Healing the Primordial Wound of Separation


So many of us are feeling the desolation of social distancing. How often have you seen a friend across the store, rushed over to give them a hug, and were stopped in your tracks when you noticed the mask on their face, recalling the current rules of social distancing during this pandemic? How often do you yearn to hug an aging parent, or your grandchildren? These are things we have always taken for granted. And our bodies are now calling out for the touch of another.

The effect of this physical separation has many shrouded emotions rising to the surface, feelings from long long ago, threading all the way back to the origin of time. We are experiencing this separation personally while being distanced from our families and friends. We are experiencing sexual separation via the inequality of masculine vs feminine. We are experiencing it collectively as racism is exploding to the surface, human against human. And on the deepest level, we are experiencing the original separation from God. The is the Primordial Wound of Separation.

Origin of Separation

As recorded in the ancient scrolls, the omnipotent omniscient omnipresent God, in order to experience the infinite facets of life, made a decision to divide into what we have come to know as the female and male aspects of Mother/Father God. The original divine plan for the division into masculine and feminine aspects was purposefully created to expand the experience of creative expression. With this division, each aspect of the polarities of yin and yang holds within it the seed of the other as a reminder of our wholeness through all dimensions, throughout all eternity. Therefore, there has never truly been a separation.

The separation that we’ve been experiencing, is an erroneous perception of the separation from God that’s been perpetrated by humanity. At our core, in our heart space, we are all whole and complete. Unfortunately, many religions have taught that as humans we are flawed in our nature causing enormous destruction to the human psyche. The memory of these wounds are carried within us, thus we lost our sense of divinity. As a result, we now live in a world of imbalanced duality in fear of acknowledging our own GodSelf as sovereign creators.

Return of the Rainbow Tribes

On the initial days after the birth of this planet, the dazzling sun shone upon it with a multitude of colors streaming from the original twelve sacred rays of the Primal Creator. Each ray carried its own unique vibration, sound, and color. As they danced together, they whirled and twirled glorious ethereal art and music beyond our imagination. As the energies matured, the elements manifested as fire, water, earth, and air. Nature became the proliferation we’re accustomed to today. Fabulous beings of light walked upon this earth embodying an amalgamation of all the twelve sacred rays.

However, according to the divine plan, as the density of the planet increased, human consciousness decreased. Some of the higher more refined vibrations were no longer sustainable in this dense environment. So one by one, many of these rays disappeared from human perception, but continued to hold their sacred space for the eventual planetary ascension as we progressed through the natural cosmic cycle. As a result, the planet fell into third-dimensional duality and only four primary rays/races remain.

As many of the ancient prophecies predicted, the day would come when all the rainbow tribes would once again reunite and dance together transcending the illusions of separation and duality. These harmonizing vibrations will reunite all twelve sacred rays in a new golden age. Thus, we shall walk together in our diversity and uniqueness on the sacred path of peace across all cultural boundaries, laying down our weapons, living in harmlessness in balance with all beings, and living side by side to enhance life.

This spiral was destined to reverse itself at the appointed time to initiate the integration of all aspects of our GodSelf. The rainbow tribes are gathering once again. It is time to birth the new reality that has been written in the prophecies passed down through eons of time. This is the precipice upon which we now stand as the Universe fully opens to us once again.

The Human Journey

The journey has been a long one, much longer than any of us would have liked it to be. However, this tear in the fabric of the web of the collective coupled with the diminishment of pure Love has always been part of the divine plan as a way to increase our experience of Love. Our separation from Love in the form of duality has been a powerful teaching, for the only way to truly know Love is to separate ourselves from it.

Every being living on the planet at this time has, on some level, made a commitment to live in Love. It may not always appear that way to you, but that is exactly what is taking place. Never judge the expression of Love. As with you, everyone is doing the best they know how. Allow each person to embody his or her own experiences so that all may be touched with this divine radiant energy of Love by anchoring it, playing with it, expanding its physicality, and most of all embodying it. There are infinite experiences and expressions of Love. How matters little, because the end result will be the same. No matter which path is taken the destination is always Love. Duality was simply part of our earth’s cycle: to know love more fully, we chose to experience living without it.

