Multi-dimensional Resolution


Years ago my daughter and I were deciding where to meet for breakfast. After offering several choices, she said, “Mom, people don’t like to have so many choices. It confuses them. They like to choose between A or B. That’s enough.” At the time, I thought, “Oh how strange. Why not have lots of choices?”

Looking back on it I realize I’ve always been a multidimensional being, experiencing multiple choices rather than living within the limited constructs of duality’s either/or. I’ve never perceived life choices as right or wrong. I’ve always branched out to consider…. if this isn’t working for me, how about trying something different? From my perspective, there are always more choices.

Somewhere along the line, I realized she’s right. Too many choices often confuse people. The human mind will instantaneously engage each choice in a separate gerbil wheel without the ability to connect them or settle upon one in particular, thus creating a three ring circus within themselves without resolution. Humans are accustomed to living concrete lives with one right answer, one right belief or one right approach. Everything else is considered wrong. But I have to ask, “Right for who?” What’s right for you may not be right for me. That’s when my mind jumps to choice C, perhaps a compromise or something completely out of the box.

Although I have been living multidimensionally to a large degree, I have also been living linearly. I usually consider the multiple choices and put them in a linear sequence. Although that has been working well for me most of my life, something has changed. We are no longer living in the energies of a 3d linear duality. Planet earth has moved into a new space in the universe where the foundational energies have expanded into a quantum field of reality. Linear time/space is no longer being supported in the way it had been.

What’s Different?
Instead of stacking things in a linear sequence, I realize I am the center of my energy field with infinite potentials floating around me. Once I make a choice, all the resonating potentials and supportive energies gravitate toward that particular choice like a magnet. Voila! All is in divine order and I simply need to be present in the here and now to step into it.

Unless . . .
the mind short-circuits it by attempting to make sense of it all. The human mind, with probability as the operative, has never been programed to function efficiently in a quantum field of infinite possibilities rather than a predetermined probability.

When I first became conscious of living in the quantum field, my mind was so confused I lost my ability to make any choices. I was no longer logged into the rational mind, nor was I proficient at “allowing” and “trusting” the gravity of my own innate knowing. Therefore I muddled both processes which left me in no man’s land. During this period of time I have never felt so lost in the drift of life and yet life continued to carry me forward of its own accord.

Finally . . .
by practicing a newly minted perception, I’m able to catch myself and withdraw whenever something’s not working. That brief pause is enough to break my mind free of the old programing, giving it ample space for my innate gravity to draw what it needs to me. Sometimes a pause with a deep breath is enough. Other times I need to divert my attention to something that feeds my soul, like a little sky gazing or a walk in nature, before I return to the original project having given it ample space to reorganize itself. There’s a reason we call this being “spacey”, because our mind goes blank, making space for more of who we are to be present. When I sit gazing into nature, it often feels like there’s another being inside me enjoying the sensuality of living on this planet. This is my multidimensional creator being, present with me in the here and now.

Our whole world is a changin’. . .
The frequency of our planet has expanded to include new bandwidths. We are becoming multi-dimensional humans, no longer living as solo instruments. We’re being introduced to a whole orchestra of percussion, woodwinds, strings, and horns. We are becoming the conductors of infinite choices. At times we may feel unprepared for this shift in consciousness,confused by so many choices or feeling like victims without any choices at all. And yet, at the very core of each of us, there is an innate harmony that brings it all to resolution if we allow it to find it’s own way rather than force our human mental agendas upon it. There is new music in the omniverse and we are the expressions of it.

This, my friends, is what we’ve always called magic or miracles. When in reality, this is the organic way of life throughout the omniverse. We’ve just gotten a little side tracked along our limited path of humanness. As we realign with the core of our divinity, infinite new creative potentials continually appear. The more our consciousness expands the more multi-dimensional resolution, magic and miracles will abound!!!

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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Retracting the Veils of Avalon


Our entire solar system has moved into a new mystical space in the omniverse. I call it mystical because the old logical patterns of life are no longer sustainable and the new way of being often feels unreal or mystical to us. And yet, this new way of being is our innate way of being.

Because the old world structures are breaking down with such rapidity humanity has become caught in the chaos as they attempt to hold onto the old way of being. It has has become increasingly difficult for those of us who are empathetic and sensitive to energies to live in this world. As a result many of us have withdrawn from the mainstream into our inner sanctum to live a life that’s more aligned with who we know ourselves to be.

For many spiritual people our inner sanctum can be likened to Avalon, our personal place of mysticism, protected from the outer world. The more time we spend here, the more mystical it becomes and the more disjointed the mainstream feels to us.

These are some of the things I’m experiencing in my Inner Isle of Avalon:

~ As the gateway between worlds, it allows me to consciously choose from a multitude of potentials with divine timing rather than linear progression.

~ Time is no longer linear, it responds to my present way of being. If I feel crunched for time because I’m in my logical mind attempting to reconcile the past with the future, time speeds up. If I’m in the present moment, time becomes irrelevant.

~ Dreamtime has become very lucid and interactive, blending into my everyday life.

~ Logic has its place but it’s no longer running the show. The magick and wisdom of Merlin is guiding my every moment as long as I’m not distracted and I allow it to be so.

~ Avalon is the stronghold of the Elementals and the Fae… teaching me how to live, flow and create “with” nature. Joy and playfulness is prevalent here because life was never meant to be hard. Life is meant to be lived in beauty, song and dance.

~ In this sanctuary of the feminine, as the guardian of the sacred grail of pure love compassion and forgiveness, the alchemy of Love is ever present.

~ As the birthplace of the Knights of the Roundtable, established to govern “with” the people, Avalon holds the blueprint for right governance based on principles of mutual respect, equal representation and the blending of magical and sacred values with the secular in a happy, harmonious and productive marriage of heaven and earth.

avalon-mists~ In Celtic lore, Avalon is the entrance to the Underworld where hidden realities become visible. The Sword of Excalibur cuts through to the eternal Truth, thus we are remembering our ancient Knowing embodied within our cells and the crystalline core of Gaia. We all have the opportunity to withdraw the Sword of Excalibur and cut through the mists of amnesia. All it takes is a pure heart.

Our inner Sanctuary of Avalon is the embodiment of the Vesica Pisces, with Avalon acting as the integration of the two overlapping circles of heaven and earth. By having a foot in both worlds, we have been co-creating new realities in conjunction with Gaia with the natural flow of the Laws of the Universe. When we venture out into the mainstream world our expanded energy field effects everything and everyone who comes in contact with us. In this way we are awakening humanity to a new way of life.

On the days when we’re feeling disconnected from reality, walking around in what feels like a fog, it’s because we’ve stepped out of the old matrix and have yet to acclimate to living full time in the new realities we’re creating. During these times the veils of Avalon are disengaging us from old patterning. It’s important to remain grounded in our inner sanctum and surrender to the infinite wisdom that is directing our every action.

At the moment the veils of Avalon are in service to us as we are co-creating a new reality for all of humanity to step into when they are ready to awaken. Know that we are approaching the time when the veils of Avalon will be permanently retracted and the revelations of a New Earth will be revealed to all. Until then trust and savor this sacred process for we will never come this way again. Engage in the magic that presents itself, for you are the Merlin of your own reality.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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