Distilling the Old Stories

When my daughter and her husband recently moved, the movers loaded all their earthly possessions onto the truck and disappeared. EVERYTHING was stolen, never to be seen again. My first instinct was. . . WoW! All the baggage of your old life has just disappeared. Of course, that was not what she wanted to hear. Nor is it what I said to her, but it was what I felt from within me.

I recall years ago while I was living in Spain as an ex-pat, my computer was struck by lightening and I lost everything without a back up. My first reaction was panic because not only had I lost all my files and my writing, I had lost all my contact information for friends and family. Little did I realize at the time, my old life had gone up in smoke and I was rising like the phoenix into a whole new life.

Fast forward. . . one of things my daughter was especially sad to lose were all her photos. Thus, I have been sorting through all our family photos, scanning them into my computer to share with her. This initiated a monumental project, one I have been putting off for quite some time (as I’m sure many of you can relate to)

What a walk down memory lane!
During the process, I have come to realize this: I have already lived multiple lifetimes within this lifetime, with many different aspects of myself at the forefront. So many photos with faces peering out at me. For some, I recognize the faces but the names are long gone just like the files on my computer. Mainly because I have moved so often from one place, one aspect of my life, to another in which the players have also changed along with the stage.

The most interesting thing this “life review” provided via my photos is that the old stories with their sticky emotional baggage have dissolved along with the names. There is no sadness tugging at my heart for those I have lost along the way. Nor any thoughts of what could have, would have been. What remains is the distillation of the old stories into the purity of Wisdom and the resulting joy for having had these amazing experiences with so many wonderful people.

THIS is how the Soul distills the wisdom of all our experiences (usually upon our death). It does not judge. It does not harbor any emotions such as shame, blame, guilt, sadness, loss, or anger. There is no such thing as good or bad. The Soul simply distills the wisdom and revels in each experience of our human self. Experiences the Soul would not have had without a physical body along with the Wisdom that gets carried forth throughout the eternity of the Soul. Wisdom we are currently drawing upon from a multitude of lifetimes past.

The words “You can’t take your baggage with you” were echoing in my ears as I moved through this process of distilling each photo over the past few weeks. I now realize. . . It is done! There is nothing pulling at my heart strings to hold me back any more. Having distilling the old stories, there is no more judgement, no more baggage, no more effort, no more heavy lifting required. My life has been simplified, purified, and I can now proceed judgment free with ease and grace.

In past incarnations, this distillation of the old stories did not usually happen until we were on our deathbed. In our current lifetime, we are being offered this sacred gift of Self realization while still in our human bodies. This choice, which is available for each one of us, is living Heaven on Earth.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

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6 thoughts on “Distilling the Old Stories

  1. Nice reminders Sharon. It seems you are in a good place in your life journey.

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  2. Thanks Sharon…your words confirm where I am at this time in my life. So appreciate you.

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  3. Reading your Madonna diaries Sharon and just loving them! Feel like I’m on my own journey with you both as I follow you on yours! Had my own toning experience on My Shasta years back when the tone manifested a space ship and I was connected up and they downloaded all the info I’d gathered from animals trees earth lifetimes and I heard the words, “ We now know how to move fwd” It’s like all life on this planet had a say in how we move fwd. So thank you for all you do and all you are! So happy I have found your books and blog at this stage in my life. Much love ❤️

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