Who are the Wisdom Keepers?


There is a question that continues to cycle back around to me and until recently I was unable to resolve it. That question is: How does the Ancient Wisdom fit into humanity’s shift in consciousness?

I have recently watched, the movie series “Time of the Sixth Sun”, the feature movie along with all it’s 8 additional episodes. This movie has done an extraordinary job of interviewing Wisdom Keepers from all over the world from different cultures, with different perceptions, and different practices.

Over the years, I have had the benefit and honor of spending time with quite a few of the shaman and teachers in this movie, as well as others who remain nameless. I have interacted with their ceremonies, listened to their teachings, spent time on their land, and been blessed by them. Each one has added to my foundation of Wisdom.

And yet, after all these experiences, it has never felt like it was enough for me. So often I feel I have gone beyond the ancient teachings and practices because they are too limiting for me.

So Who are the Wisdom Keepers?
And what part are they playing in humanity’s shift in consciousness?
After watching this film I have come to this conclusion.

We are all Wisdom keepers.
It matters not what race, culture, or age we are. What matters is how conscious we are. What matters is that we remember who we truly are as the Divine.

I sense the Indigenous Tribal Elders have been passing down the wisdom and traditions of the Ancient Ones from the beginning of time. It has been their job to hold our foundation in place until humanity is ready to go beyond it. Through their strength, courage, and dedication they have managed to maintain their connection between earth and the Great Spirit. They recognize the importance and honor “all relations” which include all sentient beings including the animals, plants, and the earth herself. They honor the balance of the elements of fire, earth, air and water, knowing as humans we need these elements to survive. They honor each person, treat them with kindness, and support their growth and expansion. This is basic foundational Wisdom.

The ancient prophecies predict the shift in consciousness we are currently experiencing. Although this foundational wisdom is vitally important, wisdom is not static. We are constantly accumulating more wisdom. With each experience, our soul is distilling our experience into wisdom beyond the stories we, as humans, tell ourselves. Therefore, the wisdom we have to draw upon is constantly growing and expanding as individuals as well as a collective.

Once we become consciousness enough to remember Who we truly Are, we are operating from the foundational wisdom as well as our own personal wisdom. For are we not all unique sovereign beings in our own right?

I have met elders as well as children that I consider to be Wisdom Keepers. I have leaned from the many. Whereas, elders have the advantage of having a multitude of experiences to draw upon for their wisdom. Children carry the innocence of wisdom without having been indoctrinated into the limitations of society. As they say, “Out of the mouth of babes”.

As many of you have noticed our youthful generation is expressing their wisdom through new innovations to assist in cleaning up the mess humanity has made of our planet. For if humanity continues on its current path there will be nothing left for them. Survival has a way of waking people up to realize their own Divinity and their own Wisdom. I pray this awakening does not include more suffering.

I give thanks to all the Wisdom Keepers, the indigenous peoples, the elders, the children, and you and I, all of whom are in service to humanity and the earth, each in our own unique way.

For more information about the movie “Time of the Sixth Sun”

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“Wisdom of the Inner Voice”

Gratitude to the producers of “Time of the Sixth Sun”

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Dissolution of Creation


After having already released so much in my life, I am often surprised at what continues to reveal itself in need of letting go. I have let go of homes, people, careers, things, habits, beliefs, old stories, and most importantly old emotional wounds.

Like so many of us, this became an unceasing project of inner work. After years I grew tired of working at it. I realized there must be a more simple way. As a result, I have ceased making my “self” a project and chosen to live life in the present moment as it presents itself. I am delighted to say my life has become much more simple, enjoyable, and free flowing because of the inner work I have done. But more so ,because of my change in perception. Bravo to me and to all of us who are beginning to experience life in a whole new way.

And yet, there are moments when I get one of those palm head slaps of recognition for something formerly unnoticed that creeps in and temporarily throws me off kilter. Often a few deep breaths and I’m back in the flow. Other times the gerbil wheel spins for a few days before I’m able to jump off into the awareness of infinite potentials once again.

