Energy in Motion

For the past several weeks I feel as though I have been living in a fog. Although I’ve experienced numerous blips of this fogginess over the past few years, I’ve never experienced it for such a long span of time. Nothing stimulates my interest and nothing feels very satisfying. It’s been much like the movie “Groundhog Day” where I get up, get dressed, eat a few meals, move through my usual routine, then return to bed. Get up the next day and repeat.

At the same time. . . I’m living an oxymoron where life feels totally unstable. There is flagrant instability with global weather, world events, and systems collapsing all around us. But I am experiencing it even more so within my own life. It feels like I’ve had a full memory wipe out, unable to grasp onto even a tidbit of information to make sense of anything. And surprisingly, I have been functioning just fine. In fact, my life is flowing quite smoothly. Perhaps because I have no memory or expectations within this fog with which to judge anything.

This morning I finally awoke feeling much more clear and present in my body. At first I thought I had been floundering out of my body because everything has felt floaty and wobbly. I now realize I have been acclimating to a new way of being with the realization that nothing in life is static, even though it may appear to be and I have grown accustomed to engaging with energy from this erroneous belief.

In reality: Energy is in constant motion. Life is continually changing. Otherwise we would all be dead and gone.

Instead of attempting to ground with the earth, or into my physical body, I realize my consciousness has expanded into what feels like a very wobbly space compared to how I have been living all of my life. I am reacting very differently to the flow of energy. I no longer see or experience things with the same stability with which I have been familiar. It appears to me that humanity’s dissatisfaction and suffering is all rooted in our attempt to hold everything in place. But, nothing is static. Instead, energy is in constant motion. Life is in constant motion.

I have awoken feeling content, lighter, more at ease. I’m no longer experiencing energy as I have been accustomed and my human self is acclimating to this newness. I no longer need to figure things out. The search is over. I don’t need to know how things work because energy is in service to me in a new and different way in each and every moment. There are no repeats, nothing to fix, no need to get anything right, as I have been attempting to do for most of my life. Instead, I’m living a life of infinite new potentials.

All our lives, everything we’ve ever done has been for the purpose of feeling love, peace, joy, and contentment. So why not simply BE those things without the need to “do” something to attain them. Because in the end, they are not attainable. They are in fact, Who We Are. And the way they express is changing in each given moment. There is nothing I need do, other than choose.

THIS is the new ME, My Energy, sovereign, free, and clear in every New moment.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

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7 thoughts on “Energy in Motion

  1. Kudos on being in this space of peace and love without the need to fix, figure, or do anything Sharon.

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  2. Ah yes, the human has the propensity to do so.


  3. I can totally relate. I have been feeling exactly the same these past few months.

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  4. […] everything in place, which is impossible because. . . Life is in constant motion. [ See my post “Energy in Motion” […]


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