Sheltering in “Presence”


It has been several weeks since the planet has come to a near halt due to the mandates of the corona virus. I find it interesting how the terminology has shifted from “social distancing” to “self-isolating” to “sheltering in place”.

I am feeling yet another shift that I am calling “Sheltering in Presence”. That realization came to me this evening as I noticed the intimacy I am feeling with my own Presence. Do to the mandated isolation, there can be no expectations from anyone outside of our selves. As a result, a spontaneous freedom has allowed that Presence to take precedence in my life. 

I flash back to the first time I experienced my own Divine Presence. It was in the early 1990’s when I experienced a life review via a Near Dear Experience. At the time, there wasn’t anyone in my life with whom I was able to share the experience so all the details slowly faded away. But from that moment on, I had a deep yearning to become the Divine Presence as indescribable as that was to me at the time.

As a result, life as I had known it began to fall apart and a new vision took its place. I was no longer able to sustain the role I was playing in my marriage. I divorced and moved across the country to begin a new life. People began showing up in my life that were more compatible with who I was becoming rather than who I used to be. I drew a spiritual community to me, was employed in a job I loved, and lived in a comfortable home with views of the Olympic mountain range and the Puget Sound. Life was good!

Then one morning a voice in meditation invited me to leave my work, sell everything, and move to Spain. Having made a prior commitment to my spiritual path, I did not hesitate. Within 24 hours of arriving in Spain, the Black Madonna made her presence known in my life. Per her guidance, I set out on the path of discovering my true Divine Presence.

After seven years of traveling with a Black Madonna statue in my backpack without a home base, the day arrived when I was able to create a home for myself once again. During my journeys with Madonna, I had recorded all her messages in a diary and I felt compelled to share my story along with her recorded wisdom. This process of writing allowed me to review, distill, and embody my own soul’s wisdom. With the completion of my book series the “Black Madonna Diaries”, I felt like I had come full circle.

Once again, my life was disrupted. I was guided to move into a small carriage house in the forest on one of the islands in the Puget Sound. Up until now, Madonna had always been a presence in my life, much like having a roommate. Upon moving into the carriage house, she went silent. I was alone with only my own self for company. Up until then my life had been an external one, this quietude initiated an inner journey.

Writing became my most intimate companion as I began conversing with my own soul. Words spontaneously turned into poetry because my words needed space, lots of space, as the wisdom of my own inner voice flowed forth. I began sharing some of these poems on social media because I thought they might instill other people’s own inner wisdom. Interest in my poetry grew with requests to share the poetry in a book. Thus, I began the process of collating hundreds of poems.

What a journey that initiated! Each volume of the poetry series “Wisdom of the Inner Voice” has become my own personal labyrinth of enlightenment by viewing my life from new ever expanding perceptions. Whereas before, I was floating in a cloud of wisdom, by recording these inner passages I am able to ground, fully embody, and integrate them into my life.

In “Etudes of Love”, I fell in love with my Self as my own intimate lover. In “Realizing our Divinity”, I was introduced to my GodSelf. My often foolhardy spiritual process was cataloged in “Labyrinth of Enlightenment”. While “Embodied Transformation” cleared my mental and emotional body, my physical body evolved into a vibrant energy body of well-being. “Consummating our Sovereignty” allowed me to discover, heal, and gather all my unconscious aspects into a whole and sovereign being.

As I am quietly “Sheltering in Presence”, I have come to intimately know and cherish my Divine Presence in a whole new way. Flashing back on my NDE, I realize my prior life review related to all the people and circumstances in my outer world. Whereas, my poetry series “Wisdom of the Inner Voice” has evolved into a life review of my ever expanding inner world.

Each of us has had different life experiences, each with our own unique soul path. Perhaps yours has been more grounded, while others have been more esoteric. It matters not if you have been on a spiritual path or not. Every experience has a spiritual and energetic aspect to it whether we are conscious of it or not.

Right now we are all being given the gift of “Sheltering in Presence”. Not everyone will choose to untie the strings of this gift to unwrap it in this moment, for not everyone is ready to do so. Each soul path has its own divine timing that needs to be honored. So, perhaps the simple awareness of this gift is enough for now, to be tucked away until you feel called to untie the strings.

But if you are being called to fully open your heart and accept this gift, your Divine Presence awaits and will always provide you safe shelter.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

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Renaissance of Black Madonna

Looking up to Madonna 3 website

Meet the Black Madonna the primordial womb and genesis of Creation, veiled in mystic and intrigue for thousands of years. Until present day, when she has come forth to midwife humanity into our next phase of evolution as the embodiment of Divine Love. As the amalgamation of all aspects of the Divine Feminine, without any specific religious affiliation, she is the perfect docent for our inner journey to rediscover our Self as the Divine.

