The Love Affair of the Soul and the Human

Tree Spirits by Liza Paizis

Last year at this time I had one of the most lucid and profound dreams I’ve ever experienced. During this dream, a former lover from many years ago was walking toward me. I could feel an abundance of love coming from him. The closer he got to me the more love I was feeling. At some point I realized this love was not coming from him. He was simply the reflection of my love for my self. As he continued walking toward me this love became so overwhelming fear burst forth from within me. Fear that it would overpower and kill me. I wanted to scream out, “Stop! I can’t take anymore.” But the words would not come. From somewhere beyond this fear I knew I needed to simply allow it to engulf me. The only thing I could do was surrender to this overwhelming, overpowering destructive force of love. Once I released all resistance, I did indeed die.

I melted into a puddle on the floor. He who had appeared as my old lover disappeared. I was naked and alone in an empty abyss. The old me had died. Everything that was not of love had been obliterated and died along with me.

And then little pin points of light began to appear all around me, creating a mandala of sorts. The pattens kept changing, much like a kaleidoscope. Some of these pieces were glowing from within. Others were rather dense and murky, gaining clarity as they were drawn toward me from out of the darkness. I observed with fascination as this process continued, until I realized these were all aspects of me, pieces of me. Many of them had been hidden in the shadows, tossed away by my prior judgements. Others had been locked within walls that were now instantaneously melting from the Love radiating from within me. I watched as all of me, all of my aspects gathered together into wholeness once again dancing in beautiful patterns of radiant color and light. At this point I fell into a very deep sleep and slept for many hours.

When I finally awoke, life looked and felt very different to me. This was not a dream. This was the realization of my Self as the purity of Divine Love and the acceptance of all of Who I Am, as my Soul knows me to be. I could not have orchestrated or thought this into being with my mind, even from within a meditative state. I could only do this from an expanded state of consciousness. Therefore my Soul gifted me with this lucid dream. The gift of knowing that I Am Love and all the aspects of me are loved and honored without any judgement. This knowing that it’s safe for All of me to come home, to share the experiences that life has offered me, all the stories, all the pain, all the joys. Each one a facet of the Love and radiance of Who I Am.

Now here I am a year later and what a year it has been!!!
All these pesky aspects that have been awakened or released from their walled in prisons have been elbowing their way into my heart to be enveloped in Love. Some of them have been an absolute joy to embrace. Others, I cringe to say, have pulled me into their own darkness before I was able to see clearly by the spark of Love that was always present. The gift of Divine Love is that I have surrendered the fight. My arms are always wide open no matter what presents, or how it presents. Love always knows what to do. Therefore I simply surrender it all to Love and allow it to sort itself out without the need to defend or interfere.

This has been a time for diving deeply into realizing more of my Self and integrating this new expanded awareness. Nothing else matters to me anymore. It’s as if it doesn’t exist. A few days ago I tried reading a story someone wrote about her spiritual journey. In the past this would have been very engaging to me but it now feels very old and boring. That’s how my old stories feel to me as well. I have no interest in them or in the mainstream world that is no longer my reality.

A few days ago I asked myself: What do I want to do now that I have this new awareness? What reality do I choose to create? Today this question feels unimportant to me. It feels like it was coming from my human restlessness. How much of that restlessness is the human’s need to feel worthy of itself? My current perception of Love has quelled that question. Quite frankly I have no desire to “do” anything. I am simply basking in this new realization of who I Am. I don’t know what my life will look like from a human perspective and I feel no hurry to take any action in that direction yet. 

This morning feels very quiet, free of any external noise, free of any thoughts. I’m feeling the deep contentment of “I Exist, I Am, I Am Here.” I’m sensing my human aspects and my Soul embracing this new passion with and for each other. I feel no desire to take any action right now, no desire to “do” anything. Instead, I’m feeling drawn to savor this relationship, to go more deeply into this passion and expand upon it.

While reading the book “Act of Consciousness” by Adamus Saint-Germain through Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe, I came upon a passage that clarified things for me. “The divine distills every experience into wisdom.” Taking the liberty to paraphrase it further: The soul wants to experience just for the sake of experiencing. It doesn’t need to validate itself for it is already complete in the knowing that it exists. The soul takes everything the human experiences, distills it into its pure wisdom, drinks that in and falls more deeply in love with itself, again and again and again with every new experience.

Last year at this time when I had what I call my Enlightenment Dream, I realized “I Am Love.” I thought that was the ultimate sense of loving one’s self. Indeed, that was true at the time and. . . I have continued loving my self more and more and more. This is an ongoing expansion of Love, a love affair between the human and the Soul. This is the true relationship I have always been searching for.