I have recently been editing a book I wrote 10 years ago. It’s been sitting in the wings waiting to be published but the impetus to do so has not spurred me to do so. Partly because I wasn’t ready to go public with it, nor did I feel like the world was ready to receive it.

I have thoroughly enjoyed re-reading the words I wrote so many years ago. This book is the story of my journey of awakening via my relationship with the Black Madonna. Most people do not realize the Black Madonna is actually the Womb of Creation. She who reveals herself in so many different aspects such as Mother Mary, Magdalyn, Quan Yin, Isis, Hathor, Gaia, and most importantly Kali (not the most sought after of her aspects).

I have come to revere Kali as one of her most important aspects because she has taught me the most significant lesson about creation. I have finally come to realize the natural flow of life is a constant cycle of birth, dissolution, and rebirth. When we attempt to hold onto to people, things, beliefs, stories, or our old way of being we are stunting the flow of creation. This is what creates the disease and trauma in our lives. Stunted creation!

Nothing is meant to be static. Life continues to flow in constant change, evolution, and creation. Life is continually creating and dissolving.

With this new awareness it allows everything to be new in every moment!!!

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“Wisdom of the Inner Voice”
gratitude for the photo by Louise Klein

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The Healing of Humanity amidst the Chaos


Humanity has had enough!!! We are no longer willing to live in oppression. We are awakening to the greatness of who we are, no longer willing to accept anything less.

We are in epic times. Duality has served its purpose. It’s no longer about what is right and what is wrong, who is right and who is wrong. It’s about how great all of us are, each of us individually and as a collective group of human beings.

The Indigenous people realize this. They have taken a stand at Standing Rock, North Dakota. Although the outpicturing of this is about stopping a pipeline and protecting the water. There is something much grander happening here, something much deeper.

If you only look at the photos streaming through the media, on the surface it appears to be “us” versus “them”. The Natives against the pipeline. What I really see is a return to the greatness of who we are. The Native tribes have gathered in unity. Tribes that at one time were at war with each other. In the past they have been warriors, painted in war paint, protecting their own.

Today they have all come together, once again as warriors, protecting their own. This time what they are protecting is OUR own. That which belongs to all of us, that which we ALL need to survive. . . clean water, clean air, and the fertile earth to grow food.

They are no longer using weapons of destruction. They are using that which has always been at the base of their teachings. They are using Prayer. They are praying for ALL of us. They stand in prayer face to face with soldiers armed with violent weapons. They are praying for Peace.They are praying for the prosperity for all of us. For without the purity of our natural elements we all die.

The Indigenous people all over the world know this. They have preserved these teaching over the centuries, even as we’ve continued to push them off their land. They have come forth to share their teachings for the preservation of the land. More importantly for the preservation of humanity. You see, although the earth will survive no matter what we as humans do. Humanity will not survive if we continue to rape her of the natural elements that our physical bodies need in order to thrive and prosper.

Not only is this a time of awakening. This is a time of healing, for the earth and all of humanity. The indigenous tribes have come together healing their ancestral battles against one another. Healing their anger at the white man who has stripped them of their land and their dignity. And they have invited all of us to join them. In response 500 clergy members prayed along the banks of North Dakota’s Cannonball River with the Standing Rock Sioux Nation in an historic show of interfaith solidarity.  

We have entered the Age of Unity. That does not mean we become one homogenized society. It means we honor the uniqueness in each and every one of us. It means we heal all the ancestral wounds that have kept us from loving one another. It means we celebrate the greatness of humanity, the greatness of who we are. This is true in our personal lives as well as the collective humankind.

We have gone beyond the old world of duality. We will not survive long if we continue judging and pitting “us” against “them”. We can continue to war, fighting battles, protesting what’s wrong in the world, pointing fingers at who done what to who.

