Choosing the Energy for our Creations


Life is in constant motion, constantly creating itself. We are ALWAYS creating whether it be consciously or unconsciously. As I see it, we are creating in one of 3 ways:

~ Unconscious creation via our unconscious thoughts and beliefs
~ Consciously via the energy that surrounds us
~ Consciously via the energy within us

Before I became aware of myself as a creator, I fluctuated between unconscious creation and manipulating my physical environment and/or other people to create what I desired. That’s how most humans create.

And then I awakened to something more, something more expansive. At this point, I began attempting to manipulate and control energies consciously through my intentions and my attention to them, per my spiritual teachings. But even then, I was simply rearranging the world around me by recycling old energy.

When our planet shifted out of duality, new energies began streaming onto the planet. These are Christed energies, pure energies, photon packets of Light that are activating our dormant DNA, kicking our brains into overdrive with the ability to create anew with infinite potentials.

Knowing this, I would wake up in the morning, feel into the energies of the day and follow their lead. There are times we are being overwhelmed via sun flares. There are times when the planet is releasing old energies via violent storms. And that’s how my days progressed fluctuating between outpourings of Love and suffering through chaos in response to the energies that surround me.

After awhile I got tired of being buffeted around in the midst of this planetary transition. I knew I was missing something because I believe in a life of ease and grace. And this path of creation was not easy, nor was it graceful.

This is when I learned to align with Source, which is pure, smooth, easy and flowing with Grace. The way I do this is quite simple. I connect with the crystalline core of the planet through my Heart-space. I’m not referring to surface energy here, the surface chaos that’s in the midst of transmuting humanity’s fear and turmoil. I’m referring to Gaia’s crystalline core that’s constantly absorbing the Christed energies of Love that are flowing in from Source. I then connect with the galactic core via the sun through my Heart-space. This is my threefold Grounded Source energy: the I AM Presence of my Heart, Gaia, and the Galactic Core. THIS is the energy I use to expand and create.

First thing in the morning, before my feet hit the floor, I make this conscious connection from which to create my day. Whenever my life is no longer flowing with ease and grace, I take a deep breath and reground within my Heart-space. Interestingly, I will often find that the core of Gaia has shifted due to the inflow of Christed energy. No wonder things felt “off”. Gaia had up-shifted, but I had not.

Everything is accelerating and more frequent groundings are required as we acclimate to a new way of BEing by realizing our Self as Source, rather than a separate entity. Because we are in physicality it’s a gradual transformation from density to crystalline. However, with practice it is becoming my reality for longer periods of time. And I anticipate it won’t be long before I AM creating AS Source rather than with Source.

Thus, I no longer step onto the floor in the morning unconsciously allowing my day to create itself. Nor do I care what the energies of the day are. All I care about is aligning with the energy of Source in the creative womb of my Heart-space… where there are infinite potentials and all my soul’s desires are supported.

That’s the soup of the day with new and exciting ingredients that I’m cooking up with ease and grace!!! How about you? What flavors are you choosing and what’s the energetic base of your soup?

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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Removing the Shields from our Childish Innocence


This past week, someone on fb posted a correction to the words I had written. My first reaction was irritation. Uggg…I hate being wrong and I especially hate when other people correct me.

I’m not particular about grammar, but I do choose to be very clear with my words. I will often toss grammatical rules aside when they box-in the energetic essence I’m choosing to render. I want my words to be energetic. I want you to “feel” them. I want them to pierce your heart to excite and awaken more of who you are.

In this particular case I was clear with my energy, but as she pointed out, there was a better word. I replied to her, saying that I stand corrected. It was in that moment I realized that was a really big thing for me to do, to publicly own up to being wrong!

The need to be “right” has been a prominent theme in my life. I like to be the one in the know, the one who’s correct, the one in charge, in control.

Most of my life I have been one who knows. Not because I’m smarter or more intelligent than others, but because I’ve always been aware of an Inner Knowing. It’s only when I play mental or emotional games that I get sucked into the battlefields of right-wrong. In most cases, I simply walk away because I tire easily of doing battle. But if the arrow is aimed directly at me personally, shields go up and I revert to my mind rather than my Inner Knowing. When that happens, I feel vulnerable. I feel like I look stupid, more shields go up, and I draw upon my quiver full of mental arrows.

I now realize that is Society’s Training 101, taught to us as infants. However, I’ve been engaged in a new graduate program, Innate Inner Knowing. Although it’s always been there, it’s time to embody this as my natural way of being.

The more I practice, the more I realize how often I’ve held myself back from doing things that I could have otherwise enjoyed for fear that others would think I’m stupid or incompetent. Afraid to ask questions to learn something new because I think I should already know everything. Afraid to be vulnerable enough to communicate with a friend on a deeper level for fear they might discover how unworthy I am.

The more I practice, the more I relieve myself of the heavy societal shields which have been weighing me down, allowing my childlike innocence to burst forth. The wonderment of life, the joy of something new, the unlimited bouts of laughter when things don’t work out, rather than dismay because a child has no preconceived notions.