The Black Madonna and I began our intimate relationship in Seattle during meditation via her invitation to move to Spain. At her request, I tossed my known persona to the winds and ventured into the unknown. In this unfamiliar environment I was forced to become fully conscious in order to survive. Thus my twenty year journey with the Black Madonna into the depths of Love was initiated with pen in hand to record her words of guidance in her own personal diary.

I began writing the story of our journey together in 2006 once I settled into my own home after seven years of bohemian travel with a 500 year old Black Madonna statue in my backpack. Madonna’s words flowed with such ease and grace as our story grew into a series of books. The manuscripts morphed through a series of editing. And then Madonna went quiet and the flow stopped.

When I queried her about it, she always had the same answer, “The time isn’t right. The world isn’t ready to hear our words.” After several years I put it all aside and decided if Madonna wanted it published she would bring it to fruition.

The day after Notre Dame Cathedral caught on fire in Paris (April 2019), Madonna came to life with exuberance. “It’s time!” she announced. And with that, I began the process of self publishing. Within four weeks, I formatted the manuscripts, designed book covers, and waded through all the back matter that’s required in self publishing. All within Madonna’s bubble of ease and grace.

“Voila!” Madonna exclaimed when I pushed the final “publish” button for “Revelations of Love” on Mother’s Day, twenty years after her persona as a statue was placed in my arms. This has been a twenty year journey of miracles upon miracles. At first I thought miracles were the “Way of the Madonna” but I have come to realize miracles are the “Way of the World”, unless we abort them by getting in our own way.

Tears began to flow as soon as I held the physical copy of the book in my hands. I was unprepared for the dam of emotions that burst forth. Remembrances of twenty years of Madonna’s guidance to release all my fears, judgments, and struggles with her all encompassing love and compassion.

With the physical copy of the book in my hands it feels like it has all come to fruition. There is a sense of joy and relief that the publishing aspect is finally complete. I would have thought there would be a sense of accomplishment. But that has been replaced by a sense of humbleness for the gift of the journey and the ability to share it.

Madonna’s diaries are a living codex, infused with her transformative energy as a sacred gift of support for humanity’s expansion of consciousness through the upcoming years. Her words of wisdom comfort us in times of need, empower us in times of challenge, and take us into the juicy depths of our hearts.

“I am the Black Madonna, the ultimate Divine Mother,
she who wraps her arms  around you in times of transition
dissolving the old and birthing the new.”
~ Black Madonna ~

I now pour myself a glass of celebratory champagne and open the book that has taken 20 years to be published. Today, I begin reading our story, free of editing, formatting, or thoughts of book covers. Today, I relax into the gift of my life with Black Madonna as she initiates our present day renaissance of the remembrance of ourselves as the Divine.

The “Black Madonna Diaries” series is available in paperback and ebook HERE. 
Visit for more information about Black Madonna

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“Wisdom of the Inner Voice”

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Dissolution of Creation


After having already released so much in my life, I am often surprised at what continues to reveal itself in need of letting go. I have let go of homes, people, careers, things, habits, beliefs, old stories, and most importantly old emotional wounds.

Like so many of us, this became an unceasing project of inner work. After years I grew tired of working at it. I realized there must be a more simple way. As a result, I have ceased making my “self” a project and chosen to live life in the present moment as it presents itself. I am delighted to say my life has become much more simple, enjoyable, and free flowing because of the inner work I have done. But more so ,because of my change in perception. Bravo to me and to all of us who are beginning to experience life in a whole new way.

And yet, there are moments when I get one of those palm head slaps of recognition for something formerly unnoticed that creeps in and temporarily throws me off kilter. Often a few deep breaths and I’m back in the flow. Other times the gerbil wheel spins for a few days before I’m able to jump off into the awareness of infinite potentials once again.

I have recently been editing a book I wrote 10 years ago. It’s been sitting in the wings waiting to be published but the impetus to do so has not spurred me to do so. Partly because I wasn’t ready to go public with it, nor did I feel like the world was ready to receive it.

I have thoroughly enjoyed re-reading the words I wrote so many years ago. This book is the story of my journey of awakening via my relationship with the Black Madonna. Most people do not realize the Black Madonna is actually the Womb of Creation. She who reveals herself in so many different aspects such as Mother Mary, Magdalyn, Quan Yin, Isis, Hathor, Gaia, and most importantly Kali (not the most sought after of her aspects).

I have come to revere Kali as one of her most important aspects because she has taught me the most significant lesson about creation. I have finally come to realize the natural flow of life is a constant cycle of birth, dissolution, and rebirth. When we attempt to hold onto to people, things, beliefs, stories, or our old way of being we are stunting the flow of creation. This is what creates the disease and trauma in our lives. Stunted creation!

Nothing is meant to be static. Life continues to flow in constant change, evolution, and creation. Life is continually creating and dissolving.

