LightBody transformations can be quite Persnickity!!!

The word LightBody is a fairly new term being spoken of by lots of spiritual groups these days. In the early days there were discussions about “ascension symptoms”. Personally, I never liked that term because it sounded like a lethal disease. Over time we’ve begun to better understand what’s happening to our physical bodies and although we’re experiencing some of the same discomforts, it’s being seen in a much more positive light rather than being victims of something out of our control.

The integration of our LightBody is one of the most exciting things I have experienced in my lifetime. I have chosen to be fully conscious with my own LightBody integration from both a spiritual and medical aspect. As a retired physical therapist I find the whole process wondrously intriguing. I have come to realize, the more present I am with this natural organic process, the more I experience it with ease and grace.

Having said that, I also realize LightBody transformations can be a quite persnickety!!

Today was the first time in 5 days that my body wanted to eat. There have been days where I have no desire to eat, so I don’t. I love the feeling of an empty body, making space for new energetic downloads. There are other times I’m gorge eating everything I can get my hands on, moving energy through me. Old patterns of eating nor the old food choices are working for me anymore. I’ve been experiencing this for quite awhile now. My solution has been to create open communication with my body always asking what it wants or desires before any meal planning. As a result eating choices have become a very moment to moment sensual experience, consciously enjoying every bite of food I put in my mouth.

And then there’s the issue of forgetfulness. What was it I wanted to do 3 seconds ago? Hummm… new realizations are dawning. Simplify, simplify, simplify. So much of what I thought I needed to remember has no significance anymore. If a thought pops in that does feel significant I consciously say “Please remind me of this again later when it’s appropriate.” And then I feel free to let everything else go, trusting what’s important will always be available to me.

Add to that those moments of dizziness, spaciness, heart palpations and other disorienting moments. The sloppiness of emotions surfacing for release. All part of the physical body transmuting our carbon based physiology into crystalline LightBodies, purging the dross and expanding our conscious multidimensionality. Persnickety experiences indeed!!

Least we forget, at the very core of all of this craziness is our own unique Divine LightBeing radiating more love and infinite intelligence than our human can imagine. And we can tap into this at anytime to assist us as we move through this disorienting process.

I share with you both of these solutions, along with lots of deep breathing, which have been working really well for me. Allowing me to live in the moment, which is the point of all we’ve been experiencing as we’re transitioning our lives beyond duality, free of old timelines and integrating our LightBodies.

The common denominator here is: LIVE IN THE MOMENT. Trust that your LightBody has everything you will ever need in the Here and Now.  Herein lies the ease and grace to carry you.
~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

More about the LightBody:
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How often are you Inter~fearing?

10291851_10203822411786831_6280580730400421250_nThere are infinite ways in which we interfere with the gracious flow of life. We do it in our personal lives. We do it with our friends and family. We do it with nature. And most often, we do it with our physical bodies.

The Universe only knows benevolence, so life is ALWAYS flowing in hot pursuit to maintain Well~being. Meanwhile, we are constantly throwing everything out of balance with our arrogant beliefs that we know better.

Nature has an innate way of rebalancing itself. Humanity seems to think it can overpower the elements of earth that have created us. But with each action there is a natural reaction to maintain balance that is beyond our control. Rather than learning to live “with” nature as the indigenous people do, we continue to inter~fear in an attempt to create a false sense of security. Meanwhile, the weather has gone berserk, earthquakes are increasing and homes are slipping into the sea in response to our inter~fear~ance. Once we stop wasting our energy attempting to control life, all of our energy will be free to create in new and exciting ways.

The balance of our physical bodies is constantly obstructed with the latest trendy diets, super foods, supplements, and medications. Don’t get me wrong I’m fully on board for eating healthy to support my Well~BEing. But I’ve learned to trust my body, rather than fear it. I don’t fear that it will get ill. I don’t fear that it will get fat. Nor do I fear that it will grow old and decrepit. Yes, my body will age, but my body has no desire to suffer. My body lives in grace because I love my body, respond to its simple requests and I trust my body’s intelligence to do what it knows best without my inter~fear~ance.

