Spiritually Coming of Age

Today’s technology has expanded us to new levels of communication allowing us to connect with others around the world. With the current pandemic we have been unable to gather in person. There has been a sadness for the lack of personal touch. A loss of hugs and ability to look eye to eye. At the same time, it has challenged us to develop and open new avenues for coming together in ways we may not have done in the past.

The ability to create events and gatherings to attend in person have momentarily come to a halt. But with technologies like zoom, youtube, and facebook “live”, we are able to reach out globally beyond our local communities. Social media allows anyone to come online to speak live, in the moment. There is no need for creating programs, pre-planning, or advertising. This is particularly supportive of our spiritual community. Anyone can spontaneously speak from the heart in response to the current events or energies that are effecting all of us. They no longer need to be famous spiritual teachers with established platforms. For are we not all teachers, each in our own unique ways?

Several “live” facebook videos came to my attention in the past few days. With that came a welcome realization for which I am very grateful.

Born as a baby boomer, our counterculture generation has been attributed as the spiritual awakeners with our messages of Love and Peace. According to Carlos Santana, ”The ’60s were a leap in human consciousness. Mahatma Gandhi, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Che Guevara, they led a revolution of conscience.” And that legacy continues to permeate society.

Our freedom of expression blasted through society’s boundaries with sex, drugs, and rock ’n roll. We initiated social, economic and political equality with the civil rights movement, women’s empowerment, global travel, and we landed on the moon. Technology was introduced that has become mainstream today, from the first telephones and televisions to present day iPhones.

The youthful proponents of counterculture, known as the hippies, disapproved of the modern world so much many dropped out of formal religions and sought refuge from it in communes and mystical religions. Thus, the New Age was born.

We opened the doors and all our spiritual work paved the way for new generations to step in. A few years ago, I and many others of my age reached a point in which we knew we were done! It was time for a change in roles. We had done our part and the world was ready for us to hand our torches off to the new ones.

We have come of age. We have become the elders of the tribe of humanity. We are the grandmothers and grandfathers who continue to hold the vision and the wisdom. Within our maturity we have found inner peace, tranquility, and the freedom to listen quietly without judgement. Speaking when spoken to without the need to profess or pontificate.

Indeed, there are still those who are choosing to be out in the global world. And there are those who are simply here to shine their light and share their love via simple acts of kindness in the midst of turmoil for those who are lost in the darkness. There are many in our generation who have chosen to simplify life and retire to truly enjoy life much like the grandparents who enjoy their grandkids beyond the need to parent them. Each has their own unique soul path and each is needed as part of the whole.

During my spiritual journey, I have journaled most of my experiences and distilled “wisdom”, much of it in the form of poetry. In the past few years, I have stepped into my new role by publishing many of my writings in numerous books. (available on Amazon @ www.amazon.com/author/sharonlynshepard ) What a joy it is to revisit these pearls of wisdom during the publishing process. But I have no desire or passion to step into the spotlight. For I have turned that over to the new ones.

Watching recent “live” videos, I look at the ones who have taken up the torch and revel in how amazing they are! They too have “Come of Age”. We opened the doors and they didn’t hesitate to step in with a different perception of life, free of our old baggage. They are fresh and new. They are wired differently. They are pure of heart.

Our world is in the mist of a major transformation. Duality is struggling to draw to a close. Although many humans are more open, others are more closed . Therein lies the chaos of present day. But these new ones are solid in their “Presence”. Their spiritual messages are no longer about New Age teachings or those from the dusty old tomes of ancient masters. They are adeptly responding to present day life in the midst of transition. And they are doing a stellar job of it!

So I am here to honor each of you. Those who have chosen to pass on the torch. And those who have taken up the torch and stepped out in ways our generation was not prepared to do.

Bravo Beloveds! You bring a whole new level of wisdom to the forefront. I am very grateful to be one of the observers in the peanut gallery right now. Enjoying life, adding my wisdom when called upon, and celebrating all the transformational changes that are taking place in this amazing lifetime for all of humanity. As we ALL Come of Age!


~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

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Who are the Wisdom Keepers?


There is a question that continues to cycle back around to me and until recently I was unable to resolve it. That question is: How does the Ancient Wisdom fit into humanity’s shift in consciousness?

