Choosing Your Seat in the World Theater

I think we can all agree that we have never seen the world in such chaos! From politics to pandemics and everything in between. The collective emotions range from fear to compassion streaming through our psyche like the whirlwinds of a hurricane. Fear of dying, fear of losing control, fear of survival, fear of getting ill, fear of losing our freedoms. . . Such are the multitude of fears running rampant. Simultaneously, there are moments of quiet and stillness, likened to being in the eye of the storm because we are unable to navigate the world outside of our own abodes due to communities being on lockdown.

With all of this going on around us, we DO have choice, even though we may think we have lost it. We can choose to engage in fear and anger, or we can choose to create our own reality from that quiet still point within each of us.

I share with you this very lucid dream I recently experienced:

I am sitting in the most decadent royal box seat of a theater surrounded by multiple stages. There are numerous plays going on simultaneously upon each of these stages with the most realistic backdrops I have ever seen. What a deal! One ticket and multiple shows! I get to choose which plays to watch. There are times I am drawn into a particular drama, fully engaged with the storyline. There are other times I’m observing several stages simultaneously. There are times I create my own character and walk into the play, remain in the story as long as I choose, and then exit stage right. And there are times I settle into my plush seat with a glass of champagne and simply observe it all.

In the wee hours of the morning, in my semi-awakened state of being, I realized THIS, this is how I am experiencing life now. I am observing the world as a theater with many different stages. I’m aware that each person has chosen their role in their own storyline. Some are playing their parts consciously, others are unconsciously following someone else’s script. No matter how many stages are playing out, I get to be the unbiased observer. I can choose whether or not to engage in any of the ongoing dramas, some of which have been playing out for eons of time. Whereas, others are newly created narratives in search of good reviews. Or, I can choose the joy of skipping through fields of daisies, splashing through puddles, and singing with the wind, unaware of anything other than this precious moment.

No matter what is going on in the World Theater, I get to choose my own seat. Whether it be as an observer in the royal box, one of the seats on the main floor with family and friends, or a character on any one of the numerous stages. One ticket to planet Earth, many choices! As such, I get to create my own reality within each and every moment.
~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

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Engaging the Imaginal Cells


Once we withdraw from the constraints of the collective consciousness, dreamtime becomes a new playground for us. By sharing my most recent dreamtime with you, perhaps it will spark a new playground for you as well.

During my dreamtime:
I felt the need to move all the things off the coffee table in front of me to create a clear space. I gathered everything up and carried them out of the room. When I returned, the room was filled with people sitting on folding chairs. There wasn’t a chair for me, so I slipped into the back row and sat on the floor. My friend David was in the last chair and offered me a seat. I shook my head “no” because I was happy to be seated on the floor out of sight. There was a man at the front of the room projecting visuals on the front and side wall. While I was out of the room he had asked the group, “Who sees a dot surrounded by a box on the front wall?” Everyone had raised their hands. He had then asked, “Does anyone see anything on the side wall?” No one had raised their hands. Because this had happened before I entered the room, I wasn’t aware of it. The man then asked me, “What do you see on the front wall?” I said I see a black dot on a white wall. He then asked, “What do you see on the side wall?” I see a huge cell filling with new imaginal cells that continually expand and morph into new cells. And I am able to commune with All-That-IS via these cells allowing me new perceptions of all that surround me. The professor at the front then asked, “Does anyone else sees or feels this?” No one raised their hands. He explained, the main reason I was able to experience this is because I was not in the room when he asked if anyone saw the dot on the front wall. His suggestion locked their brains into seeing an enclosed dot. Whereas I had not been preprogrammed, therefore I was able to see the reality beyond the limitation.

As I came out of this lucid dream, I was aware that I was still in the dream, communing with this expanded cellular activity. My eyes remained closed as I laid in bed playing with this new sensation. When I eventually opened my eyes and crawled out of bed, I realized I am able to commune with All-That-Is within everything around me, just as I was doing with the cell. I’m sensing everything alive, even the table, the walls, the floor. Nothing is solid, unless I believe it to be so because someone had programed me to believe that via the collective consciousness. What fun it is to be living in a world that is this alive, this active, this responsive!

This is not a dream. This is our reality which has been stunted due to the beliefs of the collective consciousness. I recall living in this active reality as a child, until I was told otherwise. Perhaps you do too. And now, as we step out of the collective consciousness of duality and linearity, we are becoming aware of a whole new reality that is being created by our sovereign creativity.