With this new awareness it allows everything to be new in every moment!!!

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“Wisdom of the Inner Voice”
gratitude for the photo by Louise Klein

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Emergence of the Holy Trinity

What is the Holy Trinity?
As I was growing up, I was indoctrinated into the Lutheran faith with the teachings of the holy trinity as the father, son and holy ghost. At least once a week we recited the Apostle’s Creed:

I believe in God, the Father Almighty,
Maker of heaven and earth,
and in Jesus Christ,
His only Son, our Lord:
Who was conceived by the Holy Spirit,
born of the Virgin Mary,
suffered under Pontius Pilate,
was crucified, died, and was buried.
He descended into hell.
On the third day He rose again from the dead.
He ascended into heaven
and sits at the right hand of God the Father Almighty,
from there He shall come to judge the living and the dead.
I believe in the Holy Spirit,
the Holy Christian Church,
the communion of saints,
the forgiveness of sins,
the resurrection of the body,
and the life everlasting. Amen.

For many years I lived by the words, “I believe in God, the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth, and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord.”

Although Jesus was conceived of Mary, she then bowed out of the picture. There was no further reference to her except at Christmas, when she bowed her head over the manger that held the precious Son. Therefore it was natural for me to believe it is the masculine that creates and controls life.

Jesus then suffered and descended into hell before he was able to ascend, where he now sits at the right hand of God the Father Almighty judging both the living and the dead. Thus working hard and suffering to be a good human was the name of the game if one wanted to escape hell for everlasting life.

For nearly fifty years I approached life from this masculine orientation of striving, working hard, and pushing through things, all motivated by achievement, success, and the need to be a good human being. My desire to be of service and to live my life’s purpose has been the driving force to be loved and earn my way into heaven.

I never questioned any of this. Until the Black Madonna came into my life and offered a new and different perspective as the Divine Mother, not just the virgin Mary who birthed Jesus, but the Mother who births of all Creation, rather than the Almighty Father maker of heaven and earth.

For years I have utilized a strong masculine expression in order to feel safe in my outer life. When in fact, my inner life, my journaling, and my relationship with my soul have always offered the most wise guidance.

And then the tides changed, luring me to explore the feminine aspects I have been disconnected from to initiate the sacred dance between my inner feminine and masculine to discover how it out-pictures into my world. The more I explored my feminine aspects, the more I realized the inclusivity of the feminine. As a mother, she loves, not just her children, but all life. She doesn’t judge, she has no need to protect. She simply loves all of life. She is the loving Maiden, the nurturing Mother and the wise Crone.

Just as the masculine is the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, the feminine is the Maiden, Mother, and Crone. With this sacred dance between the masculine and feminine I discovered yet another Holy Trinity . . . the trinity of the I AM, Soul, and the human.

I AM, Soul, Human. . . Father, Son and Holy Ghost. . . Maiden, Mother, Crone.

Once I merged the Holy Trinity within myself, I began to experience life simultaneously from all 3 aspects. I realize they are all interpretations of the same Source, our spark of Existence without beginning without end. Before I could do that, I first needed to become aware of each aspect and the roles they play, free of any judgment. Just simple awareness. Only then could I merge them to live simultaneously, no longer bouncing back and forth between living as the feminine or the masculine, the soul or the human. I wasn’t able to do this by studying or practicing mental concepts. For the mind’s job is to separate, whereas the soul knows no separation. Therefore it is through the perception of the soul that I began to realize the merging of my Holy Trinity as my innate way of being.

How do I know I’m experiencing this way of being?
By those moments of joy or happiness that slip into my day without any particular reason. When I crawl into bed at night with a contented smile on my face in sublime peace. When the rustle of the trees cause my heart to flutter. When that child perched in the cart in line at the grocery store beams me a smile. These are moments of communing with life as my soul, through the physical experience of my human.

This evening as I’m listening to a stream of solo piano music it brings me to tears as I’m communing with the music, totally present in the moment, free of all distractions. Every note moves through my physicality touching my soul, enlivening all of life with this sacred union. I’m feeling so in love, and so loved. Love for my soul, and love from my soul. Love for my I AM and loved by my I AM. I realize how open and allowing I am to receive this Love, how receptive I am to Love, to energy, to the abundance of life.

I am the I AM, the Soul, and the Human. This is the emergence within me as the Holy Trinity, in all its purity. How often we judge our humanness. And yet, it is our humanness that is honored and loved by our soul and our I AM free of any judgment. How blessed I feel to BE in this moment experiencing the sublime joy of my Holy Trinity.

Will this realization remain with me from now on, as if my faerie god mother waved her magic wand? Probably not because my daily life will pull me back into its human concerns. And yet, this realization will never leave me. It’s always available in every moment that I take pause to commune with it. And with practice, I have no doubt this will become my natural way of being.