We even disrupt the perfection of our innate Spiritual essence with the latest new age gizmos, rituals, prescribed practices and human machinations. There is no doubt we are in the times of high transition. We are being flooded with super charged flows of energy. But we put these processes in place “before” we incarnated. What makes us think we need to tinker with the flow of our Divine Intelligence?

These transitional energies can feel intense at times, but suffering is optional and only arises from our personal resistance. Instead of inter~fearing with the process and stirring up resistance (i.e. lack of trust), why not soothe the body in gentle ways to remain fully open and receiving. Deep breathing opens those cranky spaces that aren’t used to energy flowing through them. Quieting the mind with a few minutes of simple meditation will free those rebellious thoughts to fly on unattended. Or a quick cat nap is often all it takes to disengage the old patterns and foster a gentle expansion of consciousness with ease and grace.

Life is sweet and its expansive flow is our creative playground. Once we realize that, we’ll be able to find a new sense of balance with all that is and put fear to rest. Then we’ll never feel the need to inter~fear again.

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard~

💕 These Offerings are my Sacred Gift to you. 
If you find peace, love, joy or inspiration here, please consider sharing your Gratitude with a Love Offering to support this page in remaining 100% free. I thank you for your Soul Embrace and may your kind generosity return to you multiplied many fold! ~DONATE~


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I invite you to freely share my offerings with others.
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When is the Essence Enough ?


We have become a gluttonous society. It seems that no matter how much we have, it’s never enough. We want more money, more things, more friends, more food, more energy, more, more, more. And still we’re not satisfied.

From a spiritual perspective, the desire to have more is innate. Because we live in an infinite universe, there is an eternal desire to expand beyond our present state of being. But have we taken that one step too far? Or misinterpreted our yearnings?

Traveling for 7 years without a home base prompted me to reevaluate my material perspective. The question I always had to ask was, “Do I love this enough to carry it with me?” In most cases, the recurrent answer was usually, no.

If I was particularly drawn to something, I would often take it in my hands, hold it to my heart and and enjoy a few precious moments with it. What I learned was that those few moments were often more satisfying then buying it because I was totally conscious with the essence of it, rather than the material possession of it.

Occasionally that wasn’t enough and I felt like it had to come with me. In that case, something that was already in my bag had to be left behind because a little pixie like me could only carry so much.

That was an excellent practice that I’ve carried throughout the rest of my life. Now that I’ve settled into a home again, I’ve chosen to live in a small space. Therefore, if something comes in, something’s gotta go out. I don’t have room for material gluttony.

But gluttony comes in other forms too. The one that comes to mind most often is not material things, but gluttonous eating practices. Food has become an unconscious attempt to “fill ourselves up”, physically as well as spiritually. We eat to block out emotions. We eat to amp them up. We eat to……(fill in the blank). And most of the time, we don’t care what we eat, we just want to shove something into our bodies to move energy. Eating does move energy. It also fuels our bodies. The question is, how much food is enough?

I’m not here to talk about diets. If you’ve read my other blogs about food you’ll know that I’m a free spirit. I consciously fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to eating. What I mean by that is living in the present moment and responding to the consciousness of my body. You can see me standing in the market checking in with my body asking, “Hey baby what do you need?” The surprising things that jump into my grocery cart never cease to amaze me.

My body has gone through so many energetic changes in the past few years, just as many of yours have. It requires an internal consciousness to facilitate these changes with ease and grace.

What I’m finding in this moment (and that may change in the next moment) is that my body doesn’t require much food to sustain itself anymore. It is far more efficient than it used to be. A handful here and a few bites there, eaten throughout the day is more than enough. A full plate of American style food flips a switch that has me pushing away from the table without lifting a fork.

What my body needs now is the pure energetic essence rather than a plateful of filler that only bogs down my metabolism. Often it is the essence of the plant itself that fuels or rebalances me, not the fiber. The scent of lavender or rosemary feeds me. Rubbing my hand across the fuzzy skin of a peach. Sometimes a sniff of succulent chocolate is enough. I don’t even need to take a bite. Oh my chocolate friends are raising their eyebrows at that one. 🙂

It’s just like when I was traveling. Do I consciously love this enough to sit down and eat it? Or is the essence enough to satiate me?

