Challenges and Gifts of Self Isolation


I recently saw a meme streaming through my facebook newsfeed that drew my attention. It said. . . “It kinda feels like the earth just sent us all to our rooms to think about what we’ve done.”

Oh how true this feels. Some may consider this demand of “self isolating” as over-reactive craziness or a type of punishment. But I see this as a gift.

Indeed it is a gift that requires unwrapping. The first thing we see is a bright bow on top. There will be no more sitting in boring classrooms or confining offices. Many of our required events are being canceled, freeing us to enjoy some personal time. Something many have not experienced in a very long time.

Of course, there are those who do not have the choice to self isolate, those who are on the front lines. The healthcare teams of doctors, nurses, first responders, aides, and caretakers. Those who are making sure we all have enough to eat and survive, farmers, grocers, truck drivers, mail carriers and, delivery personnel. As well as many others who are quietly working behind the scenes without any acknowledgement. These are the heroes who deserve our support and compassion.

The next phase settles in when we open the box and reality hits. Many are in fear of survival because they have been laid off, without any financial income or medical benefits. How will their families survive? Will their job still exist once this period of isolation draws to a close? How will they pay for the extra expense of child care for those who still need to work? So many questions, so many fears.

Fear too is a gift. It will be experienced much like unpeeling the layers of an onion. We will need to keep going deeper within until we finally “get it”. Until we finally realize our survival is not dependent upon outside forces. Our true survival lies in the realization of our GodSelf, which is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. I’m not referring to a god outside of ourselves, someone out in the heavens who will swoop down and save us. I am referring to our own self-realized GodSelf.

There was another meme that caught my attention. It said . . “Self Isolation, I have been training for this all of my life”.

For most of my life as a triple Aries extrovert, sitting quietly in my own company felt gruesome. There was so much mind chatter it only took a few moments before I became overwhelmed with it all. It was much easier to stay busy. But eventually, all that busyness took a toll on my body, mind and spirit. It was time to make some life changes.

That’s when I awoke to a new way of life. I began spending more time in nature, meditating, and doing the things that make my heart sing. I tossed out the tv, quit reading the newspapers, and focused on my own personal life. New circles of friends began to appear, others who were also interested in living a joyful life. Old friends disappeared once I no longer participated their in empty endeavors.

When I retired from my job as a physical therapist, I began to enjoy my own company to the degree that I spent less and less time out in the world of commerce. I moved to an island living in the forest. I began writing, composing music on my harp and enjoying a healthy lifestyle. After several years of “forest gazing” as a chosen profession, I now enjoy and savor my own company.

But it was not an easy journey. During that quietude, all my inner demons came to visit. Each one demanded my time until I made peace with it. Eventually, compassion and inner peace became my way of live. After self-isolating for this period of time, at first it was difficult to be around others, especially friends and family members who still expected me to be the way I was growing up. But eventually I became so comfortable with my self, I realized all those quirks that bothered me about other people were aspects of my own self judgement. Once I fell in love with ME, judgement of self and others melted away. I now have the ability to be outgoing when I am out and about, but those times have become less frequent.

I return to the meme. . . “Self Isolation, I have been training for this all of my life”.

I have deep compassion for those who are now being forced to experience self isolation amidst the present drama. Indeed, I have trained for this, and it was training! I chose this as my preferred lifestyle. Yes, it has been challenging, but my life is now one of joy, playfulness, wellbeing, and thriving rather than one of demand and empty busyness.

As a proficient and joyful “self isolator” I say to you. Hang in there. Take advantage of this time. Now that you have been relieved of the duties of life, find the things that make your heart sing and make that your new training ground.

Once everyone is set free once again, allow this Gift of Self Isolation and sovereignty to be integrated into a new way of being in the world. In the end, humanity and the world will be a much better place because of it.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
Gratitude for the artwork by Annelie Solis

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Realizing Our Divinity

WIV II - Realizing our Divinity Cover:thumbnail

Introducing  REALIZING OUR DIVINITY,  Volume II of “Wisdom of the Inner Voice”
available for purchase @ in paperback and ebook

We are so much more than we realize. As humans beings, we have been functioning within society’s pre-programed human mind in a highly complicated world. Our human self has become preoccupied with the trials and tribulations of daily life in order to survive. There is little time to be still and quiet to reflect upon who we truly are.

We have forgotten that we are God embodied in physical form, each in our own unique way of experiencing and expressing life. We have forgotten our spiritual greatness and the embodiment of our wisdom as the Divine within us.

Religion has gone to great lengths to separate us from God by giving “him” a separate persona outside of ourselves as a masculine god. A judgmental god that lives far off in the heavens with angels as his messengers and leaders of the church as his go-between. As a result of being referred to as children of God, we have forsaken our sovereignty. We judge ourselves so harshly we feel totally unworthy of Love or that we could possibly be the embodiment of God.

And yet, this is the truth of who we are and have always been. There is no mystery, there are no teachings required, and it takes no effort. It is quite simple. When we approach life as heart-centered, our Self-knowing presents itself. With every action, God is revealing Itself to us, as us. It is in each of these moments, by remembering the totality of Who We Are as Divine Humans, that we find the love and peace that surpasses our human understanding.