This is not something we can force via the mind. It requires us to withdraw from what we have always thought to be true via the programing of the mind and simply allow the new to reveal itself. You wonder why you have been so sleepy lately, why everything you have always known is falling apart, why you feel empty and alone? This is the result of withdrawing from the collective consciousness. Allow the emptiness and the temporary loneliness to foster the space for your imaginal cells to emerge and create anew.

Do you choose a different life? A different reality? It’s as easy as allowing space for your imaginal cells to respond to your desires.
~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~

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The Mind’s Role in our New Reality

Art by Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado

From a very young age we’ve been taught to “make a plan” for our lives. From a project or business standpoint that often entails outlines, proposals, and so much more. All before we even begin the project and call in our creativity. 

How often I’ve followed the rules, made the plan, created the outline, and then. . . when I began the creative process it all blew up on my face. Pretty early on I realized I should be calling in my creative self BEFORE making the plan. Thus, things began to flow more easily. 

Until recently when I began publishing my current manuscript. It’s been a HUGE learning curve for me!!!  Adhering to all the template and formatting rules Amazon requires before I push the “Go” button to upload my precious words.  

I spent a full week in KDP University (Amazon’s school of publishing), reading text, watching videos and webinars, making notes, and literally overwhelming my brain. But once I got into the flow, I began enjoying the process of manuscript formatting. 

Next I had to write and include all the “front” and “back” matter. The description, introduction, biography, back cover info, etc, all the stuff your readers want to know about you and the book. 

Sitting down at the computer to write all this “stuff” was the biggest writers block I’ve ever experienced! So I left it and walked away from the computer. During the day, I grabbed whatever was at hand to write things down as the inspiration flowed throughout my daily activities. What I ended up with was a mishmash of e-files, yellow tablets with scribbled phrases, and sticky notes scattered everywhere!!

This morning I finally sat down and created an outline based on Amazon’s requirements. Now all my creative inspiration had a place to land!! The resulting experience was like a magnet effortlessly pulling all those snippets into Divine Order. Instead of writers block and overwhelm it became a joyful dance and fulfillment of my Soul’s passion.

When I finally closed the lid on my laptop with a sumptuous smile on my face I realized I am creating in a whole new way!! 

Instead of engaging the mind and allowing it to strangle my creative flow with a linear plan or outline, I waited to invite it into the process AFTER I had drawn upon all the infinite potentials in my creative field. With all this creative material swirling within my energy field, I was able to call it into divine order with ease and grace. 

As I was lingering in bed this morning I realized I no longer feel a separation between my spiritual self and my human mind. Reviewing the past two weeks since my introduction to publishing, I am experiencing a delightful integration of many aspects of myself. My spiritual self has brought forth abundant words of wisdom. The storyteller in me has written an engaging narrative. My creative self has fashioned lovely book covers. And what I call my Saturn self, is articulate, detail oriented, and an exemplary organizer pulling it all together. Although there are times the publishing process feels tedious my Fae aspect reminds me, this is my my playground and the JOY is always present. 

Thus, the mind’s role in our new reality is finding a new balance with the wisdom of all  the other aspects of ourselves  There is a new found freedom. And JOY is at its core!! 

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“Wisdom of the Inner Voice”
gratitude Artist Eduardo Rodriguez Calzad

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2014 ~ The End of an Old Reality


As the year 2014 draws it’s final curtain, I find myself overwhelmed with tears of Gratitude for a year well-lived, a year that has evolved beyond anything my human self could have orchestrated.

I have never felt more Gratitude than I have this past year. And yet, I have nothing to show for it. I have done nothing that warrants success according the the world’s standards. When people ask me what I’ve been doing, I’m speechless because I have no words of explanation.

But when I take a breath and pause, the corners of my mouth automatically curl into a sweet smile of contentment. And isn’t that what the hustle and bustle of the world is all about? Isn’t contentment at the root of what everyone is trying to achieve? And yet… there is so way to achieve it. Contentment can only be experienced. If contentment is what humanity considers success, then it’s been a successful year for me.

Many years ago I tossed out the requisite new year’s resolutions. I replaced the need to make corrections in my life (i.e. resolutions) with the desire to live my heart’s dreams. At first these desires had material substance, like recording a new music CD. Over time I realized these material things were simply an expression of my GodSelf and it wasn’t the manifestation that fueled me. It was the Realization of my GodSelf.

