Energy in Service to Us

It has become apparent to many of us that we are in the midst of expanding our consciousness, while learning how to live and create with the essence of a whole new energy.

“Calling Inward”. . . .

This is the soul message I have been hearing during ordinary daily tasks over the past few months. Whenever I hear this message, I never hesitate to stop whatever I am doing, take a comfortable seat, a few deep breaths, and go within. Each time, I resurface, sometimes in a few moments, sometime a few hours later, in a new reality with the need to gently navigate its subtle new nuances. In many ways, life is becoming easier and it’s a breeze. In other moments it is a disconcerting challenge: mentally, physically, and emotionally.

I share with you a simple example of a physical challenge I was faced with recently: I was walking up my stairs after spending the morning in my garden when my body froze. In that moment, I was unable to remember how to walk up stairs! No warning. No specific impetus. My mind simply froze and my body had no directives to continue walking up the stairs.

After a few deep breaths (and a moment of fear as to what had just happened), I realized I needed to clear my energy field and realign my consciousness to the current energies. This is our new way of BEing by ALLOWING our bodies to FLOW with energy rather than unconsciously utilizing the old patterning to which it has been accustomed. After realigning, it felt like I was effortlessly floating up the stairs rather than my body having to manipulate the energy to power itself forward.

This type of momentary suspension has been happening quite often during my simple daily activities. One might wonder if there was something mentally or physically wrong, perhaps a mini stroke or neurological disorder. But with each instance, if I simply pause, become fully conscious in the moment, and allow the energies to have their way with me rather than proceeding on automatic pilot, new life streams effortlessly flow with energy in service to me. Whenever life feels difficult, I realize I am running on old stagnant energy. At which point, I pause and remind myself, “All energy is in service to me.”

New energy is not pre-programed, nor does it have any agenda. It is not positive, nor negative. It is freely flowing in service to us, per our moment-by-moment needs and desires.

We are multi-dimensional beings who are in the process of creating a whole new way of BEing in multiple realities simultaneously. As disconcerting as this reboot of energy may feel at times, once we fully surrender to our Soul and listen within, we realize we are opening to our fully conscious potentials, one stepping stone at a time.

We have each set this path of stepping stones with divine precision prior to incarnating in this lifetime. The events may differ for each of us in our own divine timing, but the purpose is the same. We are all learning to allow energy to be in service to us as pure Divine Beings with All-That-Is.

So whenever life feels difficult or challenging, I suggest pausing, taking a few deep breaths, and remind yourself, “Energy is in Service to Me.”

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

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2 thoughts on “Energy in Service to Us

  1. Thank you very much Sharon for the sharings. “Energy is in Service to Me” – I so love this and appreciated reading these words again. Have an awesome afternoon. Joanne

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