Engaging the Imaginal Cells


Once we withdraw from the constraints of the collective consciousness, dreamtime becomes a new playground for us. By sharing my most recent dreamtime with you, perhaps it will spark a new playground for you as well.

During my dreamtime:
I felt the need to move all the things off the coffee table in front of me to create a clear space. I gathered everything up and carried them out of the room. When I returned, the room was filled with people sitting on folding chairs. There wasn’t a chair for me, so I slipped into the back row and sat on the floor. My friend David was in the last chair and offered me a seat. I shook my head “no” because I was happy to be seated on the floor out of sight. There was a man at the front of the room projecting visuals on the front and side wall. While I was out of the room he had asked the group, “Who sees a dot surrounded by a box on the front wall?” Everyone had raised their hands. He had then asked, “Does anyone see anything on the side wall?” No one had raised their hands. Because this had happened before I entered the room, I wasn’t aware of it. The man then asked me, “What do you see on the front wall?” I said I see a black dot on a white wall. He then asked, “What do you see on the side wall?” I see a huge cell filling with new imaginal cells that continually expand and morph into new cells. And I am able to commune with All-That-IS via these cells allowing me new perceptions of all that surround me. The professor at the front then asked, “Does anyone else sees or feels this?” No one raised their hands. He explained, the main reason I was able to experience this is because I was not in the room when he asked if anyone saw the dot on the front wall. His suggestion locked their brains into seeing an enclosed dot. Whereas I had not been preprogrammed, therefore I was able to see the reality beyond the limitation.

As I came out of this lucid dream, I was aware that I was still in the dream, communing with this expanded cellular activity. My eyes remained closed as I laid in bed playing with this new sensation. When I eventually opened my eyes and crawled out of bed, I realized I am able to commune with All-That-Is within everything around me, just as I was doing with the cell. I’m sensing everything alive, even the table, the walls, the floor. Nothing is solid, unless I believe it to be so because someone had programed me to believe that via the collective consciousness. What fun it is to be living in a world that is this alive, this active, this responsive!

This is not a dream. This is our reality which has been stunted due to the beliefs of the collective consciousness. I recall living in this active reality as a child, until I was told otherwise. Perhaps you do too. And now, as we step out of the collective consciousness of duality and linearity, we are becoming aware of a whole new reality that is being created by our sovereign creativity.

This is not something we can force via the mind. It requires us to withdraw from what we have always thought to be true via the programing of the mind and simply allow the new to reveal itself. You wonder why you have been so sleepy lately, why everything you have always known is falling apart, why you feel empty and alone? This is the result of withdrawing from the collective consciousness. Allow the emptiness and the temporary loneliness to foster the space for your imaginal cells to emerge and create anew.

Do you choose a different life? A different reality? It’s as easy as allowing space for your imaginal cells to respond to your desires.
~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~

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Letting go of “Letting go”


My facebook newsfeed is rampant with posts advising us to go into the mysterious darkness and “let go” of all those and shadows that have been lurking in our subconscious.

This emphasis on “letting go” has been going on for a long time now, as we’re letting go of the old and opening to the new. Any transition requires this of us, whether it be a transition from one home to another, one relationship to another, one job to another, or one state of consciousness to another. This is happening personally and collectively. Humanity is in the midst of one of the biggest transitions of all time as is demonstrated by the collapse of the old establishment. Thus there is a lot to let go of.

However I feel like we’re caught in a bit of a stutter here… let go… let go… let go… let go…. let go. . . . . .

Based on what I’ve been seeing in my facebook newsfeed there is so much emphasis on digging deeply into the darkness of our emotional wounds and shadow selves that it feels like we were getting stuck in a cycle of forever looking for what’s wrong with us rather than seeing ourselves as Divinely perfect, thus foregoing the Joy of living in the here and now.

I am not suggesting that we don’t let go of things, for that is the natural flow of life in order to grow and expand. It is important to release the emotional baggage which holds us back, but continually focusing on the psychological games of the mind only stagnates our lives. There was a time when the vibration of this planet was thick and dense. It took a lot of work to dive deeply into our unconsciousness to heal our old wounds and confront our shadow selves.