As we bring these dissonant energies back into balance the energies of separation will naturally dissolve and humans will once again remember how to connect with their hearts and intuition. It is time to offer gratitude to everyone in our lives who has reflected our Divinity back to us in both the darkness and the light. For both are necessary for the expansion and evolution of our souls. And may I remind you that the roles of holding the light amidst the darkness have been the most challenging and most deserving of our appreciation. Through eons of life experiences, all these aspects have been expanding our conscious ability to experience and embody the divinity of Love.

This unique lifetime on earth offers an opportunity to expand our consciousness beyond the antiquated ingrained misconceptions, to gather all our expanded aspects into wholeness, and realize the Sovereignty of our Divinity from whence we were originally born. For we all originate from the same infinite Source, birthed as Divine Seeds of Creation to create art and music beyond anything the omniverse has ever experienced before.

“By transcending the illusions of separation and duality,
we walk in harmony on the sacred path of peace, love, and joy.”
~ Black Madonna ~

As the original wound of separation is rising to the surface within each of us, mass consciousness continues to cycle through its play-back via extreme polarities. Attempting to fix what appears to be the problem only exacerbates it. Instead, by finding harmony amidst the flux of duality we find the core of our GodSelf, free of any separation. Herein we find Love for our self with all its human foibles, Love beyond our human bounds for all our brothers and sisters, and Love for all sentient beings. Herein, we find peace with All-That-Is and we rise sovereign and free as creators of a new reality.
~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

This includes excerpts from “Divinely Human” Black Madonna Diaries, Volume II available in paperback and ebook @ www.amazon.com/author/sharonlynshepard

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The Game of Duality


It is said . . .
“There is no light without shadow.”
“There is no good without bad.”
“Suffering is a natural part of life.”
“You can not know light without darkness.”

Unless. . .
The sun is directly above you. . . where you cast no shadow.
You are experiencing all that life has to offer . . . without the need to judge.
You flow with the natural unfoldment of life. . . instead of trying to control it.
You are radiating light from within you. . . which dispels any darkness.

I have come to realize that duality is a game humans play.
A game we’ve been taught by those who have never realized they’ve been confined within duality. A game with rules perpetrated by religion and government to control the masses. A game most humans have never been courageous enough to break free, to explore beyond the “rules” of duality.

As children, we are born free of the beliefs and bonds of duality. For the first few years of my life I recall living in my own delightful world of magic. Until rule by rule, I was eventually imprisoned by the game of duality and the magic of life disappeared.

But times have changed. By remembering the truth of who I AM, my Inner-Knowing has surfaced once again. And it doesn’t coincide with what I’ve been taught by my parents, teachers, society, religion, or mass consciousness.

Those of us who are awakening from the hypnosis of duality that we’ve been living most of our lives have begun questioning everything. It begins with things that are no longer working for us: health issues from the stress of overwork, depression from living a heart impoverished life, relationship breakups, loss of jobs, homes, and the snuffed out spark of life.

As I look around I realize our newest generation isn’t buying into the old games of duality. They see no need to rebel against it. They are simply creating life from a sea of infinite potentials, free of the old indoctrination and the old bonds of society. Whereas our generation has had to summon the courage to break free, they were never imprisoned to begin with.

Even the new age moment is still caught up in the game of duality, as demonstrated by the quotes streaming through my facebook newsfeed. Quotes like the sentences at the top of this page. Quotes of separation and divisiveness from the Inner-Knowing of our GodSelf.

These are the beliefs that imprison us from living our full potential. Beliefs that hold the magic of life at bay. Beliefs that rob us from manifesting our dreams. Beliefs that are nothing more than the illusion of duality, a game we’ve been playing for far too long.

