Holiday Transitions


Although Christmas is meant to be a time of Joy and Celebration, it can also imprison one in long-standing traditions and expectations. It can conjure the grief and pain from Christmas past. And it can embroil you in adding stress to an already stressful life. All at a time when your body is yearning to snuggle into a cocoon during the darkest season of the year.

I have spent many of the past years trying to “deal with” the mass consciousness of Christmas. Moving from America to Spain for a few years naturally removed me from the frenetic traditions of my own country. Once I returned, I discontinued doing the holiday things I no longer enjoy, albeit feeling guilty for not fulfilling what was expected of me by friends and family. For a few years I fully disengaged from Christmas and replaced it with celebrating Solstice by swathing the window sills with greenery and candlelight.

This year everything has shifted. When I “feel” into the holiday of Christmas I feel JOY! Since I have shed so many layers of my old self, this is a JOY bubbling from within me. I’m totally free of any obligations and no longer engaging with a false perception of holiday joy created by mass consciousness.

I now take every opportunity to Play with the JOY of life!!! This holiday season has me singing and dancing with holiday music, decorating with lots of candles and twinkle lights, eating decadent foods, and celebrating with “special” friends. Many of these friends are my beloved Fae who live in the forest. Their presence continues to remind us of the Joy and Magick of Life.

This is the difference I’m feeling with the holiday season this year.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“Wisdom of the Inner Voice”

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Chasing Rainbows

Wonderful rainbow over the sea

With Thanksgiving approaching here in the US, my mind has wandered back to Thanksgivings of the past. The one that stands out for me is the year my daughter and I decided to take our 35ft cabin cruiser across the sound from Seattle to dock in Poulsbo for the long weekend. Since the galley had a fully equipped kitchen, albeit a small one, we decided to cook a turkey onboard with all the trimmings.

Unfortunately, a storm blew in for the weekend. Despite the whipping wind, pummeling rain, and whitecaps, we carried our bags of groceries down the long dock onto the boat. It didn’t matter that we got soaked. After all, this is the Pacific Northwest where as residents we realized long ago, rain doesn’t melt us. Northwesterners tarry forth with whatever plans we have despite the weather.

We tossed the lines and made our way across the Sound, bouncing from one wave to the next. When we approached the docks we realized we were not the only ones with this idea and the weather didn’t seem to deter the boaters who had already filled most of the guest slips. I’ll never forget navigating into a narrow slip between a trawler and a float plane, ducking my head under the wing as the wind caught us tipping us sideways. Help appeared from all directions to catch our lines as we thew them to fellow boaters who tied us securely to the cleats with a cheer.

Needless to say, we spent the rest of the weekend at the dock, exploring the town in our raincoats rather than exploring some of the nooks and crannies of the nearby coves as we had originally intended. The turkey dinner was delicious despite the weather and we dined on lots of leftovers for the rest of the weekend.

About an hour before we intended to depart for home, the skies cleared and the trip back across the sound promised to be less eventful then the trip over had been. As we navigated out of Agate Pass around the top end of Bainbridge Island a rainbow appeared dipping it’s end rays into the water directly in front of our path. In the past I’ve had occasion to chase the end of rainbows but they always became elusive, either disappearing or moving ahead of me like a sneaky rabbit dodging ahead in the grass. Never had I passed through the end of a rainbow, but indeed that’s exactly what we did. We didn’t find a pot of gold, but I whooped with glee at the experience of it!

That led me to remembering other boating trips with my daughter when we spent two week stints in the San Juan Islands anchoring in quiet coves, scuba diving, exploring some of the coastal towns, and cooking fresh crab or salmon on the deck. These were sweet memories.

Then my daughter got married, moved away and I lost my co-captain. There are times I miss the close mother daughter connection we had during those adventures. But times change, we change, circumstances change. That’s the way of life and I would not want it to remain stagnant. And yet there have been times I have yearned to return to these times and relive them.