I sometimes think I would like a partner. Then I realize I really don’t want to live with anyone else right now. I thought I did, but that was my old dream of home and family which I’ve already experienced in this lifetime. My ultimate desire is a relationship with my Self. I was thinking how nice it would be to share my experiences with someone or to offer my love through my actions with another.

In many ways I am already doing this. Isn’t that what my daily journaling is? Conversations with my Soul. Conversations with my I Am. Conversations with the different aspects of my Self, the aspects I have created to experience more of who I Am. What I am doing now is embracing all of my self into wholeness once again, consciously distilling all the stories into their wisdom and loving my self again and again and again.

Indeed, the Soul has already done this. But my human self has only recently become aware of this. Through the grace of my Soul, there is nothing that needs to be done, no searching, no processing. Simply allowing these aspects to present themselves, to come out of the human shadows to be loved and accepted, just as the Soul has already done. Like the prodigal’s daughter returning home, this is a sweet experience. It need not be difficult. It need not take any effort. I realize, the more I sit quietly gazing out into nature, allowing the space for this to happen, the more effortless it becomes. Ease and Grace has become my way of being and Love is Who I Am.

After so much struggle in my life, how simple and easy this feels to me now. How satisfying. How fulfilling. How empty I feel of the stories and the human yearnings. And how full I feel of my Self. Enlightened Embodiment. This is what it is. Embodying All of Who I Am, here and now in this physical body. Human and Divine in sweet delicious consciousness.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

Gratitude for the Artwork: Tree Spirits by Liza Paizis

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Who is responsible for the violence in Paris?

Paris, Martin Luther
Who is responsible for the violence in Paris?

WE are!! Those of us who have awakened to something better in life, no longer willing to continue sludging around in a world that no longer serves us.

WE are!! Those of us who are no longer intimidated by the darkness that surrounds us.

WE are!! Those of us who are shining our Love and Light.

I know this is a radical answer, but it’s the answer my Inner Being shared with me and I’d like to share it with you. Because I think it’s important to acknowledge ourselves for the part we are playing.

Paris is known as the City of Light, the City of Love. Through this tragedy it is our collective Love and Light that is rising as a new dawn on a new horizon. It is our Amazing LIGHT that is stirring up the darkness to be released. This is the natural flow of the Universe. The LIGHT reveals the darkness….. and with our LOVE it is transformed.

When you shine your light into the darkness, you have to be willing to hold the space of Love for that darkness to transform. Allow me to repeat that for it is the only way the darkness can transform. When you shine your Light into the darkness, you have to be willing to hold the space of Love for that darkness to transform. Fighting against it will only strengthen it. Running away from it will only allow it to catch up with you later. But when you embrace it in Love, it WILL transform.

Stirring up angst about who perpetrated the violence only adds to their agenda. Whoever they are, whether it be the terrorists, or a cabal conspiracy. Does it really matter? ? Digging into the nitty gritty of their agendas of violence only strengthens their agenda and creates more separation, more violence, more anger. When we rise above it and come together in LOVE for ALL, we are offering HEALING for those who perpetrate violence. Those who need our LOVE and HEALING more then ever!!!!

LOVE, pure and simple. You don’t need to separate or direct LOVE to specific people or groups based on judgment and blame. LOVE, pure and simple. Therein lies the Peace we are seeking, the Peace that passeth all understanding. For how can we possibly understand a heart that is so broken, so rooted in hate, so in need of healing. We can not understand, but we can Love. The purity of Peace is within US when we RISE ABOVE all this quibbling. It is up to us to LOVE, pure and simple.

Take a deep breath of Divine LOVE. Can you feel the depth of PEACE that arises when you do that? It’s not about becoming spiritually adept enough to be lofty in our attitudes, it’s about continuing to practice pure LOVE in all of its aspects in whatever way you are able, one breath at a time. This is the core of PEACE, for ALL of us. This is how we create a World of Love and Peace.

Therefore, I say BRAVO to all of US who are responsible. Those of us who are shinning our Love and Light. Those who are “able to respond” with LOVE. For YOU are the transformers. You are “response-able” for the New World that is birthing all around us. Continue to flood the planet with your LOVE and LIGHT. Continue to embrace ALL of humanity. For it is our LOVE that is transforming the world.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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Thriving in the Secret Garden . . . Free of the old Matrix

the-secret-garden-posterA multitude of civilizations have collapsed throughout the history of this planet. Each time humanity has outgrown the old and awakened to a new paradigm, the hangers-on always attempted to hold the old matrix in place until it eventually imploded from the inside out, leaving grave wounds.

Does that sound familiar?
Isn’t that what’s currently stirring again in this lifetime?
Isn’t that what we are doing individually and collectively?

