Balancing All-That-Is

Life is no longer humming along as we have been accustomed. All of humanity is experiencing the chaos of total transformation, each in our own unique ways.

Personally, I experienced an interesting awareness today about how my own life is evolving in gentle organic waves without the need for chaotic disruption. Knowing I am on the planet in this lifetime to fully embody my divine multi-dimensional Self, there are times I need to allow myself to float in the omnipotent expansion of the unknown, free of all responsibilities. And, there are times I need to be engaged in my 3d life to maintain well-being for my physical body and my environment.

There have been times when these diverse realities have clashed. There have also been times I have had difficulty navigating life while in alternate realities. Thus, I recall a conversation I had with my “team” awhile back asking assistance in creating a new balance during these times of multi-dimensional expansions.

After days of floating in ever-ever land, I awakened this morning fully embodied in 3d where everything that needed to be accomplished presented itself and has been resolved with ease and grace. Now that my life is in order, I am mentally and physically at peace, and I am free to float into the New allowing these energetic waves to once again carry me into the omnipotent unknown.

I have finally realized a new balance of All-That-Is to engage ALL of Who I Am with ease and grace. I have learned to trust that the waves of my beingness will organically touch ground whenever it’s appropriate to engage my physical well-being. And, I am free to explore the unknown with an open heart and mind.

I have no doubt the time approaches that ALL life will be integrated in new and exciting ways. In the meantime, as a result of this realization I am expressing a deep well of Gratitude for the life of ease and grace that I am living.

All energy is in service to us awaiting our instructions. There is no need to suffer when Ease and Grace are always available balancing All-That-Is. Life is simple if we allow it to be. Ask, and it is given.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

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