But today, as I was quietly reminiscing I realized these memories will always be with me. I can recall them any time I choose. There is nothing lost. It’s only when we yearn for times gone by, wishing they remain as our present, that they become anchors halting any future adventures. New adventures, different adventures. It’s in yearning that we lose the magic of the moments we’ve experienced.

There is a sweetness to being able to savor these memories without regret by realizing the fullness of life rather than wishing for what we once had by chasing rainbows that continue to elude us. Instead, we get to pass through the rainbows with a whoop of glee and carry the joy with us throughout eternity.

So as you approach this holiday season, I invite you to be fully present in this moment, rather than yearning for years gone by, or people who are no longer with us. I invite you to offer gratitude and savor the rainbows you have passed through, allowing them to fill you will joy.
~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“Wisdom of the Inner Voice”

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Kindling the Transmogrify of Christmas


Something is stirring deep inside me. I can feel the cycle returning to its origins. I’m feeling the arousal of childhood Joy bubbling up within me.

As a child, I lay wide-eyed in bed with my whole body tingling in anticipation for Christmas morning. I had just attended the midnight candlelight service processing down the isle singing my favorite carols with the junior choir, mesmerized by the flutter of candles and the twinkling lights strung with evergreen swags along the balconies. Whenever I need to draw upon a “feel good” memory, this is it! A frozen moment in time that has carried me through many depressing situations.

As I got older Christmas began to loose its sparkle for me. By the time I was an adult it became a frenetic time of the year burdened by gift buying, decorating and obligatory parties all adding to an already busy schedule as a working wife and mother.

In recent years the commercialism has become almost belligerent, intruding upon our lives before we’ve even hung up our Halloween costumes at the end of October. We’re inundated with tv commercials. Shelves are stocked with holiday paraphernalia and stores are jammed with shoppers banging into each other with their overstuffed carts. For many of us it has gotten to the point that we just want to tuck in and totally withdraw from the holiday.

I lived in rural Spain for a few years where Christmas is free of commercialism. There is no gift giving. They celebrate Christmas Eve with huge family dinners eating, drinking and cajoling for hours before they attend midnight mass. Christmas day is spent quietly, perhaps with a neighborhood paseo. The most enjoyable part of this holiday for me was the week before Christmas meandering through the neighborhood markets strung with lights. Spiced cider warmed over blazing fires was shared along with good cheer as we all shopped for the delectable ingredients for our celebratory meals while musicians entertained us with their unique renditions of carols.

When I returned from Spain I could no longer participate in the American blasphemy. Thus I decided to scratch Christmas off my personal calendar. I fulfilled the few obligatories for my immediate family and tossed the rest.

However, as relieved as I was to put all that hubbub behind me, there was something missing. So I replaced Christmas with the pagan celebration of the Winter Solstice, which resonates much more fully with me.

But this year, something is stirring deep inside me. As I was contemplating Christmases past the cycle of memories goes something like this. Perhaps you can relate?

Childhood: tingling with delight and anticipation
Teenager: disappointment with the loss of illusion
Young adult: frenetic overwhelm in keeping up with the Jones’s
Mid adult: disgust with the commercialism
Mature adult: tuning out as much as possible

And now, in my crone years, I can feel the cycle returning to its origins. I’m feeling the arousal of childhood Joy bubbling up within me saying, “Hey what happened to that ‘feel good’ moment of lying in bed tingling with Joy savoring the candlelight and carols.”

That’s when I realized it’s time to transmogrify Christmas!!!

Funny how that word came to me. It’s not a word I’ve ever used before but it’s the perfect word for what I’m feeling. Transmogrify is defined as: transformation, especially in a surprising or magical manner. What I realized is that it’s time to bring the Joy and Magick back into Christmas!

Thus weeks before it was time to buy my Thanksgiving turkey, I gave my child free reign. I trotted on down to our local Ace Hardware store to buy a shopping bag full of faerie lights and candles. (Woe is me who would never think of doing any Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving) I then walked around my resident forest with a pair of clippers gathering boughs of evergreens and pinecones.