As the vibration of the planet rises, our unconsciousness is naturally rising to the surface without the need to go digging so deeply. Thankfully, this has become a much more organic process. What’s required of us now is to disengage from all the distractions, remain fully conscious, and allow these old energies to move up and out without engaging. I don’t live my life constantly digging into my past looking for things to heal or let go of, as so many spiritual teachings are suggesting. Instead I flow with ease and grace, allowing everything to naturally release in the moment as it makes itself known. In this way energy is in constant creative flow.

Birthing is an inside job. And thus it is for all Master Creators. Our desires arise from within and are nurtured within the mysterious darkness of the womb drawing everything it needs to manifest. The Black Madonna is the sacred womb of all creation, the darkness from which all things are born, simultaneously filled with Love and Light illuminating our hidden desires and releasing that which no longer serves us.

Dear Beloveds, go within, allow your secret desires to become illuminated via the Light of the Black Madonna. Surrender to her fertile womb of creation. Let go of the arduous work of “letting go” and allow it to resolve organically. See what happens when you refocus your attention to the seeds of desire that are sprouting within you rather than the arduous work of continuing to dig into that which has now become compost. Trust the process to allow your boldest dreams and desires to fully manifest with ease and grace.

WE are Master Creators. We are here to birth the new and we can’t do that when all of our focus is on letting go of the past. Isn’t it time to look forward, let go of “letting go”, transcend the old, rise above and finally, finally, finally move beyond it to birth something new!!!

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

~ Note:
If what I’ve written here resonates with you and you’re ready for the next step, I suggest you read the successive article I’ve written called “Distilling our Human Experiences into Soul Wisdom” . Since writing this article “Letting go of Letting Go” I realize it was the groundwork and precursor for what I am experiencing today. Everything I write is in the moment. As I grow and expand, so does my awareness. It is not meant to be written in stone, nor bound in a text. It is simply my personal Soul’s journey being shared for those who may resonate with it. We each have our own Soul journey, our own perceptions, and our own distilled wisdom while experiencing life in our own personal ways. May your heart always be open to hear the voice of your Soul.

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Transformational Dreaming


Over the past few weeks I’ve had a series of dreams with a common thread. They all drew me into events from my past. During the dreams I was always the neutral observer able to see the event from a higher perspective. And then in the midst of the dream I jumped in, choose differently, and rewrote the “story”. After all, that’s all they ever were to begin with, stories written upon imaginary books of the mind. And by penning them deferentially…. voila!  Instant transformation with ease and grace!

As the week progressed I wondered why I kept being pulled back into my past, but I was determined to follow this thread because I felt the importance of it. Finally, after a couple of weeks, I had a dream that broke through ALL my unconscious barriers. Locked in a room with a predatory man, I pushed through my immobilizing fears, sat up, looked him in the eye and shouted, “NO!”. That’s all it took. It was no longer his game. His power dissolved like an ice cube melting to the floor.

When I awoke I felt like shackles (that I never knew were there) had fallen away from me…. personally, for women, for humanity…through all lifetimes. Another glass ceiling broken!!! Governments, corporations, nor patriarchy have any power, unless I give it to them. In that moment I realized… I AM Free. I AM Sovereign.

We’ve all been speaking about these concepts, but concepts aren’t realized and embodied until we experience them. However, the brain doesn’t know the difference between a dream, a vision or an awake experience. It’s the mind’s interpretation of it that creates the story. Therefore, with this style of conscious dreaming we can transform unconscious parts of our life with ease and grace, free of our mind’s interference.

I know dreams are powerful, but it wasn’t until I “experienced” this dream that I understood how powerful. 

Some dreams are so transformational it behooves you to consciously sit with them for as long as it takes to embody the reality of the experience. And then, my beloveds, it’s written in your cellular memory, rather than mind’s imaginary book of stories.

Transformational Dreaming….What a splendid gift!!
You may want to give it a try…..

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

The Reality of Surreality

The brain is an amazing vehicle. And I call it a vehicle for a reason… because it can take you where ever you desire, any time you desire. It is a timeless transporter if you have the key to the ignition.

Last evening I walked out to the hot tub and was disappointed that it had been turned down and was not going to supply the comforting warmth I was anticipating. Rather than get upset, or wait for the temperature to rise, I sat down, curled my feet under me and remembered a time from my past.