Or we can do as Michelle Obama says, “When others go low, we go high.” As the media continues to pit us against one another, the Indigenous people all around the world are rising up in prayer with forgiveness and peace in their hearts. Will you join them?

Are you willing to rise above the drama and chaos and see the truth of who we are? Are you willing to celebrate the Greatness of humanity as brothers and sisters on a planet that offers abundance and prosperity for all of us? This is what is being offered to each and every one of us. This is the healing of humanity that is taking place with the realization that we are all in this together.

This morning I awoke with this song wafting through my consciousness: “This land is my land, this land is your land. . .” May we join in Peace and Prosperity.
~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

.  .  .
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Humanity’s Gift to the Universe


This morning I awoke in a new time/space reality. I could feel it before I opened my eyes. For a while I lingered here, feeling into it, savoring it, least it disappear once I set my feet on the ground. Everything feels much clearer with a silky quality to it. The rubble of thoughts are held at bay, or have they disappeared altogether. Perhaps some of both. In their place is a sweet contentment.

When I open my eyes the old world feels dense in comparison, not as thick and heavy as the discrepancy between dreamtime and awake time as I used to feel. Simply more dense than where I am now. The tonal qualities I’m hearing are very different than I’m accustomed. It’s not unusual for me to hear tones. However, at the moment it sounds like a retuning, much like when I retune my harp strings, until each note settles into its new vibration.

When I look around the room my eyes, and consciousness, are acting much like a camera. They telephoto in on something, such as a bouquet of flowers and see all the layers and components of it as long as I’m focused on it. I see/feel the vibration/life of each flower, the color, scent, vibrancy, its song, potentials of its growth, how it unfolded (the past/present in the now). I feel the interaction and appreciation of one flower in the bouquet to another. When I withdraw my attention from it, I can tell I’ve changed what I was focused upon simply by my having given it my attention. In this case it was my appreciation and wonderment. As an experiment I changed my feelings to ho-hum and it diminished, still there but not as palpable.

Then I shifted my attention to the nature outside my window. I’m able to observe the tree’s reaction to the first rays of the golden sun. I’m experiencing how the elementals interact, how they find a new balance with each other moment by moment. No wonder I always find myself staring out into nature. Look at what I’ve been comprehending without even know it. I’ve always known nature has much to teach us, but I did not realize the teaching was this subtle. The longer I observe the more my heart is opening. I can feel the effect we (nature and I) have on each other. It is not just my observation that changes the energy, I am also being changed. This is done simply by my conscious observation of it. I can actually feel the vibration changing. This brings tears to my eyes. This feels like our Home vibration with an expanded consciousness/understanding we never had available to us until now.

It’s important to be conscious of where I place my attention or this could become overwhelming. This is taking a unique quality of concentration at the moment to hone this skill. I’m told the more I practice this and the more conscious I am with it, the more quickly this will become my norm. This is a marvelous manifestation refinement simply because we can see it in action and make adjustments in the moment.

I find this interesting because in 3d we originally slowed the vibration down so we could understand how things manifest. Now that we’ve done that, as everything speeds back up we’re able to realize what we’re experiencing with new awareness. When the vibration was slow our consciousness was so slow we were not able to realize it. It was our experience of it in conjunction with our expanded consciousness that has now given us that ability. An ability we could not have had if we had not lived in the density. I have a new appreciation for 3d/density. And I can see how easily we got stuck in it. I also see how the planet/humanity is being effected by the floods of photons we’re experiencing right now as our solar system is traveling through new areas of the universe, without which I don’t think we would have been capable of awakening. It is this Light and the amplification of Love by humans like you and I that has made this possible. How amazing as I sit here watching it AND changing it by my simple awareness of it. I have tears flowing in appreciation with intense waves of gratitude flowing simultaneously between me and the universe. This is Bliss.

I now understand that if I do nothing more that stare out into the forest with nothing more than appreciation for what is, no matter what that might be, I am changing the world, changing the universe. God created us in his/her image to know itself. Yes indeedy !!!