Now the fun begins!!! Swathing windowsills and table tops with greens, faerie lights and candles. . . bells on the door knobs…. all instigated by my fae friends while singing my favorite carols with spiced cider bubbling on the stove.

As I’m writing this, surrounded by my self created Christmas magick, I have a smirky childish grin on my face, delighted to have unfrozen that “feel good” moment in time that has aroused the transmogrify of Christmas present. That moment of wide-eyed wonderment with my whole body tingling in anticipation has been woven into my daily life that will carry way beyond Christmas. The funny thing is, all the commercialism that used to bother me is still present, but I no longer notice it because my focus is elsewhere. It’s no longer bah humbug, it’s Joy to the World!

I have transmogrified Christmas and carried it into my everyday life!! Perhaps you would like to do so too, for life is brimming over with Joy awaiting our recognition.. . and our world is calling out for us to share it with others.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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Celebrating Mary Magdalyn, Apostle to the Apostles

Yeshua Magdalyn cropped

Today we celebrate the Feast of Mary Magdalyn, Saint Mary Magdalyn, the Apostle’s Apostle, who has finally been honored for her rightful place by Pope Francis: Mary Magdalene – ‘Apostle to the Apostles’ – gets upgraded feast day

The veils of christianity are finally being pulled back to reveal the truth of who she was, not only in her time but in ours as well, as a powerful woman, an educated woman, one equal in spiritual understanding and training to partner with Jesus. For Magdalyn continues to walk with us on our journey encouraging the Divine Feminine within each of us to step forward with open hearts to heal a world that needs our Love and Compassion.

Mary Magdalyn, who walked hand in hand with Yeshua as an equal partner, teacher and Christed being, was initiated in the temples of Egypt along with Yeshua. She walked the earth as a High Priestess of Isis, the Divine embodiment of Wisdom and practiced the alchemy of Love.

Magdalyn invites us to see with new eyes and hear with new ears. If you have never read the Gospel of Mary, I encourage you to do so. Here you will find the pure teachings of Magdalyn shared by Yeshua during their lifetime together as the Way of Love.  (Gospel of Mary of Magdala Text from the Papyrus Berolinensis)

I encourage you, whether you be male or female, to open your heart to the Magdalyn within you. She who is the living example of grace, beauty, and inner strength. She who has the courage to change the world with her compassion and forgiveness rather than fighting against those around her. She who continues her ministry of Love despite what other may think of her or how they treat her. She who carries enough Peace in her heart to soothe that which distresses us. She who blesses us with Divine Grace.

This has been a remarkable year for humanity as women are stepping into our rightful places, just as Magdalyn did in her time. We are all being invited to wear the Crown of Christ by Yeshua and Magdalyn who planted the seeds for all of humanity to remember the truth of Who We Are as Sovereign beings. Today as we celebrate Magdalyn, She steps forth to celebrate ALL of us as we feast together on Divine Love.  

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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Gospel of Mary Magdelene with commentary by John-Yves Leloup

Gospel of Mary Magdalene text:

Stained glass window at Sts. Anne & Joachim Catholic Church Fargo, ND

Sts. Anne & Joachim Catholic Church | Fargo, ND .jpg


Living in Expanded Relationship


Hallmark’s celebration of Valentine’s Day with flowers, chocolate, gushy cards, and romantic dinners are our present day symbols of love. As endearing as they are, they only hold value if there is true sustenance behind them. What is true sustenance?

I suggest we take advantage of Hallmark’s yearly anniversary of love to look beyond these superficial practices and dive deeply into Love in its purest form.

Our first and foremost love affair has always been with the Divine. Most humans use relationship as a way of attempting to mend duality’s misconception of Divine Love. This tear of unknown origin dissolves once we realize the truth of Infinite Love. Then our primary relationship as a human being evolves into one with our GodSelf, the ultimate Love of our life and it expands from within us, rather than looking outside of ourselves to attain love. Over the years, our marriage vows have held us captive to a false identity of relationship. No wonder marriages fail when they are based on an unrealistic basis of love.