My prior experience was at sunset on a glorious spring evening. The Cascade Mountains were still cloaked in white blankets of snow, reflecting the soft pink rays of the sun. The Puget Sound rippled with shades of indigo, lavender, and hot pink glowing in the duskiness of the evening. Serenades of birdsong lifted my spirit. And the fragrance of the early spring blossoms wafted through the air. I stepped into the warm hot tub and gently slipped into water. No jets, no bubbles, just the quiet serenity of the evening. I allowed my head to ease back into the warmth of the water and lift my body to float effortlessly on the surface. I watched as the glow of the vibrantly colored sky faded from fuchsia to electric blue, to midnight ebony. One by one, stars popped into the sky creating a magical pathway to fairyland. With my body floating in the water’s embrace, I allowed myself to drift into the sky, into the land of the faeries, into the nothingness of the Universe……and float in this moment of peace and harmony with All That Is.

As I sat in remembrance, I savored this prior time spent in the hot tub, experiencing every detail of minutia. A single moment of eternal bliss thrumming in every cell of my physical body. And in this moment, I felt just as much joy and pleasure as the original experience.

We have the ability to pull any memory from our mind and relive it, just as I did with this exquisite hot tub experience. This moment in time was equally real and surreal. My brain didn’t know the difference and neither did my body. I lived it’s totally again months later.

So what’s the Key to the ignition of our Timeless Transporter?

Here’s the secret….
When you breeze through life without being fully present, the feelings and details don’t register into your experience. Thus, how can you possibly tap into past feelings and experiences you’ve never fully logged into? But when you’re totally present in the moment, sensually aware of all the details…what does the air feel like on your skin, the variations of the colors of the sky, the subtlety of sounds, fragrance of the air…it’s logged into your brain like a multidimensional movie, always available upon demand.

Now, let’s bump our experience up to the next level. Why not do the same thing with your dreams!! When you awaken, record all the feelings and details without engaging your mind.

The brain does not know the difference between real (as in having lived it) and surreal (as in having dreamed it). Your mind places it on a scale of judgement…..but your Spirit knows its ALL Real.

All you need do is turn the key in the ignition of the Timeless Transporter and travel to where ever you desire, when ever you desire. There are no limits… you are omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. Now is all there is.

My BeLoved Friends,
Your Surreality has just become your Reality.

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~

Artwork by Josephine Wall

Dreaming It Into Reality


What beautiful dreamtime!!!
I awoke with an image of standing naked as my I AM presence after having dropped all of my “I-dentity”. The old pieces of me were lying on the floor to the left and right like piles of rumpled clothing. Here I AM glowing in the center of it all. I remember saying, I choose to remain this way. I do not choose to pick any of that back up. (It reminded me of the huge pile of clothes I took to the charity shop a few weeks ago.)

What do I look like now? What do I do now?
It doesn’t matter. I AM simply reveling in the JOY of it, the JOY of ME.
Oh Blessed One, I rest in the You that is Me. Nothing else matters. Yes, we will take this GLOW out into the New World, but not now. Now we are resting in the Sacredness of it all, reveling in the Beauty of it all and celebrating the JOY of it all. For it has been a long journey to arrive at this place, and we need to rest here in it’s goodness before we continue on.

And that is well and good….something I’ve never done in the past. Every time I’ve attained something, I blow by it asking “what’s next?”, always hurrying past the acknowledgement of it. This time there is a need to pause, to “see” how far I’ve come. Not just in this lifetime, but through all time and space. Oh yes, it is a splendid view.

I AM Home. There is no place to go. Nothing to do. When I’m ready, I will KNOW without a doubt what the next step is. There is a path laid out for me by my Soul but I’m in no hurry to step upon it. The current task lies in being aligned with it before I embark upon it. This is a time of Rest and Rejuvenation, so my physical body can fully align with the BEaUty of this Sacred moment. It is a MasterFULL moment in time. A moment to be savored.

I have tears as I’m writing this for I know its truth. I kept getting lost in wanting to “do” something, to know my personality. It wasn’t until I put that all aside that I could “see” and “feel” the truth of I AM.

Thank you… for this dream that brought it into view, into reality. Bravo to me!!! I took the leap from duality into a New World. But because it took so long to get here, I just wanted to “get on with it”. I wanted to push past this moment too quickly and I now see the importance of recognizing the FULLness of who I AM before moving on. To rest here. To enJOY it rather than being bored by the non-activity of it. Oh my joy-meter was so off kilter! Now it’s fully recalibrated to the New World where JOY is the moment of BEing… with all these precious moments strung together like a pearl necklace.