Healing modalities or supplements are much the same. Do I need a full dosage, or is a homeopathic smidgeon enough. Do I need to ice for days, or is once enough?

The answer changes from moment to moment. But one thing remains the same. Being conscious will always reward you with the most appropriate answers. Are you running on autopilot or are you asking the questions that need to be asked as we’re flying by the seat of our pants through these transformations.

Sometimes it feels like crazy making as our human templates are changing and rebalancing. The answers may seem inconsistent but always appropriate in the moment. I suspect as we come into harmony with nature we will reach a point when we realize that the “essence” is enough, because the essence is the alchemical tipping point that manifests the gold.

~message from my inner wisdom~
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More about the LightBody:
The integration of our LightBody has been one of the most exciting things I have experienced in my lifetime. I have chosen to be fully conscious with my own LightBody integration from both a spiritual and medical aspect as a licensed physical therapist. If you’d like to know more about my perspective of the LightBody I invite you to visit the LightBody Category of my blog and subscribe to stay abreast of my updates.

Goodbye GMO…Hello GWL (Grown With Love)


Two of the primary concerns for humanity are food and shelter. That being the case, I would think we would be paying closer attention to our food sources.

I’ve watched the health trends scan from junk food, to organic, to vegetarian, to vegan, to raw, to juicing. Compared to twinkles, those are all excellent steps in the right direction. Bravo to us!

Now it’s time to take it to the next level. If you’re fortunate enough to have space to grow your own food, you’re already several steps ahead of the agricultural game. I call this a game because that’s what it feels like to me. A game called Food for Profit, rather than food for nurturance.

Let’s get to the root of what actually nurtures us. It doesn’t matter what form it takes. Is it organic? Is it a superfood? Is is raw? What I’ve realized is that my body really doesn’t care about any of that. My body only cares about one thing… was it Grown With Love (GWL).

Let me share a recent experience with you. I live in a small community with a local Saturday market. I hadn’t been there in a few weeks. When I arrived I went to my regular organic produce stand. But when I walked into their tent, I was not inclined to buy anything. Instead I wandered around the market noticing some of the other vendors. When I went back to my regular vendor, I missed the usual sales people. There were no welcoming smiles. And after I picked up a few veggies, I put them back on the table and left. Then I went back up the aisle to the gal who had beamed me a brilliant smile the first time I walked by. After a few words about some of her produce, I filled my bags and went on my way.

When I got home I had a message from my farmer friend Laurie Levey from Flying Blue Dog Farm in Willow Creek, California. This is what she had to say…..

“It’s all about how the plant is treated by humanity, the plant itself is not the issue! America is a culture that wants to whip plants and animals into submission, to alter them for a ‘Marketing Market’, destroying the best of their energy including their natural will to survive.

I once did energy work for a farmer friend when he was having issues with a bug that was destroying his cauliflower crops, eating all the roots and killing the plant. During the energy session I talked to the cauliflower and found out that it didn’t care that the bug was eating its roots and killing it before it could flower, because the cauliflower knew it was bred for food, not reproduction. Turns out the cauliflower was a highly hybridized seed that was bred for large heads, uniform florets, and a snow white color, all meant to make it very saleable based solely on how it looked. Right next to the cauliflower was a long row of beets who had roots much sweeter and meatier that the bug really should have been going after as well, yet none of them were affected. I talked to the beets and asked why the bug wasn’t bothering them. They told me they were there to grow strong and mighty and set seed and flourish and reproduce and no little bug was going to do a thing to stop that. It would NOT be allowed!! I swear, the energy of these beets were so mighty that I felt they would pop out of the ground and bonk a human on the head if they tried to pull them up before they could finish their full life cycle and set their seed! They repelled that bug with their energy alone. Turns out the seed for the beets was an heirloom open pollinated variety that had never been hybridized. The cauliflower had it’s own natural will to survive bred right out of it in favor of looks and just didn’t care who or what was eating it.

