Freedom from Mass Consciousness

Joy of Life by Francois Girard

What a diet of information, mis-information, advice, and confusion we are being fed these days. Accusations and judgments are lashing out at us like laser swords. Every moment is a battle for the mind trying to find balance in a world of crazy making constantly being stirred up by the media.

Read that sentence again. And then feel into your own energy. If it’s like mine, it’s zinging as if I’ve inhaled a whole pot of caffeinated coffee. That coffee you needed to pull you out of the numbness of the mind when it finally shuts down in overwhelm.

Those seem to be the two extremes of the autonomic nervous system these days: overwhelm or shutdown. Not much in-between. Not much rational intelligent functioning, nor peace of mind.

I don’t own a tv, nor read the newspapers, and my time spent on social media is limited, so I’m not getting the high dosage that most of humanity is being fed. I don’t have my head in the sand. I am aware of what’s going on in our crazy world. But, I do admit to wearing rose colored glasses because I prefer to see the world in full color rather than the extremes of black or white, right or wrong, good or bad. Instead, I refer to my own inner wisdom and use my own discernment rather than being fed by the mainstream media.

But even I get caught up in this frenzy from time to time. Last evening, I read a very benign post on facebook written by a friend who was reporting an eye witness report of what was happening at a protest in Portland. This person observed several groups of well behaved, mask wearing, social distancing people such as doctors, nurses, teachers, first responders, grocery clerks, mothers with children, and such, all walking peacefully through the streets carrying signs in the designated area. Until, late in the evening when a very small group of derelicts purposefully stirred up violence (which I have no need to describe) waging war with the police patrol. THAT brief moment of violence is what the media reported. There was no word about the peaceful protest earlier in the day. Just the violence!

This morning I awoke from a fitful night of violent dreams. I don’t dream about violence, so this was very abnormal for me. I then recalled the fb post that instigated that. Although it was a well-intentioned post (and I do not fault the person who posted), just reading about the violence sucked me into an emotional reaction. I fell asleep wondering what kind of human beings we are fostering on this planet whose only purpose is to inflict violence upon all the rest of us. That’s all it took to get sucked into the demented clusterfuck of the mass consciousness and the source of my violent dreams.

Once I realized this, I was able to take a few deep breaths and break free of the collective energetic field of mass consciousness. I was able to shift my sovereign “Point of Consciousness” per my own choice. No longer embroiled in this energy, I am free to engage the purity of my own wisdom rather than what is being force fed to us. No longer embroiled in this energy, I am free to engage my compassion rather than my judgement. No longer embroiled in this energy, I am free to create from new potentials rather than wallow in the brokenness of an old world.

Seeing oneself as a victim to a virus, government, media, or anyone else locks oneself in a state of resistance, blocking our infinite free flowing Source energy rather than allowing new potentials to present themselves.

So, I invite you to take a break from the media, take a few deep breaths, and disengage from the mass consciousness. It will require making some life changes and shifting your focus to a more conscious and enlightened reality. Indeed, it will take practice to continually shift your “point of consciousness” and claim your freedom from the collective.

With enough practice, freeing ourselves from the mass consciousness, our autonomic nervous systems will readjust and find a new balance free of fear based manipulation. And we will become the Master Creators of a new collective consciousness where peace, love, harmony, and joy become the natural way of life.
~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“Wisdom of the Inner Voice”
Gratitude for the artwork: Joy of Life by Francois Girard

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Cosmic Roller Coaster of Time

Image    Many years ago… a handful of us stepped out of our well-entrenched lives of perceived security into a string of Light-emblazoned cars onto the Cosmic Roller Coaster. Once we were all aboard, and strapped in, the Divine chain clicked into place and we began the chug uphill to the top of the highest crest we had ever envisioned.

Oh the view that met our eyes!!! The same view we’ve held in our hearts for eons of time, long forgotten in the hustle bustle of Earthlings. Here it was, pricking our memory banks, spread out before us into infinity. But to our dismay, there was no station at the top of this crest. We were strapped in for the ride and there was no time to get out and saver the moment.

With a whoosh of air, we catapulted downward at the speed of light, leaving our stomachs waylaid behind us…. momentarily touching the earth for an instant before we were tilted to the left, dumped to the right, and spun upside down in a matter of seconds (or was that years, or lifetimes?).

With friends and family left behind, no jobs to support us and home base a distant memory, we often thought we had lost our way. Our well-oiled world no longer held significance. There was no going back. And with our hands in the air, we were out of control. Yikes!!!

There were often rockets ablaze in the star studded sky stringing messages to us from way on high. Other times we tunneled through the murky haze with fog-filled brains and buzzing in our ears. Some stretches were bumpy with a jarring effect. Others smooth as silk brushing sweetly across our cheeks. As time sped up it became a blur, with the kiss of death and the kiss of life all melded into One.

Just when we thought we may have gone crazy, with our minds a jumble and our bodies exhausted beyond recognition, our Light-emblazoned cars pull into Station 2013.

The sky is ablaze with celebrations gone wild. Our Cosmic families, who supported us and cheered us on along the way, await with our well-earned crystalline crowns. We disembark as honored royalty because WE took the chance… WE followed our hearts… and WE endured.

We’ve done it!!! The planetary SHIFT is behind us and The New Golden Era has begun.

As soon as we step onto the platform we realize that we’ve entered a new Matrix. The 3D platform doesn’t exist here. This Matrix of Crystalline Energy is omnipotent, omnisciencent and omnipresent. It doesn’t react in the restricted ways of our old duality. It has it’s own Intelligence. . . the Consciousness of Universal Mind.

What does that mean for those of us still in physical bodies? As you recall, you arrived baggage free. You are a Sovereign being, no longer tethered to the earth. Once you ground into your Heart-Center, your Crystalline program will fully engage. Your Consciousness will expand and your KNOWing will be fully activated. Everything you need to know will be available “in the moment” without the need to ponder it, understand it, or control it. Those were 3D constructs that no longer work here. The best part is that our lives are significantly simplified when we allow everything to stem from our Divine Intelligence, and be fed and nurtured by the eternal Source.

By engaging the innocence and excitement of our childlike wonder, life is effortlessly revealing itself to us with a new expanded Consciousness. Take a moment and breath it all in. Breathe with the breath of the Universe for it is ALL yours as your Divine birthright.

With tears of LOVE and JOY in our eyes we join the celebration as Master Creators who have transcended the Cosmic Roller Coaster of Time with all the accumulated experiences we need to create something stellar and new.

With open arms, we invite everyone to join us in a New World beyond anything humanity has ever known. As a new train of cars pull into the station we begin the chant, “Welcome Home, BeLoveds, Welcome Home!!!”

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

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