What a relief to no longer be the one who feels like they need to know everything for everyone else. What a relief to finally realize there is no right or wrong, knowing it’s all simply experience. What a relief to be innocent and childlike again to explore and enjoy life, to create anew…. to paint rainbows across the sky for no reason other then the pure enjoyment of it!!

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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gratitude to the artist Anne Wipt

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Midwifing a New Legacy for our Children


How many of us have grown up in search of _____ ? I leave that blank because we all seem to be in search of something. Most people think when they find whatever that illusive thing is, they will find their happiness. So the list gets longer and longer, until….. we realize that it’s our Self that we’re in search of, our true authentic Self and the most joyous way to express our ever blossoming creativity.

No wonder our world is such a mess.
Everyone is “on the search” and there’s very little finding going on.

So when did we get so lost? How did we get so lost?

Perhaps we were never really lost. Perhaps we were born awake and aware, but the threads that weave that realization into our lives were never nurtured.

Children are born as pure Spirit. Their Spirit is so pure and so expansive that when it attempts to incarnate into a physical body, the vibration is often so dissonant that the body’s density feels like entrapment. The attempts to inhabit the body initiate fear and distress. If not alleviated, this separation becomes a core imprint for the rest of our lives.

It’s much more common then we’re aware of. Adults as well as children experience it in the form of nightmares, especially when we’re under a lot of emotional stress. When our Spirit returns to our body during dreamtime, if there’s a vibrational discrepancy between our Spirit and our physical body we awaken in a fear induced state. As an adult we usually learn how to deal with the anxiety in a variety of ways. But, we never seem to put it to rest.

Quite often incarnating into a physical body needs assistance with the interweaving of body and Spirit, especially when a child is born in a sterile environment like a hospital. Many ancient traditions held ceremonies for the child’s incarnation weaving their body and Spirit into harmony with the purity of Love.

Unfortunately these rituals have gone by the wayside. In present day we sign a birth certificate in place of a naming ceremony in which the divine Spirit was welcomed into the physical body with Love. Baptism originally invited the Holy Spirit to enter the body, but today’s ceremony has deviated from this primary intention. It would be a great benefit to our children if we birthed them in a loving environment and reinitiated some of these ancient rituals of Love.

Our children face this dilemma once again during adolescence when their hormones begin pumping through their bodies awakening them to an expanded consciousness.

Adolescence is meant to be a natural time of Self-realization. In the indigenous cultures it is considered a sacred time of passage. The adolescent is encouraged to participate in a vision quest to find their inner wisdom and discover their spiritual gifts. When they return, the whole tribe celebrates their awakening and supports the expression of their innate gifts.

Present day adolescence is very different. It has morphed into a difficult and challenging passage into adulthood. Once you realize that you’re an individual separate from your parents, you begin to question their standards. Without a culture’s support during this phase of development, our only choice is to test the waters by pushing the limits to figure out who we are on your own. Instead of fostering our gifts, we’re being ushered into more and more structured education to fit into society’s molds.

Thus, the youth of today are rebelling in order to expand. Unfortunately, that rebellion usually increases the chasm of separation, rather than drawing us closer to our spiritual essence. Even if we do find the artisan within, we are being forced to constantly grasshopper back and forth amidst society’s antiquated mandates, rather than express our innate gifts freely.

Once we reach retirement, we slow down enough to recognize a lifetime of separation from who we really are. But what if we didn’t have to wait until retirement to self reflect?

It’s too late for us to rewind and start over. But it’s not too late to change the legacy for our children.

Isn’t it time we midwife a more welcoming legacy for our children? Isn’t it time we honor the wisdom and brilliance of our children, especially our adolescents who have so much to share? Isn’t it time to weave our Spirit and physicality together in harmony to change the tapestry of life for all of us?

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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How often are you Inter~fearing?

10291851_10203822411786831_6280580730400421250_nThere are infinite ways in which we interfere with the gracious flow of life. We do it in our personal lives. We do it with our friends and family. We do it with nature. And most often, we do it with our physical bodies.

The Universe only knows benevolence, so life is ALWAYS flowing in hot pursuit to maintain Well~being. Meanwhile, we are constantly throwing everything out of balance with our arrogant beliefs that we know better.

Nature has an innate way of rebalancing itself. Humanity seems to think it can overpower the elements of earth that have created us. But with each action there is a natural reaction to maintain balance that is beyond our control. Rather than learning to live “with” nature as the indigenous people do, we continue to inter~fear in an attempt to create a false sense of security. Meanwhile, the weather has gone berserk, earthquakes are increasing and homes are slipping into the sea in response to our inter~fear~ance. Once we stop wasting our energy attempting to control life, all of our energy will be free to create in new and exciting ways.

The balance of our physical bodies is constantly obstructed with the latest trendy diets, super foods, supplements, and medications. Don’t get me wrong I’m fully on board for eating healthy to support my Well~BEing. But I’ve learned to trust my body, rather than fear it. I don’t fear that it will get ill. I don’t fear that it will get fat. Nor do I fear that it will grow old and decrepit. Yes, my body will age, but my body has no desire to suffer. My body lives in grace because I love my body, respond to its simple requests and I trust my body’s intelligence to do what it knows best without my inter~fear~ance.