This is the Self realization we’ve all been seeking, that psychology nor science will never attain through the mind. It is the purity of nature and our ability to be fully human that holds all the cards in this game called Life. It is our willingness to go deep and expand simultaneously that expands consciousness.

We are the Master Creators of this Universe! And we’re doing it in all humbleness from our heart’s desire to become more, experience more and know more of ourselves in each present moment, just as God created us as him/her self. Manipulation and control has no place in the New Earth. They were 3d concepts we utilized as learning tools which we can now put to rest.

We have graduated to a new way of BEing with Life. We are creating anew. Our expanded consciousness is creating from the heart with the pulse of Love. We have far exceeded our expectations when we first set out on this journey eons ago. Look how far we’ve come! And look where we stand now as Master Creators embarking upon a New Age of infinite Well-Being, prepared to thrive in ways we never thought possible, ready to create beyond our wildest dreams.

No wonder humanity is being held in rapture by beings from all over the Universe!! Don’t take your humanity for granted it is the most Divine Gift ever created. YOU are that Gift!
~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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God and Goddess ~ Stepping into New Roles

af3b20_e7b8a2dc80ec499bb8a9eaa6d5a4d30b.jpg_srz_400_300_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzWith this September Equinox, sandwiched between two eclipses, the God and Goddess are stepping into New Roles.

The first eclipse, a solar eclipse, is in the sign of Virgo which is the sacred domain of the Goddess. There has been much talk about the return of the Goddess recently. How she has been wounded, trampled upon and disempowered. How we need to dig deeply into the shadows to heal her wounds. But the wounds that are spoken of are human wounds that have been taken on in the name of the goddess. They are not wounds of the Goddess. For the Goddess is pure Love and Compassion. The Goddess does not suffer. She does not bear wounds. It is only the perception of humanity that attempts to fling them upon her.

During this initial eclipse the Moon Goddess kisses the face of the Sun God in a blessing of healing for all of humanity. For those who feel old wounds arising, the Goddess asks that you turn them over to Her for healing rather than taking it upon yourselves to do so, for your mind is not capable of forgiveness. It is the heart of the Goddess that forgives and She always stands ready to heal with her infinite love and compassion to open our hearts. Only then can humanity move forward in its sacred quest to reinitiate balance in our lives, individually and for the whole of the planet.

With the approaching Equinox, the Solar King and the Moon Goddess are joining their energies in the sacred marriage of Hieros Gamos. In ancient times each kingdom was ruled by this sacred marriage for the good of the people. The king was the leader and protector of the people, and the queen the goddess in alliance with the earth who ensured the fertility and abundance of the land and the people.

Since then, the quest for power has usurped the balance of earth. We no longer have a king as the protector of the people and a queen who honors the fertility of the earth. We have turned our backs upon the blessings of earth, driven to survive through personal toil and suffering.

With this Equinox the God and Goddess are stepping into new roles, offering us the opportunity to initiate balance and sovereignty once again. We are being called to honor the Sacred masculine and Sacred Feminine within each of us, and with each other. We are being called to honor our Mother Earth in a renewed relationship with all the Elementals in sisterhood and brotherhood with all sentient beings, thus opening the infinite flow of abundance without the need to gain power over one another to survive.

With the second eclipse, the earth is being embraced as the Holy Child between the the Sun God in Libra holding the balance and the Moon Goddess in Aries, giving birth to a new race of enlightened beings equal in stature to one another.

In addition, our solar system has entered a stream of gamma rays flooding us with the benevolence of the Universe. We are being bathed by an abundance of crystalline light from the cosmos as Blessings of Grace for all sentient beings. It is through this Christed Light that Divine Love is being restored within the hearts of each of us. These gamma rays are increasing the vibration of the planet to activate our dormant DNA, expand our consciousness, and awaken us to All-That-Is.

