I AM Creation


I have read so many comments from people who are having trouble focusing. There are complaints of blurred vision, dizziness, memory loss, headaches, long bouts of sleep, or inability to sleep. The list goes on and on. . .

If you are having difficulty focusing in your daily life, perhaps this is something you may want to consider. I have noticed, when I go into meditation these days, it’s not the usual quiet space I’m accustomed to experiencing. Instead, I’m sensing a lot of activity as many of us are creating in other realms, while floating free of the constructs of the human mind. Therefore, we’re experiencing a sense of being unplugged from our brains.

On these blurry days I allow my mind to rest. I spend time in nature, nap, listen to music, putter in the kitchen, or engage in any playful activity that disengages the mind’s need to understand and control everything.

The human mind is programmed to understand our humanness based on past experience, projecting that into the future. It is not programed to go beyond what it already knows. Which only allows us to rearrange what we already have and know, rather than the pure creation which draws upon new potentials and raw energy.
I awoke a few days ago with a new realization of soul embodiment, something I’ve always known as my Truth but could never quite wrap my mind around, and rightfully so. For how can you “mind” yourself into something that is beyond the mind.

Instead of engaging with my day, I took a deep breath and allowed my whole body to relax into this expanded consciousness. I felt the transformation of my DNA and all my cells aligning with “the Truth of my physicality” as the embodiment of IAM/Source Energy. I breathed deeply with all my cells and rested in the sublime joy of it.

This is the origin of true Creation!!
It’s not outside us somewhere. It’s happening within us in each and every moment. This morning I can feel my cells singing a new song of Creation from the point of IAM/Source rather than the point of my humanness. I finally realize how easily we create from the ineffable I AM, rather than setting mental human intentions (which have never resonated with me).

Engaging conversations between the human and the soul allows the human to voice our needs and desires. The soul then distills those desires and initiates the process of creation from the origin of the I AM, rather than the paltry desires of the human. Intentions differ when initiated with the soul rather than from the human because they are free of any interference from the mind, the collective, timelines, or duality. Pure creation transpires with all energy in service to me, rather than my need to control or manipulate energy with which to create.

I now see and experience the beauty of creation from this point of consciousness and relax into allowing my creations without any need to interfere. It also allows me to live the “future now” because my dreams are no longer out there in the distance. They are here within me, for I AM Creation.

As Einstein so aptly said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Imagine what magic can happen when we to go beyond our human thinking, old brain patterns and programing to realize the totality of who and what we are. I AM Source. I AM Creation.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“Wisdom of the Inner Voice”

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LightBody transformations can be quite Persnickity!!!

The word LightBody is a fairly new term being spoken of by lots of spiritual groups these days. In the early days there were discussions about “ascension symptoms”. Personally, I never liked that term because it sounded like a lethal disease. Over time we’ve begun to better understand what’s happening to our physical bodies and although we’re experiencing some of the same discomforts, it’s being seen in a much more positive light rather than being victims of something out of our control.

The integration of our LightBody is one of the most exciting things I have experienced in my lifetime. I have chosen to be fully conscious with my own LightBody integration from both a spiritual and medical aspect. As a retired physical therapist I find the whole process wondrously intriguing. I have come to realize, the more present I am with this natural organic process, the more I experience it with ease and grace.

Having said that, I also realize LightBody transformations can be a quite persnickety!!

Today was the first time in 5 days that my body wanted to eat. There have been days where I have no desire to eat, so I don’t. I love the feeling of an empty body, making space for new energetic downloads. There are other times I’m gorge eating everything I can get my hands on, moving energy through me. Old patterns of eating nor the old food choices are working for me anymore. I’ve been experiencing this for quite awhile now. My solution has been to create open communication with my body always asking what it wants or desires before any meal planning. As a result eating choices have become a very moment to moment sensual experience, consciously enjoying every bite of food I put in my mouth.

And then there’s the issue of forgetfulness. What was it I wanted to do 3 seconds ago? Hummm… new realizations are dawning. Simplify, simplify, simplify. So much of what I thought I needed to remember has no significance anymore. If a thought pops in that does feel significant I consciously say “Please remind me of this again later when it’s appropriate.” And then I feel free to let everything else go, trusting what’s important will always be available to me.

Add to that those moments of dizziness, spaciness, heart palpations and other disorienting moments. The sloppiness of emotions surfacing for release. All part of the physical body transmuting our carbon based physiology into crystalline LightBodies, purging the dross and expanding our conscious multidimensionality. Persnickety experiences indeed!!

Least we forget, at the very core of all of this craziness is our own unique Divine LightBeing radiating more love and infinite intelligence than our human can imagine. And we can tap into this at anytime to assist us as we move through this disorienting process.

I share with you both of these solutions, along with lots of deep breathing, which have been working really well for me. Allowing me to live in the moment, which is the point of all we’ve been experiencing as we’re transitioning our lives beyond duality, free of old timelines and integrating our LightBodies.

The common denominator here is: LIVE IN THE MOMENT. Trust that your LightBody has everything you will ever need in the Here and Now.  Herein lies the ease and grace to carry you.
~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

More about the LightBody:
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Sun Flares ~ Humanity’s Gift from the Universe


Whoosh… the planet is being bombarded by intense sun flares again. Just the thought of it has tingles running through my body.

If you ask my mind what those tingles are, it would say, “Oh no, more disruption!!” If you ask my cells, they would say, “Bravo, more upgrades!!!” If you ask my spirit, it would say, “Ah yes, expanded consciousness.”

Of course it’s all of that and more.

The news media has everyone in a tither. The sun is, or has, reversed its poles. Run for cover!!! Expect earth changes…volcanoes, earthquakes, geomagnetic storms. Some are even yelling armageddon.

The new agers are already complaining of more impending ascension symptoms… headaches, body aches, lack of sleep, too much sleep, agitation, etc, etc,

But while others are tithering in fear and focused on impending discomfort, my cells are singing a new song. My cells are integrating new harmonies, activating new DNA, creating new pathways to improved health and vitality. My Spirit is expanding its consciousness, absorbing new wisdom and reveling in new potentials. I AM humming with deLight.

So what are sun flares?
Are they a fluke of nature, part of an ongoing cycle, or impeding doom?

What if sun flares are a sacred gift from the Universe
. . . . . rather than something to be feared?
What if sun flares are projecting photons of Light filled with new information
. . . . . rather than simply disrupting our current waves of technology?
What if sun flares are sparks of energy activating our dormant DNA
. . . . . rather than simply irritating our physicality?
What if sun flares are rebalancing Earth’s energy
. . . . . in response to man’s neglect?
What if it’s possible to experience sun flares with Joy and Gratitude
. . . . . rather than bracing ourselves for their arrival?

As I’m writing this, the Universe is responding to my plethora of questions by bathing me in its magnificent glory. The sky is alight with the most effervescent shades of pink that I have ever seen as the sun bursts over the horizon breathing vibrant life~giving energy into my physical body. Pink… the color of Love. Pink… the color of Grace. Sun flares are bathing us in Love and Grace.

Indeed, sun flares are the Universe Loving us in the way it knows best…. by bathing us in Sacred enLightenment.

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~

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