Holiday Transitions


Although Christmas is meant to be a time of Joy and Celebration, it can also imprison one in long-standing traditions and expectations. It can conjure the grief and pain from Christmas past. And it can embroil you in adding stress to an already stressful life. All at a time when your body is yearning to snuggle into a cocoon during the darkest season of the year.

I have spent many of the past years trying to “deal with” the mass consciousness of Christmas. Moving from America to Spain for a few years naturally removed me from the frenetic traditions of my own country. Once I returned, I discontinued doing the holiday things I no longer enjoy, albeit feeling guilty for not fulfilling what was expected of me by friends and family. For a few years I fully disengaged from Christmas and replaced it with celebrating Solstice by swathing the window sills with greenery and candlelight.

This year everything has shifted. When I “feel” into the holiday of Christmas I feel JOY! Since I have shed so many layers of my old self, this is a JOY bubbling from within me. I’m totally free of any obligations and no longer engaging with a false perception of holiday joy created by mass consciousness.

I now take every opportunity to Play with the JOY of life!!! This holiday season has me singing and dancing with holiday music, decorating with lots of candles and twinkle lights, eating decadent foods, and celebrating with “special” friends. Many of these friends are my beloved Fae who live in the forest. Their presence continues to remind us of the Joy and Magick of Life.

This is the difference I’m feeling with the holiday season this year.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“Wisdom of the Inner Voice”

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Kindling the Transmogrify of Christmas


Something is stirring deep inside me. I can feel the cycle returning to its origins. I’m feeling the arousal of childhood Joy bubbling up within me.

As a child, I lay wide-eyed in bed with my whole body tingling in anticipation for Christmas morning. I had just attended the midnight candlelight service processing down the isle singing my favorite carols with the junior choir, mesmerized by the flutter of candles and the twinkling lights strung with evergreen swags along the balconies. Whenever I need to draw upon a “feel good” memory, this is it! A frozen moment in time that has carried me through many depressing situations.

As I got older Christmas began to loose its sparkle for me. By the time I was an adult it became a frenetic time of the year burdened by gift buying, decorating and obligatory parties all adding to an already busy schedule as a working wife and mother.

In recent years the commercialism has become almost belligerent, intruding upon our lives before we’ve even hung up our Halloween costumes at the end of October. We’re inundated with tv commercials. Shelves are stocked with holiday paraphernalia and stores are jammed with shoppers banging into each other with their overstuffed carts. For many of us it has gotten to the point that we just want to tuck in and totally withdraw from the holiday.

I lived in rural Spain for a few years where Christmas is free of commercialism. There is no gift giving. They celebrate Christmas Eve with huge family dinners eating, drinking and cajoling for hours before they attend midnight mass. Christmas day is spent quietly, perhaps with a neighborhood paseo. The most enjoyable part of this holiday for me was the week before Christmas meandering through the neighborhood markets strung with lights. Spiced cider warmed over blazing fires was shared along with good cheer as we all shopped for the delectable ingredients for our celebratory meals while musicians entertained us with their unique renditions of carols.

When I returned from Spain I could no longer participate in the American blasphemy. Thus I decided to scratch Christmas off my personal calendar. I fulfilled the few obligatories for my immediate family and tossed the rest.

However, as relieved as I was to put all that hubbub behind me, there was something missing. So I replaced Christmas with the pagan celebration of the Winter Solstice, which resonates much more fully with me.

But this year, something is stirring deep inside me. As I was contemplating Christmases past the cycle of memories goes something like this. Perhaps you can relate?

Childhood: tingling with delight and anticipation
Teenager: disappointment with the loss of illusion
Young adult: frenetic overwhelm in keeping up with the Jones’s
Mid adult: disgust with the commercialism
Mature adult: tuning out as much as possible

And now, in my crone years, I can feel the cycle returning to its origins. I’m feeling the arousal of childhood Joy bubbling up within me saying, “Hey what happened to that ‘feel good’ moment of lying in bed tingling with Joy savoring the candlelight and carols.”

That’s when I realized it’s time to transmogrify Christmas!!!

Funny how that word came to me. It’s not a word I’ve ever used before but it’s the perfect word for what I’m feeling. Transmogrify is defined as: transformation, especially in a surprising or magical manner. What I realized is that it’s time to bring the Joy and Magick back into Christmas!

Thus weeks before it was time to buy my Thanksgiving turkey, I gave my child free reign. I trotted on down to our local Ace Hardware store to buy a shopping bag full of faerie lights and candles. (Woe is me who would never think of doing any Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving) I then walked around my resident forest with a pair of clippers gathering boughs of evergreens and pinecones.

Now the fun begins!!! Swathing windowsills and table tops with greens, faerie lights and candles. . . bells on the door knobs…. all instigated by my fae friends while singing my favorite carols with spiced cider bubbling on the stove.

As I’m writing this, surrounded by my self created Christmas magick, I have a smirky childish grin on my face, delighted to have unfrozen that “feel good” moment in time that has aroused the transmogrify of Christmas present. That moment of wide-eyed wonderment with my whole body tingling in anticipation has been woven into my daily life that will carry way beyond Christmas. The funny thing is, all the commercialism that used to bother me is still present, but I no longer notice it because my focus is elsewhere. It’s no longer bah humbug, it’s Joy to the World!