Alas!! As children of the New Earth, new playgrounds await. Our passions abound and our joyous manifestations are imbued with divine wisdom. ‘Tis a majestic earth that gives so selflessly. It is with love and gratitude that I honor her. And I bow to the royal God and Goddess within each of us for stepping into our new roles in unity with Source.

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~

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Thriving in the Secret Garden . . . Free of the old Matrix

the-secret-garden-posterA multitude of civilizations have collapsed throughout the history of this planet. Each time humanity has outgrown the old and awakened to a new paradigm, the hangers-on always attempted to hold the old matrix in place until it eventually imploded from the inside out, leaving grave wounds.

Does that sound familiar?
Isn’t that what’s currently stirring again in this lifetime?
Isn’t that what we are doing individually and collectively?

BUT… there is a huge difference with our present day Renaissance. This time WE are expanding our Consciousness and awakening in Love. WE are no longer putting bandaids on what is no longer working, or masking the symptoms. WE are taking responsibility for all of our actions and healing the core wound, which originated from the separation from our true Source. Rather than allowing the old matrix to implode upon itself, we are clearing the old matrix by the simple act of healing our own personal energy fields with Love and Compassion, no longer leaving a toxic trail in our wake.

WE are not choosing to fight the status quo. WE have chosen to create WITH the Divine, rather than allow the arrogance of our human mind to “attempt” to overpower the organic nature of life. WE have already tilled the fields and planted new seeds in the soil of Love. And the fruits of our joyous labour are beginning to burst forth.

‘Tis true that not everyone has noticed our new Gardens of Eden. But once they realize the old matrix is no longer supporting them because it has already decomposed to become the compost for the new Gardens, there will a clamoring for the delicious Fruits of Love and Joy.

WE have done something that has never been done before, my BeLoveds. WE have unlocked the gates to the Secret Garden. That which has been hidden is now being seen through the eyes of the many rather than the few. WE are free of the old matrix. WE have created a New Earth, sourced and nurtured with Love and Joy. WE are thriving in the Secret Garden where Magic, Hope and Love grows. Keep tilling, keep planting!!! The invitations have gone out and the OPEN sign is swinging with the gentle breath of the wind.

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~

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How often are you Inter~fearing?

10291851_10203822411786831_6280580730400421250_nThere are infinite ways in which we interfere with the gracious flow of life. We do it in our personal lives. We do it with our friends and family. We do it with nature. And most often, we do it with our physical bodies.

The Universe only knows benevolence, so life is ALWAYS flowing in hot pursuit to maintain Well~being. Meanwhile, we are constantly throwing everything out of balance with our arrogant beliefs that we know better.

Nature has an innate way of rebalancing itself. Humanity seems to think it can overpower the elements of earth that have created us. But with each action there is a natural reaction to maintain balance that is beyond our control. Rather than learning to live “with” nature as the indigenous people do, we continue to inter~fear in an attempt to create a false sense of security. Meanwhile, the weather has gone berserk, earthquakes are increasing and homes are slipping into the sea in response to our inter~fear~ance. Once we stop wasting our energy attempting to control life, all of our energy will be free to create in new and exciting ways.

The balance of our physical bodies is constantly obstructed with the latest trendy diets, super foods, supplements, and medications. Don’t get me wrong I’m fully on board for eating healthy to support my Well~BEing. But I’ve learned to trust my body, rather than fear it. I don’t fear that it will get ill. I don’t fear that it will get fat. Nor do I fear that it will grow old and decrepit. Yes, my body will age, but my body has no desire to suffer. My body lives in grace because I love my body, respond to its simple requests and I trust my body’s intelligence to do what it knows best without my inter~fear~ance.

We even disrupt the perfection of our innate Spiritual essence with the latest new age gizmos, rituals, prescribed practices and human machinations. There is no doubt we are in the times of high transition. We are being flooded with super charged flows of energy. But we put these processes in place “before” we incarnated. What makes us think we need to tinker with the flow of our Divine Intelligence?