The thing of it is while they are breeding for certain desirable traits for market purposes they are breeding out the energetics that make the plant whole. It’s a truly disrespectful practice, one that is born from believing we are not at all connected to other species, that the plant or animal is something that is here to serve us and we are free to alter it to meet our desires without consequences.

The hybrids lack the energetics to feed our newly evolving physical bodies. Rita and I both noticed that our cells aren’t feeling fed by organic foods that are being grown from outside our area and trucked in. They leave us wanting. We also notice we feel starved by food that we’re gifted from friends who use chemicals in their agricultural practices. Neither of us feel fed by food that isn’t from open pollinated seed sources.

Humans do the same thing to livestock, breeding them for valued cuts of meat. I have a few rabbit meat and egg customers who have told me that they could feel the love coming off the meat and eggs in waves as they were preparing it for a meal. Another one told me that as her family ate the rabbit meat at the dinner table the energy and conversation changed to lighter and brighter topics until they were all laughing and joyous, and she attributed it to the love energy coming from the meat that they were ingesting. “

All of a sudden it made perfect sense to me. My usual market vendor has done really well in their business over the past few years. They are now supplying the local restaurants with their organic produce. I am so proud of their business accomplishments and the restaurants that care enough to serve local organics. I am also disappointed that their growth seems to have lost the primary element that originally drew me to them. The quality was still there, but the enthusiasm and love was missing. Perhaps it’s still present in the business, but I didn’t feel it in the tent or the veggies that day at the market.

Whereas the bubbly girl who sold me a bag full of produce was not only exuding joy in selling me her produce, her produce was juicy with love. And… my body felt the difference.

If we really care about our survival, in Laurie’s words, it comes down to this:

“If we trust that the natural foods grown in their natural states will sustain us (and that translates into trusting the earth and the realms that tend to plants and animals), then we’re free to simply love it all, appreciate it with passion and ingest whatever calls out to us.

The cells of our body can thrive on less food with higher vibrations. This I believe is the wave of the future with food. It won’t be the price, it won’t be the physical properties that science has attributed to it in terms of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fat etc, it’ll be it’s energetic value and how it makes us feel. It’ll be light, joyous and love.. or not.”

I have no doubt that my body is saying…
Goodbye GMO, Hello GWL (Grown With Love).

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~
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A special thank you Laurie Levey and Rita Jacinto from Flying Blue Dog Farms, Willow Creek, California for your expertise and loving care of our plants and animals as a natural thriving high vibrational food source.

Woman with an “O”

Have you ever noticed that Wo-man is spelled with an “O” ~ A beautiful, flowing, curvaceous, luscious, organismic “O”

If you’ve managed to miss that detail, it’s because advertising has taken the “O” out of woman with skinny, angular bodies on magazine covers, strutting down the runways, on billboards and tv. Worse than that. . . WE have all bought into it with a frenzy for women to be thinner, thinner and yet thinner. Constant diets, workouts, and beauty regimes take up a huge chunk of a woman’s time, energy and money; not to mention the health hazards of anorexia and bulimia that we’ve inflicted upon our adolescent women.

After looking at this photo of Lizzie Miller from Glamour Magazine at  we’ve had a wake up call!  Today’s woman is ready to be Wo-man, a natural glorious Wo-man.

In my younger days, I was hooked into the dream of being model thin. But as I matured, I began to see myself as a beautiful Goddess with all the Renaissance curves of Venus. Nature is a series of curves and flow. Even the earth, herself, is round. So why are we so intent on angulizing women when her natural beauty lies in her curves, her beautiful luscious curves.

Eat healthy, workout, enhance your skin with nutrients. But do it for your health, not to fit the mold. It’s your unique essence that radiates your beauty. There is nothing outside yourself that can do that if you don’t first nurture your inner self. That’s where the hearth of beauty lies for men and women.

So, my dear Beloveds, it’s time to reclaim the “O” in Wo-man and be the WOW-man that you know yourself to be.

