The Importance of Conscious Choice

The most glaring thing I’ve noticed about the COVID pandemic is our lack of choice. Restrictions such as lockdowns, masks, social distancing, vaccines, etc . . . . No wonder there is so much unrest, so much resistance, so many demonstrations when we feel that the freedoms on our daily lives have been taken away from us.

In a conversation with someone recently about the mandate of wearing masks, it became apparent to me that it’s not about wearing a mask, which in the end will only be temporary. Our ire has been ignited because we feel like we have lost our ability to choose.

I have always been a bit of a rebel. I was a precocious child that did not take kindly to others telling me what to do, or not do. As a triple Aries, I have always blazed my own path. So imposing all these COVID restrictions have caused me to reassess how I approach life.

When masks were first presented as a cautionary, I chose not to wear one because I trust my immune system. But when my local market posted a sign on the door that said: “No mask, No service. If you have a medical condition we are happy to do your shopping for you and deliver your groceries to your home.”, I now had a choice to make: To wear a mask while shopping, or to allow the market to be in service to me by delivering my groceries.

I appreciate that my community market gave me a choice. Many places did not. Because I enjoy shopping for my own groceries, especially fresh produce, I chose to wear a mask to do my shopping. I saw no need to battle with a company that was willing to accommodate us by shopping for us and delivering our groceries. It was this choice that allowed me to reduce any resistance or anger about compulsory dictates. Instead, I realized it was not a hardship to don a mask for the hour I was shopping and enjoy my meals of fresh produce.

There has been a lot of discussion on the internet about humans unconsciously becoming “sheep” by just following the “merry piper of control” during these imposed restrictions. Indeed there has been a lot of this!! Most humans are unconscious. They simply follow whatever their friends or family are doing. They do not stop to consider the options and make conscious choices for what is best for themselves.

This had me thinking about all the rules or laws that we need to abide by in our daily lives. Just as you, there are some that I agree with and some I do not. But to what avail would my resistance result other than keep my own ire activated and thus impair my own health?

I have to ask: How different are our laws than my own boundaries and rules. For instance, because I live in the forest (which can become a bit muddy) I require mu guests to remove their shoes before entering my home, which has light colored carpet. How different is this from being required to stop at a red light to ensure that drivers and passengers are safe from the chaos of everyone barreling into the intersection at once? Each has its purpose.

I have come to realize that it is my own Sovereignty that is at stake here. It is the lack of choice that bothers me, not the rules themselves. In many cases, I can simply walk around them because they really do not matter very much. In other cases, it is in service to humanity that I abide by them. Neither anger, nor resistance serve me. In reality, what I desire is peace. For me, peace is derived via my contemplation, understanding, and making a conscious choice.

The COVID restrictions have brought much to our attention. I see three groups of people. Those who are unconsciously following the rules because they are sleep walking through life. Those who are weighing their options and making choices as sovereign beings. And those who are choosing to resist and demonstrate to make changes for the whole.

Indeed, in some cases, we do need to stand up to defend our democracy and our right of speech. I have no desire to enter into a political discussion here. I am simply pointing out that once we become conscious, we realize we DO have choice.

The choice is whether to enter into life unconsciously or live consciously with each and every choice we face. Once we make a choice, follow it through without resistance. For it is the resistance that robs us of our Peace, which is why we desire the ability to make our own choices.

My question is this:
How much energy does it takes to resist, to push against something, creating more chaos rather than directing that energy toward finding a way to rise above it, to make the space necessary to create anew.

So what is your role?

Once we become conscious, we realize there are many roles to be played. There are those who are on the front lines in positions of power who are able to make changes in governing. There are those who are banding together, demonstrating to have their voices heard. And there are those who are quietly working behind the scenes to create anew. All are important Conscious Choices that are making a difference to create a better world for all of humanity.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

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