These transitional energies can feel intense at times, but suffering is optional and only arises from our personal resistance. Instead of inter~fearing with the process and stirring up resistance (i.e. lack of trust), why not soothe the body in gentle ways to remain fully open and receiving. Deep breathing opens those cranky spaces that aren’t used to energy flowing through them. Quieting the mind with a few minutes of simple meditation will free those rebellious thoughts to fly on unattended. Or a quick cat nap is often all it takes to disengage the old patterns and foster a gentle expansion of consciousness with ease and grace.

Life is sweet and its expansive flow is our creative playground. Once we realize that, we’ll be able to find a new sense of balance with all that is and put fear to rest. Then we’ll never feel the need to inter~fear again.

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard~

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Are YOU a Perennial or an Annual?


Spring is in the air in the Northern Hemisphere. The ground is thawing. Tiny green shoots are poking their heads through the moist earth in search of sun. Rivulets of due are trickling across the vibrant green of unfolding leaves. And the dawn of birdsong has returned.

In the Southern Hemisphere, the sun is setting earlier. The days are cooler. Tree sap is beginning to pull itself deeper into it’s roots. And the last hurrah of vibrant color is preparing to erupt in the branches of the trees, before the leaves flutter to the ground and settle into the earth’s quiet in-breath.

The equinox always brings to mind the death and rebirth of nature.

Have you ever noticed the way of perennial plants?
They each have their own pattern, their own rhythm, their own season. The equinox is their time of transition. During their dormancy, you may not even know they exist until they poke their pointed little noses above the ground through the layers of dirt and leaves in search of light. They don’t fight with the leaves. They don’t try to talk them out of their way. They don’t send someone ahead with rakes to smooth the path. They simply mind their own business and continue reaching for the light, until they break though the upper crust of the earth.

As the weather warms and the gentle rains nurture them, sparks of color appears. One by one, the petals unfold into glorious beauties of nature dancing in the breeze and wafting their fragrance without concern as to who takes notice of them. Some bloom in the early spring. Others pace themselves, bursting forth in mid-summer or presenting themselves as the last remnants of color in Autumn. When their season draws to a close, they shake their leaves loose and add to the mulch that covers their roots. The stem turns brown and its energy retreats into the warm core of its heart in sweet repose, while the chill of winter blankets the earth.

Like the perennials, we each have a unique Divine blueprint, each with our own distinctive color, often standing out amidst the colors of everyone else. Within our own personal seasons, we know when to sprout, when to spread our petals to send a sensuous fragrance into the air and when to retreat. We coded it all into our hearts eons ago. Some of these codes have laid dormant through a long winter of darkness. But the New Crystalline Light has warmed our hearts and melted the walls that have encased them. Alas, the codes are quickening, to expand our awareness and activate our newly awakened DNA.

Blossoms beyond anything we’ve ever seen before are stirring below the surface. The only fertilizer we’ll ever need is our Love and Passion for the bountiful beauty.
Our only job is to allow these new sprouts to poke their heads through the overlying debris. There is no need to fight the old. Quite frankly, it doesn’t know how to fight back. It can only respond to our machinations. If we keep our focus on the warm caress of the sun, our sprouts will slip right by the old debris because we’re much more powerful than we realize. And if not distracted by our artificial worries and fears, we will effortlessly rise to meet the sun, bursting forth with wide grins on our faces.

Sometimes, our gardens need an extra boost of color. That’s when we tuck in a few annuals, those seedlings that bloom in vibrant color all summer long until the first crystalline frost wilts their petals for the very last time. They are short-lived, but the spurts of joy and beauty they offer are greatly appreciated while their blooms dance in the summer breeze. We often have projects like this. Spurts of Joy fully spent in the moment, knowing they were never meant to be long-lasting.

Sometimes we plant a seed to flare for a few moments in the sun, just for the pure pleasure of it. Other times we plant for longevity….like the perennials that honor their seasons of growth and development.