I hereby offer you the card to “Break out of Prison”, pass by GO, collect your infinite $$$ and dump the Monopoly game board into the trash along with all your long held dualistic beliefs.

High Ho! High Ho!
Magic is enlivened once again and your infinite reality awaits!!!

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“Wisdom of the Inner Voice”

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Evolving beyond the Bifurcation of Earth


To many the bifurcation of earth may be a new concept. Within the new age community this is one of the new buzz words of the moment. For several years there’s been a lot of talk about a new earth. Some feel that humanity is ascending to new earth as a group, leaving no one behind. There are others who feel that we are in the midst of a bifurcation of earth with two different groups of humanity formulating. One attempting to maintain the old earth. The other choosing a new earth.

At first creating a new earth and allowing those on the old earth to continue as they are sounded exciting to me. I was ready to move forward while allowing others to live as they choose and awaken at their own rate. I was never a fan of evangelizing a new earth to shepherd everyone into one golden moment of ascension. But something’s been niggling in the back of my mind and this whole idea of bifurcation began feeling “off” to me. As is my usual practice, I tossed a few questions into my cauldron of wisdom and allowed it to bubble until clarity ensued.

The clarity finally came to me during this recent dream:
I was packing a small box of crystals and stones, which I considered to be wisdom keepers, for my sister. When she saw what I was doing she shook her head and said, “I don’t want those.” I realized my sister doesn’t have any interest in what I have to offer so I returned the box to its resting place and replied, “Okay that’s fine.” This confirmed that my sister and I are living in very different realities. I do not resonate with her reality, nor she with mine and that’s perfectly okay. Then I was packing a second box of crystals and stones for my daughter. She also shook her head and said, “I don’t want those.” This was another validation of living in different realities. As with my sister, I felt at ease about it. I harbored no judgment, nor any hopes of my daughter and I ever working together spiritually as I had once desired. I recalled having realized this about our relationship a few years ago which made me sad at the time. Now I have no emotional reaction about it at all. I fully bless her soul path as she’s living it and I bless mine. Each of us simply living our reality of choice. Neither one better than another, simply different choices.

Upon awakening in the morning I realized this answered my question about the bifurcation of the earth.  Bifurcation: is defined as: the division of something into two branches or parts: the bifurcation of the profession into social do-gooders and self-serving iconoclasts.

What I realized is that bifurcation is simply another form of polarity. The reason this new earth/old earth model doesn’t resonate with me is that I have gone beyond the concept of duality. There is no either/or for me. Neither my sister nor my daughter are living the same reality as I am. And they are not living in the same reality with each other. Therein lies the question…. who goes to which earth? It looks to me like between the 3 of us there are 3 different realities, 3 different earths. None more right or wrong than the other. It’s simply a matter of choice.

Those of us who are aware of new earth are no longer living in duality, which is one of the constructs of the old earth. By breaking free of the old earth matrix, we are breaking free of duality. We are entering the time of the many, not the time of oneness where everyone is required to agree to the same reality. Nor a separation of those who are considered awake vs those who are not. For who defines or determines who is awake and who is not, for there are many degrees of awakeness.

I feel that the original idea of the bifurcation of earth was a stepping stone away from the confines of an old earth that has been cycling and recycling for eons of time. The old earth/new earth model initiated  “Releasing the old Collective Consciousness”  as mentioned in my prior blog, and inspired new potentials for all of us.

There are far more realities than the “old earth” and the “new earth”. Our evolution is happening so fast that as soon as we all agree on a new concept, there are multiple new potentials already presenting themselves. Attempting to fit everyone into a prescribed new earth reality very quickly becomes nothing more than an expanded old earth.

Thus, I feel we have already evolved beyond the limitations of the bifurcation of the old earth or the new earth. We each create our own reality. And each reality may change from one day to the next, from one moment to the next. Humanity has the opportunity to create as many new earths as there are conscious creators.