I have recently watched, the movie series “Time of the Sixth Sun”, the feature movie along with all it’s 8 additional episodes. This movie has done an extraordinary job of interviewing Wisdom Keepers from all over the world from different cultures, with different perceptions, and different practices.

Over the years, I have had the benefit and honor of spending time with quite a few of the shaman and teachers in this movie, as well as others who remain nameless. I have interacted with their ceremonies, listened to their teachings, spent time on their land, and been blessed by them. Each one has added to my foundation of Wisdom.

And yet, after all these experiences, it has never felt like it was enough for me. So often I feel I have gone beyond the ancient teachings and practices because they are too limiting for me.

So Who are the Wisdom Keepers?
And what part are they playing in humanity’s shift in consciousness?
After watching this film I have come to this conclusion.

We are all Wisdom keepers.
It matters not what race, culture, or age we are. What matters is how conscious we are. What matters is that we remember who we truly are as the Divine.

I sense the Indigenous Tribal Elders have been passing down the wisdom and traditions of the Ancient Ones from the beginning of time. It has been their job to hold our foundation in place until humanity is ready to go beyond it. Through their strength, courage, and dedication they have managed to maintain their connection between earth and the Great Spirit. They recognize the importance and honor “all relations” which include all sentient beings including the animals, plants, and the earth herself. They honor the balance of the elements of fire, earth, air and water, knowing as humans we need these elements to survive. They honor each person, treat them with kindness, and support their growth and expansion. This is basic foundational Wisdom.

The ancient prophecies predict the shift in consciousness we are currently experiencing. Although this foundational wisdom is vitally important, wisdom is not static. We are constantly accumulating more wisdom. With each experience, our soul is distilling our experience into wisdom beyond the stories we, as humans, tell ourselves. Therefore, the wisdom we have to draw upon is constantly growing and expanding as individuals as well as a collective.

Once we become consciousness enough to remember Who we truly Are, we are operating from the foundational wisdom as well as our own personal wisdom. For are we not all unique sovereign beings in our own right?

I have met elders as well as children that I consider to be Wisdom Keepers. I have leaned from the many. Whereas, elders have the advantage of having a multitude of experiences to draw upon for their wisdom. Children carry the innocence of wisdom without having been indoctrinated into the limitations of society. As they say, “Out of the mouth of babes”.

As many of you have noticed our youthful generation is expressing their wisdom through new innovations to assist in cleaning up the mess humanity has made of our planet. For if humanity continues on its current path there will be nothing left for them. Survival has a way of waking people up to realize their own Divinity and their own Wisdom. I pray this awakening does not include more suffering.

I give thanks to all the Wisdom Keepers, the indigenous peoples, the elders, the children, and you and I, all of whom are in service to humanity and the earth, each in our own unique way.

For more information about the movie “Time of the Sixth Sun”

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“Wisdom of the Inner Voice”

Gratitude to the producers of “Time of the Sixth Sun”

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Awakening from the Dream


This morning, I awoke with an all-pervading sense of peace, contentment, and well-being. During my dreamtime one of my prior employers came to me and said, “If there’s anything you need, you just let me know.” From within the dream, it felt like he was a special guardian, or the embodiment of Source.

When I recall my interactions with him years ago he was simply a good-hearted man who was providing for his employees. It wasn’t anything extraordinary, but I can now see it was much more than I was aware of at the time. In review, I realize there have been others throughout my life that have done the same. There has always been someone hovering in the background, making sure I was okay until I Awoke into knowing Who I AM. Since then, there have been many who have quietly smoothed the path for me along the way.

I recall the Madonna’s first message to me upon my spiritual awakening. She said, “You have a gift for all of mankind. As long as you remain on the path you will be protected and provided for and there will always be those in support of you.” In retrospect, I realize there has always been someone behind the scenes supporting me, even though I was not aware of it. For that I am immensely grateful.

I share this because I believe this is true for each of us. Especially those of us who came into this lifetime with the intent of Awakening to our GodSelf while still in our physical bodies. This is often referred to as Embodied Enlightenment, Ascension, or Realization.

