Climbing the Steps of Ascension

Ascension is much like climbing a flight of stairs. One foot is on the lower step, which is the support for lifting the other foot to the next level. There is a moment when the upper foot hovers in mid-air as the muscles (energy) push it upward to land on the next higher step.

This is what our life journey feels like. One foot in the old, while the other foot is lingering in mid-air on the way to the new. During this time, our consciousness is expanding into what feels like a very wobbly space compared to how we have been living our lives on the lower step.

Once the upper foot feels secure in its new placement, we lift the lower support foot to meet it. The old support system is no longer needed now because we are being supported by the upper foot with a new level of consciousness. With every expansion of consciousness, our Soul distills the Wisdom from each experience, and logs it into our Soul Template. It then unravels and deletes the emotional baggage and stories that have held us in limbo for multiple lifetimes. With our foot securely on the upper step, we can only continue to move forward if we release these extraneous energies, as uncomfortable as they me feel in the moment.

Once both feet are on the same step we are operating from a more expanded view with the clarity of our embodied Soul Wisdom. We are grounded with a new intuitiveness to take care of business. Clean our house, water the garden, go grocery shopping … etc. Because let’s face it, being in limbo can feel kinda spacey, and often inoperative.

Here there is a sense of gratitude for how far we’ve climbed. WE get to decide how long we choose to linger on each step before we raise to the next level of consciousness, because there is always another step awaiting us.

The current vibrations of the planet are amping up. There is less time in-between in which to linger. However, it’s important that you remember you are a Sovereign being with a unique Soul path. There is no herd mentality here with which to keep up with anyone else, nor any spiritual groups. This is your Sovereign Soul path.

As the planetary and cosmic vibrations amp up, the physical body goes through its own transformations. It’s important to honor the body with our own self care. [See my prior post “Monitoring Our Physical Bodies During Transformation” ]

Years ago, I was guided to stop attempting to ground the incoming energies in the old linear way by connecting heaven and earth, nor via the linearity of the chakra system. Energies move in waves and spirals. The energies of the physical body also move in waves. Attempting to direct energy via the human mind only slows down the process or in some cases blocks it completely. Thus, an increase in what is often referred to as ascension symptoms.

I have not been grounding in the old linear way for quite some years. As a result, most of the ascension symptoms have disappeared for me. Indeed, my body feels these transformations. But they are with such ease and grace now that I am flowing “with” them rather than attempting to direct or control energies. Our bodies KNOW what to do, if we relax and ALLOW it to do its prescribed job.

With every expansion of consciousness, I am reacting very differently to the flow of energy. I no longer see or experience things with the same stability with which I have been familiar. I realize energy is in constant motion. Nothing is static. Our dissatisfaction and suffering is rooted in an attempt to hold everything in place, which is impossible because. . . Life is in constant motion. [ See my post “Energy in Motion” ]

So as we are climbing the infinite steps of ascension, it’s important to remember: Ascension is not a goal. It is a journey, a journey of the heart and Soul. Be grateful for every experience for we shall never come this way again.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

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2 thoughts on “Climbing the Steps of Ascension

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience.
    You have put this in so eloquently yet, simple to grasp.
    It is so refreshing to see someone else experiencing what I am unable to put into words.
    Again I thank you.🙇🏾‍♀️🇹🇹🥳

    Liked by 1 person

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