Monitoring our Physical Bodies during Transformation

Monitoring our physical bodies during these times of transformation is paramount right now. The energies are strong and intense. The world around us is in chaos. Our bodies are feeling all of that.

Indeed, we signed up to be here on the planet during this time. We have already been prepared in so many ways to sustain during these times of unrest. And yet, speaking as one who has been quite proficient at navigating these energies, there are time when they are beyond my ability to do so with ease and grace. Those who know me, know that I am here as a flagship of Ease and Grace. I do NOT buy into any form of suffering. Yes, the physical body may be experiencing discomfort as it integrates these galactic energies because they feel foreign to the dense physicality we have become accustomed. In the past, we have had periods of time to acclimate. But, we have gone beyond time/space living in the NOW, allowing us no reprieve.

Last night my nervous system was vibing off the charts and I felt the need to call in my team to ask to slow things down. There was no judgment. There was no feeling that I was missing out on anything by slowing things down. Energy will always support us wherever we are in our journey. The response I felt was, “Thank you for calling upon us and being PRESENT enough to realize what your unique physical body needs?”

We are not victims to pain. Pain serves a purpose. It’s our physical body saying, “Look here. I need you to be present. I need your attention.”

Pain is the response to a physical impairment to guide us to respond in the appropriate manner. It can also flag a discrepancy between our accustomed state of well-being and the transformative energies of the present moment. But, we are not at the mercy of any energy or situation. We are the creators of these energies, which is in service to us.

Where did we learn that, as humans, we must endure pain?
Where did we learn that suffering is a way to heaven?

Fuck that!
Yes using the “F**” word is typically out of my vocabulary. But that’s the burst of energy that exploded as I wrote these questions. We have been royally duped, my BeLoveds. Because Heaven is here and now, beyond suffering, beyond human pain. WE get to choose!!

I am not willing to fry my neurological system simply to endure these escalating energies. I trust that “I” get to choose. I get to choose being present with what my physical body needs in this moment. And that does not exclude me from anything. It certainly does not exclude me from transforming. It simply allows me to do it at my own pace because energy is in service to us. We are not in service to anything external to ourselves.

There needs to a harmony with our presence and all that is flowing through us. Transition may, most probably does, include some amount of discomfort as we are releasing the old to make room for the new. But I have a threshold where I say, “No More! No more pain, no more discomfort.” Once I voice that as my choice, I am often amazed at how quickly things change. It was only my old pattern of ‘suffering through’ that held me in discomfort.

So last night when I asked to slow things down, my Point of Consciousness was immediately shifted from the human level of understanding to a more expanded Point of Consciousness that does not experience pain or discomfort. I became one with All-That-Is, free of pain, free of suffering.

WE, as a collective, are co-creating this experience of transformation. And each of us have a choice per how much we are willing to endure. The choice is always yours: pain and suffering. . . or ease and grace?

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

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One thought on “Monitoring our Physical Bodies during Transformation

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