New Roles of Compassion


We have been witnessing one disaster after another, more so in this past year than ever before. Despite all the chaos, I have continually been guided to hold the high road, to shine the light, to remind others of the joy that is equally present.

I don’t tune into the media’s frenzy, engage in political or religious debates, or fight for causes. Nor do I judge those who choose to do so. I simply turn the other cheek, as Yeshua/Jesus says. I turn my face away from that which I have no control over and do what I can do in the presence of my own life and my immediate surroundings. I continue to do what my Soul is guiding me to do. And for each of us that may look very different, for we each have our own unique soul path.

However, with all the current disasters there are moments I question what feels like my lack of compassion. That’s when I remember the conversation I had with Quan Yin years ago with her reflections on compassion:

“Compassion is often misconstrued as sympathy or pity, which draws us more deeply into the stories of victimhood. But true compassion is quite the opposite. Compassion honors the sovereign right for each person to experience life according to their own soul’s journey. When we choose compassion we are free of judgement and there is no such thing as a victim, for both parties are playing a role in their soul’s growth. True compassion is fostered in our acceptance rather than our scrutiny. When we listen with the intent of truly hearing one another, compassion can find a place in our lives, giving birth to the unconditional Love and acceptance of all human beings, especially ourselves. That, my love, is the ultimate freedom that comes with compassion”
“So how does compassion couple with forgiveness?” I ask.
“Forgiveness is the ultimate act of letting go and freeing ourselves from the endless cycles of judgment, blame, shame and guilt. Judgment stems from our expectations and beliefs. It’s our own expectations, not someone one else’s, that set us up for the fall. Forgiveness is not directed toward another. It is a precious gift to one’s self. For-giving is the giving forth of Love. Once we love ourselves, compassion becomes a natural way of life. When we live in unconditional love and compassion, there’s nothing to forgive. You see, it’s all rooted in Love.”
“Well, that’s certainly a new perception. I always thought forgiveness was about someone else, us absolving them for what they did.” I replied.
Quan Yin smiles, “I think you’re confused, dear one. That’s called Love.”


Even with that knowing I will occasionally pause and question my soul’s guidance. How can I possibly post something joyful on fb when the rest of humanity is in despair? Where is my compassion? Should I not be feeling the loss others are feeling?

That’s when my Soul popped in with an answer:

“Humanity is moving through its own chaos and turmoil as it transitions into a new world. If you were to emotionally hook into every disaster present on the planet you would soon become lost in the anguish, despair and misery that is prevalent. If you gave away all your energy and resources, then who would be available to forge a new path and light the way for others?

YOU are compassionate by nature. 
There is nothing you need do to prove this to yourself or to others. There is no such thing as a compassion yardstick to measure how compassionate you or anyone else is. If you are not acting in a way that others consider to be compassionate, it’s because there is an old concept of compassion. You have been taught that compassion requires you to give yourself away in order to be compassionate in the eyes of others. You have since learned otherwise.

You have learned that the heart will always act compassionately free of the interference of the mind which is simply ego’s way of making you feel good about the person it thinks you should be. True compassion is innate. It is who you are and you demonstrate it with a humility in ways you do not even realize.

Your true compassion is the expression of your Soul, reacting as your GodSelf, seeing all in divine order. Source does not lower the vibration to match others. Source holds the highest vibration and says. . . come, come join me here in the joy of life.”


Therefore, I see myself in a new light of compassion. The same way the soul is compassionate, simple and pure, without lowering my vibration to match those around me. Each has their own way of expressing compassion. My expression is one of shining the light on the path of divinity that is available for all of us, without which we would all be wallowing in despair.

I share this because I can feel the angst of so many who are being pulled into the mire when their soul is asking them to be free of it. This is especially true of the empath who feels “everything”. That doesn’t mean we don’t reach out a helping hand. It means we do it with joy in our hearts because we see something much better for all of humanity. It means we honor the divinity of each person’s unique soul path. It means we are free of the old teachings of what is required to be a “good” person. It means we can hold out our hand just as Source does and say. . . Come, come join me in the Joy of Life.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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Raising the Consciousness of Empathy

Many of us are natural empathetic beings, feeling and absorbing everything in our environment like a sponge. In many ways empathy is a type of radar that gives us warning and keeps us safe. It’s constantly blipping out there assessing energies, sending messages to our mind to interpret  based on past experience, and setting off alarms in our reptilian brain. Before you know it, the neurological system is doling out fight-or-flight chemicals and you’re in a state of anxiety, often without even knowing why.

Empathy has served us well. In the days of the cave man, this system worked perfectly. But we are no longer living in caves. As we all know, time is speeding up, the energies from the geomagnetic storms are intensifying, as are the emotions of mass consciousness attempting to break free of old constraints. Empathy continues to suck us into the old dramas unable to attract new solutions. Oh we might rise above the symptoms for a brief time, only to be plunged back into the storm. So even if you’re managing your own emotions, if you’re unconsciously tapped into mass consciousness, you’re constantly flipping into your reptilian brain exhausting your adrenal system and your physical body. Can you spell F-A-T-I-G-U-E !!!

Is there another way? I believe there is!!!

In one word: Trust
Can you trust the ever benevolent Universe?
If you do, you trust the Divine and no longer need to engage the empathic system from it’s antiquated template.

We have been taught that empathy equates to “feeling”. It’s important to feel, very important…but where do you want to engage your feelings? Through your heart or your reptilian brain? Realigning your emotional pathways doesn’t mean shutting down your feelings.

During these times of transition, many energies that are no longer appropriate are surfacing within our physical bodies, mass consciousness, and the planet. I’ve seen it written numerous times that it’s important to transmute negative energies. My perception is that we simply need to ALLOW these energies to surface and release organically. If we trust the Universe, we realize that the Universe knows how to do this perfectly if we stay out of the way and stop trying to manipulate energy. Do we really think we are more intelligent and powerful than the Universe?

A simple practice is to focus on the “present moment”. This shift in thought patterning will short circuit the mind’s fixed pattern of reviewing the past and trying to figure everything out, which is what sets off the reptilian brain’s neurological defenses. When you feel a tug on your emotions, just take a deep breath and re-settle into your heart in the present moment where you are safe, protected and provided for. Breath in Love and allow it to do what it knows how to do. Love is what transmutes energies. Love is what soothes your mind and your physical body. Love allows you to rise above the dramas.

When others are in need, don’t confuse empathy with compassion. You are of no assistance to others when you sink into their pain and sorrows by feeling it along with them. That only increases the pain and sorrow! Compassion is what’s called for. Compassion is rooted in unconditional Love and carries a high vibration of healing. Compassion engages the Divine Mind offering miraculous potentials, rather than pulling you into the small mind of worry and drama. For more clarity about compassion you may want to read “New Roles of Compassion” .

The old stories don’t need repeating. A new story needs to be written and compassion opens the heart to hear from a new perception. So cultivate compassion. It will always serve you well.

By raising the consciousness of empathy we open new pathways to the Divine Mind through our hearts where Love reigns supreme and our inner Wisdom blossoms forth, creating lives of ease and grace.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom” 

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