Does anyone use Pencils anymore?

I love my pencils! My whole collection of pencils! The purple one littered with  silver stars. The black one with Halloween pumpkins. The pink one glittering with rainbow faerie dust. The really expensive one shellacked with Japanese rice paper. The one I picked up at the library that reminds me to return my books on time. Even the slick mechanical one that writes with precision. Yes, I love my pencils.

As much as I love my pencils, I also love my computer. I’m one of those people who have a foot in both worlds. I journal most efficiently on my computer because my thoughts stream at lightening speed, far too quickly for handwritten pages. I bless my high school councilor for advising me to take typing classes even though I wasn’t enlisted in the secretarial curriculum. (yes I know that dates me) There’s nothing I enjoy more than journaling with my eyes closed while my fingers fly across the keyboard, journaling while in another realm without the need to search for letters or care about the size of the page. I can write reams of pages without interruption.

But I must say that my creative self wouldn’t survive without a pencil. A pencil to doodle, to keep my mind busy so my spirit can take flight. A pencil to write lyrics to my songs, with that lovely eraser that allows me to alter the harmonics as the music expands.  A pencil to record a burst of scattered thoughts, all those bits of paper that can be thrown in the trash after they’ve been attended to. A pencil to make quick notes while reading a book. A pencil… get the idea 🙂

And we can’t forget my colored pencils, a whole set of watercolor pencils that illuminate a stark world of black and white and bring it to life. These are my soul pencils, the ones that tell the stories of what’s transpiring in the moment from the stuff that makes up the milky way, the stuff that’s beyond words. You know what I’m talking about. You just can’t put that stuff in words. It’s got it’s own vibration and it’s own flow. Of course an artist does the same thing with a brush. But I’m partial to my pencils because they create containers and borders. And when I eventually brush them with water, it’s like spirit flows in filling the chalice until it overflows and everything springs to life.

Pencils have a way of slowing me down with an askance to pause for just a moment. In the midst of a chaotic day they center me in the present moment. Pencils invite simplicity and contemplation into my life, something that’s sorely missing in today’s world of technology. I also enjoy sharpening them by hand, caressing them with each turn of the wrist, watching the point gradually re-emerge, just as my Soul continues to emerge. Yes, I love my pencils.

So I ask, does anyone still use pencils? Evidently so, because they still sell them in the stores. And I for one love shopping for pencils!!

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

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Reflections of a Wise Old Crone

I have never been good at memorizing things. Consequently spelling, multiplication tables and foreign languages have slid by the wayside. Those areas of my life took maximum effort and offered minimal results.

Medical school was the epitomy of a super challenge for me!!! Memorizing the pulsing human body in Latin, a dead foreign language. Yet, whenever someone had a question about anything, I have always been the “go to” person. I could explain in common lingo what the professors were spouting off in their scientific language scribbling across the blackboard. I remember failing a significant final exam, which would determine whether I could complete my physical therapy degree or not. The head of the department called me into his office stupefied. He was amazed that I could fail such a test when I had all the answers in class. I simply told him I’m a poor test taker. So he gave me the exam verbally and I answered 100 percent of the questions correctly. How blessed I was by this gentle understanding man who allowed me to verbally retake the failed exam. Without his assistance I would have never graduated and facilitated the healing of thousands of people.

In my later years I realized that I learn by association. For instance I grew up on the East Coast, so I remembered that the ocean is East. Although this served me well, after I moved to the West Coast, I had to re-associate my self to East and West. Even though I’ve lived on the West Coast for longer than I have the East Coast, I occasionally pause when I refer to directions. But I’ve learned that every pause in life has it’s own gift.

Another example is music. I was first chair flutist all through high school, but I never learned to read music. I knew which fingering was associated with note on which line. That was it….and no one ever knew that I couldn’t read music. Today I play the harp and compose my own music. I still don’t read music, but I have perfect pitch and I can play the music that flows through my heart. I know that the red strings are C and the blue strings are F and I can count off all the rest in between for anyone who asks what chord I’m playing. Quite simple really!!!

This morning it occurred to me how well this way of living has served me. Oh my school teachers would never agree, but I don’t think anyone ever taught them how we, as humans learn. We are a varied lot of beings. We weren’t delivered to this planet in boxes. Some of our brains are wired to memorize and it serves them very well. Others of us learn in entirely different ways.

I’ve never been content to absorb what others tell me as fact. I learn by experience and the more I experience, the more life changes, so must we. So where are the facts? Even the facts of science have changed over the years.