Yesterday my Soul urged me to buy myself a bouquet of pink roses. Now I understand the significance of that simple act, “to stop and smell the roses”. And why I’m being drawn to wear my pearls today. Blessed BE. . . I AM…Dreaming it into Reality.

Sharon Lyn Shepard

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Dream BIG!!!

As a child I learned early on not to dream too big. For me that meant, give up all your dreams, because my dreams were HUGE, way beyond anything my family or friends could conceive of, despite the fact that they felt normal to me. So I shut those glorious dreams down and found a place in my heart where they could be walled off behind big thick walls so they couldn’t haunt me by creating unhappiness with what I did have, rather than dreaming about what I couldn’t have.

But funny thing about dreams, they don’t just go away. When we least expect it, they waft into our sleep and remind us that they are still present and alive. But when we awaken in the morning, we know them for what they are, unattainable dreams that float in the clouds. And if we spend too much time yearning for them, we become unhappy with what we DO have. So instead, we lock those big dreams back into their prisons and dream small dreams, things we think might be attainable.

At least that’s been my experience… up until now…

Over the past few weeks, several things have disrupted my peaceful quiet life…the one I dreamed in and manifested. Then two days ago, I was informed that something was going to be dropped into the middle of my current dream that would totally disrupt it. My reaction surprised me. At first I wanted to get angry, but the anger wouldn’t come. Yes I was upset, but not angry. Well, I thought, that’s a good enlightened reaction. I realized that I had no control over this situation and I simply needed to accept it for what it was. I had no choice but to give up this dream, let it go. That brought a huge flood of tears, way beyond what this situation warranted. I spent the day feeling into this stream of sadness, going deep, trying to figure out why it felt so intense, where it originated and how to handle the eminent changes in my life. Totally befuddled, I went to bed with a prayer for answers and turned it all over to the Universe.

This morning I awoke from a dream that I’ve had on numerous occasions over the years. This was not a night dream, it was my Heart’s Dream, the one I came to the planet to live. I’ve always known it’s Truth for me, but the planet has never been ready for its splendor. This morning it felt REAL for me, no longer a dream, but a reality. It had expanded the vibrancy of it’s prior imperceptible details with all the elements of what I desire, all rolled into one. It no longer felt like an unattainable dream. It felt like my next step in life, made easily with grace and joy. The only thing holding me back was my clinging to this little dream that I’m now living. The one that has been nothing more than a stepping stone to something much Grander.

The last two days have been emotional butt-kickers for me, but now I realize I needed my butt kicked because I had become too comfortable in my currently manifested dream. It is, after all, more than most others would even reach for. I remember feeling this way in 1999 when I got the message to leave my work and all my possessions to move to Spain. But by leaving a life I loved, I was ushered into a life bigger than I could have dreamed of.  Now I feel there’s even MORE coming my way.

So I went back to my current situation in my mind and I allowed myself to let go of the small dream. A flood of tears nearly drenched me. But this time the tears were not sad tears, they were tears of Joy as they washed away that thick prison wall that had incarcerated my childhood dream, that huge dream that was held captive to everyone who said it was nonsense.

The old dreams have served me well and I give gratitude for them. All those little dreams have brought me to this point in time and space where the energies of our planet can now support my huge dream that no longer feels so huge.

That dream is my birthright, your birthright, that was held in safe keeping in our hearts until the time was right. When we simply meet life as it presents itself, without trying to control or manipulate it, we are in PERFECT orchestration with the Universe and the Divine Plan, knowing All is well in all of Creation.

Look around my BeLoveds, the time is right. We are being supported in manifesting our Heart’s Dreams. It’s time to Dream Big again. ¸¸.☆¨¯`♥´

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard



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Humanity needs a Big Hug

“No!” I thought, “not again”. I thought I was done with those grizzly old dreams of being chased by something heavy and dark. But here I was in the thick of it again….and it was thick. I wanted to wake up from this tattered worn out dream. I wanted to return my night’s prior dream where I was empty and light preparing to embark on something new and exciting. What did I do to be sanctimoniously dumped back into the sewer?

I took a few deep breaths and in that moment of lucidity, I knew that I had a choice. I could very easily flip into my preferred dream where the sparkling new energies were enticing me….or….I could take a better look at what was chasing me. That’s the they way my dreamtime works these days, lucid, simultaneous and with conscious choice.