Call it whatever you like, I don’t get caught up in labels or identity. I realize this lifetime on earth is to experience the physicality and sensuality of life through the perception of my Soul as my GodSelf, rather than the human identity and desires attuned to mass consciousness.

With this Realization, everything in my life has shifted. I now feel like the identity of Sharon Lyn Shepard has died and I am now living on the other side of the veil while still in my physical body as a sovereign being. I realize nothing exists without my consciousness and “I Am” the one creating my reality.

I’m experiencing mass consciousness as if I’m watching it on a tv screen. I can tune into any channel I choose, such as religion, politics, family, fb, whatever. But I no longer feel the seduction to engage or participate, nor the emotional oversensitivity that has always been present in my life. When I do choose to engage there is a sense of communing and interacting with the energies from a new and different perspective. I no longer engage from the perspective of unworthiness, suffering, pain, judgment, the need to fix anything, nor because I need anything from it. Instead I am consciously choosing to engage for the experience and joy of it.

With the advent of a new year, it is a common practice to set new intentions. As I was pondering this, these are the words that came to mind for me: Peace, Contentment, Well-being, Joy, Play and Thriving. The moment I set these intentions is the moment they became true for me. First in my dreamtime, and the accompanying realization that was brought forth and grounded upon my awakening this morning.

This has always been the truth for all of us which we are now remembering as we awaken from the fog of our sleep induced mass consciousness dreams. As each of us lives our own truth as our GodSelf we become mirrors for all of mass consciousness as each individual awakens to their soul path with their own perfect timing. In this way, we become the guardians who are soothing the path for others by our simple Presence.   This, my Beloveds, is how we are creating a New Reality.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“Wisdom of the Inner Voice”

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Chasing Rainbows

Wonderful rainbow over the sea

With Thanksgiving approaching here in the US, my mind has wandered back to Thanksgivings of the past. The one that stands out for me is the year my daughter and I decided to take our 35ft cabin cruiser across the sound from Seattle to dock in Poulsbo for the long weekend. Since the galley had a fully equipped kitchen, albeit a small one, we decided to cook a turkey onboard with all the trimmings.

Unfortunately, a storm blew in for the weekend. Despite the whipping wind, pummeling rain, and whitecaps, we carried our bags of groceries down the long dock onto the boat. It didn’t matter that we got soaked. After all, this is the Pacific Northwest where as residents we realized long ago, rain doesn’t melt us. Northwesterners tarry forth with whatever plans we have despite the weather.

We tossed the lines and made our way across the Sound, bouncing from one wave to the next. When we approached the docks we realized we were not the only ones with this idea and the weather didn’t seem to deter the boaters who had already filled most of the guest slips. I’ll never forget navigating into a narrow slip between a trawler and a float plane, ducking my head under the wing as the wind caught us tipping us sideways. Help appeared from all directions to catch our lines as we thew them to fellow boaters who tied us securely to the cleats with a cheer.

Needless to say, we spent the rest of the weekend at the dock, exploring the town in our raincoats rather than exploring some of the nooks and crannies of the nearby coves as we had originally intended. The turkey dinner was delicious despite the weather and we dined on lots of leftovers for the rest of the weekend.

About an hour before we intended to depart for home, the skies cleared and the trip back across the sound promised to be less eventful then the trip over had been. As we navigated out of Agate Pass around the top end of Bainbridge Island a rainbow appeared dipping it’s end rays into the water directly in front of our path. In the past I’ve had occasion to chase the end of rainbows but they always became elusive, either disappearing or moving ahead of me like a sneaky rabbit dodging ahead in the grass. Never had I passed through the end of a rainbow, but indeed that’s exactly what we did. We didn’t find a pot of gold, but I whooped with glee at the experience of it!

That led me to remembering other boating trips with my daughter when we spent two week stints in the San Juan Islands anchoring in quiet coves, scuba diving, exploring some of the coastal towns, and cooking fresh crab or salmon on the deck. These were sweet memories.

Then my daughter got married, moved away and I lost my co-captain. There are times I miss the close mother daughter connection we had during those adventures. But times change, we change, circumstances change. That’s the way of life and I would not want it to remain stagnant. And yet there have been times I have yearned to return to these times and relive them.