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard~

artwork: Awakening of Venus by Charles Joseph Natoire

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Diet is not a Religion

The physical body is a magnificent creation!! Without it we would not be able to remain on the planet in physical form. After spending years in medical school, I am in awe of it’s ability. The physical body has it’s own intelligence and hums like a well oiled machine as long as we don’t interfere with it’s innate function.

Food, air and water are blessings that feed our physical body. They supply nutrients to the cells to regenerate and perform the functions that allow us to move about in the world with ease and grace.

When did man decide that it knows better than the body… that it isn’t thin enough, strong enough, or attractive enough…. or needs to eat a certain way in order to ascend?

Since that time, we’ve been tampering with what we eat and how we eat it. Granted, there are many on the planet who are eating unconsciously. And there are those who are attempting to feed an out of control emotional body. There are also a growing number who are waking up to the intimate connection between a healthy body and how we feed it.

As a result diets have become as trendy as clothing with a new designer line appearing every season. Each of these diets come with a set of rules that are as stringent and judgmental as the religions that tell us we’re going to hell if we don’t abide by them.

Wake up my Beloveds. We are living in a time of transition. The galactic energies, our planet, and our physical bodies are changing exponentially. We are becoming less dense and therefore how we feed our body needs to change. Fortunately, our body knows how to do this, even if we don’t. It’s time to sync fully into our physical temple and allow it to guide our way.

Each of our bodies are unique and each of us are in different phases of transition. So there is no one diet that fits all. . . but, there are some ever-evolving guidelines from a few cutting edge scientists, nutritionists and energy healers that will continue to metamorphose. These suggestions may be sound, but your physical body is still the expert.

I can share with you some of what my body has been asking for during these times of accelerated transition to ease the way. These are guidelines, not rules. As you will see, I do not eat the same way every day. Energy is fluctuating, so does my diet. See if any of these resonate with you.

~ Drink lots of clear water to flush toxins, preferably not city tap water.
~ Conscious breathing increases the oxygen levels necessary for regeneration.
~ When overly emotional, my body is not digesting well so I eat sparingly.
~ Sun flares are delivering electromagnetic waves that are transmuting the body. When they hit it’s a good time to eat sparingly and rest for a more conducive integration and rebalancing of energy. Or… your body may ask to be more active with more food to facilitate moving the energy through more easily. Listen and respond very carefully during these times.
~ During active cell regeneration, my body needs extra protein.
~ Eat plenty of alkaline foods. Excess acidity promotes disease.
~ Increase foods high in minerals.
~ Eat the most live food possible: unprocessed, organic, raw, regional and seasonal. (note: I am not promoting a rigid “raw”,“vegan”, or “juicing” diet)

~ Feeling stuck? Avoid glutenous foods (key word “glu”), specifically processed wheat.
~ Spending time in nature rebalances our energy field.
~ I eat when I’m hungry regardless of time, usually intermittent small meals, rather than scheduled large ones. If my dreamtime lingers through the morning, I delay my breakfast until I feel hungry, because my body is too multidimensional to digest properly.
~ My thoughts feed my body. I focus on Rejuvenation, rather than disease. I focus on Love, rather than judgment or anger. I focus on Joy, rather than suffering.
~ The body is nurtured by more than food. It thrives on music, art, literature and all forms of beauty so be sure to feed all the senses.

I am intentionally not giving lists of foods. I’d rather you research for yourself and allow your body to indicate it’s calling as you do so. I just read two articles: The Top Imune Boosters and The 7 most Alkaline foods. ALL of those foods are already in my regular daily diet because my body has been asking for them.

If you’re not accustomed to listening to your body, just pay attention to what your body is feeling while you read over these lists and while you’re walking consciously through the aisles of the grocery store. For example: my body sometimes feels nauseous if I walk through the meat department, a clear indication of what it does not want. It always loves hanging out in the organic produce department. :-))))

We are in the process of creating new physical templates. Just remember that your body knows best. No matter what diet suggestions you may settle upon, continue to listen intently and make changes in the moment as they are called for.

Eating is a Joy!!! When you’re happy so is your body. Diet is not a religion. We do not need to suffer! A happy body is a healthy body. I wish for you a vibrant healthy body!!

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~

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