In marriage, the vows that are taken, are vows to your Self in recognition of Love eternal, expressing through you, as you. Do not place this responsibility on another, nor attempt to control or place restrictions that do not belong. For true adultery is infidelity pitted against your Divine Self. When you express as the consciousness of Divine Love all yearning ceases. Putting your fear of loss aside allows you to see relationship as Creation’s provision for you to experience the beauty of yourself with another as One with the Divine. Once that is lost, so are you and so is the relationship.

Divine relationship can only exist with an open heart. Marriage, or any partnership formed between two people, serves as a powerful medium to expand and evolve beyond yourself into union with the Divine as an expression of Love. Divine Love expressed through the physical, in whatever form chosen, is the most expanded way to experience love as Heaven on Earth.

Love manifests Love. As always, it is very simple. In giving and accepting love, we make love by expanding love and living in the pure consciousness of eternal Divine Love. The beauty of Love, the beauty of Life, the beauty of YOU, ’tis all Divine Love. And that’s what we’re celebrating today. Love in all it’s forms. I Love you!!

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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Christmas and the Magic of Fae


Christmas is the most magical time of the year. The spark of enchantment glows in the eyes of children with the donning of the first strand of lights. Excitement bubbles in their veins, reminiscent of the mystical world of faeries, elves, unicorns and angels.

Music rings in the season with the sugar plum faeries twirling in their yearly dance of delight for being remembered with such fondness by children and adults alike. Our hearts burst open with Joy to the World and Peace on Earth.

Crystalline flakes fall from the sky blanketing the earth in its brilliant spectacle of glitter. Children jump on their sleds careening down hills remembering that they know how to fly, anxious to run back up the hill and do it again. After a few runs, their red noses resemble that of jolly elves full of mischief.

And then on Christmas eve, they’re tucked into their beds anxious to see what kind of magic awaits them under the tree. Gifts hand crafted by elves, delivered by old St. Nicholas with his motley crew of flying reindeer. Do you remember the quickening of your heart beat as bedcovers were tucked under your chin with bubbly anticipation? Even the parents, who bought and wrapped the gifts, stand beside the tree with smiles on their face for the part they played in creating their  magic before turning off the lights.

But once the wrappings are tossed aside and the dinner table cleared, we tuck it all away… the music, the lights, the faeries and the magic. To return to the accustomed drudgery of life in the bleak winter of darkness.

Just like Christmas, as we outgrew childhood, we put the World of Fae aside in favor of what others call reality. In truth, there is no division between these worlds. They are both real and they exist side by side, veiled by nothing more than our own belief. We are the ones who have choosen one over the other.  But…

What if….
We didn’t tuck it all away?

What if….
We allowed the Joy of the Christmas to infiltrate every area of our lives.

What if….
The magic the World of Fae still exists, but we’re just too busy to notice.

What if….
This is the year to step fully into the World of Fae. Not just for the holidays, but to re-engage with it in every area of our lives as a new way of being.

What if…
The magical World of Fae is the bridge to a New Earth of Peace Love and Joy.

I invite you to open your hearts to the most magnificent Christmas ever and expand your mind to the ever present World of Fae.

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~

Artwork by Lyn Stone

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Everything is in transition… including Holidays

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States and the first thing I want to give thanks for is my courage to disengage from all holiday expectations with the freedom to celebrate in a way that brings me Joy and Happiness.

After reading a variety of facebook posts, it became apparent that holidays have a way of trapping us into repetitive, often undesirable, scenarios. We continue traditions that no longer serve us simply because….well….because it’s how it’s always been done. Sometimes there’s a comfort in that, to resurrect the sweet memories of the past. Other times it’s a reenactment of unhealthy behaviors.

Holidays are meant to be a time of celebration. We all celebrate in different ways, culturally, religiously,  ancestrally, familially, and personally. There is no one way to celebrate. So why do we get caught in the same old repetitive ways?