Out of curiosity, I chose to stay with the dark dream. I haven’t had dark dreams in a long time so I wondered what it was, where it had come from. I wasn’t feeling fearful, simply frustration at its intrusion. My first question was: is it mine? The answer was very clear….no, it’s not yours, it belongs to humanity. It’s only yours by proxy, you are a member of humanity.

I returned to the dream and felt into it. It was obvious that I was still the light empty person from my prior dream, now being chased by a cloud of sticky, dense darkness. I wasn’t living in the dark, I was simply being chased by a cloud of it. So what was it and where did it come from?

This darkness was the accumulated pain and fear of humanity. I could feel its
pain, taste its terror and watch it lumbering along without direction. Its intent was to follow me, to follow the Love and the Light that I was radiating from my heart.

As I looked it in the eye, I knew I could not turn away from so much pain and suffering, so much helplessness. I slowly walked toward it without any fear, arms open wide with Love and Compassion. As I did, it sped up. I slowed down. It sped up. Until….it was in my arms, fully embraced in my unconditional Love, the Love of Divinity that knows no judgment and has no bounds. The darkness roiled and trembled as it created a puddle of tears. Little by little the quivering ceased. Eventually the darkness of humanity looked at me with eyes of gratitude and appreciation, mega-billions of eyes from a multitude of lifetimes.

In a world of victimhood, humanity has never known Love and Compassion. It has never tasted the fruits of Divinity in such a sweet way. Over many lifetimes in the turmoil of violence, it lost its faith and hope. But in one brief loving hug, humanity was beaming brightly, perhaps for the first time.

Has humanity ever beamed this brightly? When we left “Home”, the veils of forgetfulness dropped. We forgot that we were God also. Now that the veils have thinned, some of us have walked through them to the other side. We remember who we are. We’ve not chosen to return Home” and remain on the other side of the veil. Instead, we’ve chosen to re-collect those memories and anchor them in our physical bodies. Home is now within us. For the first time in the history of the Universe, we have embodied God in human form. We have created a new template. We are Divine Humans.

These courageous ones who have taken this leap, and it was a leap because we didn’t know what would happen when we slipped back through the veil to “take a look” at the other side, now have a choice to make. We can return to the other side of the thinning veil and leave this lifetime behind. . . or we can continue to play on Earth as Divine Humans.

Whatever the choice, it is a personal one. Now that we’ve acknowledged our Divinity, we’ve gone beyond duality and there is no right or wrong. There is no judgement. There is only experience. What do you choose to experience? What does your Soul choose?

For those of us who decide to stay, a whole new adventure awaits us. After last night’s dream I have one suggestion. Give humanity a great big hug. We may have seen the other side of the veil, but most of humanity has not. All they see is a chaotic world that stimulates pain and fear with an instinct to fight back with violence. Humanity needs a big hug and WE are the ones who are able to envelope them with Love and Compassion.

I’m not talking about going out and creating new causes or trying to save the world. That’s not our job. Each human needs to do that for themselves. That’s the role of the Soul. I’m simply talking about releasing our judgment toward others and living in Compassion. I’m talking about offering Love where it’s called for. The darkness in my dream was not chasing me to harm me, it was in search of Love. All it needed was a loving hug to awaken to its own Divinity.

So my BeLoveds, if you are reading this, I suspect you’ve had a glimpse of the other side of the veil. You KNOW you are God also. When those moments of forgetfulness waft in, it’s simply a reminder that You need a big hug just as much as humanity needs a big hug. Wrap your loving arms around yourself as a Divine Human and share it with humanity.

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~

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Pre-tend your life into Reality

A person can get overwhelmed with all the “teachings” on how to manifest the life we want. You all know what I’m talking about. The list goes on and on and, it continues to grow. I expect, like me, you’ve tried at least of few of them. Quite frankly, most of them have fallen short of the mark for me. Sometimes they work, other times not. All the effort I put into intention writing, dream boards, rituals, etc often fell flat.

So in my naturally quizzical mind, I looked back over my life to remember some of my best dreams come true, to see how I could replicate the process. Interestingly, they were just that…. dreams, carried in my heart since childhood….the desires I came into this lifetime with, long forgotten in the midst of a materialistic world that drew me into its grip. That’s not to say that some of my dreams didn’t included materialism. But they were not at the root of my desire. They were the result of it.