But today, as I was quietly reminiscing I realized these memories will always be with me. I can recall them any time I choose. There is nothing lost. It’s only when we yearn for times gone by, wishing they remain as our present, that they become anchors halting any future adventures. New adventures, different adventures. It’s in yearning that we lose the magic of the moments we’ve experienced.

There is a sweetness to being able to savor these memories without regret by realizing the fullness of life rather than wishing for what we once had by chasing rainbows that continue to elude us. Instead, we get to pass through the rainbows with a whoop of glee and carry the joy with us throughout eternity.

So as you approach this holiday season, I invite you to be fully present in this moment, rather than yearning for years gone by, or people who are no longer with us. I invite you to offer gratitude and savor the rainbows you have passed through, allowing them to fill you will joy.
~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“Wisdom of the Inner Voice”

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2014 ~ The End of an Old Reality


As the year 2014 draws it’s final curtain, I find myself overwhelmed with tears of Gratitude for a year well-lived, a year that has evolved beyond anything my human self could have orchestrated.

I have never felt more Gratitude than I have this past year. And yet, I have nothing to show for it. I have done nothing that warrants success according the the world’s standards. When people ask me what I’ve been doing, I’m speechless because I have no words of explanation.

But when I take a breath and pause, the corners of my mouth automatically curl into a sweet smile of contentment. And isn’t that what the hustle and bustle of the world is all about? Isn’t contentment at the root of what everyone is trying to achieve? And yet… there is so way to achieve it. Contentment can only be experienced. If contentment is what humanity considers success, then it’s been a successful year for me.

Many years ago I tossed out the requisite new year’s resolutions. I replaced the need to make corrections in my life (i.e. resolutions) with the desire to live my heart’s dreams. At first these desires had material substance, like recording a new music CD. Over time I realized these material things were simply an expression of my GodSelf and it wasn’t the manifestation that fueled me. It was the Realization of my GodSelf.

It was then that my new year’s desires expanded beyond my human perception because my unconscious yearning has always been to know and embody my GodSelf in this amazing physical body.

This past year I made the ultimate commitment to my GodSelf. I made the leap. I jumped ship and left the old world behind to sort itself out in whatever way it needs to. I’ve realized that we each have our own soul journey and we need to respect that in each other and for the collective consciousness.

As a result of my commitment, I’ve experienced the most remarkable inner journey, going ever deeper and opening to an ever expanding Consciousness. Once again, I’ve gone beyond my human perception. Not only have I embodied my GodSelf, there is no separation between the two. There never has been. We, as a human race are finally beginning to remember Who We Are. WE are walking this planet as Divine Humans on a New Earth that WE are creating.

This year, I’m celebrating more than a new year.
I’m celebrating a New Reality as a Divine Human!!!
~Sharon Lyn Shepard ~

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Tribute to the Beautiful Hearts of Men

Are men and women really wired so differently? I’d have to concur that the cave man and cave woman’s instincts were significantly different for the sake of survival. But the key word here is “were”. We as a species have evolved. We have become enlightened. As a result, we are weaving our differences into a beautiful shimmering tapestry of Amour.

Over the past two days I have been challenged to remain centered in my heart because of some comments I took personally. As a result I withdrew because I was not willing to engage without being centered in my heart. So I called out to the Universe for assistance. Within hours two beautiful heart-centered men came to my aid by offering their comments from their gentle hearts. That was enough to shift my energy right back into the juicy center of my Love-filled heart. Only then was I willing to reengage.

Mind you, it wasn’t the women, whom we always assume the attribute of loving peacekeepers, that shifted this energy. It was two men. And yes, it took two of them to do the job for me. I was that far gone. When I’m this deeply triggered, I know there’s something big for me to learn. And thanks to my two brothers, I learned it and embodied it!

Te and Nicky, you are my knights in shining armor. Not as protectors but as way-showers of the gentle use of power, the power of the heart. You are “knights in shining amour”, shining examples of men who have stepped into their hearts to play joyfully in the playground of Life. I revel in learning, evolving and expanding in the dance of the Universe with both of you. Sweet juicy gratitude to you, my brothers of Amour.