As humanity is awakening, we’re moving beyond the old collective consciousness, each person doing so in their own way with their own divine timing. I recognize that not everyone is ready for a huge leap and we each have a role to play. Thus I honor each person’s choice, including my own soul’s passion and desire to expand beyond this current reality. No longer held back by the belief that we are all One, with one agenda, and one new earth. Rather than attempting to restrain everyone into only one, we are the many, constantly expanding our consciousness. We each have the freedom to evolve and live in whatever way we choose. As we do so, old timelines are collapsing and consciousness is reforming accordingly for each of us.

We are all Master Creators! As Sovereign beings, we each have the ability to create our own reality according to our soul’s desires, free of all limitations. Do not allow your self to be influenced by the perception of others based on a yearning to be part of the group. Create your own new earth. Breath your divine consciousness into it. Live your own reality. And watch as those of us who resonate with each other naturally find each other’s playgrounds, living in harmony with each other rather than attempting to fit into someone else’s reality. And thus, we have the opportunity to live All That Is.
~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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Redefining Darkness

There’s a difference between avoiding or fighting against the so called “darkness” which is perceived as negative vs. walking away from it because the concept of duality no longer resonates with me.

We’ve been taught that darkness is evil or life threatening. Therefore fear steps in and we either avoid it, hide from it, or fight against it. Avoidance is resistance to that which we judge as bad, resistance that is always lingering below the surface. Once we’ve resisted it long enough it builds to the point that it’s in our face, be it political, religious, spiritual, emotional, mental or physical. Our human self is accustomed to going up in arms to protect ourselves by fighting against it. Or, we unconsciously harbor it until our body succumbs to disease and we die a slow painful death.

In truth all energy is neutral. It is only the human with a 3d perception of duality that deems it as dark or light, negative or positive. Light differs from energy in that it ranges from dark to light with many vibrations and variances in-between. New age teachings seem to have confused the two.

As we all know human eyes can not “see” what is in the darkness, therefore we have been taught to fear the unknown. As a child, when our parents turned on the lights during a nightmare the fear usually dissolved. Perhaps this fear is as simple as being conscious vs. unconscious.

The more conscious we become, the more we engage with our soul which does not judge. Therefore we have the opportunity to engage in the world with a more expanded perception, sensing beyond the fear and limitations of light vs. dark. The more often we engage consciously the more we inch away from the constructs of duality.

Making a choice to walk away from what the human perceives as darkness allows us a more expanded consciousness to more fully engage with our soul beyond duality’s judgment of energy. It’s here that we realize all energy is neutral, therefore “I” am the one who deems it as positive or negative. . . or to realize that all energy in service to me.

I’m not one to walk away from that which has been in the dark unconscious to avoid what’s being brought into the light to be seen. What I have walked away from is the need to judge it. There is no battle. There is no negotiation. There is no need for healing. For they are not necessary when I simply go beyond the need to engage. Therefore what had been perceived as negative is now seen as neutral, waiting to be in service to me in new and exciting ways.

My choice to turn my attention away from negativity is because I no longer live in the world of duality. That simple choice transforms what I formerly refereed to as dark or negative. Does that mean I live in a positive world? What it means is that I live in a neutral world knowing all energy is always in service to me, and the darkness and light are the variances of experiences I choose to live. Perhaps a bright sunny day or a dark mystical night. All are equally valued experiences by my soul through my human physical body here on this amazing planet that has so much to enjoy.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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Celebrating Contrast !

b3dcd2215c221e789cfb67bdc17859c0Humans really like their lives to be comfortable and convenient. They like things to remain the same. They don’t like change nor having to face conflicting or contrasting situations. And yet, life doesn’t remain the same.

Humanity is currently experiencing the most potent life transformation in history. As I mentioned in my most recent blog “What’s Beyond Duality?”, the planet is transitioning out of 3rd dimensional duality where it has been for eons of time into the multidimensional quantum field.

Once we venture beyond duality, the role of contrast slips into place. Whereas duality only has two choices, black or white, contrast can be likened to a color chart where there are many color choices and many variations of those colors.