Was I a rebellious child? No, I simply lived a more expanded life, hovering around the edges of those who were rooted in their own personal facts. I pushed the limits. I wanted to see beyond because I’ve always known there is a beyond. I’ve never believed in black and white, I’ve always lived in full color, with a multitude of options. My daughter used to say, “Mom, you give me too many options. It confuses me.” She’s become an excellent accountant. Her brain is wired perfectly for this and it’s her gift to the world. We all have our own gifts to contribute and it’s what makes our world whole and complete.

As I child, my way of learning felt natural. As an adult in the work world, it felt like an impediment. As a wise old crone, I see it as a gift from the Divine. I live in the moment. I cycle with nature. I’m less ingrained in beliefs with a more fluid understanding of life. I don’t have to defend myself while appreciating the gifts of others.

I can’t replicate anyone else’s music, but I know how to express my own.
That’s more than enough for me.

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard


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The Power of being Unique

I learned an important lesson this week. I’ve always lived from the premise that in order to be a competent human being, I need to be capable of doing everything myself. However, as time continues to speed up, that’s become utterly impossible. I’m doing things with more ease and grace then ever before. But at the same time, things are showing up on my doorstep like leaves gathering in the fall and I can’t sweep them up fast enough.

I’m a fiery Aries on the cusp of Pisces who’s operating with an expanded vision fueled with Jupiter in Pisces. I’m adept at seeing the spark of something new and grabbing it out of the Universe with ease and grace. If you look closely you can see my heart full of potentials!!!! It’s absolutely overflowing!!! … and, if I’m not careful, my mind will do the same. So I sift through all the potentials, choose the ones that stimulate my Joy and allow the others to lie dormant for another time.

Well my BeLoveds, times are a-changing and some of these potentials need to see the light of day and brought into reality if we want to CELEBRATE this transition.

We’re stepping into a sacred time of co-ordination, co-operation and co-creation.
I’m not prepared to be the be-all, do-all manifestor for all these sparks of potential. However, I can share my expanded vision with those who have the powerful breath and desire to fan the flames and give birth to those that stimulate their innate Joy.

We are all aspects of the same Source, therefore there is a common thread of Oneness that runs through all of us and yet… we are all unique threads in this ever-evolving tapestry of Love and Joy. We’ve all brought powerful unique gifts of the heart into this lifetime.

Not everyone is a natural visionary or dreamer, as I am. Some of us are fabulous at grounding, nurturing, organizing, and trumpeting these sparks. Like the silk worm, we’ve been spinning our golden threads, perfecting the power of our uniqueness. Now that we’ve spun off the dross and gone through the eye of the needle, it’s time to step into our brilliant genius and begin weaving.

It’s time to open our awareness and recognize all the colors of threads in the hands of others to bring the tapestry of the New Earth into manifest reality. That won’t happen alone, it requires ALL of us. It was intentionally set up that way to bring our unique qualities together into Oneness.

Through necessity, I have ascertained an important lesson. Being “whole” means being “holy” unto my unique self and for you to be “holy” unto your unique self. No one is more important that another, all the holy threads are needed to create Heaven on Earth.

Thus, I shall focus my precious time expanding my vision, which is what I’m wired to do, and spend less time trying to bring everything into manifestation, which is not my forte. In the past, visionaries have been pushed under the rug, but they are needed today more than ever. It’s what I came here to do. It’s what I do best!!! Thus, I shall evermore share my expanded vision to stimulate the innate knowing in others so they can discover what color their thread is or how they would like to weave it into the reality of Heaven on Earth.

So my Beloveds, I encourage you to get you sparkling holy threads ready…it’s time to begin weaving!!!!

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard~

Bless you for sharing. . .
Sharing always adds to the abundance of life for ALL of us ·٠٠••●●♥♥❤

Feeding the Soul

Ah the pleasures of living on planet earth! So many sensual ways of feeding our soul. So many ways to enjoy life…

Surrounded by nature, we are divinely nurtured in every moment. From the songs of the birds to the rustle of the wind. The musk of the forest to the perfume of the rose. The pucker of lemons to sweet juicy cherries. The tickle of the grass on our toes to the ruff bark of the trees. The rainbows of color to the star-studded ebony sky.  All freely given….are you receiving?

The artist who immerses him or herself in all the senses is feeding the soul in a myriad of ways. Paint a picture with all of its beautiful colors and forms. Sculpt a goddess with your bare hands. Sing a song with infinite vibrations and harmonics. Touch someone’s soul with your genuine words. Weave a blanket of warm soft textures. Offer a cup of coffee to warm someone’s heart. Or simply give a child a hug. We are naturally life’s artists, expressing from our hearts, effortlessly feeding our souls. Are you BEing an artist of life?

Our soul is calling out.. “Slow down, experience all the sensous juicy textures of life. Continue feeding me, so I can continue to expand and feed you!”

