Fear of Losing our Minds

My concept of time, as well as my sleep patterns, have become totally distorted. Someone posted a lovely photo on facebook the other day that said, “Happy Thursday!” I wrinkled my brow thinking, is it really Thursday? I thought it was Saturday. I double checked the date on the post against the date on my computer and sure enough, it was Thursday.

Sleep has gone wacky as well. Since it gets dark so early now, my eyes droop and I finally give into crawling under my cozy aubergine duvet no matter what the clock says. I have a tendency to crawl into bed a couple of hours after dusk, which often happens to be around 7 or 8 pm. Gone are the days of being the twilight artisan who stays awake until the wee hours of the morning after writing a new piece of music or editing a series of poems.

The past few nights, as droopy as my eyes became, sleep eluded me. I laid in bed watching the night sky through my window as the stars made their rounds visiting everyone on earth. The other night, my mind was all a chatter. None of my usual tricks worked. I knew the only way to pacify it was to get up and do something active.

At 3am, I finally acquiesced. In the pitch dark, I pulled on some comfy clothes and stumbled out of the bedroom. Before I knew what I had done, I had pulled everything out of my one and only closet. Because it’s my only closet, you can only begin to imagine the array of things strewn across the floor of my one bedroom carriage house.

At this point, I was a woman possessed with clearing the inside of the closet. If I wasn’t fully awake by this point, the sting of vinegar to my nose brought me fully present. I washed down the walls and shampooed the carpet. Then placed the air cleaner inside before tackling the mess of clothes, shoe boxes, luggage, backpacks, artwork, wrapping paper, cleaning supplies, old Amazon shipping envelopes, and an array of other unmentionables. One would think there was an expanding back wall to this closet by the amount of things it held. By this time the sky was turning pink and a new day was dawning. It was time to toss what no longer serves me and reorganize that which still does.

I couldn’t help but consider the metaphor of clearing out the dusty corners of our closets as it relates to the clearing of our minds. By 3pm, a mere 12 hours later, my closet had been totally reorganized with everything laundered and smelling sweet once again. I must say, if I had placed this on a to-do list, my mind would have gyrated over it for months, rather than just getting it done. I chuckle at how much we can accomplish while sleepwalking in the middle of the night.

The following night, sleep came easily. I immediately dropped into a very deep sleep. Until. . . I awoke screaming! My whole body trembled as I recalled the dream that jarred me awake in such terror. I share with you this dream:

[I was playing some kind of board game with a group of people. Since I wasn’t interested in the game, I left and went back to my room to spend some time alone. As I was laying on my bed, I saw a young boy enter my room. He began licking and nibbling at my body. I noticed he wasn’t human, but had some strange animal like ears. I told him to let me alone, but he kept at me. I tried to yell but was frozen with fear, unable to even take a breath. I finally said to myself, “I either do this, or I will perish.” So I mustered all my courage, inhaled a deep breath and screamed. The scream was so loud it woke me up in a tremor, shaking with fear. When I opened my eyes he had disappeared. I lay there with my eyes open for a very long time, afraid to close them. I finally had a little chat with myself, repeatedly saying, “I Am Safe, I Am Safe.” Eventually I was able to fall back into a peaceful asleep.]

This was the first time I had a fearful dream in very long time. I wondered if this had to do with nefarious beings as overlapping timelines are in the process of dissolving. But that did not feel quite right. I recalled the metaphor for cleaning out one’s closet, which I had done the night before. So what was I clearing? Since it’s all my energy, what was my energy doing? What was it trying to tell me?

Ha! I finally realized it was my human mind that was so fearful. My human mind that is unable to shut down, always chattering away, always feeding on my energy. How threatened it becomes when I choose to leave the games of the world behind to be alone in the quiet with my Self. It was not my own fear that had me terrorized, it was the fear of my human mind. Its fear of walking away from the rest of the world to be in solitude. Its fear of me wanting to walk away from it. Its fear of death.