Chapter Titles
Healing Separation
Divine Human
Beyond the Human Mind
Heart Centered 9
 Inner Being
All That I AM
Self Knowing

I invite you to take a few moments each day to be still and quiet, allowing these words of poetry to illuminate the truth of who you are as a Divine Human and the realization of your GodSelf in physical form.
~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~

REALIZING OUR DIVINITY, Volume II of  “Wisdom of the Inner Voice”
available for purchase @ in paperback and ebook
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What’s Beyond our Anxiety?


With so many storms buffeting the planet, our personal lives and even our inner sanctuary, I have noticed several times recently that I am feeling quite fine, then a wave of anxiety flares with no particular rationale.

In the past I have typically felt into this energy attempting to discern what it is that has knocked me off my center onto my keister. That just sends my mind into the gerbil wheel looking for ways to fix a problem that leads to another problem that leads to yet another problem. Round and round we go…never really losing that extra weight on my keister.

If something has come up for clearing, instead of opting for the gerbil wheel I’ve learned to surrender it to my Soul allowing it to distill the wisdom as I’ve mentioned in a prior post “Distilling our Human Experiences into Soul Wisdom”. 

Quite often I merely shift my attention to something more pleasant. Generally that works just fine. In which case it was only a momentary distraction. And if there is a real problem, no doubt it will circle back around with an even better solution because I’m in a more receptive mode.

Most recently I’ve learned to pause, take a deep breath, and go BEYOND the feeling, or as some might say, through it. I don’t attempt to embrace, interpret, or change the feeling. I simply go beyond it. What I often find is empty space. In which case this anxiety was never mine and I’m free to ignore it.

What I have been sensing lately when I go BEYOND the feeling is a totally new energy that I’ve not experienced before. With all these solar flares and our planet having moved into the photon belt it’s no surprise that we’re experiencing new energies. The anxiety I feel in these instances is my human self reacting to the unknown with no frame of reference on how to proceed. So it gets caught in a spin of fear and anxiety. But when I go beyond these feelings they simply dissolve.

In reality, these new energies are expanding our consciousness. There is nothing to fear because these energies are streaming in as a gift directly from Source through the portal of our sun. Meanwhile, the photon belt is rich with photons of crystalline light that are activating our dormant DNA. So what feels alien to my human self is actually me awakening to more of Who I Am.

Therefore, what I experience when I go BEYOND the aforementioned feeling of anxiety is a sense of excitement and childlike wonderment in a new energetic playground of expanded consciousness. No more gerbil cages for me! Not-uh!!!  Not when I have a whole new multidimensional playground all aglow to explore and experience!!!

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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The Effortless Road of Co-Creation


A long time ago I read a book by M. Scott Peck called “The Road Less Traveled”.
At the time it made quite an impression upon me because most of us were bound and determined to join the path that everyone else was traveling because we thought that was the way to happiness.

I’m glad I took that road for awhile so I knew what all the hubbub was about. I learned a lot when I joined in. And I learned equally as much when I withdrew and took the detour on the “road less traveled”. But after a while that path didn’t quite suit me either. So I decided to forge my own path.

What I realized was that forging a path often takes a lot of work. Some of that work was gratifying. However, some of it really bogged me down. Not that I’m opposed to putting in the time and effort. I’m a powerful little sprite, but heavy lifting has never been my forte. I knew there had to be a better way.

So I trundled up onto the top of the next big boulder that blocked my way. What I saw was so glorious it took my breath away. And the only thing obstructing my path to paradise was the boulder I was standing upon.

That boulder was my belief that “I” needed to forge my own way. Little did I know that once I had chosen a new path in alignment with my Soul’s intention, the path had already been forged for me. All I had to do was enjoy the benefits of it.

It’s never been my job to do the heavy lifting. My job is to choose the reality I desire for myself and allow my GodSelf to clear the way. In this way forging the path becomes one of Co-Creation in which I AM One with all of Creation.

The well traveled road was littered with hidden agendas and the need to control. The new path is overlit, revealing itself in the moment, and always yielding to our heart’s desires with ease and grace. Each footstep unveils a new reality of Heaven on Earth with fields of beauty and playgrounds galore.

I offer my gratitude to Mr. Peck. “The Road Less Traveled” served me very well because it led me to “The Effortless Road of Co-Creation”.

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~

Gratitude for the Artwork by Cathy Frisiello

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I Stand Naked

Over the past few years, the remnants of “who I was” have been sporadically unraveling. It’s not like it began with one lone snag where I could catch it before it went too far. It was erratic, scattered and unruly. Sometime with an abrupt jerk, other times slow and methodical. Occasionally in places visible to the eye, but most often hidden in the unseen recesses. Little by little it has all pulled apart until the only thing remaining is a colorful pile of tattered disconnected threads laying at my feet.

Now, I stand naked. I have no desire to pick up the pieces to attempt to make them whole again. Those threads served me well for a very long time. They kept me warm and safe in a world that called out for protection.

But, we have transcended the old world that required such personal security. We’ve awakened to our true Source rather than remain dependent upon the external resources that have outlived their purpose.

The old patterns are of no use in the quantum world where form is created in new and wondrous ways. So are there new threads to be woven into grand tapestries? Or is it time to walk naked?

I don’t have the answer to that question yet. Being comfortable in my own nakedness still feels a bit vulnerable, and yet… it is the freedom for which I’ve been yearning.

I’m just beginning to recognize the fullness of “Who I AM”, without any trappings to thwart my growth and multi-dimensional expansion. The field is wide open. There are no boundaries……and it’s a whole new playground of Love and Joy.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~