It was then that my new year’s desires expanded beyond my human perception because my unconscious yearning has always been to know and embody my GodSelf in this amazing physical body.

This past year I made the ultimate commitment to my GodSelf. I made the leap. I jumped ship and left the old world behind to sort itself out in whatever way it needs to. I’ve realized that we each have our own soul journey and we need to respect that in each other and for the collective consciousness.

As a result of my commitment, I’ve experienced the most remarkable inner journey, going ever deeper and opening to an ever expanding Consciousness. Once again, I’ve gone beyond my human perception. Not only have I embodied my GodSelf, there is no separation between the two. There never has been. We, as a human race are finally beginning to remember Who We Are. WE are walking this planet as Divine Humans on a New Earth that WE are creating.

This year, I’m celebrating more than a new year.
I’m celebrating a New Reality as a Divine Human!!!
~Sharon Lyn Shepard ~
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Cosmic Roller Coaster of Time

Image    Many years ago… a handful of us stepped out of our well-entrenched lives of perceived security into a string of Light-emblazoned cars onto the Cosmic Roller Coaster. Once we were all aboard, and strapped in, the Divine chain clicked into place and we began the chug uphill to the top of the highest crest we had ever envisioned.

Oh the view that met our eyes!!! The same view we’ve held in our hearts for eons of time, long forgotten in the hustle bustle of Earthlings. Here it was, pricking our memory banks, spread out before us into infinity. But to our dismay, there was no station at the top of this crest. We were strapped in for the ride and there was no time to get out and saver the moment.

With a whoosh of air, we catapulted downward at the speed of light, leaving our stomachs waylaid behind us…. momentarily touching the earth for an instant before we were tilted to the left, dumped to the right, and spun upside down in a matter of seconds (or was that years, or lifetimes?).

With friends and family left behind, no jobs to support us and home base a distant memory, we often thought we had lost our way. Our well-oiled world no longer held significance. There was no going back. And with our hands in the air, we were out of control. Yikes!!!

There were often rockets ablaze in the star studded sky stringing messages to us from way on high. Other times we tunneled through the murky haze with fog-filled brains and buzzing in our ears. Some stretches were bumpy with a jarring effect. Others smooth as silk brushing sweetly across our cheeks. As time sped up it became a blur, with the kiss of death and the kiss of life all melded into One.

Just when we thought we may have gone crazy, with our minds a jumble and our bodies exhausted beyond recognition, our Light-emblazoned cars pull into Station 2013.

The sky is ablaze with celebrations gone wild. Our Cosmic families, who supported us and cheered us on along the way, await with our well-earned crystalline crowns. We disembark as honored royalty because WE took the chance… WE followed our hearts… and WE endured.

We’ve done it!!! The planetary SHIFT is behind us and The New Golden Era has begun.

As soon as we step onto the platform we realize that we’ve entered a new Matrix. The 3D platform doesn’t exist here. This Matrix of Crystalline Energy is omnipotent, omnisciencent and omnipresent. It doesn’t react in the restricted ways of our old duality. It has it’s own Intelligence. . . the Consciousness of Universal Mind.

What does that mean for those of us still in physical bodies? As you recall, you arrived baggage free. You are a Sovereign being, no longer tethered to the earth. Once you ground into your Heart-Center, your Crystalline program will fully engage. Your Consciousness will expand and your KNOWing will be fully activated. Everything you need to know will be available “in the moment” without the need to ponder it, understand it, or control it. Those were 3D constructs that no longer work here. The best part is that our lives are significantly simplified when we allow everything to stem from our Divine Intelligence, and be fed and nurtured by the eternal Source.

By engaging the innocence and excitement of our childlike wonder, life is effortlessly revealing itself to us with a new expanded Consciousness. Take a moment and breath it all in. Breathe with the breath of the Universe for it is ALL yours as your Divine birthright.

With tears of LOVE and JOY in our eyes we join the celebration as Master Creators who have transcended the Cosmic Roller Coaster of Time with all the accumulated experiences we need to create something stellar and new.

With open arms, we invite everyone to join us in a New World beyond anything humanity has ever known. As a new train of cars pull into the station we begin the chant, “Welcome Home, BeLoveds, Welcome Home!!!”

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

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