Oft times, it’s a matter of guilt. We’re intent on trying to please other people or afraid if we choose differently, we will hurt the other members of our group. Did it ever occur to you that others may feel the same way? Perhaps no one has the courage to suggest something different. Perhaps that person could be you.

For many years, I loved cooking Thanksgiving dinner and inviting everyone who didn’t have family in the area to join in. One year, I was overwhelmed with other things in my life and being the hostess extraordinaire felt like a responsibility, rather than an act of love. That was the first year I stepped away from tradition and created one of my own, which was much more simplified.

After living in foreign countries where the holidays didn’t alway jive with the ones I’d grown up with and continued to perpetrate, I began to see holidays from a whole new perspective. There were specific things I loved about certain holidays, things that really rang my bells. And there were things I was happy to leave behind.

As a result, I have boiled down those old traditions to their true essence and fine tuned how “I” want to celebrate them…or not. In some instances I totally eliminated holidays. And I don’t hesitate to change a date. If the people I want to spend time with are unavailable on the scheduled holiday. I move the holiday to a more convenient day and time. Who chose these random dates anyway?

I’m not a big proponent of present day Christmas. But I love celebrating the Winter Solstice. So I took all my favorite things from Christmas and created a grand Solstice celebration that feeds my soul. As a result, it’s become my favorite holiday, free of any expectations.

It’s time to realize that everything and everyone is in transition… including the holidays. If you’re waiting for someone to give you permission to transform your holidays into something more satisfying and celebratory… consider it done. I give you permission to do whatever rings your bells and makes your heart whoop! And now I suggest YOU give yourself permission to be your authentic self. By doing so, you give everyone else permission to become their authentic self. That, my friends, is the best gift you can ever give.

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~

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Cosmic Roller Coaster of Time

Image    Many years ago… a handful of us stepped out of our well-entrenched lives of perceived security into a string of Light-emblazoned cars onto the Cosmic Roller Coaster. Once we were all aboard, and strapped in, the Divine chain clicked into place and we began the chug uphill to the top of the highest crest we had ever envisioned.

Oh the view that met our eyes!!! The same view we’ve held in our hearts for eons of time, long forgotten in the hustle bustle of Earthlings. Here it was, pricking our memory banks, spread out before us into infinity. But to our dismay, there was no station at the top of this crest. We were strapped in for the ride and there was no time to get out and saver the moment.

With a whoosh of air, we catapulted downward at the speed of light, leaving our stomachs waylaid behind us…. momentarily touching the earth for an instant before we were tilted to the left, dumped to the right, and spun upside down in a matter of seconds (or was that years, or lifetimes?).

With friends and family left behind, no jobs to support us and home base a distant memory, we often thought we had lost our way. Our well-oiled world no longer held significance. There was no going back. And with our hands in the air, we were out of control. Yikes!!!

There were often rockets ablaze in the star studded sky stringing messages to us from way on high. Other times we tunneled through the murky haze with fog-filled brains and buzzing in our ears. Some stretches were bumpy with a jarring effect. Others smooth as silk brushing sweetly across our cheeks. As time sped up it became a blur, with the kiss of death and the kiss of life all melded into One.

Just when we thought we may have gone crazy, with our minds a jumble and our bodies exhausted beyond recognition, our Light-emblazoned cars pull into Station 2013.

The sky is ablaze with celebrations gone wild. Our Cosmic families, who supported us and cheered us on along the way, await with our well-earned crystalline crowns. We disembark as honored royalty because WE took the chance… WE followed our hearts… and WE endured.

We’ve done it!!! The planetary SHIFT is behind us and The New Golden Era has begun.

As soon as we step onto the platform we realize that we’ve entered a new Matrix. The 3D platform doesn’t exist here. This Matrix of Crystalline Energy is omnipotent, omnisciencent and omnipresent. It doesn’t react in the restricted ways of our old duality. It has it’s own Intelligence. . . the Consciousness of Universal Mind.