I leave you with these musings, as I return to listening to my stream of piano music to delight in the pleasure of communing with the sublime joy of my emergence.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“Wisdom of the Inner Voice”
gratitude to the artist: Lilly Judy Merrell

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Grounding the 13th Sacred Ray

Lady of guadalupe
Today is the Feast of Our Lady of Guadeloupe.
How appropriate for it to fall on 12-12-12 for SHE has been holding the energy of Love and Compassion for humanity for eons, sprinkling miracles so that we would not forget this Sacred power that lives within each of us.

On 11-11, the Madonna blew into my consciousness with her instructions for me to ground the 13th Sacred Ray of Unity. This was a completion of the cycle that I initiated in November of 2001, when she instructed me to ground the 12 Sacred Rays. These were the original 12 rays that seeded planet Earth. As the density of the planet decreased (by Divine providence), these high vibrational rays were no longer able to inhabit the planet and only 4 Sacred rays remained. (the four primary races of red, yellow, black and white) At that time, She told me that the planet would not ascend until each of the 12 rays were once again represented on the planet. Per her instructions, I grounded the 12 Sacred rays at an ancient medicine wheel in Sedona and I thought my work was complete.

Chapel in the Rocks11 years later, I was called to return to Sedona to ground the 13th ray of Unity Consciousness, the amalgamated ray of the Black Madonna. On November 28, 2012, the day of the Lunar eclipse, I was guided to the Chapel in the Red Rocks. It was buzzing with activity up there, but the moment I walked into the chapel, everyone disappeared. Alone at the altar in front of the huge floor to ceiling windows looking over the red rocks I was instructed to light 13 red candles. My hand shook with excitement as I passed the flame from one candle to the next. With my task complete, I stood in the center of the windows with my feet firmly rooted, grounding the most AMAZING BLESSINGS I have ever experienced. Tears ran down my face for an eternity as my body was flooded with LOVE and COMPASSION for all of humanity. When I returned to the back of the chapel where my soul sister Sandi was waiting, I threw my arms around her and sobbed for a long time in the arms of the Mother, the Sister, the Child. On the patio in front of the chapel, we were instructed to plant a small garnet crystal, that I’ve been carrying with me since 2001, at the foot of a Madonna statue at an outside fountain. Our work was complete. The ceremony was simple and sweet without the need for long invocations, the usual plethora of accouterments, or a gathering of people. No words were necessary, only a silent open heart.

Sharon and Madonna Beloved resolution 100The only other instructions were to light a 5 day candle when I returned home to connect the energies grounded in Sedona with my 500 year old statue of the Black Madonna. And voila…when I returned home a beautiful cd of “Ave Maria” sung by Kiki Carter Webb was awaiting in my mail box. With her voice wafting through my sacred space, I lit a rose scented candle of Our Lady of Guadalupe to integrate all these amazing energies.

Five days have passed and today, on 12-12-12 I’ve chosen to light successive candle in honor of all that humanity has gone through to come to this point of Ascension. If you so desire, you may choose to listen to Kiki’s version of “Ave Maria” and light a candle with us (on whatever day you are reading this) to share in these blessings.

Blessed BE, my BeLoveds… Love and Compassion has been rooted on this planet ready to sprout into fruition for all of Humanity.

Sharon Lyn Shepard


To listen to “Ave Maria” by Kiki Carter Webb

For more information about my journey with the Black Madonna:

Ragamuffin No More

Sharon and her Black Madonna

I have felt like a ragamuffin all of my life. Never good enough. Never smart enough. Never pretty enough. Never enough. It wasn’t until the Madonna entered my life that I began to see the goodness within me, the wisdom within me, and the beauty of who I am. I don’t worry about being enough anymore because I have come to love who I am and that is more than enough.

For that, I shall be eternally grateful to the Madonna, who reflected back to me all the aspects of the Goddess that have been suppressed for so long. I could never see myself in God, but I was able to see myself in the Goddess. It was She who re-minded me of who I am. It was through Her eyes that I was able to “see” who I am.

But I’m living in a world where I’m not being seen by others. And that made me sad. Not because I need to be seen, but because I realize how long it has taken me to “see” myself. And that led me to realize how long it has taken me to “see” our Mother Father God. But during all this time, God never withdrew. God has always been here patiently waiting. Was the Goddess sad that I didn’t see her? Was God sad that I didn’t see him? I don’t think so.

Our Mother Father God Loves no matter what. Knowing that, I choose to be that Love. Ragamuffin? Not anymore. It was through the Goddess that I finally met God for the very first time. Now my cup runneth over. It is through the love of our Mother Father God that I realize . . . . I, too, am Divine Love.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

For more about my journey with the Madonna: