Redefining Darkness

There’s a difference between avoiding or fighting against the so called “darkness” which is perceived as negative vs. walking away from it because the concept of duality no longer resonates with me.

We’ve been taught that darkness is evil or life threatening. Therefore fear steps in and we either avoid it, hide from it, or fight against it. Avoidance is resistance to that which we judge as bad, resistance that is always lingering below the surface. Once we’ve resisted it long enough it builds to the point that it’s in our face, be it political, religious, spiritual, emotional, mental or physical. Our human self is accustomed to going up in arms to protect ourselves by fighting against it. Or, we unconsciously harbor it until our body succumbs to disease and we die a slow painful death.

In truth all energy is neutral. It is only the human with a 3d perception of duality that deems it as dark or light, negative or positive. Light differs from energy in that it ranges from dark to light with many vibrations and variances in-between. New age teachings seem to have confused the two.

As we all know human eyes can not “see” what is in the darkness, therefore we have been taught to fear the unknown. As a child, when our parents turned on the lights during a nightmare the fear usually dissolved. Perhaps this fear is as simple as being conscious vs. unconscious.

The more conscious we become, the more we engage with our soul which does not judge. Therefore we have the opportunity to engage in the world with a more expanded perception, sensing beyond the fear and limitations of light vs. dark. The more often we engage consciously the more we inch away from the constructs of duality.

Making a choice to walk away from what the human perceives as darkness allows us a more expanded consciousness to more fully engage with our soul beyond duality’s judgment of energy. It’s here that we realize all energy is neutral, therefore “I” am the one who deems it as positive or negative. . . or to realize that all energy in service to me.

I’m not one to walk away from that which has been in the dark unconscious to avoid what’s being brought into the light to be seen. What I have walked away from is the need to judge it. There is no battle. There is no negotiation. There is no need for healing. For they are not necessary when I simply go beyond the need to engage. Therefore what had been perceived as negative is now seen as neutral, waiting to be in service to me in new and exciting ways.

My choice to turn my attention away from negativity is because I no longer live in the world of duality. That simple choice transforms what I formerly refereed to as dark or negative. Does that mean I live in a positive world? What it means is that I live in a neutral world knowing all energy is always in service to me, and the darkness and light are the variances of experiences I choose to live. Perhaps a bright sunny day or a dark mystical night. All are equally valued experiences by my soul through my human physical body here on this amazing planet that has so much to enjoy.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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Humanity needs a Big Hug

“No!” I thought, “not again”. I thought I was done with those grizzly old dreams of being chased by something heavy and dark. But here I was in the thick of it again….and it was thick. I wanted to wake up from this tattered worn out dream. I wanted to return my night’s prior dream where I was empty and light preparing to embark on something new and exciting. What did I do to be sanctimoniously dumped back into the sewer?

I took a few deep breaths and in that moment of lucidity, I knew that I had a choice. I could very easily flip into my preferred dream where the sparkling new energies were enticing me….or….I could take a better look at what was chasing me. That’s the they way my dreamtime works these days, lucid, simultaneous and with conscious choice.

Out of curiosity, I chose to stay with the dark dream. I haven’t had dark dreams in a long time so I wondered what it was, where it had come from. I wasn’t feeling fearful, simply frustration at its intrusion. My first question was: is it mine? The answer was very clear….no, it’s not yours, it belongs to humanity. It’s only yours by proxy, you are a member of humanity.

I returned to the dream and felt into it. It was obvious that I was still the light empty person from my prior dream, now being chased by a cloud of sticky, dense darkness. I wasn’t living in the dark, I was simply being chased by a cloud of it. So what was it and where did it come from?

This darkness was the accumulated pain and fear of humanity. I could feel its
pain, taste its terror and watch it lumbering along without direction. Its intent was to follow me, to follow the Love and the Light that I was radiating from my heart.

As I looked it in the eye, I knew I could not turn away from so much pain and suffering, so much helplessness. I slowly walked toward it without any fear, arms open wide with Love and Compassion. As I did, it sped up. I slowed down. It sped up. Until….it was in my arms, fully embraced in my unconditional Love, the Love of Divinity that knows no judgment and has no bounds. The darkness roiled and trembled as it created a puddle of tears. Little by little the quivering ceased. Eventually the darkness of humanity looked at me with eyes of gratitude and appreciation, mega-billions of eyes from a multitude of lifetimes.

In a world of victimhood, humanity has never known Love and Compassion. It has never tasted the fruits of Divinity in such a sweet way. Over many lifetimes in the turmoil of violence, it lost its faith and hope. But in one brief loving hug, humanity was beaming brightly, perhaps for the first time.

Has humanity ever beamed this brightly? When we left “Home”, the veils of forgetfulness dropped. We forgot that we were God also. Now that the veils have thinned, some of us have walked through them to the other side. We remember who we are. We’ve not chosen to return Home” and remain on the other side of the veil. Instead, we’ve chosen to re-collect those memories and anchor them in our physical bodies. Home is now within us. For the first time in the history of the Universe, we have embodied God in human form. We have created a new template. We are Divine Humans.

These courageous ones who have taken this leap, and it was a leap because we didn’t know what would happen when we slipped back through the veil to “take a look” at the other side, now have a choice to make. We can return to the other side of the thinning veil and leave this lifetime behind. . . or we can continue to play on Earth as Divine Humans.

Whatever the choice, it is a personal one. Now that we’ve acknowledged our Divinity, we’ve gone beyond duality and there is no right or wrong. There is no judgement. There is only experience. What do you choose to experience? What does your Soul choose?

For those of us who decide to stay, a whole new adventure awaits us. After last night’s dream I have one suggestion. Give humanity a great big hug. We may have seen the other side of the veil, but most of humanity has not. All they see is a chaotic world that stimulates pain and fear with an instinct to fight back with violence. Humanity needs a big hug and WE are the ones who are able to envelope them with Love and Compassion.

I’m not talking about going out and creating new causes or trying to save the world. That’s not our job. Each human needs to do that for themselves. That’s the role of the Soul. I’m simply talking about releasing our judgment toward others and living in Compassion. I’m talking about offering Love where it’s called for. The darkness in my dream was not chasing me to harm me, it was in search of Love. All it needed was a loving hug to awaken to its own Divinity.

So my BeLoveds, if you are reading this, I suspect you’ve had a glimpse of the other side of the veil. You KNOW you are God also. When those moments of forgetfulness waft in, it’s simply a reminder that You need a big hug just as much as humanity needs a big hug. Wrap your loving arms around yourself as a Divine Human and share it with humanity.

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~

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