We even disrupt the perfection of our innate Spiritual essence with the latest new age gizmos, rituals, prescribed practices and human machinations. There is no doubt we are in the times of high transition. We are being flooded with super charged flows of energy. But we put these processes in place “before” we incarnated. What makes us think we need to tinker with the flow of our Divine Intelligence?

These transitional energies can feel intense at times, but suffering is optional and only arises from our personal resistance. Instead of inter~fearing with the process and stirring up resistance (i.e. lack of trust), why not soothe the body in gentle ways to remain fully open and receiving. Deep breathing opens those cranky spaces that aren’t used to energy flowing through them. Quieting the mind with a few minutes of simple meditation will free those rebellious thoughts to fly on unattended. Or a quick cat nap is often all it takes to disengage the old patterns and foster a gentle expansion of consciousness with ease and grace.

Life is sweet and its expansive flow is our creative playground. Once we realize that, we’ll be able to find a new sense of balance with all that is and put fear to rest. Then we’ll never feel the need to inter~fear again.

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard~
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Creating with the Grace of Expansion


This past year has presented a series of sputtering stops and starts in so many creative projects. A current of momentum picks me up like a magic carpet effortlessly guiding me with a new flow of enthusiasm. Then thud . . . everything goes still, no current, no magic carpet, no inspiration. All that remains is a deep restlessness, sitting on a grounded carpet that was flying through the infinite sky just moments ago.

I finally realized that when I’m really zooming forward with a project that comes to an abrupt halt, it’s usually because those boundless skies have facilitated an expanded awareness within me. It’s time to lay down the sword of creation I’m wielding to fully align within in order to move forward with the ease and grace of the magic carpet. There is nothing wrong, it’s simply my need to align with a more expanded ME.

It feels like it has taken me eons to become comfortable with allowing myself this pause in life. I was so indoctrinated to be “doing” something all the time for the mere acceptance by others. It still bites me in the butt sometimes. But I know better now. I know that when I’m procrastinating or restless, instead of “doing” something to force it to pass, I simply need to pause and realign. And my oh my, there’s a lot of that happening these days because our expansion is happening so quickly, realizing more… and more… and more… and more of who I AM.

A Master Creator uses this power of expansion. He knows how to parlay. He knows when to wield the sword and when to temporarily lay it aside. He knows when to pause and take the in~breath that will carry him through the next bout of creation. He is always aligned with the flow of Source before he steps into the field with the hilt comfortably in his hand. A Master Creator creates with the Grace of Expansion.

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~

~message from my inner wisdom~
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The Effortless Road of Co-Creation


A long time ago I read a book by M. Scott Peck called “The Road Less Traveled”.
At the time it made quite an impression upon me because most of us were bound and determined to join the path that everyone else was traveling because we thought that was the way to happiness.

I’m glad I took that road for awhile so I knew what all the hubbub was about. I learned a lot when I joined in. And I learned equally as much when I withdrew and took the detour on the “road less traveled”. But after a while that path didn’t quite suit me either. So I decided to forge my own path.

What I realized was that forging a path often takes a lot of work. Some of that work was gratifying. However, some of it really bogged me down. Not that I’m opposed to putting in the time and effort. I’m a powerful little sprite, but heavy lifting has never been my forte. I knew there had to be a better way.

So I trundled up onto the top of the next big boulder that blocked my way. What I saw was so glorious it took my breath away. And the only thing obstructing my path to paradise was the boulder I was standing upon.

That boulder was my belief that “I” needed to forge my own way. Little did I know that once I had chosen a new path in alignment with my Soul’s intention, the path had already been forged for me. All I had to do was enjoy the benefits of it.

It’s never been my job to do the heavy lifting. My job is to choose the reality I desire for myself and allow my GodSelf to clear the way. In this way forging the path becomes one of Co-Creation in which I AM One with all of Creation.

The well traveled road was littered with hidden agendas and the need to control. The new path is overlit, revealing itself in the moment, and always yielding to our heart’s desires with ease and grace. Each footstep unveils a new reality of Heaven on Earth with fields of beauty and playgrounds galore.

I offer my gratitude to Mr. Peck. “The Road Less Traveled” served me very well because it led me to “The Effortless Road of Co-Creation”.

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~

Gratitude for the Artwork by Cathy Frisiello

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Imbibing the Juice!

You can’t just look at an apple and taste its juice. You’ve got to bite through the skin into its center and then the juice spurts forth dripping off your fingers with its divine sweetness.

Just like the apple, the creative juice lives in the core of you. You won’t find it in your outer skin. Nor will you find it in your indentured brain. Oh yes, the synapses carry the messages of creativity, but the juice lives in the very core of you. It bubbles in the quiet space in-between the synapses and is then carried to the brain to initiate the act of expressing. But without the juice, there’s nothing more than an empty skin, void of its life-giving essence.

Begin your day by sluicing into the juice of your core and have a stemmed glass ready to catch the overflow for imbibing throughout the day. Here’s to the juice of creation!   ~ Chink! ~