The choices are no longer right or wrong, true or false, or even multiple choice. We’re now choosing from an infinite color palate. And since you would not want to live in a totally purple or red world, of course you would enjoy contrast, constantly tweaking the variations of all those glorious colors choices.

Once we realize the difference between the polarity of duality (which boxes us in) and contrast (which opens us to infinite potentials) we welcome contrast, the perception of others and the choices in life. We no longer feel compelled to hold on to what we’ve always known, judging change and contrast as a disruption to our lives. The need to fit into other people’s rules and expectations disappears. No one expects two people to prefer the same color, so why would we expect everyone to agree with the same life choices?

When we adapt to seeing the world through the eyes of contrast we realize it is working for us, not against us. We recognize it as a sacred gift. Any artist will tell you that!  A blank canvas is as exciting as vibrant splashes of color for they are both drawing us toward a more expanded expression of our Self. We begin to revel in the unknown and welcome it as the ability to live a more expanded consciousness in full blown color speaking to us from the whispers of our heart.

Moving out of duality doesn’t need to be a struggle. It can be done in small steps of variation rather than adhering to the concept of taking the leap. There is no need to keep go poking around in the muddle until we get it just right. Contrast allows us to be the artist and create life as we choose it to be, one brush stroke at a time. That’s how contrast works!

The nature of life is constantly expressing and expanding. There is no finished product, you can’t get it wrong and you’ll never get it done because we are eternal beings. Everything in our lives presents itself to expand our consciousness to enjoy more and more of what life has to offer.

We are going beyond the old limitations and it is contrast that is guiding the way. Don’t you think it’s time to embrace the changes in life and celebrate the magnificence of contrast!!!

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~
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What’s Beyond Duality ?


Duality has marched right out of our lives in a linear fashion. Like a band marching down the street never to be seen again with strains of music fading into the distance. There are no endings. No more beginnings. It’s like someone has thrown the deck of cards into the air and we’re wondering where they will all land.

It can be disconcerting at times. For our mind really likes linear time. It likes to know what has passed and what’s next in line. It wants to understand how one thing relates to another. But quantum energy, i.e. non-linear energy, doesn’t work that way.

Quantum energy has a different operating system and the mind has no control over it. When faced with the quantum field, the mind just rolls its eyes up into the head and checks out in overwhelm. So… what to do? How do we navigate these swirling energies?

Granted I’m still very new to this, but I thought by sharing my current observations it might stir something that you might also find helpful. Mind you, it is our observations that feed this new mechanism and change is what it eats for breakfast.

These past few months have been an extraordinary time of purging to make room for something new. We didn’t know what the new was, we just realized the old clothes didn’t fit anymore. So we’ve been moving things out as fast as our mental and emotional bodies would allow. And once we’re finally naked, we feel like we we’ve been transported into never-never land, floating in the abyss (where clothing is no longer needed).

The thing is… this is what we’ve come here to do and we’ve been prepared. So the best thing we can do is sit back and allow the show to begin. The first thing I’ve realized is there are no beginnings and endings. The show has always been running, we’ve just not been aware of it. So when I say we’ve been prepared, I mean…we’ve been prepared. While we’ve been in our dreamtime, free of the mental interference, we’ve downloaded a new foundational operating system with new viewing options. But much like a new Windows program, it’s of no use unless we figure out how to use it. And that’s where we’re at right now.

The main difference I’m experiencing is this:
The old program was laden with rules and in order to interact with the program, you had to understand the rules. So the question was: “What is this program capable of and how can I use it”?
The new program has a totally different operating system without the the former stringency. The new question is: “This is what I want to do, now show me how to do it!” With the new program, for every desire there are multiple ways to experience it.

What great news!!! But… can you see your mind’s eyes rolling up into your head in overwhelm again?

That’s okay because when the mind checks out, it gives the new operating system free reign. This new operating system is running with the infinite intelligence of Source. It flows in perfect harmony with our Consciousness. When we’re present, we see all the infinite choices available to us. However, when we’re unconscious all these choices begin banging into each other creating what appears to be chaos.

