Facing the Challenges of Transformation

These days the media is rife with ghastly news and it continues to build more and more upon itself. Their job no longer seems to report the news. Rather to stir up more drama in order to sell their words. It has become so exhaustive I have turned it all off. Glancing at a few headlines per day is all I need to keep myself abreast of what’s happening in the world. By doing so, I get to decide what is important in my life, not the hypnosis of the media.

Hidden in the background of all this hype, I have been finding tidbits of news that excite me. These are not the predominate headlines, but if one looks below the surface, you can find them. The primary headlines that call my attention are the scientific articles.

Did you know?

  • Our entire solar system, which is circling its own central sun, is in a totally different space in the universe than it was 100 years ago. New planets, dwarf planets, astroids, comets, and unnamed spacial bodies are being discovered everyday.
  • We are traveling through a photon belt of light particles that are raising the vibration of the planet and initiating planetary transformations as demonstrated by all the current earth and climate changes. Scientists have also discovered changes in all the other planets in our solar system.
  • As the vibration of the planet is rising, measured by the Schuman Resonance, so is the vibration of the physical body, which is also in the state of transformation, which attributes to the abundance of unusual aches and pains of our bodies.
  • Time is speeding up so fast it is beginning to warp, no longer maintaining the old linear timelines. As a result we are feeling disoriented, with no idea of what time of day it is, loss of chunks of time, or extension of extra long days.
  • As time speeds up, the time/space continuum is changing and we are in the process of making a jump from a duality based reality into the quantum, which only operates in the present moment, void of past or future. It feels like we are walking in oscillating realities, much like dementia, with loss of memory and nothing to hold onto anymore.

This is only a small list of what science is now discovering. These are exciting times of discovery and transformation for humanity and all living beings throughout the cosmos!

There are times my human mind is finding these paramount transformations to be very challenging. Especially since so much is falling away and there is nothing to hold onto anymore. I have to keep reminding myself that I am not my human mind. I am SO much more than a human mind. With each expansion of consciousness I am remembering more of Who I AM each and every day.

There are many gifts being offered during these transformations, if we are willing to slow down and realize them. These periods of time warps and oscillating realities remove us from our old habits and patterns. Thus, creating space to allow the Presence of the Soul to anchor more fully into our physical bodies.

It has always been the job of the Soul to distill all our experiences into our own divine Wisdom. The loss of memory is not actually a loss. What we are losing are the “stories” and emotions created by the human mind. What we are gaining is the Wisdom being distilled by the Soul from all of our experiences. When one speaks of an old Soul, it is one who has gained the Wisdom of many experiences.

This distillation of our human experiences is the natural process that happens during the process of human death as we transition from the physical to the non-physical. In this lifetime, we are being offered the rare gift of being able to fully commune with our Soul’s Wisdom while still in our physical bodies. In order to do so, one must be willing to step away from the media and the collective consciousness, go within one’s self where the Soul resides, and allow these natural and innate transformations to take place without the resistance of the human mind.

Herein lies the challenge. For the human mind has been running its program for eons of time. It knows no other way. The only way to break free of the old programing is to break free of the old time/space continuum where the program is running.

THIS is what we are now experiencing as we are floating through the photon belt, with the rising vibration of the planet and our physical bodies. It can be a natural process if we allow it to be. For it IS happening, whether we are aware of it or not. The only thing keeping it from happening is attempting to hold onto the old, which creates resistance to allowing the new.

Very few humans are even aware of these transformations, and many who are aware are reacting with fear. There is an element of death as we transition from one state of consciousness to another with this ensuing quantum leap. And most humans fear death. Adding the factor that as the vibration of the body increases, this vibration feels foreign to the limbic brain, whose job is to keep us safe. (see this prior article about the limbic brain) The entire neurological system goes into fight or fight mode, causing irritability within ourselves and amongst other people. It requires us to shift our attention from the outside world to our inner world and do what we can to soothe our physicality during these transitions.

The world must go through its own transformation as does each individual person. There is no normalcy to our daily lives anymore. Herein lies the challenge: Not to attempt to return to the old normalcy. But to continually re-mind our selves of the illustrious beings that We truly Are, beings who have simply forgotten that we are the I AM of All-That-Is. We are the creators of the new simply by being Present in the fullness of Who We Are.

It is only through my own perception that I am able to experience peace in the world and that peace resonates from within me. As I savor the the Peace that passeth all understanding I become the Peace of the World. Herein lies my peace during these challenging times. (see this prior article about insuring our peace )

Big hugs to all of you who persist in carrying forth continual expanded consciousness. And an abundance of gratitude for your “Presence” here, for we are the reminders and reflections for each other to carry forth in Love and Joy.


~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

Gratitude for the artwork by Orit Martin

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2 thoughts on “Facing the Challenges of Transformation

  1. Wow, thank you so much for this article Sharon!

    I feel like lately my “mind” is really ramping up the stories to throw me off balance. The old conditioning from my family of origin is coming on strong with all kinds of stories about how I’m “too sensitive” etc.

    I am an old soul.

    I try to catch these old stories as they come up in my mind and try to see them as a cloud floating by as I do when I meditate.

    This time is really challenging me.




    • Dearest Sherry,
      I too am a very old soul. You are not alone in feeling challenged. We have lifetimes of old stories that are being released right now.

      Simultaneously, our Soul is settling more fully into our physicality. I am reminded to continually “breathe that in”. And what a JOY that is!!

      Big hugs, Sharon

      Liked by 1 person

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