Diet is not a Religion

The physical body is a magnificent creation!! Without it we would not be able to remain on the planet in physical form. After spending years in medical school, I am in awe of it’s ability. The physical body has it’s own intelligence and hums like a well oiled machine as long as we don’t interfere with it’s innate function.

Food, air and water are blessings that feed our physical body. They supply nutrients to the cells to regenerate and perform the functions that allow us to move about in the world with ease and grace.

When did man decide that it knows better than the body… that it isn’t thin enough, strong enough, or attractive enough…. or needs to eat a certain way in order to ascend?

Since that time, we’ve been tampering with what we eat and how we eat it. Granted, there are many on the planet who are eating unconsciously. And there are those who are attempting to feed an out of control emotional body. There are also a growing number who are waking up to the intimate connection between a healthy body and how we feed it.

As a result diets have become as trendy as clothing with a new designer line appearing every season. Each of these diets come with a set of rules that are as stringent and judgmental as the religions that tell us we’re going to hell if we don’t abide by them.

Wake up my Beloveds. We are living in a time of transition. The galactic energies, our planet, and our physical bodies are changing exponentially. We are becoming less dense and therefore how we feed our body needs to change. Fortunately, our body knows how to do this, even if we don’t. It’s time to sync fully into our physical temple and allow it to guide our way.

Each of our bodies are unique and each of us are in different phases of transition. So there is no one diet that fits all. . . but, there are some ever-evolving guidelines from a few cutting edge scientists, nutritionists and energy healers that will continue to metamorphose. These suggestions may be sound, but your physical body is still the expert.

I can share with you some of what my body has been asking for during these times of accelerated transition to ease the way. These are guidelines, not rules. As you will see, I do not eat the same way every day. Energy is fluctuating, so does my diet. See if any of these resonate with you.

~ Drink lots of clear water to flush toxins, preferably not city tap water.
~ Conscious breathing increases the oxygen levels necessary for regeneration.
~ When overly emotional, my body is not digesting well so I eat sparingly.
~ Sun flares are delivering electromagnetic waves that are transmuting the body. When they hit it’s a good time to eat sparingly and rest for a more conducive integration and rebalancing of energy. Or… your body may ask to be more active with more food to facilitate moving the energy through more easily. Listen and respond very carefully during these times.
~ During active cell regeneration, my body needs extra protein.
~ Eat plenty of alkaline foods. Excess acidity promotes disease.
~ Increase foods high in minerals.
~ Eat the most live food possible: unprocessed, organic, raw, regional and seasonal. (note: I am not promoting a rigid “raw”,“vegan”, or “juicing” diet)

~ Feeling stuck? Avoid glutenous foods (key word “glu”), specifically processed wheat.
~ Spending time in nature rebalances our energy field.
~ I eat when I’m hungry regardless of time, usually intermittent small meals, rather than scheduled large ones. If my dreamtime lingers through the morning, I delay my breakfast until I feel hungry, because my body is too multidimensional to digest properly.
~ My thoughts feed my body. I focus on Rejuvenation, rather than disease. I focus on Love, rather than judgment or anger. I focus on Joy, rather than suffering.
~ The body is nurtured by more than food. It thrives on music, art, literature and all forms of beauty so be sure to feed all the senses.

I am intentionally not giving lists of foods. I’d rather you research for yourself and allow your body to indicate it’s calling as you do so. I just read two articles: The Top Imune Boosters and The 7 most Alkaline foods. ALL of those foods are already in my regular daily diet because my body has been asking for them.

If you’re not accustomed to listening to your body, just pay attention to what your body is feeling while you read over these lists and while you’re walking consciously through the aisles of the grocery store. For example: my body sometimes feels nauseous if I walk through the meat department, a clear indication of what it does not want. It always loves hanging out in the organic produce department. :-))))

We are in the process of creating new physical templates. Just remember that your body knows best. No matter what diet suggestions you may settle upon, continue to listen intently and make changes in the moment as they are called for.

Eating is a Joy!!! When you’re happy so is your body. Diet is not a religion. We do not need to suffer! A happy body is a healthy body. I wish for you a vibrant healthy body!!

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~

Please Share Abundantly…….sharing always adds to the abundance of life for ALL of us ·٠٠••●●♥♥❤