Sharon Lyn Shepard

“When you have the courage to leave behind a world that you love, know that which you are stepping into is far superior to what you are leaving behind.”

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~


My life spun off in a whole new direction at the age of 48 when I was prompted by a compelling voice in meditation to release my career and personal possessions to move to Spain. Despite the facts that I loved my work, couldn’t get a visa, didn’t speak the language and didn’t know a single soul in Spain, I did it! In 1999 I threw my degrees and credentials to the wind and totally unplugged from life as I had always known it.

Within hours of landing in Spain, I was introduced to the Madonna who wrapped me in her arms and abated all my trepidation. Thus, I began a new era of my life as the primary caretaker of a 500 year old Black Madonna statue with a full-time commitment to the Divine Mother.

For seven years I lived a simple, unencumbered life as a gypsy without a home, moving from place to place, with the Black Madonna in my backpack. I eventually began to trust myself and honor my own wisdom. During that journey, a total stranger placed a harp in my hands.  Unbeknown to me, like a bard from ancient times, I knew how to play the moment my fingers touched the strings. Within those harmonies my old entangled emotional self began to heal and my heart burst forth in song.

After seven years of bohemian travel, I returned to the Pacific Northwest. Lulled by the rain, I crawled into my chrysalis and nestled deep within to realign and create from the core of my being. Following my deepest yearnings, I published several books, composed an abundance of music on the harp with inspiring vocals, and dabbled in artwork. In the midst of creating, something within me shifted. My soul began to sing and my heart burst forth. Now the chrysalis has thinned and my wings have spread, picking up the light with brilliant reflections of color.

So I’m reaching out in the only way I know how by sharing the blessings and joy of life that are overflowing from the chalice of my heart. I’m here to invite you to join me in celebrating a whole new way of being by living the Joy of every moment.

I invite you to join me at to stay up to date on all of my creations.

To learn more about my journey with the Black Madonna, visit us at

4 thoughts on “Sharon Lyn Shepard

  1. It has been a long time. I had forgotten that you also live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Warm regards to you,



  2. Betty, this is the third time the Pacific NW has kidnapped me. It is where my soul feels most at home on this planet. Big hugs to you as a sister Northwestern. ❤


  3. Hi Sharon Lynn, I enjoyed reading through your posts, and it reminded me of how often I started writing stories it flowed until a point it stopped, and like you said, destroying it felt inappropriate .Greetings from Luxembourg

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  4. “There are also many who are sharing revelations of all the blessings that are occurring around the planet during this time to keep our moral {MORALE} high and our hearts open.” ??
    Thank you for this blessing of peace.


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