That led me on a quest to return to the innocence of my childhood, when dreams were common place, before the grownups in my life stepped in to run the show. It was an easy leap for me. The memories of angels, fairies and “imaginary friends” effortlessly danced back into my conscious.

Ah yes… that’s how I did it!!! Just like the grownups always said, I was living in a pretend world. And it worked for me! It was a grand world. It wasn’t until I was taught to judge it as wrong or bad that I gave up dreaming and pretending.

Now that I realize the truth of reality, I no longer judge any world as wrong. The grownups can have theirs and I can have mine. I have the freedom to choose. It was Yeshua who said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” I choose to live in the kingdom of Heaven, here on Earth.

I choose to return to the innocence of my pre-tend world. The definition of “tend” is to look after, to nurture, and to cherish. So when I am pre-tending I am in the beginning phase of creation. I am tending my dream seeds and I am dreaming-in my reality. This is when I’m happiest and maybe that’s what brings my dreams into  reality… my happiness is the manifestation juice.

So I’ve decided it’s really quite simple… pre-tend, pre-tend, pre-tend until it becomes reality. Pre-tend your life into reality!!!!

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

Artwork by Josephine Wall

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Return of EnLightenment from out of the Darkness

A jet black raven landed on the cedar branch outside my window at dusk and blinked his shiny eye at me. According to the Native Americans, it was the raven who returned the sun to Earth. Raven brings en-light-enment from out of the darkness. This was a clear indication that despite what time it was, it was time for me to retire to bed. Excited that it was going to be a prolific dreamtime, it felt like I had already fallen asleep before my head hit the pillow and off to dreamtime I zoomed.

My first awareness was in Egypt, surrounded by the ancient pyramids, some of which are still buried under the sand. With the water of the Nile lapping at my feet, I opened my heart and called in all of my ancient aspects, many of which came floating out of the shadowlands, totally unknown to my present awareness. One by one they formed a circle around me and the time of loving began, of self and each other. Once each unique aspect was acknowledged and honored for the part it has played in the illusions of time and space, the interweaving began into wholeness, into Oneness. With each golden thread of Love, I was expanded into a more refined vibration. It was in this higher dimension that I called forth all the ancient gods and goddesses. Osiris, Isis, Horus, Ra, Thoth, Hathor, Ptah, Anubis, Ma’at, etc. surrounded me in all of their power. Again, the energies were interwoven into wholeness and their power of Love became exponential.

My next awareness was in Sedona, surrounded by the landscape of the sacred red rocks. With my bare feet planted in the red sand atop Cathedral Rock, I opened my heart even wider and called in all my present day aspects that have been honed over the course of time. Once again, a circle formed around me and a time of loving, acknowledgement, honoring and interweaving took place. This time when I was lifted to a higher vibration, I was met by a circle of extraterrestrial beings with their light all aglow, vibrant in unique colors beyond my imagination. I took a deep breath and beamed a flashing smile at all my sisters and brothers from the Stars. It was here that my Soul family gathered in one place with a thread of Oneness weaving us all together in Love and Joy.

My final awareness was back on my Home island in the sky where I popped into the center of a circle of the Ascended Masters of the Galactic Council of Light. I responded to their immediate applause with tears of gratitude in my eyes and love pouring from my heart.

Standing in the center of a Holy Trinity of interlocking circles of light from ancient Egypt, present day Sedona, and the Galactic Council of Light, my body was lifted into a spiraling portal of energy, faster, wider, faster, wider, faster, wider. Dizzying beyond the speed of light, I bust into flames of cool rainbow light and soared effortlessly like an eagle. When I looked back, I realized I had been transformed into the Phoenix with rainbow feathers of radiant Light.

When I opened my eyes to the chorus of the birds in the forest outside my window, I heard, “Lie still. Your consciousness has been expanded beyond human understanding. Expand your core portal of Light beyond your mind. Breath deeply and allow this rebirth with ease and grace. You have brought en-light-enment from out of the darkness. The Sun has been returned to Earth, Beloved One. All is well in all of Creation.”

Needless to say, it will be a slow lazy day for me today. Was this a portent of the upcoming solar eclipse on May 20, when the sun returns enlightenment to the people of the Earth? Perhaps. . .

Sharon Lyn Shepard~

Artwork by Cathy McClelland


Bless you for sharing. . .

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