This is when we need to take a deep breathe, sit back and allow everything to effortlessly come to us without our mind attempting to put it all in logical order.

We’ve reached the point where many are still looking for the old operating system. But it’s gone. The energy is no longer supporting it. We’re living in the quantum field now. All the old systems, religious, governmental, financial, etc. are in flux right now. And they are not even substantial. They are all simply systems, which are easily replaced. Even CEO’s of major corporations are no longer recruiting executives who are adept at keeping things in line. They are recruiting creative people, people who are surfing the spirals.

In linear time once things pass by, they’re gone. But in a spiral, everything that’s yours comes back around, called forth by your vibrational resonance with it. And on the next round, it picks up additional components with a more expanded and delightful expression. If we simply trust enough, and not allow our minds to fiddle with it, we’ll get another chance to play with our yet to be manifested ideas… or allow them to pass by if we’ve lost interest and moved onto something new.

By living in present time without looking for the next thing in line you will realize you’ve stepped out of duality and into the quantum.

What does that mean? It means we’re interacting with life in totally new ways. Instead of living to survive in a world of limitation, we’re creating anew from our passionate desires with infinite potentials.

So what’s beyond duality? A life free of bounds. With each turning of the spiral, evolution is taking place with increased enlightenment.

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~

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Affluence for Everyone

What has happened to the American dream? Was it just a dream, as humanity continued to sleep walk? Or is the current unrest a clear sign that the masses are finally awakening? Or, are we creating a new dream worthy of a New Era for all of humanity?

In a world of duality, we’ve carved a huge divide between those who “have” vs. those who “have not”. Poverty runs rampant while waste dwindles away unused. Children are starving while royalty feasts. The homeless are freezing on the streets while executives entertain in their lavish mansions. I could go on with the accusations, but there is no need because we all get the picture loud and clear. It’s particularly present in our own lives when we worry about how to make ends meet, when it stops us from doing what our hearts call us to do, when we shrink our lives smaller rather than expanding into our true essence.

But, throwing barbs at those who “have” only expands the divide. It doesn’t do a damn thing to enhance our lives. In fact, it only escalates judgment, anger and hatred, which shrinks our already encroaching jail, pushing against our hearts like a vice. Victimhood only breeds more viscious victims resulting in violence and death. If it’s freedom and power that we want, we’ve got realize that it comes with responsibility, a responsibility to ourselves and humanity as a whole. And that, my BeLoveds, requires more than bitching about the situation. It requires a personal change in attitude and action.

Let’s begin by defining “Affluence”….an ancient word that originates from Latin: affluent- ‘flowing toward, flowing freely,’ from the French verb affluere, from ad- ‘to’ + fluere ‘to flow.’

So the essence of affluence is “flow”, the flow of our energetic birthright from Souce, which has no limits, no destination, no agenda. There are no limits!!! WE are the ones who limit our affluence by our antiquated beliefs that there is only a limited amount therefore we need to “take” it from someone else, from a higher class of people than ourselves.

What if we realized that there is more than enough for everyone?
What if everyone has the potential to be affluent, to live in the constant flow of Source in whatever means we need in any given moment? What if you are ALREADY affluent and you’ve turned your back on it because you’re judging those who “have”, leaving you in lack as one of the “have nots”?

Can it be that simple? By dropping our antiquated beliefs and judgments about money that we can be flowing with affluence… that there IS Affluence for everyone. Think how marketing would change? Politics? War? Healthcare? The list of potential change is endless and we’re the ones who can change it by aligning with affluence in ourselves and humanity.

Our alignment with the simple Universal Law of Flow has the abilty to bridge the gap between the “haves” and “have nots” to lift all of humanity beyond duality, into a New Era where Affluence is for Everyone. I’m choosing to flow in the Universal River of Affluence, how about you?

Sharon Lyn Shepard~

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