2014 ~ The End of an Old Reality


As the year 2014 draws it’s final curtain, I find myself overwhelmed with tears of Gratitude for a year well-lived, a year that has evolved beyond anything my human self could have orchestrated.

I have never felt more Gratitude than I have this past year. And yet, I have nothing to show for it. I have done nothing that warrants success according the the world’s standards. When people ask me what I’ve been doing, I’m speechless because I have no words of explanation.

But when I take a breath and pause, the corners of my mouth automatically curl into a sweet smile of contentment. And isn’t that what the hustle and bustle of the world is all about? Isn’t contentment at the root of what everyone is trying to achieve? And yet… there is so way to achieve it. Contentment can only be experienced. If contentment is what humanity considers success, then it’s been a successful year for me.

Many years ago I tossed out the requisite new year’s resolutions. I replaced the need to make corrections in my life (i.e. resolutions) with the desire to live my heart’s dreams. At first these desires had material substance, like recording a new music CD. Over time I realized these material things were simply an expression of my GodSelf and it wasn’t the manifestation that fueled me. It was the Realization of my GodSelf.

It was then that my new year’s desires expanded beyond my human perception because my unconscious yearning has always been to know and embody my GodSelf in this amazing physical body.

This past year I made the ultimate commitment to my GodSelf. I made the leap. I jumped ship and left the old world behind to sort itself out in whatever way it needs to. I’ve realized that we each have our own soul journey and we need to respect that in each other and for the collective consciousness.

As a result of my commitment, I’ve experienced the most remarkable inner journey, going ever deeper and opening to an ever expanding Consciousness. Once again, I’ve gone beyond my human perception. Not only have I embodied my GodSelf, there is no separation between the two. There never has been. We, as a human race are finally beginning to remember Who We Are. WE are walking this planet as Divine Humans on a New Earth that WE are creating.

This year, I’m celebrating more than a new year.
I’m celebrating a New Reality as a Divine Human!!!
~Sharon Lyn Shepard ~

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Tribute to the Beautiful Hearts of Men

Are men and women really wired so differently? I’d have to concur that the cave man and cave woman’s instincts were significantly different for the sake of survival. But the key word here is “were”. We as a species have evolved. We have become enlightened. As a result, we are weaving our differences into a beautiful shimmering tapestry of Amour.

Over the past two days I have been challenged to remain centered in my heart because of some comments I took personally. As a result I withdrew because I was not willing to engage without being centered in my heart. So I called out to the Universe for assistance. Within hours two beautiful heart-centered men came to my aid by offering their comments from their gentle hearts. That was enough to shift my energy right back into the juicy center of my Love-filled heart. Only then was I willing to reengage.

Mind you, it wasn’t the women, whom we always assume the attribute of loving peacekeepers, that shifted this energy. It was two men. And yes, it took two of them to do the job for me. I was that far gone. When I’m this deeply triggered, I know there’s something big for me to learn. And thanks to my two brothers, I learned it and embodied it!

Te and Nicky, you are my knights in shining armor. Not as protectors but as way-showers of the gentle use of power, the power of the heart. You are “knights in shining amour”, shining examples of men who have stepped into their hearts to play joyfully in the playground of Life. I revel in learning, evolving and expanding in the dance of the Universe with both of you. Sweet juicy gratitude to you, my brothers of Amour.