I must say, I do enjoy it so much more. Perhaps by sharing my experience you may gain some clarity without needed to losing the heart connection. ❤


      • Thank you Sharon. I understand that mentally, and maybe it gets easier as we get older to incorporate the distinction of “sovereign being” into our personal reality for our children. I think it starts small with the recognition that they are separate beings from ourselves, separate identities with separate choices. Then we raise the bar to sovereign beings. I think this allows for all kinds of releases to occur and supports deep changes in the relationship. It can be instantaneous or for me…a journey unto itself. Thanks again.

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