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

Artwork by Vicente Romero Redondo

Celebrating Success!

Please join me in celebrating a huge success! I’ve just begun selling my very first CD, “Embrace a New World”. My heart pours forth with overflowing gratitude to everyone who has encouraged me to share my music with the world.

If you had told me 10 years ago that I would be recording a CD with harp and vocals I would have raised my eyebrows in disbelief and shrugged it off. A harp was not on my radar screen and I was afraid to let anyone else hear me sing. But the desires of our Soul have a way of niggling their way into our lives in ways we would never expect.

One day a total stranger walked up to me and told me I should be playing the harp. When she placed her harp in my hands the following day, it was as if a missing part of me had returned home. With the harp nestled against my heart, my fingers slid naturally over the strings striking a chord within me that introduced me to a whole new world. I intuitively knew how to play the moment my fingers touched the strings. Like a bard from ancient times, my songs have become the stories of my spiritual evolution ushering me into the deepest parts of my self with a grace and ease that I had never experienced before.
Over the past few years, my friends have encouraged me to share my music but my fear of the recording studio has always held me back. My music is purely intuitive. I’m not musically trained and I’ve never been able to replicate anyone else’s music. In fact, I’ve never been very good at replicating anything because I’ve always been a free spirit.

Eventually my friends won out and I began to practice diligently so I could produce the perfect CD. . . until alas, my Spirit could no longer be contained. Once I finally took the leap into the recording studio I realized life isn’t about attaining perfection. It’s about allowing our love and light to shine in playful community with each other. My quest for success has never been about producing a CD and without the encouragement of my community, there would be no CD. My success has been in finding and living my juicy passion. As a result, we all benefit!

Over the years, this beautiful ancient instrument continues to echo the angelic realms and evoke the mystic voice of the Divine. Perhaps the words of my songs will overlight your personal journey into the depths of your heart. There you will find what lights YOU up and we can all shine more brightly. So, I invite you to bring your spiritual gifts and come play with me! Let’s Embrace A New World and celebrate success together!

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

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Embrace A New World

It feels like my life is at a new set-point, as if I am being given the opportunity to embrace a new world. I don’t know if this has been stimulated by the sequence of the three eclipses, a surprise visit from my daughter, my anticipation of the sunny days of summer in the abundantly overcast Pacific Northwest, or the forthcoming release of my first CD.

The eclipse energies were certainly intense! Over the past month a plethora of old memories surfaced. What I realized, with self amazement, is how differently I am responding to them. Whereas in the past I may have had a knee-jerk reaction to something someone said or I may have overanalyzed it, today I am simply the observer saying “Wow, look at that! That’s not who I am anymore.”

An unexpected visit from my daughter was a bright light that glared into the closet of my past, reminding me of a life that I am no longer living. A life that was jettisoned by people around me rather than my internal navigation system. Mind you, I am not judging how others live, simply observing the changes in me. Living in the forest on an island has slowed my pace of life and given me a new appreciation for nature that has impacted every iota of my life. My body is thriving, my mind is at peace and my heart is open.

The sunny days of summer always enliven my life and that’s a very good thing. However, when I lived in climates with eternal sunshine, I missed the foggy days that encouraged me to dive deeply into the magic of the unknown to co-create with Spirit or snuggle in for a refreshing afternoon nap. Over the years, I’ve learned to appreciate the cycles of nature and find balance within myself so both the sunshine and the fog are bonuses in my life.

Having gone around the block numerous times in oh so many different cultures, I’ve finally found my home within my heart. What a delightful place it is, a playground of music, art and succulent words. I’ve been playing here for the past few years. But when the demo of my first CD was placed in my hands, two hours before my daughter arrived from Houston, something shifted in me. This isn’t about a new career at the age of 60, although that is a feat of its own. It’s about finally opening my heart wide enough to go public with who I am because all the lyrics and music speak directly from my heart to yours, whoever you are. And, I’m no longer afraid to feel or express them. I’ve surrendered the old me to become an open channel of Divine Love that flows through all my music.

This morning, awakening to the bright sunlight, savoring the visit from my daughter who departed last night, and listening to my CD, I feel a new life unfolding within me, around me and as me. This is the life I’ve dreamed into my reality. Life has not always been easy for me. Trust me….if I can do this, so can you! Dream big my beloveds, dream big and keep taking those tiny little steps in each and every moment toward your dreams. Then revel in gratitude for every expression that presents itself. The Universe is eternally conspiring to manifest your chosen reality. Be vigilant in co-creating a loving, playful, joyous life. The choice is yours! Are you ready to Embrace a New World?