What does that mean for those of us still in physical bodies? As you recall, you arrived baggage free. You are a Sovereign being, no longer tethered to the earth. Once you ground into your Heart-Center, your Crystalline program will fully engage. Your Consciousness will expand and your KNOWing will be fully activated. Everything you need to know will be available “in the moment” without the need to ponder it, understand it, or control it. Those were 3D constructs that no longer work here. The best part is that our lives are significantly simplified when we allow everything to stem from our Divine Intelligence, and be fed and nurtured by the eternal Source.

By engaging the innocence and excitement of our childlike wonder, life is effortlessly revealing itself to us with a new expanded Consciousness. Take a moment and breath it all in. Breathe with the breath of the Universe for it is ALL yours as your Divine birthright.

With tears of LOVE and JOY in our eyes we join the celebration as Master Creators who have transcended the Cosmic Roller Coaster of Time with all the accumulated experiences we need to create something stellar and new.

With open arms, we invite everyone to join us in a New World beyond anything humanity has ever known. As a new train of cars pull into the station we begin the chant, “Welcome Home, BeLoveds, Welcome Home!!!”

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

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Grounding the 13th Sacred Ray

Lady of guadalupe
Today is the Feast of Our Lady of Guadeloupe.
How appropriate for it to fall on 12-12-12 for SHE has been holding the energy of Love and Compassion for humanity for eons, sprinkling miracles so that we would not forget this Sacred power that lives within each of us.

On 11-11, the Madonna blew into my consciousness with her instructions for me to ground the 13th Sacred Ray of Unity. This was a completion of the cycle that I initiated in November of 2001, when she instructed me to ground the 12 Sacred Rays. These were the original 12 rays that seeded planet Earth. As the density of the planet decreased (by Divine providence), these high vibrational rays were no longer able to inhabit the planet and only 4 Sacred rays remained. (the four primary races of red, yellow, black and white) At that time, She told me that the planet would not ascend until each of the 12 rays were once again represented on the planet. Per her instructions, I grounded the 12 Sacred rays at an ancient medicine wheel in Sedona and I thought my work was complete.

Chapel in the Rocks11 years later, I was called to return to Sedona to ground the 13th ray of Unity Consciousness, the amalgamated ray of the Black Madonna. On November 28, 2012, the day of the Lunar eclipse, I was guided to the Chapel in the Red Rocks. It was buzzing with activity up there, but the moment I walked into the chapel, everyone disappeared. Alone at the altar in front of the huge floor to ceiling windows looking over the red rocks I was instructed to light 13 red candles. My hand shook with excitement as I passed the flame from one candle to the next. With my task complete, I stood in the center of the windows with my feet firmly rooted, grounding the most AMAZING BLESSINGS I have ever experienced. Tears ran down my face for an eternity as my body was flooded with LOVE and COMPASSION for all of humanity. When I returned to the back of the chapel where my soul sister Sandi was waiting, I threw my arms around her and sobbed for a long time in the arms of the Mother, the Sister, the Child. On the patio in front of the chapel, we were instructed to plant a small garnet crystal, that I’ve been carrying with me since 2001, at the foot of a Madonna statue at an outside fountain. Our work was complete. The ceremony was simple and sweet without the need for long invocations, the usual plethora of accouterments, or a gathering of people. No words were necessary, only a silent open heart.

Sharon and Madonna Beloved resolution 100The only other instructions were to light a 5 day candle when I returned home to connect the energies grounded in Sedona with my 500 year old statue of the Black Madonna. And voila…when I returned home a beautiful cd of “Ave Maria” sung by Kiki Carter Webb was awaiting in my mail box. With her voice wafting through my sacred space, I lit a rose scented candle of Our Lady of Guadalupe to integrate all these amazing energies.

Five days have passed and today, on 12-12-12 I’ve chosen to light successive candle in honor of all that humanity has gone through to come to this point of Ascension. If you so desire, you may choose to listen to Kiki’s version of “Ave Maria” and light a candle with us (on whatever day you are reading this) to share in these blessings.

Blessed BE, my BeLoveds… Love and Compassion has been rooted on this planet ready to sprout into fruition for all of Humanity.

