Turning of the Cosmic Wheel

Cosmic Wheel

As I was sitting quietly with the energies of the full moon and the current planetary dance in the cosmos, my head kept unconsciously tipping to the side. It took a few moments for me to realize I was being shown a new perspective. The vision that was being presented was a turning of the cosmic wheel with the energies spiraling in a more gentle, yet quickened pattern.

As many are aware, we have been experiencing the speeding up of time. Things are happening much more quickly. We think something and bam! It shows up! Thoughts, emotions, and experiences. . . coming and going, manifesting and dissolving with the blink of an eye. For some, this is exciting because we feel like we’ve been preparing for this for many lifetimes and we’ve been on a stationary treadmill going nowhere for a long time. For others this is very confusing and problematic because they’re attached to doing things in a certain way, holding on for dear life. And things are just not working the way they used to.

With the wheel having moved past the old cog, we have moved beyond much of the human mind’s conglomerate that has held things in place. We have moved beyond the clutches of the cabal, organizations, and systems that have attempted to control humanity for a very long time. Everything has been brought into the light, in plain view, allowing us to make new conscious choices. The only thing still holding them in place is our repeatedly telling the same old stories. When we cease telling these stories (ie complaining) the stories die, so does the old reality. This is true of the collective as well as our own personal lives.

It feels as if the mind is now reacting in a totally different way in response to our alignment with a new spoke radiating from the center of the wheel. It is our Divinity that is at the center of this wheel and we’re tapping into it as Sovereign beings with a new vista of infinite potentials radiating from Source. This release from the old cog frees us from the need to fight for survival, allowing for an ease and gentleness that we’ve not experienced before.

Now that the wheel has turned, the only thing holding us captive to our old ways of being would be continuing to reiterate the old stories and maintain our old habits. Therefore, I find this to be a perfect time for me to simply life, shift my routine to be more present in the moment, and flow with Source. What wonderful timing this is, for the seasons are also in the midst of changing. The shift to longer or shorter days, depending on which hemisphere we’re living, makes this transition even easier for us if we take advantage of flowing with nature’s innate guidance.

Oh how intelligent the universe is and how often we try to override this Divine Intelligence with our own need to control things. Perhaps this is one of those habits we can allow to dissolve with the turning of the wheel beyond the old outmoded cog.

I’m sitting here sipping a warm chai on a chilly morning with a huge smile on my face, excited about this new expanded consciousness with its infinite potentials. You gotta love how the physical human body speaks to us in universal code language if we’re present enough to comprehend it. All it took to catch my attention with this “Turning of the Cosmic Wheel” was a little head tipping and a wink from the Cosmos.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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