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~


Note: CD “Embrace A New World” is available for purchase on my website ¸¸.☆¨¯`♥´¸¸.♪♫*•.¸.

What I do for ME, I do for YOU

For years I have been writing, composing music and doing artwork. Each and every piece has been a step in my journey expressed through whichever means facilitated my spiritual growth.

Writing has been a way to express the stories of my life in a way that I can see them as an observer to glean the answers I can not obtain when I’m in the thick of it. It’s also been a way to look at my past and see how far I’ve come in the journey of soul expansion. And most importantly, it’s my conversation with God/Goddes. Ask and it shall be given unto you. And much has been given in my life!

Music has always been wafting in the background of my life, from singing songs in Sunday school to humming in the grocery store. If a job felt too difficult or boring, I sang myself through it. However, I’ve never been formally trained in music. So when a harp was gifted to me by a total stranger, my musical self perked up and began to listen more closely. As my fingers glided across the strings, my stories and prayers co-mingled with the music to become songs I could revist on upcoming days to bring peace and joy when I would need it the most.

Art has been nothing more than a doodling pencil, until an artist friend put me in front of her easel and placed a paintbrush and a handful of watercolor pencils in my hand. Pure joy exploded onto the pallet in blends of color I had never expereinced! I went straight to the art store and walked out with a bag of supplies. The child in me was so excited to “play” again! I’ve never been one to duplicate anything around me because I have too much inside of me that wants to express. So I did what came naturally. Madallas began forming on my tablet. As I sang, new shapes began to appear with dazzling brilliant colors dancing into form with such delight.

One day a shaman looked at my art and told me my life story simply by looking at my paintings and listening to the songs I sang with my harp. She looked me straight in the eye and said, “One day you will become famous for your art.” I laughed. “I’m not an artist, this is simply my joy. I do this for me.” Her answer surprised me. “You are an artist in the purest sense of the word. Everything you do is art because it’s the divine expression of you. When you share your art with others, in whatever form you choose, be it music, writing, or painting, what you do for YOU, you do for ME.”

As I cautiously began sharing my music and writing it slowly became evident to me. But it wasn’t until I shared my artwork for the first time this week that I saw it so clearly. Because my music, writing and art is an expression of MY heart, it touches YOUR heart and OUR Love and Joy expand exponentially. What I do for ME, I do for YOU because it all comes from the purity of my heart. It was never a job, never meant to make money or become famous. It’s a pure act of expressing the overflowing Love and Joy in my heart.

I am so grateful for all the kudos from all of my beautiful friends. Not because it feeds my ego, but because it has shown me how important it is for ALL of us to share our Love and Joy as the pure artists of Life that we all are. I encourage you to share your precious gifts of the hearts because what you do for YOU, you do for ME.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

Please feel free to share abundantly.

Return to Harmony

I awoke this morning with beautiful prose wafting through my mind. So I grabbed my computer and began writing. Within minutes my screen was full and I was basking in the words. Then in my silk pajamas, I sat down in front of my harp and rested her against my heart. As soon as I touched her strings, the words came alive in pure harmonies of song. I pushed the record button and sunk into the music. Sweet sweet bliss!

But singing it wasn’t enough, I wanted to share this song with others. Once I had the words printed out and the music recorded, least I forget which often happens later in the day, I went to work. I tore it all apart. Spelling needed correcting. Some of the words needed an easier flow. Since I don’t read music I had to figure out the key and work out the chords on the harp. I wanted a pretty intro to interface with the song. So there was a lot of trial and error going on as each little piece of the music was perfected.

At some point I became frustrated. What happened to the pure beautiful music that I sang first thing this morning before my mind was engaged? Here I sit huddled over a page of chaos with fragments of words and chords scribbled everywhere.

Then it hit me! This is our spiritual journey. We are born as a pure beautiful Soul song. And we want to share ourselves with others. To align with the present format, we go to work! We perfect this aspect of us, delete another, change this note or that note, create an intro that everyone will like, and so on … and so on. Before long we can’t hear our Source song.

But… I was smart enough to record my original song. I push the play button, plug in the speakers and sink into the soft pillows of the couch to listen. Ah, sweet sweet bliss! My original song is heard once again.

Within minutes the page of chaos is long forgotten. I sit down at the harp and rest her against my chest, whispering, “Let’s sing together.” And with effortless grace my song fills the air. I print out a clean set of words and pencil in a few chords. Voila! I have returned to Harmony, my harmony with me.

In order to fit into the format, we’ve all become frustrated by attempting to perfect our personas. Fortunately, we’ve recorded our Soul song. We simply need to push the play button, sink into the comfort of ourselves and return to Harmony.

Listen to the song: “Nature’s Quest”:


© Sharon Lyn Shepard, 2010