It’s important to know the difference. When you plant for flare, enjoy it and then let it go, savoring it’s sweet memory without attachment. And when you plant for longevity, honor the dormant seasons with the love and appreciation that add to your expansion, knowing that everything recycles stronger and fuller each season with more vibrant blooms than ever.

So are you a blooming perennial or annual?
Why not be both!!!!

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

Loving Gratitude to our BeLoved Louise Klein for her stunning photo!!!


Germination of your God~Seed

Once upon a time there was a little seed. Oh such a beautiful seed it was! Shaped like a teardrop, with a shinny shell the color of sweet creme butter. For a long time, this seed lived in a mustard colored bowl with fellow seeds all filled with potential. Every day the seeds would talk with each other and chatter about all the wonderful things they would do in the distant future.

Then one day, this little seed was removed from the bowl with a handful of other seeds. Within moments, it was thrust into a damp dark place. Alone and confused, it looked around, but it saw only darkness. It called out for its friends, but no one responded. He was alone, totally alone. Chilled and afraid, he eventually fell asleep.

When he awoke, the sweet pungent scent of earth enveloped him. It was still dark, but the darkness felt like a warm embrace that he had awaited for so long. His shinny shell was vibrating with a primordial humm soothing his very soul. Listening for the source of the music, he found none, so he diverted his attention into himself where he found a tiny spark. The music drew him in, until he began humming along with it. As he did, the spark expanded. When his song took on more timber, the colors changed. Louder and louder he sang. Brighter and brighter his flame grew. Until….his shiny shell cracked wide open!

Oh my, what had he done!!! Water began seeping in from everywhere. There was no escape from it. He began to hear the voices of the others, his former seed friends. They all sounded in distress. He called out, but there was no answer. So he diverted his attention back to his flame. Despite the humidity, it continued to grow brighter, so he continued to sing. One by one he heard his friends joining his song, timidly at first, until the symphony took on a new timber.

Tiny roots snaked down into the earth following the pathways of the water. Oh it felt so good to expand beyond his shell, feeling his way, moment by moment. The song went deeper and deeper with resounding bass notes joining the tonal quality of the roots of grandmother tree, who gave him strength. Then with a boisterous push he used his breath to reach higher, way beyond his known scale to infinite vibrations. And voila’. . . He burst into the sunlight with a glorious vibrato!

The sun was warm on his countenance and for awhile he simply basked in its goodness. Before long, that wasn’t enough. He had a whole new world to explore and that he would. Leaf by leaf he grew taller and proliferated. The sun grew warmer and the dew kept his leaves moist. One morning, as the skies grew pink, a heavenly scent ensconced him. What was the source of this divine radiance? Try as he might, he could not find it.

A brilliant yellow butterfly flitted over and landed on one of his stems. “Tell me my friend, where is this heavenly scent coming from?” he asked.

The butterfly laughed, “‘Tis you my dear friend, ‘tis you. You have the most beautiful flowers in all the garden and it is their scent you smell.”

“Why me?” he asked.

“Because your song is the sweetest,” she answered.

“And why is that?”

“Because, it comes from your heart. Now, my beloved friend, I must be off because all the other flowers in the garden are requesting to be pollinated by you. ‘Tis an honor indeed.” Before the butterfly flew off, she kissed on of his gentle petals and whispered, “Just keep singing, I’ll be back.”

So, my Beloved friends, I ask you:

Do you choose to stay in your hard shells in the clay bowl chatting with all of your friends of the days to come…..

Or, do you choose to dive into the adventure of the darkness of the womb and experience the Germination of your God~seed?

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

Artwork by Louise Klein  http://www.windandwaterdesign.com


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Celebrate the Solstice

Artwork “Floral Princess” by Lemon Ice

Today the sun stands still,
spilling her love and light upon us.
In the northern hemisphere
It’s the longest day of the year
In the south it’s the shortest.
It’s a day to give gratitude,
dance with the fairies
swim with the dolphins
soar with the birds
and soak in the sun.
Celebrate the Solstice!
~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~