I have transmogrified Christmas and carried it into my everyday life!! Perhaps you would like to do so too, for life is brimming over with Joy awaiting our recognition.. . and our world is calling out for us to share it with others.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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Christmas and the Magic of Fae


Christmas is the most magical time of the year. The spark of enchantment glows in the eyes of children with the donning of the first strand of lights. Excitement bubbles in their veins, reminiscent of the mystical world of faeries, elves, unicorns and angels.

Music rings in the season with the sugar plum faeries twirling in their yearly dance of delight for being remembered with such fondness by children and adults alike. Our hearts burst open with Joy to the World and Peace on Earth.

Crystalline flakes fall from the sky blanketing the earth in its brilliant spectacle of glitter. Children jump on their sleds careening down hills remembering that they know how to fly, anxious to run back up the hill and do it again. After a few runs, their red noses resemble that of jolly elves full of mischief.

And then on Christmas eve, they’re tucked into their beds anxious to see what kind of magic awaits them under the tree. Gifts hand crafted by elves, delivered by old St. Nicholas with his motley crew of flying reindeer. Do you remember the quickening of your heart beat as bedcovers were tucked under your chin with bubbly anticipation? Even the parents, who bought and wrapped the gifts, stand beside the tree with smiles on their face for the part they played in creating their  magic before turning off the lights.

But once the wrappings are tossed aside and the dinner table cleared, we tuck it all away… the music, the lights, the faeries and the magic. To return to the accustomed drudgery of life in the bleak winter of darkness.

Just like Christmas, as we outgrew childhood, we put the World of Fae aside in favor of what others call reality. In truth, there is no division between these worlds. They are both real and they exist side by side, veiled by nothing more than our own belief. We are the ones who have choosen one over the other.  But…

What if….
We didn’t tuck it all away?

What if….
We allowed the Joy of the Christmas to infiltrate every area of our lives.

What if….
The magic the World of Fae still exists, but we’re just too busy to notice.

What if….
This is the year to step fully into the World of Fae. Not just for the holidays, but to re-engage with it in every area of our lives as a new way of being.

What if…
The magical World of Fae is the bridge to a New Earth of Peace Love and Joy.

I invite you to open your hearts to the most magnificent Christmas ever and expand your mind to the ever present World of Fae.

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~

Artwork by Lyn Stone

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Pre-tend your life into Reality

A person can get overwhelmed with all the “teachings” on how to manifest the life we want. You all know what I’m talking about. The list goes on and on and, it continues to grow. I expect, like me, you’ve tried at least of few of them. Quite frankly, most of them have fallen short of the mark for me. Sometimes they work, other times not. All the effort I put into intention writing, dream boards, rituals, etc often fell flat.

So in my naturally quizzical mind, I looked back over my life to remember some of my best dreams come true, to see how I could replicate the process. Interestingly, they were just that…. dreams, carried in my heart since childhood….the desires I came into this lifetime with, long forgotten in the midst of a materialistic world that drew me into its grip. That’s not to say that some of my dreams didn’t included materialism. But they were not at the root of my desire. They were the result of it.

That led me on a quest to return to the innocence of my childhood, when dreams were common place, before the grownups in my life stepped in to run the show. It was an easy leap for me. The memories of angels, fairies and “imaginary friends” effortlessly danced back into my conscious.

Ah yes… that’s how I did it!!! Just like the grownups always said, I was living in a pretend world. And it worked for me! It was a grand world. It wasn’t until I was taught to judge it as wrong or bad that I gave up dreaming and pretending.

Now that I realize the truth of reality, I no longer judge any world as wrong. The grownups can have theirs and I can have mine. I have the freedom to choose. It was Yeshua who said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” I choose to live in the kingdom of Heaven, here on Earth.

I choose to return to the innocence of my pre-tend world. The definition of “tend” is to look after, to nurture, and to cherish. So when I am pre-tending I am in the beginning phase of creation. I am tending my dream seeds and I am dreaming-in my reality. This is when I’m happiest and maybe that’s what brings my dreams into  reality… my happiness is the manifestation juice.

So I’ve decided it’s really quite simple… pre-tend, pre-tend, pre-tend until it becomes reality. Pre-tend your life into reality!!!!

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

Artwork by Josephine Wall

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Magic of Creation

Nature’s faerie lights . . . . . . . a flash of magic ¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)

It only lasted for a few moments. The brilliant sunlight reflected in the pearlized droplets of early morning rain clinging to the willowy branches outside my window. But that moment of magic was enough to carry me through anything else I might face today.

I could have gone for a cup of tea, jumped into the shower or logged onto facebook. But instead I chose to spend those few precious moments enjoying the Creator’s magical artwork. A moment later, the sun crested the mountains and blazed across the water . . .  and the faerie lights dissolved. One moment in time, savored and embodied.

How many moments of Creation do we allow to pass by without ever noticing. The leaf that just fluttered to the ground in a graceful dance, the geometric weavings of the spider web, the first glorious star of the evening, the sliver of a moon in the afternoon sky.

Busy, yes we’re busy. But I tell you that one moment was enough to nourish me for an entire day. Imagine if I spent two or three moments throughout the day being nurtured by God’s Creation. My cup would be eternally overflowing. I’d have plenty to share. And the busyness . . . well it has a way of taking care of itself when we live in the magic of Creation.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

Celebrate the Solstice

Artwork “Floral Princess” by Lemon Ice

Today the sun stands still,
spilling her love and light upon us.
In the northern hemisphere
It’s the longest day of the year
In the south it’s the shortest.
It’s a day to give gratitude,
dance with the fairies
swim with the dolphins
soar with the birds
and soak in the sun.
Celebrate the Solstice!
~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~