Well, NO MORE! I am no longer worried about not fitting in with the norm. I am no longer in fear of losing my mind. I am done allowing my human mind to eclipse my own inner wisdom and influence my actions.

This morning, as the warm rays of the sun touch upon my heart, I am able to embrace my human mind with love and compassion. I can assure it that it still has a place in my life, but it no longer needs to be burdened by running my life. I am asking it to support me in a whole new way. It is no longer in the driver’s seat attempting to avoid anything that has harmed me in the past. Nor attempting to fix or avoid the future. Instead, we are living in the moment. Instead, we are trusting the wisdom and guidance of our Soul. We are forming a new team that knows and trusts that all energy is in service to us.

Today is a new day. All is well and I am open to new potentials that go way beyond the fear of losing our minds.
~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

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Navigating Expanded Consciousness


Although the results of expanding our consciousness are grand and illustrious, this transition is not as easy as one would like it to be. As many of us have been experiencing, these periods of transformation can range from disconcerting to challenging to downright horrid. We often feel like the caterpillar that dissolves into mush before it spreads its beautiful magnificent wings with abilities it never even dreamed possible. 

Our entire solar system, including planet earth, is gravitating to a whole new position in the omniverse, surrounded by accelerated waves of transformation. As a result our consciousness is expanding into a whole new understanding of time and space, as documented by science. Although our Soul is effortlessly flowing with this grandness, our mind is floundering because it doesn’t recognize these new vibrations. In addition, so many of our established beliefs, memories, and habits have been wiped out of our old mindset to make space for the new. Our mind is wandering in this “clear space” looking for something to latch on to, but finding nothing.

It’s as if the train has switched tracks and the mind is searching for the old buildings but finding itself trackless in an expansive ocean. For that is where you are now, in the oceans of pure potentiality, far beyond the mind’s ability to comprehend. But never fear, your first class seat is oh so comfortable. It wraps itself around you. You’re safe and secure in the arms of your Soul. Why not sink back into it, close your eyes and allow your mind to switch tracks. 

That can not happen if you continue searching for the scenery on the old track. Nor will it happen if you allow yourself to get caught in the dramas of mass consciousness as it too moves through these transformations, albeit not by conscious choice. Not only is the old scenery disappearing, but the old systems are no longer being supported by these new vibrations.  There are those who are working hard in attempts to maintain the old which is exacerbating the process and creating even more destruction. Engaging in these attempts to “save humanity” will only make this transition more difficult. It’s like attempting to hang onto your caterpillar legs while birthing new wings. They are not synonymous. It’s best accomplished by allowing these natural transitions to occur of their own accord.

I suggest you close your eyes for a wee bit, take a deep breath, lay your head back, and relax. Realize you have switched tracks and trust the first class ticket your Soul has provided. You are no longer traveling in the baggage compartment. You have everything you need right here within you. Settle in and allow your physical body to acclimate to the vibrational changes, allow your mind to drift. 

When you reopen your eyes, your mind will naturally begin to enjoy the new scenery with exuberant glee, much like stepping off the train at a new destination while on vacation. At first, it may seem like a dream, but soon all of your aspects will be present and awake in this expanded consciousness with your innate joy lapping like gentle waves on the beach. Ride these waves of Joy because the more Joy you experience, the more quickly you’ll adjust to the new landscapes, the more grounded you will feel in these new vibrations. And once you do….new abilities will effortlessly awaken within you to begin creating anew, free of the mind’s old constructs. 

The mind doesn’t know how to navigate these new energies, but your Soul does because it is accepting of all-that-is without any judgment or need to hold onto the old ways of being. It revels in this freedom and the expanded version of you. With every breath you take the mind is inviting and seducing you to do the same.    

As consciousness expands, freedom abounds, and new potentials spontaneously  present themselves. Relax, allow, and savor the transitions for they are part of your eternal expansion. There will always be a new infinite You with a new frontier, for that is how the Soul thrives. Enjoy the adventure!!

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“Wisdom of the Inner Voice”

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