Sharon Lyn Shepard


To listen to “Ave Maria” by Kiki Carter Webb

For more information about my journey with the Black Madonna:

2012 …. the YEAR of ALCHEMY

Happy Solstice ~ Happy New Year!!!!

After an evening of peaceful ceremony, I did my annual Winter Solstice reading for the upcoming year. Sitting in meditation surrounded by a plethora of candles, I always dip into the depth of the womb of darkness to harvest the Wisdom of Sophia.

This year’s Winter Solstice reading brought a delicious smile to my face. Whereas last year’s reading was filled with major arcana, denoting extreme changes, this year was far more gentle. I like to draw upon multiple traditions with my readings and then weave them together with my own internal wisdom. The decks I “play” with include: Native American Sacred Path, Medicine Woman Inner Guidance, Fairies Oracle, Goddess Guidance Oracle, and Angel Cards. So as you can see I’m far from traditional!!!!!

Last year, the Love that flooded the planet stirred the pot. All the dross rose to the top, personally and for our collective humanity. There is much unrest in our world as it’s all bubbling in its Alchemical cauldron. In the ancient tradition of Alchemy, the Alchemist is not able to produce Gold until he or she has been spiritually purified. Only then will the Gold begin to glitter. Well my BeLoveds, over this past year our emotional bodies have been unraveling. We’ve been purifying, and purifying, and purifying. Alas, as the Sacred Alchemists, we are ready to begin the process of manifesting the Gold!!! That’s the year I see before us!

I know it’s a mess out there, and if we continue to buy into fear, it could be a messy year. But if instead, we choose to manifest that Gold, this is the time to do it. Everything has been broken loose, which means there is an abundance of potent energy just awaiting for our direction. It’s no longer business as usual with everything stuck in it’s old structures. There’s free energy floating around saying, “Hey look at me, I’m here for YOU. What’re you going to do with me?” Are you going to try to fix it by forcing it back into place? Or are you willing to be the Adventurer and find new ways to play with this free flowing Sacred energy?

I don’t know what the world will look like for any of us by the end of 2012. And for me, that’s exciting!!!!! It is OUR Responsibly to see beyond the old world of victim“hood” and shake our tresses free to step into the Power of our Oneness. We’ve been prepared to move forward in leaps and bounds beyond anything we’ve ever experienced before. WE hold that magic wand in OUR hands. What I see is a year of Alchemy, a year of Miracles.

Here’s a brief sharing of what I ascertained in my reading, brief because I prefer to give you a few key words to inspire you to dive deeply into your own inner wisdom. That is, after all, what an alchemist does. So you may as well begin that practice now, on the first day of the New Year of Alchemy.

The primary words that came up for me were: Love, Gratitude, Joy, Nurturance, Creativity, Adventure, Expectancy, Prosperity, and Miracles. The Eagle has come forward to give us the bigger picture, to see the Golden Light within the mundane world, and to focus with clarity on that which we desire. The Dolphins are teaching us how to joyfully flow with Life and be more Playful. Mother Mary opens our hearts to the Journey of Love to experience Miracles in our everyday lives and the Goddess Hathor instills us with Beauty and Harmony. We, the Rainbow Tribes will be weaving together in Unity as Soul Families, seeing beyond our old limitations, to share in new opportunities beyond our wildest imagination in infinite JOY.

WooHoo!!! I have never enjoyed such a wonderfully AUSPICIOUS Reading. ~ 2012, the “Year of Alchemy” is ushering in Love, Joy, Creativity and Miracles filled with Adventure and New Opportunities. Continue to follow your *in*tuition and Allow a new life of possibilities to unfold for to YOU! We are the Alchemists of the New Golden Era. What a fabulous time to be alive.

Welcome to the Year of Alchemy!!!!
I present you with your Magic Wand and wish you many Divine Blissings¸¸.☆¨¯♥´

In Love, Joy and Gratitude,
Sharon Lyn Shepard ~

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