BUT… there is a huge difference with our present day Renaissance. This time WE are expanding our Consciousness and awakening in Love. WE are no longer putting bandaids on what is no longer working, or masking the symptoms. WE are taking responsibility for all of our actions and healing the core wound, which originated from the separation from our true Source. Rather than allowing the old matrix to implode upon itself, we are clearing the old matrix by the simple act of healing our own personal energy fields with Love and Compassion, no longer leaving a toxic trail in our wake.

WE are not choosing to fight the status quo. WE have chosen to create WITH the Divine, rather than allow the arrogance of our human mind to “attempt” to overpower the organic nature of life. WE have already tilled the fields and planted new seeds in the soil of Love. And the fruits of our joyous labour are beginning to burst forth.

‘Tis true that not everyone has noticed our new Gardens of Eden. But once they realize the old matrix is no longer supporting them because it has already decomposed to become the compost for the new Gardens, there will a clamoring for the delicious Fruits of Love and Joy.

WE have done something that has never been done before, my BeLoveds. WE have unlocked the gates to the Secret Garden. That which has been hidden is now being seen through the eyes of the many rather than the few. WE are free of the old matrix. WE have created a New Earth, sourced and nurtured with Love and Joy. WE are thriving in the Secret Garden where Magic, Hope and Love grows. Keep tilling, keep planting!!! The invitations have gone out and the OPEN sign is swinging with the gentle breath of the wind.

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~

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Living in Expanded Relationship


Hallmark’s celebration of Valentine’s Day with flowers, chocolate, gushy cards, and romantic dinners are our present day symbols of love. As endearing as they are, they only hold value if there is true sustenance behind them. What is true sustenance?

I suggest we take advantage of Hallmark’s yearly anniversary of love to look beyond these superficial practices and dive deeply into Love in its purest form.

Our first and foremost love affair has always been with the Divine. Most humans use relationship as a way of attempting to mend duality’s misconception of Divine Love. This tear of unknown origin dissolves once we realize the truth of Infinite Love. Then our primary relationship as a human being evolves into one with our GodSelf, the ultimate Love of our life and it expands from within us, rather than looking outside of ourselves to attain love. Over the years, our marriage vows have held us captive to a false identity of relationship. No wonder marriages fail when they are based on an unrealistic basis of love.

In marriage, the vows that are taken, are vows to your Self in recognition of Love eternal, expressing through you, as you. Do not place this responsibility on another, nor attempt to control or place restrictions that do not belong. For true adultery is infidelity pitted against your Divine Self. When you express as the consciousness of Divine Love all yearning ceases. Putting your fear of loss aside allows you to see relationship as Creation’s provision for you to experience the beauty of yourself with another as One with the Divine. Once that is lost, so are you and so is the relationship.

Divine relationship can only exist with an open heart. Marriage, or any partnership formed between two people, serves as a powerful medium to expand and evolve beyond yourself into union with the Divine as an expression of Love. Divine Love expressed through the physical, in whatever form chosen, is the most expanded way to experience love as Heaven on Earth.

Love manifests Love. As always, it is very simple. In giving and accepting love, we make love by expanding love and living in the pure consciousness of eternal Divine Love. The beauty of Love, the beauty of Life, the beauty of YOU, ’tis all Divine Love. And that’s what we’re celebrating today. Love in all it’s forms. I Love you!!

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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Ragamuffin No More

Sharon and her Black Madonna

I have felt like a ragamuffin all of my life. Never good enough. Never smart enough. Never pretty enough. Never enough. It wasn’t until the Madonna entered my life that I began to see the goodness within me, the wisdom within me, and the beauty of who I am. I don’t worry about being enough anymore because I have come to love who I am and that is more than enough.

For that, I shall be eternally grateful to the Madonna, who reflected back to me all the aspects of the Goddess that have been suppressed for so long. I could never see myself in God, but I was able to see myself in the Goddess. It was She who re-minded me of who I am. It was through Her eyes that I was able to “see” who I am.

But I’m living in a world where I’m not being seen by others. And that made me sad. Not because I need to be seen, but because I realize how long it has taken me to “see” myself. And that led me to realize how long it has taken me to “see” our Mother Father God. But during all this time, God never withdrew. God has always been here patiently waiting. Was the Goddess sad that I didn’t see her? Was God sad that I didn’t see him? I don’t think so.

Our Mother Father God Loves no matter what. Knowing that, I choose to be that Love. Ragamuffin? Not anymore. It was through the Goddess that I finally met God for the very first time. Now my cup runneth over. It is through the love of our Mother Father God that I realize . . . . I, too, am Divine Love.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

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